Blind Tiktoking

(upbeat music)

  • Okay, so I want to tell a little
    story and then get into the main topic.

The way I tell stories
tend to take a lot of time,

so this actually, who knows
how long this is gonna be.

I am warning you now.

There is some off-putting elements.

I have over the last few weeks
when I’m trying to do podcasts,

being complaining about the fact that I
cannot read my right eye, it’s gone fuzzy.

So about three weeks
ago, I was getting headaches

sort of in the back of my
head and behind my eyes.

I looked it up online, not a good place
to seek out your medical information.

And it said these were cluster
headaches and this was kind of migraine.

But I actually had a similar pain before.

It’s when I got punched in
the face on the other side

and I felt a similar kind of pain and
it’s ’cause my eye was actually swollen.

So I thought, you know what?

I’m gonna go to the
eye doctor just to check

’cause just regular aspirin
isn’t taking care of this.

I go to the eye doctor and he starts giving
me stuff and it’s all working out fine.

And I say, so what’s wrong with my eye?

And he goes, “Well, this is the
same as what you had last time.

” And I go, “Well, last time I got
belted in the head “by a giant angry man.

“This time I didn’t do anything.

“Like, nothing happened
to my face or a head.

“No impact of any sort.

” So what caused it?

He’s like, “Oh, well, this is just
swelling “and swelling could be caused.

” Cause of anything.

And he kind of did like
a little shrug most drip.

He kind of did a little shrug gesture,
like, you know, life happens sometimes

and sometimes that swells up.

So I was like, “You know,
give me some details.

” He’s like, “Well, it could
be an injury, an infection,

“stress, any of number
of things could cause this.

” So if you go online, he
literally looks at me and says,

“If you go online,
you’ll see a long list.

” And I was like, “Okay.

” So basically, he’s
saying, “You don’t know.

” This is the doctor’s way of
saying, “I don’t know what caused this,

“but at least we
can start treating it.

” He gives me some medicine and
the pain in my eyes starts to go in.

I start to feel pain in my cheek.

And now that is where
one of your sinuses is.

And he said infection.

I thought, “Oh, maybe
because of my allergies and stuff,

“every now and then,
I get a sinus infection.

” “Every now and then,
I get a sinus infection.

” Every now and then,
I get a sinus infection.

Every now and then,
I get a sinus infection.

That’s happened a couple times in my life.

So I go to the nose doctor.

He’s your tube doctor.

He goes to your nose, mouth,
and ear, something like that.

So I go to him and I go, “I
think I have a sinus infection.

” He doesn’t even
really check much.

He just goes, “Okay, it
gives me a huge thing of pills.

” There’s one morning.

I have to take the pills for my
eye and the pills for my nose.

So there’s one day.

I remember it was a
Wednesday for some reason.

I had to take the variety of pills for my
eye and the variety of pills for my nose.

And in total for
breakfast, I had like 15 pills

with me, which made
me feel incredibly old.

Okay, whatever.

Sinus infection goes away
because that starts to feel better.

And then I realize, like, you
know, I’m not seeing as well.

I have always worn glasses, so
my eyes have always been poor,

but I think something’s
right, I go back and he’s like,

“Oh, the back of
your eye is still swollen.

” So he’s giving me
these steroid eyedrops.

He’s like, “Well, the steroid
eyedrops aren’t gonna get back there.

” So what we’re gonna
do is give you an injection.

And I was like, “Huh,
an injection from my eye.

” Well, I guess, you know, powerful
medicine is often injected into your body.

So that’s not a thing.

And then I’m like, “Wait, he
means an injection in my eye.

” So this is like
horror movie stuff.

And I am just taking my
deep breath and I’m going,

“Okay, yep, yep, let’s do that.

” Okay?

He’s like, “Right now.

” So I don’t know if this
was a technique or just,

this is how fast he moves, ’cause
this is a clinic they just do eyeballs.

It’s all service, like,
you wanna get glasses,

contacts, eye infection,
anything, this happened.

Pink eye, whatever,
they take care of it there.

So they have everything,
all the facilities, one clinic.

And so they have me
sit outside for a minute

and then like two minutes
later, they have me go in

and they have the chair
that you light on your back.

And I am, that two minutes was
enough to get me like, worked up.

I was like, “Okay, yeah, okay,
I’m gonna get stabbed in the eye.

” I did this in Dead
Space, I believe, was the

video game where you had
to aim it at your own eye

and then push the button, didn’t hurt then.

I’m not gonna hurt now, but I
mean, this is like horror movie stuff.

They line me down.

I’m gonna go through
the whole process for you.

So they line me down
and then Igor comes in.

Igor is not the guy
putting it in my eye, I hope.

Because the first thing Igor
does is he walks in the room.

So I’m lying down, flat on my back.

Already kind of like a vulnerable position.

He bumps into a couple of things.

And my first
thought, “Oh, fuck no.

” Fuck no, this guy is not
going to put a needle in my eye.

He can’t even walk straight.

Then he’s the guy who’s gonna put a couple
of drops in, probably to dilate my pupil,

and then a couple other drops
in, which is gonna be anesthetic.

So he puts a couple drops
in, boop, boop, he misses.

It goes on my cheek and I’m like, “Oh,
fuck, he’s not putting a needle in my eye.

” This guy, if this guy
gets the needle, if this guy

doesn’t put the needle in
my, I’m gonna just get a leaf.

I can’t, I can’t.

I have no confidence.

He takes like three shots to get
the first set of drops in my eye.

And I’m like, “Isn’t this all you do?”

Like, as the nurse in an eye clinic,

isn’t this literally one
of the only things you do

is drop, put drops into
people’s eyes and you’ve missed.

And then he gets the other one.

He goes, “This isn’t
anesthetic in Japanese.

” And then he puts those
drops in, also misses a couple.

And I’m like, “At least
he’s being generous.

” He’s kind of like nay palming my eye
area, knowing that someone will get in.

So he just floods that.

And I’m just like, “Oh no, oh no.

If someone else doesn’t come in real
soon, I’m gonna panic, I’m gonna leave.

” And this is, you know, you can
feel yourself working yourself up.

That’s the problem.

So the doctor then walks in and I’m like,

okay, doctor then
immediately starts filling

with a machine, but
not in a confident way.

Like, when I work with OBS, which I’ve
worked with a lot or I try to put graphics up

or something, like you
can tell when I am just

setting stuff up and when
something’s not going right

and I’ve kind of messed
it up and I’m trying to fix it.

And then he’s asking Igor for helping.

What does Igor do?

He bumps into some more stuff
’cause the dude is clumsy as hell.

And I’m like, this is just the
wrong guy for an eye clinic.

Eyes are incredibly sensitive.

This is not the kind of
thing you want happening

right before someone
stabs you in the literal eye.

Igor goes out after they fix this thing.

And then the doctor
has very soothing voice.

He’s actually a very good doctor.

They put in those clamps
that keep your eyes open

and a hugely bright
light right in your eyes.

You can’t see anything.

And it’s like, I keep mentioning
the movie but then every time

I tell this story and then I
forget the name of the movie.

So they clamp your eyes
open and you can’t see anything.

No, the doctor says, look up.

I’m lying on my back and I
look straight towards the ceiling,

which was at that point
straight forward out of my face.

And the doctor goes, no, look up.

And I’m like, well, this
is not the time to argue

but I’ve actually had this
argument with a coworker.

Up is a function of gravity.

So down is towards the
center of the earth and up is out.

When you’re in space, there is
no up because things do not fall

because you fall down
therefore you rise up.

So if you’re lying on your back,
up is still away from the ground.

That is, people don’t think of it that way
but up is actually a function of gravity.

If there’s no gravity, there is no up
because if up is towards the top of my head

then if I lie down,
I just start sliding

towards my feet because
I would be falling down.

So I look up straight at the ceiling,
straight into that light, so I’m blind now.

And then he goes, no, no, up.

And he taps the top of
my head and I realize he’s,

oh, you don’t mean up.

You mean towards up my eye.

I’m trying to think of the
phrase he could have used

to make that happen
more efficiently because of

course I think he’s stupid
but he thinks I’m stupid.

It’s one of those situations.

So look up towards the top of your head.

That maybe would work.

So I look up and then, because of
the anesthetic, I don’t even feel it.

I feel something kind of touch
my eye and that actually would

have been the insert of the
needle and he does it real fast.

I mean, this is, again,
Kudos to the doctor.

He’s very good, he’s very
fast, he’s very efficient

and this took no time
and all he would do.

He said, sorry, this might hurt.

They always say that in Japanese
before they give you a needle.

Is this kind of standard thing?

I actually think it makes it worse.

They should just be like, boop.

And then he squeezed
it in, it was a steroid,

pulls it out, didn’t
even notice really.

I felt something touch my eye.

I don’t know if that was
it going in or coming out.

And then he goes, that’s
it, he takes the clamps

off and then I’m sort
of blank a few times.

If I’m being honest, physically,
I basically felt nothing.

But the adrenaline and the
terror I felt was untouchable.

So I go out into the waiting room
’cause I have to pay for this experience

and I start sending my
friend’s messages on my phone

and I’m like, I just got my eye
stabbed, I just got a needle in my eye.

This is like a nightmare fuel.

And I realized my hands are shaking.

And it’s because I’m coming down from the
adrenaline for like five minutes straight.

I’m just sitting the
going, it was terrifying.

That was last week.

I’m now I’ve gone back again.

He’s giving me some oral steroids.

It is slowly getting better.

But basically when I do
these podcasts and stuff,

I have notes and
basically I try to hide the

notes under the
camera so I’ll stick it up.

It’s actually now right in front of
my face, but it’s below the camera.

Now if I hold it there,
I’m incapable of reading it.

And my writing is incredibly
messy, so I can’t read the writing.

That’s the problem.

So I did an engineer’s Japan this morning.

I have my notes up and I’m gonna
have to look at it a little closer today.

That is gonna be just a problem for the
next little while until I can see again.

The thing is, again,
I’ve worn glasses since

I was 16, so my eyes
are garbage anyways.

At this point, if they
wanna put me up for

experimental, let’s replace
your eyes with robots.

I’m on board.

I will absolutely replace my
eye with a robot at this point.

I’ll clockwork orange, that’s the movie.

At the end of clockwork
orange, they reprogram the guy

and they block his eyes open like that
and make him watch propaganda videos.

That’s stuck, that image stuck with
me, even though I’ve saw that movie

when I was like five, 10
years old or something.

Should not have been watching that movie.

You just became Isaac from Dead Space.


That was one of my first mentions.

I did the thing in real life
that happened in Dead Space.

That is actually was my first thought,

like, oh my God, I’m
doing the Dead Space level.

But in Dead Space, I think
if I remember correctly,

you’re aiming it and then you have
to push it down with the two joysticks.

It’s like a dual joystick thing.

But I think the idea,
the concept is that you’re

doing it to yourself, if
I remember correctly,

and then you have to
press a button to stab

it in and if you miss,
you failed that level.

But that’s the only thing I
remember from that game.

So I was super impactful.

Like, if I’m being really
honest, that’s a bit, I remember.

  • I hated that in Dead Space.
  • I think you were
    supposed to hate it in

Dead Space, which
actually means it was good.

If we’re being honest, if it
was supposed to be gross

and off-putting and terrible and
you felt that way, it achieved its goal.

Horror movies, if you
walk out of the horror movie

and feel, ah, that’s
actually, they’ve done a

good job, which is, you
know, counterintuitive.

‘Cause if you walk out like I had
a great time, that was really fun.

That’s not, that’s not a good horror movie.

Just letting everyone know that my
eyes all messed up, I can’t really see.

If now, though, if I mess
up something in a video

game, I can actually
claim it ’cause I can’t see.

As you go, ’cause I’m,
ah, I didn’t see that side

of the screen ’cause you know
nothing on this side works anymore.

I’m going to play the intro song again.

So I’ve done a lot of
scary things in my life.

Like, again, I fight people for fun.

I’ve ridden motorcycles and had crashes.

I crashed a car.

I’ve put myself in dangerous situations.

I got in trouble with the Korean
mafia a little bit when I was in Korea.

All scary.

Nothing compares to the mental
terror you put yourself through

when someone’s like, I’m going
to stick a needle in your eye now.

Let’s get to it.

That’s, that’s actually
what it came down to.

It wasn’t a terrible,
dangerous, awful thing,

but the mental thing
you do to yourself.

So let me play the intro song again, and
then I can edit this podcast much better.

(upbeat music)

♪ After the mind of the academy ♪

♪ Shocked my pictures ♪

♪ Where the bastards of philosophy ♪

♪ Drinking the clutch ♪

♪ Rings of upper skills ♪

♪ Like a soccer punch ♪

♪ Won’t come to see in my feet ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, oh see in my feet ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, oh see in my feet ♪

♪ Yeah, oh see in my feet ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, oh see in my feet ♪

I’m very excited to have my own theme song.

Having your own theme
song changes the feeling

of your podcast, if you go through
the trouble of actually making a podcast.

We’re talking about TikTok.

So the TikTok band in America is kind of
gone through, it’s actually not finished.

Did you commission it?

Ah yes, there’s a whole other story.

DX Man, you’re just going to
get all the stories out of me.

I had a presentation to do at work,

and it was a very boring
presentation, and my boss was like,

you have to make this
get people excited about

this thing that we’re
doing, and it’s not exciting.

And he’s like, get people excited.

I’m like, that’s not gonna happen.

There’s nothing I can do to get excited.

So I was like, well, what can I do?

And I go to chat GPT, and I put
in all the criteria for a rap song.

So I put in the criteria for
this thing we’re introducing.

It’s just a course, and
then gave it criteria

for the different
elements of a rap song.

And a produced one
I put in digital editing,

now went online to try to find someone
who would do a beat and sing it for me.

You can find lots of people
who do beats and lots of

people who do songs,
that will do like rap for you.

But they won’t do both.

You can find five real,
find people who do beats.

On five real, find people who
will do a track, a rap for you.

But they won’t do both.

So I ended up going to a different site.

I think it was Upwork, and I found
a guy’s name who will do both.

And so he’s from Zimbabwe, his name
Stones Mojo, and I sent him a message.

I was like, I want a song
for this presentation.

I made a music video for it.

He will do both parts.

So I was really excited.

I got him to do the song.

I put the song.

I cut together a little video.

And it was all like from
free clips from websites,

like copyright free stuff.

And if you search in like urban
dance, you get a very specific look.

So I put all those together,
and I cut in some little joke bits,

and then I played it, and
people at the company loved it.

I mean, that’s what it came down to.

And so then I was like a
couple months later, I was like,

I’ve had this theme song for
this podcast for a long time

that doesn’t fit the tone
of the podcast, because it

was like heavy, which I
like a lot of heavy music.

But when I’m sitting here
talking, it’s actually quite relaxed.

So that quite relaxed atmosphere
didn’t come through in the music.

So I was like, you know what?

Dude, I’ll commission another song.

I gave him the lyrics, so my friend
wrote, “Enter the Mind of the Academy,”

’cause I have the chunk of beef
chest Academy of martial arts t-shirts.

I wrote, “Drinking at lunch brings
verbal skills “like a sucker punch.

” And then he said,
“Welcome to Seamick Bee.

” And that was it.

And I gave him like a feeling,
like an old diggable planet song.

And in like two weeks later,
suddenly this song pops up

and I got this new theme
song for my podcast.

It’s great lyrics.

Yeah, I mean, again, it
was sort of a community

effort, which actually
makes it better as well.

‘Cause my friend wrote a line.

We only, again, a
theme song can only be

like 30 seconds long
before it gets annoying.

So yeah, I listened to it one more time.

So you can actually hear what he says.

It’s, again, he’s from
Zimbabwe, so he’s English.

He says, “I love, he doesn’t
say Seamick Bee like I do.

” He says, “See
y’all, walk beep.

” (upbeat music)

“Enter the Mind of the Academy.

” “Shuck my beef chest
where the best is a philosophy.

” ♪ Drinking the lunch brings
up a skills like a soccer punch ♪

♪ Won’t come to see I’m my beat ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, oh, see I’m my beat ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, oh, see I’m my beat ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, oh, see I’m my beat ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, oh, oh ♪

So yeah, enter the Mind of the
Academy where the best is a philosophy.

Yeah, no, I really like that.

I really like that he doesn’t
sound like I would sound

if I sang it, which, in my
opinion, makes it better.

But we’re talking about TikTok today.

I like TikTok.

I’m an old dude, but I like TikTok.

I use it a lot.

I take clips from the
podcast and put on there.

They don’t get any traction.

That’s fine.

I don’t care.

I’m there to have a good time.

And if one person comes from TikTok
and watches some more stuff, that’s great.

For me, the most
interesting elements of this

is what is actually the
issue they’re talking about.

‘Cause when you’re
talking about politicians,

the things they’re saying are
never the actual issue at hand.

So what is the actual issue at hand?

I’ve done a couple of episodes of
Seamig B now on Senate hearings

and the Senate hearing is
never what they’re talking about.

Like they say, the last one was
about child safety and social media.

And almost every conversation they had

with the CEOs of these
really big tech companies

had very little to
do with child safety.

They kind of grilled
Zuckerberg on it in Facebook.

When they got to the president of TikTok,

all they really talked about is whether
or not he was Chinese or from China.

That’s now a very
famous clip on the internet

because they ask him in about three
or four different ways are you Chinese?

And he’s like, no, I’m from Singapore.

No, I’m from Singapore.

I did military service for
two years in Singapore.

I am not Chinese.

If China invaded Singapore, I
would get called up to fight China.

But you can see what is him having
to do, having his connection to China.

How does that help or detract from
child safety and the usage of TikTok?

It doesn’t actually mean anything.

So this is one of the more
interesting issues for me

is what they’re talking about
now is not the actual issue at hand.

And to me, when I talk about
America and when I think about America,

the fundamental beliefs of
America is a capitalist system.

I’m from Canadian.

I’m actually from a socialist republic,

which means social
services are inherently a

part of the political
system where I come from.

I live in Japan, which
is not a republic as such.

Japan is very socialist.

It must be a socialist
democracy, regardless.

Social welfare is a big issue in Japan.

They want social services.

They want to take care of people.

When I got my needle in my
eye, the entire thing, so we’re

talking about drugs,
examination, and needle in the eye.

So all those procedures and
stuff, I paid 1,600 yen, which

is about $15, probably less
now with the exchange rate.

So we’re talking about going to a doctor,
like a visit, some actual treatments,

all in the span of an hour,
and I’m paying less than $20.

And that’s socialized health care.

In America, they talk about
capitalism, capitalism, capitalism.

And I’m always interested
in the true reality

of what happens in America is
not really capitalism as they claim.

So what they’re talking about with TikTok
is that this company is a national threat

because the Chinese are collecting
data, or they can collect data.

Now, my issue with that version of the
statement is, every app we use collects data.

Now, you could specify which
kind, but at the end of the day,

Google collects a ton of data
that you don’t want them to collect.

Facebook collects a lot of information
that you don’t want them to collect.

YouTube collects a lot of information
that you don’t want them to collect.

It is ridiculous, or there’s the other side
that this bill, if it comes into effect,

because they don’t
mention TikTok in the bill.

TikTok is the reason
they’re putting it

forward, but they don’t
mention TikTok by name.

It just says apps.

So you have two possibilities.

One, they ban TikTok, and they
just stick to what they’re saying.

Or now they have the ability to ban
and control social media in America.

So if YouTube steps out of line,
you’re collecting too much data.

That’s the reason we use.

Now we can shut down
YouTube or ban YouTube.

Now we can ban Facebook.

Now we can do whatever we
want to show through media sites.

The most interesting
prospect here is that with

Biden in control right now,
if this law goes through,

he could shut down
Donald Trump’s truth social,

because it’s an adversary
to the current government.

And that’s one of the
lines they put in there.

They want it to be an adversary
to the government collecting data.

So since Donald Trump is
collecting data, because all apps do,

and he’s an adversary to the
American government in its current state,

Biden would then be
free to ban true social.

I don’t think they’ve thought that through,

but that is actually one of
the implications of this bill.

And it goes back to sort of
the Patriot Act, where these like,

if we think you’re a terrorist,
we can do whatever we want,

and now we’re just going to classify
anyone we want to attack as a terrorist.

That’s the kind of logic
that might be happening here.

We’ll use TikTok as the example.

That’s the terrorist that we’re attacking.

But then we can classify
other things or other

people as terrorists,
so then we can do that.

So now we can classify
other apps as adversarial

so that we can attack
them in any way we want.

They can make a blanket
ban on all companies

that are collecting data
and they can level that.

They could do this.

They can say companies
are not allowed to collect data.

This would trash Google,
it would trash Facebook.

But they can say, look, let’s make it fair.

Let’s make it a level playing field.

You’re just not allowed
to collect data anymore,

or we’re going to specify
what data you can collect.

And the thing is, one of the
things in the Senate hearings

with the president of TikTok
was he was like, it’s all voluntary.

Like you click and agree before you sign
up to TikTok that we can collect this data.

So why are you angry
about the data you’ve

agreed to let us collect
us collecting that?

They’re angry about it going back to China

because they’re not
really sure what they

can do with it is I
think actually the issue.

So Trump came out recently.

This is interesting as he says, he
wants to stop the ban on TikTok.

He says, I hate, I think
it’s because he hates China

more than anything else at
the moment, but he doesn’t

want them to ban TikTok
because Facebook would then grow.

And Facebook helped
rig the previous election.

The data doesn’t even go to China.

The database is in America.

That, I don’t know if that’s true.

I actually have a clip I need
to find and I want to insert.

And it’s propaganda on TikTok’s best.

They created a script and it has two
creators reading the exact same script.

It’s very natural.

I’ll be able to find that because I know
I’m shared it with my friends in Discord.

So I’ll actually throw
that up on the screen.

It’s this is not a one-sided thing.

Like there’s no good guy here.

TikTok is not the good guy.

The US government is not the good guy.

TikTok’s an abusive
app as is every other app.

I mean, no joke.

They all are exactly the same.

But if you understand that,
you know how to take care

of yourself or teach your kids
how to take care of themselves

and stuff like that.

But if you’re going to put limits on
one, you gotta put limits on them all.

That’s just, I think, the
easiest way to do things.

‘Cause again, it should
just be fair competition.

This was an interesting TikTok that came
out because they’re trying to defend TikTok.

These are TikTok creators.

And you would think because
of the very natural feeling

they present that this is just off the
top of the head, this is off the dome.

But how quickly this becomes
a script is really interesting.

You recognize that they can
take TikTok and change that.

They can pretty much
call any type of Chinese.

Because it’s parent company.

Right by it isn’t it’s in a Chinese code.

No, they are incorporated in the cake.

TikTok is incorporated
in the sake of the course.

They’re seeing a goal,
they’re seeing a goal.

We look at the ownership of the company.

16, we’re looking at the
ownership of the investors.

That’s what you’re saying is
over by international investors.

The vast majority of the majority
of the American are allied nations.

Again, the vast majority of the
company is owned by the employee.

Again, the vast majority
of which are not in Chinese.

And the other Chinese is
owned by the American user.

Only one of which is in Chinese.

Now, TikTok does have a
headquarter stored in Austin, Texas.

Now, but not only does it have a
headquarter to come in mainland China.

But not only does it have
a headquarter company.

TikTok has a headquarter ability.

Actually, it was the daily show
that used to do this or John Oliver.

And they would take local news stations,

would usually be given a script of
something to say to talk about an issue.

And this is not an uncommon strategy.

This is propaganda.

So they want to explain to TikTok users.

This is obviously from TikTok.

This is a script they’ve written.

I love that they dropped an F bomb in there
to make it seem more authentic and natural.

Makes you wonder.

Oh, no, no, it’s not wonder.

TikTok actually at like 100% pays
these creators their popular creators.

They gave them a script.

They say, we’ll give you this much money.

Read the script to make
it as natural as possible.

Those guys did a great job.

They gave you the basic facts.

They were like, oh, yeah,
the servers are in Austin.

It’s owned by this many people.

It’s incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

They’re done an incredible
amount of research.

Like, if you think about
what I’m talking today,

I read about 15, 16 articles.

And I’m going to give
you a very shallow view of

what this TikTok ban is
in some of the implications.

But there are people that like TikTok has
an investment in this not going through.

So if they can get the facts to the people
who watch TikTok and they have them believe

those facts, well, then
now they have ammunition

to go to the government and say, well,
you know, it’s not a Chinese company.

So a bunch of Americans
now go to their Congress

people and say, it’s
not a Chinese company.

The servers are in Austin.

Yeah, 100%.

That was provided by
TikTok to those creators

so that they could read it and
they just have a very natural flow.

And maybe that’s the kind
of content they do already.

But immediately I was
suspicious of why does that

guy have so much information
squished together that well.

I actually, the thing I
was wondering the most

is did they read it or memorize it
because they’re pacing was pretty similar.

Like they had overlaps a couple times.

That was pretty cool.

But we’re still talking about really
the ban on the government side first.

Trump said that he doesn’t, he doesn’t want
TikTok ban because then people will go back

to Facebook and
Facebook helped rig the last

election and I think Donald Trump,
he might be a little out of touch.

I think that’s pretty
fair to say because if

people leave TikTok,
it’s mostly young people.

The fact that I’m on there, I’m already one
of the oldest people on TikTok probably.

They’re not going back to Facebook.

They would go to another app.

I actually think this, the worst
case scenario is that TikTok dies.

But then a new app takes its place
that does almost the exact same thing.

And that’s where young people go.

The interesting thing
about Trump though, in

2020 as president, Trump
signed in an executive

order for ByteDance to divest itself
from TikTok so essentially to sell TikTok.

At this point, the
recording was actually

interrupted and I had to take
care of family emergencies.

So we’re actually picking up
on the next day, which is why

it doesn’t sort of link directly
to what was said before.

So there’s a couple other
different views you can take of this.

One of them is, what
are the Chinese things?

The Chinese Foreign
Ministry spokesman said,

Washington resorts to political tools
when U.S. businesses failed to compete.

They’re saying because
TikTok has become so

dominant and capitalism
has failed that these

Western capitalistic
companies can’t compete

with TikTok, that the government now has
to step in and shut down the competition,

which is completely
an anti-capitalistic idea.

I find that one very interesting.

I don’t tend to take
the Chinese Communist

Party’s opinions very
seriously because they

just tend to say
things that are very pro

China, but of course,
when they do take a shot

at other countries, it’s
always very entertaining

because they always just
like lay into them really hard.

It is interesting to
look at how the votes

were done because 15
Republicans voted against the ban.

They said, look, we should
absolutely warn people.

We should tell people that this
might be a data security issue.

This might be China
collecting your personal

information, but if
they know that and they

still choose to use the app,
that should be acceptable.

I actually kind of agree with these
Republicans, because that is capitalism.

Give people all the
information they need to

make their own decision,
but then you have

to allow people to
make their own decision.

That’s freedom.

That’s in America, part
of freedom of speech.

You should be allowed to say these things.

People are supposed to be
able to make their own decisions.

This does sort of imply that the bill
isn’t actually about TikTok the company.

It’s about apps that can be banned if
they’re being labeled a security threat.

So this means like any other app, as I was
saying, jokingly before, it’s true social.

It’s owned by an adversary to the current
government, so it could be shut down.

If you wanted to like
broaden these rules,

Facebook had all that Russian
influence during the elections.

That could say it’s being attacking America
and they could shut down that down if they

want, Elon Musk, when
he took over Twitter,

absolutely destroyed
the security basically,

fired everyone who had
any sort of knowledge there.

So he just ripped apart the
security aspect of Twitter.

At that point, it’s no
longer a secure website.

It could be banned.

So you can see keeping the bill vague as to
what it actually would define as a security

threat means that you could then broaden
it and attack any media outlet you want.

So then we get to
Congressman Mike Gallagher,

and he said TikTok is becoming the dominant
news platform for Americans under 30.

So I got that clip, so
let’s play that right now.

So in this clip, he’s
trying to assure people

that this isn’t about
just banning apps

that they disagree with, that
this is a very focused thing.

But then we learned what
it’s actually focused on.

The only impacted sites
are those associated

with foreign adversary
apps, such as

It can never be used
to penalize individuals.

The text explicitly prohibits that.

And it cannot be used to censor speech.

It takes no position at all on the content
of speech, only foreign adversary control.

Foreign adversary
control of what is becoming

the dominant news platform
for Americans under 30.

This is a common sense measure
to protect our national security.

I urge my colleagues to support
this critical bipartisan legislation.

So what he’s actually
done in there, and I think by

accident, is tell you what
he’s actually worried about.

He’s saying that
this is about a foreign

adversary, this is about the
apps and security and stuff.

It won’t go under,
won’t be going after free

speech, but then he
immediately says TikTok

has become the primary news
source for people under the age of 30.

So people are getting their
information from TikTok.

They’re not getting their
information from the apps we influence.

They’re not getting
their information from the

apps we maybe have a certain
amount of control over already.

They’re getting their
information from this app that is

controlled by a company
that is from a different country.

If I start an app in
Belgium, which is not

a foreign adversary,
but then I start saying

a lot of anti-American
stuff, how quickly would they

change the parameters
that it’s a negative influence?

And so this is, I think,
what it really comes down to.

They have less influence and
control over the news media.

And as sort of traditional
media, like news shows

and stuff become less
popular with people under 30.

I mean, most people I know under the
age of 30 don’t watch television at all.

They will stream stuff, they will
pick and choose what they watch.

And when it comes to
news, it is going to just get

filtered into them through
an app they watch like TikTok.

They’re saying we
have to take that news

source away from them so we can put them
back on the news that they like it out.

I think the reality
would be that they would

just find a different
news source that they

also don’t have control over because that’s
going to be part of the appeal of this.

And it’s all about control.

So we had the clip previously
of the two guys reading the

exact same script that was
obviously provided them by TikTok.

We have the senators
saying like we’re losing

control over the
news, over what people

actually take into their lives,
how they get their information.

We need to stop that.

We did get to the last little bit.

It was a Democrat, Congressman
who got very famous on TikTok.

He has 2 million followers and
he voted for the ban of TikTok.

So basically TikTok
made him famous, put him

into Congress and then now he’s in
Congress and he votes to ban TikTok.

He comes out and he
says like, oh, I’m so sorry.

This isn’t really what you think it is.

He essentially said I voted
to ban TikTok because

I didn’t think it would
go through through.

I apologize.

I did not handle this
situation well from top

to bottom and that is
why I have been completely

roasted on this app over
the last 48 hours and I get it.

If I were in your shoes, I would
probably feel the same way.

I would see someone
who used this app to build

a following and then
appears to have voted

against it and I would
be upset and I would

feel like I deserved
more of an explanation.

So here goes.

I like this app.

I’ve been able to
reach a lot of people and

hear directly from
them and it’s been great.

I’m also in Congress and
I’ve been a part of some

briefings about this app
that were genuinely alarming.

When I was reading the bill, the part I
agreed with was the part that tries to force

a sale because I
figured this would just be

a better app if we didn’t
have to worry about

the stuff that comes
with it being potentially

controlled by an
adversarial government.

The part I didn’t like was
the part that threatens a ban.

After the country is on
this app, it has become

a force for good in the
lives of millions of people.

So I weighed those two
things and the reason

I voted for it was
because I genuinely believe

the chance of a ban is
practically zero for a lot of reasons.

Financial, political,
geopolitical, I just

don’t think there’s any
real chance of a ban.

I still believe that, but
maybe I got that balance rock.

On the one hand, I have information
about this app that isn’t public.

On the other, the language of the bill
was going to upset millions of people.

My thinking was, I
could reconcile those

two things by just making a video
that said, “Hey, here’s the situation.

” And that was a total disaster.

I really overestimated my
ability to do that in a really hot

moment when millions of
people were laser focused on this.

Some of you have said, “I must
have been bought by somebody.

” Well, that is exactly why I don’t
take any corporate pack money.

Not from TikTok, not from
Meta, not from any corporation.

That doesn’t change the
fact that I screwed this up.

I did.

I apologize and I will keep you busted.

I don’t know what he was
actually thinking, but he absolutely

was not thinking like, “I’m
going to do a protest vote.

” This is actually
weirdly Brexit logic.

So when Brexit went
through, they interviewed

a bunch of people who voted for Brexit,
who actually said like, “Oh, I voted for

Brexit because I didn’t
think it would pass.

” And the interesting thing, it
shows that votes actually matter.

So you can’t do protest votes.

You have to vote with your
own best interest at heart.

Other wise, you might
end up actually getting

what you voted for, even
if it was a protest vote.

There was a lot of
people with Brexit who

said, “Oh, I didn’t think it would
go through, so I voted for it.

” And it was just to
show how angry I am.

But now you’re not part of
the European Union anymore.

Now you’ve actually
gotten what you voted for.

So how do you feel now?

I have no idea how far this is going to go.

It wouldn’t surprise me either way.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this just died.

It needs another vote,
I think, in the Senate.

And it wouldn’t surprise
me if it died right there.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this was
considered unconstitutional in some way.

I think divesting the TikTok from ByteDance
isn’t the worst thing ever, if I’m being

honest, because I don’t
care about the company.

I mean, I’m doing this topic because
I’m interested in all these processes.

I’m interested in the votes.

I’m interested in how the companies and the
government are fighting back against each other.

I’m interested in what
this is really about.

And the core issue that
has come up again and

again is this is about control of the news
and the news that young people take in.

And TikTok is a very liberal website.

It’s a very liberal place where
people express themselves.

And so a lot of young people
are finding their voice there.

And I think that liberalnessness is what is
actually scaring these Republican senators.

The fact that this
app is being provided to

them from China just
makes it that much worse.

But clearly the thing
is that they’re saying

it about, like every
other Senate hearing

I’ve dealt with on
Seamig B, it’s not actually

the actual issue isn’t what
they’re actually talking about.

I don’t have a big
investment in TikTok.

It’s not a big part of my life.

I don’t really care for social
media if I’m being honest.

So what happens isn’t going
to impact me in any great way.

But I am interested
to see the justifications

and the lies and the back and forth
and the propaganda and all this stuff.

And then the thing
is, if ByteDance divest

itself of TikTok and he
gets taken over by one

of the Shark Tank guys
or something, because

those are the guys who
actually interested in it.

I bet that would
destroy the company.

I bet TikTok would collapse or the people
who really love TikTok for what it actually

is right now would leave
for some other version

of TikTok would come up
with a different company.

We’re going to offer you what TikTok used
to be right out the gate, here’s a new app.

And then we’re already at a point where
young people coming up right now, they don’t

want to use an app that is what older people
use, even if it’s like five, ten years.

They want their own app.

And that’s actually to me
how social media is going.

It’s a generational thing.

And the younger generation
that’s being coming

into their own right
now and getting into

social media, they don’t want
to use someone else’s app.

They want their own thing.

It was actually my
theory of every generation

has their own, it’s
almost like yearly.

There has to be like a
summer love song and

you can’t, you can like
or appreciate or enjoy

the love songs that came
before, but it’s not your love song.

So you need that one summer, that one song
and that’s your song that you associate and

that becomes you, it
represents you as a person.

It’s the same thing with apps,
it may be a five, ten year period.

But in that period is
when that becomes your

app, the app you
associate yourself with.

And that’s what you grew up with and that’s
where you came to maturity with and that’s

where you learned a
lot about the world from.

And so I actually think
TikTok only has so

much life in it left
anyways because there’s

going to be something that
comes up that replaces it fairly soon.

These apps and stuff
are getting so big, so we

talk about Facebook,
Facebook has been around

forever and it’s
like, oh, it’s not going

to go anywhere, but it’s
just not as popular as it was.

And young people now,
they don’t use it anymore.

Instagram I would say
it’s already on its sort

of death nails, it’s kind
of going the same way.

Twitter has gone through so much.

I mean, I don’t think anyone even
considers it particularly relevant anymore.

So we are waiting for the next app to
come in and sort of take over this space.

So I think the loss
of TikTok, I think the

loss of any one of these social
media companies is not a big deal.

They grow so fast and they
become dominant so quickly.

People think, oh,
you’ll never be able to

crush these companies,
but the natural process

is speeding up and
something’s going to come

up and it’s going to
be popular with young

people and then other
people are going to get on it

because that’s where you
have to be to be trendy.

It’s where you have to do to make your
deals, so where you have to go to be popular.

And I’m going to miss it, but that’s where
things are going to happen in the future.

And this cycle, it’s going to continue.

So this life cycle is
interesting, but now

with the government
trying to interfere, trying

to take control
over it, I don’t know if

that’s going to speed
it up or actually make

it hang around longer
because there actually

may be more resistance
to it going away because

this people actually
care about it and people

love fighting back
against the government.

But we should all know
there’s really only one platform

you should care about
and that is the beef nation.

What up, beef nation?

I am going to commit myself to trying to
say that more often in sound, more sincere.

When I say it so
that sooner or later it

actually just happens
to actually where I just

come on and go, hey,
what up, beef nation?

How am I chung stealing?

After the mind of the
Academy, shot my big

chest, whether best
is a philosophy, drinking

a clutch, brings rubber skills like a soccer
punch, won’t count to see how my feet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Future Law

If I have Dave on my lap, I can aim that
camera down and you get way more Dave time.

But it means the microphone is
a little farther away from my face.

That looks alright, yeah?

Let’s try that.


So I’ve… The theme for
this episode is sort of law.

And some interesting
laws or issues with law

that have come up recently
and things, you know,

you should be aware of how laws work
and how the world works around you.

The first one being a very interesting law.

But the court… This came from the
court of the King’s Bench Saskatchewan.

And Canadian law sounds cool.

I mean, that actually… I’m sorry,
the court of the King’s Bench…

I mean, the bench
isn’t the most exciting

part, but you know, all
the laws in Canada are

still representative of the King,
so that’s interesting in itself.

The court of the King’s
Bench and Saskatchewan

oversaw dispute between a
farmer and a grain buyer in 2021.

That seems like a very
mundane issue, Peter.

Why are you bringing up and seeing people?

We’ll get there,
because there’s a modern

twist on this ancient,
ancient issue of farmer

selling their grain to grain buyers
and they’re being legal disputes.

So this guy wanted to
purchase 81 tons of flax.

And then the farmer was like,
“Here’s an image of the contract.

He sent it to his phone.”

So the guy looked at
his phone and he saw the

contract and he sent a
thumbs up emoji in response.

The defendant said he sent
this thumbs up emoji as a

receipt of the image, not as
an agreement to the contract.

The farmer says the thumbs up emoji
said that he agreed with the contract.

The sender sent a picture
and a text, “Tec-no.”

The sender, the farmer
sent a picture and

text asking for confirmation
of the agreement.

So he didn’t just send an image of the
contract and the guy sent a thumbs up.

He said, “Here’s an image of the contract.

Do you agree to this contract?

The buyer sent a thumbs up emoji.”

The court acknowledges
that the thumbs up is

a non-traditional means
to sign an agreement.

Under the
circumstances, it is a valid

interpretation, which means
if someone sends you a

contract in Canada,
specifically Saskatchewan

at the moment, and you send a thumbs up
emoji as response, you are agreeing to the

proposed contract held
in that text message.

In the past though, there
was precedent for this.

It wasn’t just like a one-off thing.

In past the two, so
the farmer and the grain

buyer had agreed to contracts and
the buyer had posted looks good and yep.

The emoji being just
one step away from what

he had sent previously was then
considered an acceptance of the contract.

But if you’re accepting
contracts with yep, this

is obviously something
you do fairly regularly.

It’s obviously something you
two have worked together before.

Unless the contract
had changed significantly,

it seems weird that he
would be disputing this.

I’m assuming something
else actually happened.

The defense though, they actually started
talking about the precedent that this would

set, which is again the more
interesting part of this court case.

The court, because
he’s like, “You could send

an emoji and then the
emoji has interpretations

to it and then once you’ve interpreted
the emoji, now anything can be accepting a

contract, I honestly don’t think you
should be sending contracts over text.

I think you still should get a signature on
it, but again, modern technology has made

that maybe that’s an
antiquated way of thinking.”

So they’re saying like, “You’re going to
open the floodgates for court cases now.”

The court was like, “Laul 100
fire emoji times change fam.”

That’s not exactly what they said.

But that is the message they sent.

They said, “Look, technology
is changing the way we do

interactions, interactions, legally
or not have to be considered.

So going forward, we have to take these
communications as legally binding or not.”

And we are saying that these
communications are legally binding.

Some other interesting
Canadian law specifically.

Back in May 2006, British
Columbia introduced the Apology Act.

This was because
Canadians naturally say

sorry so quickly that people were starting
to say, “We’ve had a car accident.”

He said he was sorry, therefore
that’s an admission of guilt.

That admission of guilt means he
is now responsible for the accident.

Now this, again, because
this is sort of just

a natural aspect of
Canadian conversation

in speech, they actually
enacted a law saying

that an apology does not
constitute an admission

of guilt and cannot be used
as evidence to prove liability.

So basically you get
into a car accident and

then one of the guys
goes, “Oh, sorry, eh?

Oh, sorry, this happened.

Oh, I’m so sorry.”

That doesn’t mean he’s saying
he’s responsible for the accident.

He’s saying he’s sorry
the accident happened.

Maybe he’s still
saying he’s responsible,

but he’s still sorry that
this thing happened in itself.

It is classified specifically as an
expression of sympathy or regret not guilt.

Most provinces have
since introduced similar laws.

So if you say sorry after an accident,
it cannot have any bearing on your case.

So if you do get an accident in Canada, you
feel free to get out of your car and say

they’re sorry to the other driver,
but you’re not saying it’s my fault.

You’re saying, “I’m sorry, you’re so stupid
that you actually cause this accident.”

The insurance adjuster
will not base their

decision on what you
say, either a party, but

on all available evidence,
so they’re going to

go with CCTV, they’re going to get witnesses,
they’re going to try to do other stuff.

But what I say should not impact what the
insurance adjuster thinks in what you say

should not impact what the
insurance adjuster thinks as well.

There are two other
Canadian laws, which I think

is very Canadian in representing
the way the country thinks.

It is illegal to scare the king.

So if I jump out, the
king, that’s the king

Charles is in Canada,
and I jump out of a closet

and I go, “Boo,” and he’s surprised,
that can get me up to 14 years in prison.

So the fact is, yeah,
if you’re in Canada

and the king is there,
don’t scare the king,

be really careful because
they take that really seriously.

Scaling the king, I guess
there is a secondary

thing like Queen
Elizabeth was sold when

she died and King Charles is
quite old as he’s taken the crown.

A good scare could kill
them, could give them

a heart attack and kill them, so this could
be some kind of regicide defensive act.

So just getting murder
aside, just scare in the

king or queen in Canada,
I can get you 14 years.

If you then intern scare
them and they have

a heart attack and die, you
might be charged with regicide.

I don’t know what the time is for that.

I’m going to assume it’s a lot.

I kind of messed up my middle bits anyways.

Another thing is illegal.

I’ve actually read this
online where someone

gets a bill and they
don’t agree with the

bill and they decide
it’s sort of a malicious

compliance thing
and they pay the pill.

They pay the bill in pennies, thus wasting
the person’s time or it’s incredibly heavy.

Well, actually there’s a law in
Canada saying you cannot do that.

So it is illegal to make a
purchase with too many coins.

What are too many coins?

Well that has to be defined.

So that was the interesting bit to me.

In the law, this has
been defined in Canada.

You can pay with up to 25 pennies.

100 nickels.

It’s actually quite a lot of nickels.

3/4, 25 looneyes, which is the $1
coin, 22 nickels, which is the $2 coin.

In a single transaction.

So you couldn’t know someone by paying them
in these sums of money every single time

you do a transaction with
them and they can’t say anything.

But you can’t go over
this in a single transaction.

There’s no penalty.

So there’s no legal recourse.

But the restaurant, the business,
whatever, has the right to refuse service.

They have the right to refuse
the acceptance of these coins.

And you go, “Well, this is legal tender.”

Well, tough ship dipshit.

You’re actually kind of breaking a law.

Again, it’s a law that
doesn’t come with a

punishment, but I can’t be
punished for refusing you service.

So an interesting sidebar.

We have the right now, the writer’s
strike and Hollywood is going on.

So the writers and actors are saying,
“This actually has a lot to do with AI.”.

The studios want to
take the ideas, let’s say

I’m a writer, I’m in a
writer’s room, I create

a bunch of ideas,
they want to plug that

into AI and then have
AI generate more ideas

off that, but not pay me for
any of the ideas the AI generates.

One of the things
that came out that was

really, really interesting to me is what
they’re trying to do with background actors.

So basically, extras.

So they want to be able
to, part of the contract,

is scan background actors
for use and perpetuity.

But then I, as the background actor,
only get one day pay, no residuals.

So if they use my face again in the future,
I don’t get anything off that either.

And they get your image forever.

So here we have me, most background extras,
actors, they want to be famous actors.

I think that’s pretty fair
to say, maybe they’re out

there just having a good time
one day and they don’t care.

But a lot of those people are trying to get
into the industry, they’re trying to get

in with other people who are into acting,
they’re trying to get producers, directors,

whatever, to know them,
they want to do a good job.

The studio is saying, like, oh,
we’re going to scan your face.

And then if we need another scene in the
future, we can use your face in that scene.

Let’s say I am the next Brad
Pitt, the next Bradley Cooper.

I’m starting my career
and you have a scan of my

face that you’re allowed
to use in perpetuity.

But that means I quit, I don’t
get a job with your studio.

I get famous working
with a different studio.

Your studio still technically owns my face.

Now I’m famous and you decide, well,
let’s make a movie using this guy’s face.

But they don’t have to pay me for it.

They don’t even have to pay me for the
right to use my face in a second project.

So they use AI.

They stick my face
in another actor, that

other actor does a terrible movie
that I would never be involved in.

They make that movie,
clearly my face is on it.

So they’re selling it using my
face and that movie’s terrible.

So it damages my reputation.

What happens now?

I’ve actually signed
away my rights in

perpetuity because I was
a very poor background

actor who needed whatever,
like the $200 I would

have got that day for
standing in a crowd scene.

Now, a tiny percent
of people will be

successful, but that’s
what they’re banking on.

The percentage of actors
who will be successful

at some point in the future are going to
be these extras in these background scenes.

They still will own that face.

There’s also the secondary
issue of the writers and then

the AI learning that writer
style, so a Sam Raimi movie.

Let’s say he or every script has the twist,
but then the AI learns how to do a twist.

We don’t need Sam Raimi anymore.

We start just generating scripts.

I don’t think that’s
going to be a successful,

I think it’ll be so
boring independent

movies would actually get things,
get like sort of more traction.

But the problem is,
the reality is these big

budget movies are already
kind of cookie cutter.

Like Marvel films, hero films.

I mean, there’s no
surprises in them really.

Like if someone dies,
that’s the biggest surprise.

And then they might just come back later.

The AI can learn how to do that.

That’s problematic.

Studios basically want you to work one day
and then be able to plug that work my face

or my writing into AI and have AI generate
new things off that and give me new money.

I actually did read
about, there was this, I

assume a writer she
had written a show about

her life and she was
shipping it around in

Netflix, wanted to pay
her a million dollars,

which sounds really
good, but they wanted to

own everything which meant they could then
take her story, plug it into AI, do spin

offs, take her writing
style, make more shows,

more episodes, use her face, take
her face and put it into other things.

And she refused in good honor.

I mean, a million dollars is pretty hard
to refuse, but it’s nothing compared to the

entirety of your career
if you’re successful.

Now, am I never going to be successful?

That’s fine, but I want
to make sure that at

the end of the day, I
own everything I create.

So this podcast, this face, the
dog I got right here, it’s all mine.

If you want to use it, you
need to pay me money to get it.

But I think that’s fair.

And this is what actually a big
part of what the strike is about.

If you read the news
recently, they cut down,

the studios cut down all the trees so
that the strikers would have no shade.

And of course it’s summer in
California making it really difficult.

But it turns out they were like, oh,
well, this is just like a routine thing.

We have to cut down
the trees a certain amount.

We have to prune them every year.

Turns out they did it the
wrong season at the wrong time.

They did it illegally.

So of course they’re
going to have to pay

fines, but those fines
are going to be nothing.

But really, this was
just punitive to try to

punish the people who are striking to
make striking less comfortable for them.

And it just shows the level of
shittiness these companies are going to.

There’s a couple of
studios in Japan and they

want to use AI to
generate manga scripts.

Manga already is one of
these most abusive industries.

They have people working
incredibly long hours

making animation and drawing
and they get paid very little for it.

If AI can do that, that’s
going to be hugely problematic.

And already AI, already
anime is really formulaic.

Sticking that into AI is just
going to make it more formulaic.

Which means the good
ones just, they’re going

to be flooded out with
the absolute tons of crap

that come with AI
generated scripts and stories.

So the most recent bit of news is the Italian
courts have caused an uproar in Italy.

And it’s they’ve decided that groping for
less than 10 seconds isn’t really groping.

So this actual story is
there was a high school girl.

She was going upstairs and it
says she was pulling up her pants.

Now, I’m assuming
that they actually kind

of mean adjusting her pants or maybe they’re
loose pants and she was pulling them up.

A janitor walked up
behind her, slid his hand

down into her pants
and then grabbing her

underwear and lifting her up,
essentially giving her a wedgie.

He claims it was a joke.

Now caressing her
butt ox is pretty sexual,

but giving someone a wedgie
I would actually say is not.

So it’s a reasonable defense.

I don’t believe it’s true.

Let’s just get out there really clear.

I’m not on the janitor’s side on this one.

I think he should be punished
for groping a high school girl.

He says it was just a joke and it
was so brief it couldn’t be sexual.

Well the Italian court
accepted that because

it was less than 10
seconds to commit this act.

It is no longer considered groping.

I think they just let them go.

What happened was Italian comedian went on
TikTok and started like going, “Ahhh, ah,

if I can find that I’ll
plug it in but I don’t

know enough for telling
it to maybe to type it in.”

With a 10 second
countdown and then saying

after the 10 seconds over if that wasn’t
grossly sexual and I don’t know what is.

And this is started this
huge trend on TikTok

in Italy where everyone’s groping
themselves for less than 10 seconds.

Sort of in support of
this poor girl who got

groped and then the interview with the girl
is like, “I do appreciate the amount of

support I’m getting but at the
same time this is all very, very gross.”

And the last one is shines
copyright infringement.

It’s so egregious that
instead of just like

going after and suing sort of, and
again they’re using sub-compens to do it.

Instead of using those companies to go
after them, they’re using the United States

Rico laws which were
designed to catch organized

crime who were using
fraud and what not

to, as the basis of
their lawsuit, they’re so

aggressive that it’s actually
considered racketeering.

It’s called dishonest and
fraudulent business dealings.

So shine has grown rich committing
individual infringements over and over again.

They actually basically have a system where
what they do is they’ll have a company that

company steals a designer’s
picture and then they’ll

put it on clothing or
a t-shirt or something.

They will steal clothes
from other designers

and producers and they will
throw it into their systems.

These sub-compensies do the theft and then
feed it up into the shine system because it

has to have so many
sub-compensies, even if

they sued the sub-company,
they’re not actually suing shine.

Shine could just say, “Well, we’re going to
shut down that company, start a new company

tomorrow and it will actually
damage our business at all.”

They produce 6,000 new
items a day using multiple

companies to rip off
artists and designers.

Three companies directly have accused shine
of ripping off their designs, be it like

art or the actual
designer they’re clothing.

Having said, we will
vigorously defend ourselves

against this lawsuit and any
claims that are without merit.

If you actually dig down
into that sentence a

little bit, you get a
little interesting thing.

We will vigorously defend
ourselves against this lawsuit.

So we’re being sued by
these three companies,

we’re going to defend ourselves
and any claims that are without merit.

So any claim that is without merit, we will
defend ourselves against and this lawsuit.

So what they are
inadvertently saying is that

this lawsuit has merit,
which I don’t think

is what they mean to say,
but it is what they actually said.

Shine is trying to go public this year.

The Rico Act being
used against them, I’m

pretty sure is going
to make it so that they

can’t go public this year,
which is really, really good.

I didn’t know about
shine until very recently.

I read the news about
the TikTok influencers

going to the being
paid to go to the shine

factory and just go, oh,
oh, this is so wonderful.

It’s also clean.

It’s also modern.

All the workers look so happy.

They are also being
accused of having factories

where they have like
essentially sweatshops.

What is it?

The Urgar people in China.

They’re being focused for abuse.

So shine seems to be really abusing all the
laws and then using everything you can do

to get people to shine that turd for
them so it doesn’t look as bad as it is.

There are accusations of forced labor.

So I guess that’s just sweatshops.

We know in China, forced labor.

I mean, it could be if you
don’t hit a quota, you die.

It’s important to know the
laws in different countries.

So the Canadian laws
sort of introduce a

sense of some of the
differences in how law is

handled in Canada, which may
have an influence on other countries.

We always get our law from
essentially American media.

And that gives us a weird view
of how the law works because

in America, specifically, they
talk about individual rights.

Individual rights take the forefront
in American law quite often.

And I’ve actually found
it one of the reasons

why America is so
lawsuit happy, sue happy.

It’s because if I
have individual rights

and you have individual
rights, those cannot

exist in the same space
without there being

some kind of conflict unless
we agree perfectly on everything.

But if I have my individual
rights on the most

important thing and
your individual rights

are the most important
thing, then they cannot exist.

So the protections
of individual rights in

America causes a lot
of the problems because

this is the easiest way
to be like you have a

conservative in a Democrat
and they are in the same space.

Well, if my individual
rights are the most

important thing, then
you must be inherently

wrong because you don’t
agree with me and vice versa.

So that causes an
escalation of conflict

because you’ve been
taught your whole life that

what you believe is
the most important thing.

Canada’s rules actually protect groups.

There are rights to personal
liberties to a degree, but the

actual individual doesn’t take
precedence over the group.

So that makes it much harder to have
the same attitude as a Canadian citizen.

You can see like this
malicious compliance of

paying back money and
coins, they put a limit on that.

Yeah, you can try to
be a dick, but you can

only be so much of a
dick because you’re going

to be inhibiting another person’s
business if you’re too much of a dick.

The writer’s strike actually plays
into the thumbs up emoji as well.

The thumbs up emoji is a
new way of saying I agree.

I agree to this contract.

It is now legally binding in Canada.

Specifically in Saskatchewan, but I
bet other courts in Canada follow suit.

What the studios in
America are trying to do

is say we want to take
something from you,

your face, your writing, your art and
hold on to that aspect and perpetuity.

Never pay you again, but if you get famous,
if you get popular, we use that with AI to

create new products that we
profit off of that you get nothing from.

So basically they could
take all these podcasts,

put them into AI
and learn how to write

an engineers Japan
episode, a C-McBe episode.

And then if I get popular and they had paid
me that money in the past, they could make

new spinoffs, Italian news Japan, American
news Japan, not a ninja news Italy.

We have to be in the UK.

So we have a ninja news Japan.

I’ve just doing this joke
on the flies and possible.

I have to actually go
back and riff it a bit.

We have ninja news Japan, so we
want to have pizza news America.

Because that’s me, cliche
hamburger news America.

I’m on, that doesn’t work because
then I can’t use pizza news Italy as well.

I’m going to have to go
back, I can’t do it right now.

I would have to go away
write some vaguely racist

things, some stereotypes from the different
countries and then news in that country.

But they could do
with AI, a spinoff in a

ninja news Japan that
does all these things.

They could do a spinoff of C-McBe that uses
this writing style talking about different

topics and then make
a purely anime oriented

channel using my
style of speaking, doing

a purely news related style
linking all these stories together.

AI could put that together.

AI could use AI to
generate a million daves

and make it a movie and it would
be the best movie in the world.

But then I wouldn’t get any money
back, Dave wouldn’t get any money back.

Dave needs his million dollars.

I need my million dollars.

That’s just how it works.

So be afraid of big
corporations like shine,

of companies wanting
to use your image, your

art, your creations
and perpetuity like the

studios and be careful
about new technology,

not just AI, but how
you use new technology

because that could
actually end up you agreeing

to a contract that you don’t
necessarily intend to agree to.


The Enshitification of Capitalism

This is the smartest
shit you’ll hear today.

Generally because you
only talk to dumb people.

I’m Chuck with Beef Chest.
This is Seamick Bee.

I don’t think that’s the
tittest tagline that’s ever

been invented. But you
know, I was just trying stuff.

So recently, Reddit had
some issues. Reddit’s

a big big website
if you don’t know it.

I have been on Reddit for 12 years. I don’t
consider myself a significant Redditor.

I don’t have a particular amount of
Karma that would be impressive to anyone.

But it is a very useful site for someone
like me who likes to intake a lot of

information from a lot of sources,
serious, all the way down to ridiculous.

It’s all there. And that’s
a like about it. That’s

what I like about it. I like
that it’s user submitted.

It’s user run. And of course, that ends up
being the problem for the company that is

Reddit. Reddit, they had a basically a
protest recently and all the big sub-redits.

So they went private, which meant you couldn’t just
go and surf them and look at them yourself. You

couldn’t just drop in and see what was going on.
You couldn’t just read stuff from that sub-redit.

Because it was now private. This
was in retaliation to Reddit saying they

wanted to basically take away the ability
for third party apps to use their API.

What does that mean? I, when I look at Reddit on my
phone, don’t use the official Reddit app. I use a

thing called Reddit is fun. I use it because I like
it better. The official Reddit app is kind of dick.

Excuse me. I just ate so much
food. It’s ridiculous. It’s like an

emotional issue that I’m having.
I just struggling with food lately.

So I use this alternative app. It uses stuff. Again, I
don’t want to get into the technical issues, A, because I

don’t understand it. It gets into stuff and pulls that
magic Internet stuff to pull content from Reddit to the app.

The thing is, the advertising
on that app doesn’t go

back to Reddit. It goes back
to the creator of the app.

Reddit said either you pay a ridiculous
amount of money. This is all about

money. This is what companies do. This
is actually called the in-shitification.

This is actually a real thing. You go
online, you can search for in-shitification.

You’ll actually get a wired article. I think
it was one of the first places I saw it.

It goes through the steps of how a
company grows and then becomes more shitty.

They call it
in-shitification, which I really

enjoy. It’s the kind
of word I remember.

If they used more language like this, more
creative language that suited my parlons,

I would remember a lot more words.

But just to sum up what’s happened
on Reddit, Reddit’s like they want

to make this change, basically want
to shut down any third party apps.

You have to use their app and all these people are like,
“Why the fuck are you doing that? That’s just shitty in me.

You’re just taking money away from other people who are
actually working really hard to make your website better.”

They did a blackout. Reddit comes
in and says, “You can’t do blackouts.

You got to open up your subreddit
or we’re going to be nasty.”

A lot of the subreddit said, “What we’ll do is we’ll change it
from regular to not safe for work because you can’t advertise or

monetize not safe for work websites because Disney doesn’t want
to add showing up next to someone getting like hardcore bone.”

Then, Reddit’s like, “You can’t do that.
We’re going to force you back into it.”

So the protest kind of failed there.

It’s the hypocrisy of this more than
anything else that bugs me. It’s your website

running the way you want, but Reddit as a
website is based off the free labor of people.

Primarily, people submitting content.
That content comes from another source.

Let’s say I make this podcast. Someone else
takes the podcast and puts it on Reddit as like,

“Here’s a stupid podcast I like or I saw and
they talk about Reddit aren’t you interested?

I’ve done the work to create the content that
user has done the work of making it public

on Reddit. Moderators unpaid. Make sure
people don’t get out of hand in the comments.”

So there are three sources of unpaid labor that make
Reddit work and then Reddit is being greedy about

ad stuff because Reddit, if my post, so okay, I got
to do a piece by piece, the mods don’t get paid.

So any ad revenue
that Reddit makes, a cut

doesn’t go to the mods.
That’s an unpaid source.

The person who posts
the content, if it gets

really popular, there’s
no payback for that.

So if you find the best
content and you post on Reddit,

you get Karma, but Karma
doesn’t translate into anything.

And then I is the person
who’s a creator of content. It’s

completely alien to my
platform. So I get views and stuff.

So maybe if I monetize through a secondary
source like, I post this on YouTube, it gets

monetized on YouTube, but the Reddit element of
the advertising, that doesn’t come back to me.

So Reddit as a platform
is based on taking the

work of other people
and utilizing it for growth.

So they were threatening to remove mods and I actually wish the
mods had gone with it and just said, “Fine, replace us. Replace the

hundreds of thousands of people who moderate sub-redits. I would have
loved to see that because then the site would collapse into anarchy.

And it’s what Reddit actually deserves.
I have been looking for an alternative.

This is not the first time a blackout
has happened because at Reddit.

And I have looked for alternatives multiple times. Right now, let
me dot world, l-e-m-m-y dot world, seems like an up-and-coming

growing mastodon driven alternative. Still needs to be
worked on, but it seems better conceptually. How about that?

But if all the mods had left, and this is kind of like I’ve done
stuff in the past where what we need is everyone, users, customers,

whatever, to actually work in uniform, in unison, if they do that,
the protests will be successful because the company will collapse.

So the adjudification, but of course, you’re a mod because of a
certain amount. You’re not doing unpaid work because you love to not

be paid. You’re doing unpaid work because there’s prestige or
something you’d love you want to take care of. It’s one of the other.

There’s a lot of jokes about Reddit mods, they’re
just mods in general. But at the end of the day,

these are people who’ve dedicated their time to
something and they don’t want to just give it up.

So I understand the reluctance, but I
think if all the mods at Reddit were like,

“hands up, we don’t like what you’re doing,
we’re not going to moderate anymore.”.

It would just be all like Nazis
and porn in comments from that

point on, making this site
unusable for that point forward.

It would just be essentially for a chance,
something like that. But something where

advertisers would just be like, “We’re
not putting any money into this anymore.”

So if you just did that. So if just the
moderators just said, “We give up on Reddit,

we’re going to wait until another website
comes up that does things the way we like it.”.

They could actually
collapse Reddit in a week.

The social model worked. So what
they said is we want people to submit,

we’ll vote on the content, we’ll
have moderation. That’s all unpaid.

And the site group, that’s
again, it’s been around for

12 years more plus because
I’ve been on it for 12 years.

So what has changed? So in
shitification is a concept. It’s a real

thing and it does happen to
companies. So we have some examples.

So I want to talk about that.
Number one, step one, the

website or the service is
created. It’s good to users.

One of the examples is Amazon, Amazon used to
be all about getting customers, their books

and they actually used to sell things at a
loss to make sure that people had the money.

To make sure that people had the
best experience they possibly could.

Reddit, good to users, it was all about
the users. And then there’s growth.

Number two, step two is abuse the users
to make money generally on advertising.

So the ads start to come in. We’re
talking Facebook. We’re talking like Amazon

has other companies sort of come in.
That becomes their business partners.

The business partners are how the company makes money. This spurs
growth, but then they have to make it a little shittier for the

user because the priority has changed. The priority is no longer
a good user experience. It’s a good business partner experience.

Then that grows to a degree. And
then step three is abuse the business

partners to claw back value for
yourself so that the company can grow.

So now you are no longer concerned with
the users. You’re no longer concerned with

the business partners. You are solely
concerned with your own growth and profits.

This was the example that I
saw was Facebook. Facebook had

advertisers in business partners
and they were talking about content.

And then people would go to Facebook to read
news articles and then Facebook closed off the

news articles if the company that produced the
news articles didn’t pay to boost their posts.

The people who subscribed to that post to that service wouldn’t
see it. So they forced business partners to pay to get subscribers

to see those things. YouTube has a similar thing. You can
subscribe to stuff and it never seems to show up on your feed.

Why is that? It’s because they want
those people, those business partners,

those things to pay for the service
they’re supposed to be providing.

Because really all of this is content
creator provides content that goes

direct to user. It’s supposed to be
the model for like YouTube and stuff.

This is to me the appeal of
podcasts so far because I run

my own website. So SeeminkBiz
on the

It’s hosted there. I own it.
There is no middle step between

me and the user. So I
make it. I post it. You get it.

You probably are picking your
own podcast app player to do

like a podcast catcher to listen
to the podcast. But that’s it.

That is. And then if the one you have doesn’t
work, there’s going to be a million others

that do. You can just go to the website and
listen to it. All this stuff is available.

Because I am in complete control. It
doesn’t mean that I don’t get sort of the

view. The expanded view of like powerful
algorithms and advertising and stuff.

But it means that this will remain for the user. Now the
insutification of this podcast could absolutely happen. I

start getting advertisers. The advertisers get to a point
where they’re like telling me what I can and cannot say.

We grow to the Joe Rogan experience level of fame where a
company gives me a hundred million dollars. And now I no longer

give a shit about selling other people’s products. I lock
them into like 10, 15 year contracts that they have to pay.

And I give them really bad ads and stuff. And
all I care about is calling back my own. It is

the demise of me as a person, which would be great
because I would end up being rich in the way.

That is kind of where we’re
ending up with this whole

talk is being rich is
actually bad for everything.

So step three, abuse your
business partners to create

value for themselves and
then step four is slowly die.

The bigger the company gets before it hits on
that final sort of downward spiral, the longer it

takes to die. Facebook being an example. It was
so big. It’s still around. It hasn’t died yet.

But I don’t think anyone
considers Facebook a

viable platform for any
sort of serious endeavor.

If you are going to start, you want to be famous, you want to create
content, you want to do a new business. You wouldn’t be like Facebook

is where it’s at. Unless you are like targeting, I can honestly
older people who just never understood that you can leave Facebook.

I am a 12 year Reddit user. I am actively
looking for an alternative. I would enjoy.

That’s not a common attitude. Someone who’s
invested sort of the time investment fallacy.

The idea is that like when you go to buy a car,
they try to keep you there for as long as possible

because the longer you spend doing something,
the more you actually want it to be valuable.

They will give you a shitty deal. You have been
there for three hours. You will take that deal

so you don’t feel like you waste your time. You
should always get up and walk out at least once.

If you are going to buy a car, take
the deal and be like, “Oh, there is the

tricks.” I don’t know why I am talking
about car dealerships all of them.

The guy gives you a deal. He says,
“I am going to go talk to my manager. I

am sorry I only have five minutes.”
He goes, “Yeah, only take five minutes.”

It is giving three minutes to get up and just start
walking away. See how quickly he comes back. If he

loses the paperwork and has to do it again, I don’t
want to buy a car from someone who loses the paperwork.

See how quickly he finds that
paperwork. It is all tricks to get

you invested in a bad deal so
you are less willing to examine it.

I have been at Reddit for 12
years. It would be so easy to just

maintain the status quo. Stay
ahead Reddit for another 12 years.

Despite how bad it gets, just make excuses
to myself. But I value my time. So the

instant that starts to happen, I start looking
for alternatives. Not everyone does that.

You might be like,
“Well, Facebook, Reddit,

they are so big. They
are never going to die.”

Do you remember Dig? The IGG. Dig was a competitor to
Reddit back in the day. It was in the exact same position.

It was actually in the dominant position for a while.
Barely anyone remembers Dig anymore. It was a long time ago.

If you were young, you would never
have heard of it. It is sort of along the

same lines as 9G. There used to be basically
the 3 websites, 9G. Dig and Reddit.

They were actually all
competing against each other

to be the dominant one.
Reddit kind of came out ahead.

My space, similar trajectory.
It got bought. It became

big, advertising stuff.
Then it collapsed in on itself.

Like I said, Facebook is
still around only because it

is going to take longer for
an entity that large to die.

When I think about
Facebook, what are they doing

recently? They were in
competition with Instagram.

Zuckerberg actually said it
is better to buy than compete.

They bought Instagram and
they just try to make that.

Now, Instagram is struggling
to compete against its

main competitors, which
is TikTok and other stuff.

They are all mimicking each other
instead of competing. Meta is coming

out with VR stuff. If it comes out
from meta, I don’t even pay attention.

That is meta, Facebook has
become such a secondary entity in the

world of technology that I’m
going to take it seriously anymore.

I have a Facebook account. I
don’t check it. People have sent me

messages. It has been months before
I have actually responded to messages.

I have a Facebook account for
an international campaign. I hate

using it. This absolutely despises
everything about Facebook.

I never really wanted to join the first
place. My friends were all like, everyone

has a Facebook account. You join so
we can talk and stuff. Never got into it.

Now, in a situation where we
have Instagram versus TikTok versus

YouTube, they are all trying to
find the edge and mimic each other.

TikTok is starting extending its play
times to compete with YouTube. It has just

offered me, I think, the 20 minute Mark,
which is a full podcast most of the time.

YouTube created shorts, which is
just TikTok, Instagram created reels,

which is just TikTok. They are all
trying to compete with each other.

They are all trying to compete
for the advertising that comes with

those things, but they are all
going through a similar process.

This is the inshidification of all of them. Instead of being
true to themselves and their identity and what they do and

what they brought to the people who are their initial users,
they are now like we need to compete for advertising dollars.

I actually think if YouTube, TikTok had
stuck to what it was originally, short form

30 second, one minute videos or whatever,
it would have maintained what it was.

It would actually again be delivering stuff
to users. I am noticing there is more ads

when I go on Instagram reels and stuff, there
is more ads, and then the YouTube algorithm.

It is just the real is not interesting to
me. The biggest problem they have is

they can’t roll back. First of all, you
would have to admit you made a mistake.

Reddit would have to say it
was a mistake for us to take

away the API. We are just
going to leave it the way it is.

We are going to roll things back
with less advertising and make

it better for users, which are
deliver a better user experience.

That would lose the money. The
admitting a mistake is almost impossible

for these corporations to do. You
can never admit you made a mistake.

Then secondary is money
is now the primary focus. It is

not serving the users of the
platform. That is capitalism.

I said Facebook instead of competing against Instagram,
just bought Instagram. That is not competition. Capitalism

as a philosophy is based on competition. It says the
market will balance itself. New competitors will come in.

It is just the modern version
of capitalism is almost based on

behemoths becoming monopolies
in everything but actual existence.

There are other companies that
will compete against Amazon but

they are not competition. There
are telecommms in North America.

There is like two. One for
East Coast, one for West

Coast. They don’t actually
compete with each other.

These companies want a monopoly.
They claim to be capitalists but they

actually want a monopoly. They don’t
want to compete with other companies.

They will just buy out other companies.
Right now we have the EA. It is Microsoft.

I think the EA is the
only game in video game,

technology and games and
exclusives and stuff like that.

Which is anti-capitalist. But it is
because they want to get all the

money. The only way to get all the
money is to be the only game in town.

But then you are now not
actually talking about capitalism

anymore. That is part of
the adjudification process.

Billionaires espouse the glory of
capitalism because they become billionaires

but then do everything they can to not
actually partake or compete in capitalism.

That is something that
people need to think about.

Mark Zuckerberg and
Elon Musk recently. This

is just getting into
the secondary issue.

They started a beef.

So basically Facebook has announced
it is going to make a Twitter clone.

So again, we are not going to
do something original and not our

idea. Twitter is in trouble
because Elon Musk has taken over.

We are going to make our
own Twitter and everyone

is going to love it. I
barely even pay attention.

I didn’t find out about the meta-tutor
clone until this morning when I was

actually checking that I got all my
information about Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

Elon Musk obviously heard
about this. Started doing what he

does on Twitter. So it is
childish insults. That kind of stuff.

He said, “I will take you all fight
you because he is five years old.”

Zuckerberg, who has been studying
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, said like location.

He put a big stupid picture on
the Internet. He is a tough guy.

And then Musk agreed.

So I feel like society
or civilizations come

full circle because we
used to fight to survive.

We used to fight other tribes
and stuff to survive. It was

very important for men to
be strong and fight each other.

For survival. Then we had civilization
and we tried to pull it back a notch.

And now we have gone so far the other way. We have actually
come all around full circle where the upper strata of

society, the billionaires of this world, now feel like it is
perfectly acceptable to fight each other to prove something.

I guess to prove their men. I actually have
a secondary thought that once you become in

sort of the billionaire class, you actually
get this idea that nothing can ever hurt you.

So saying I will fight you. Part of your
brain goes, but I will never get hurt, nothing

bad will ever happen to me because you are
so insulated from the rest of the world.

I did actually want to look into
the seriousness, the nature of this

match. What would it look like? So
Musk is 51 years old, same age as me.

He’s had no training that I
know of. He’s 6’1″, so he’s 1″

taller than me, and he weighs
200 pounds, weighs about the same.

He is essentially a cruiserweight.
He’s a big boy. So being a

big boy means you come with a
certain amount of inherent power.

Zuckerberg, he’s 39, so he’s got used,
he’s got a little… but again, I think

once we get to 41, the differences are
there, but it’s not going to be significant.

He has been studying
B.J. Jane, he’s actually

pretty good. He did a
Silicon Valley tournament.

He got gold and silver in two categories.
He was fighting featherweight.

Featherweight is 126 pounds, it’s like
56 kilos maybe. So you have Musk who is

90 kilos plus fighting a guy who is
57 kilos, basically two thirds his mass.

Cage matches are going to
start standing. So again, I was

trying to take this seriously.
Who would actually win?

Because everyone’s like
Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg,

because he’s actually training,
he’s actually doing this stuff.

But he’s a tiny, tiny man,
and he might be good, but

if you’re good in B.J. Jane,
you’re good on the ground.

Now I’m thinking Musk’s only chances don’t go to the
ground. So when Zuckerberg rushes up to him, he’s going

to go for like a leg, like a tackle basically, and try
to get him to the ground so he can’t actually wrestle.

If that is successful, Zuckerberg
wins. If Elon Musk throws big

haymakers, because you got to
remember, Zuckerberg is trained in B.J.

He’s not trained in boxing.
He has no defense. It’s like

I’ve been doing Judo for 40
years. I have never done boxing.

You put me in a boxing ring.
I’m done in seconds. Like an

actual boxer would take me
down so fast it would be ridiculous.

You put a boxer into a Judo suit.
I would take him down in seconds.

It’s not like diminishing the
value of any of the martial arts.

But what you have is the fight
start standing up. You have two

untrained fighters in standing
fighting. It’s going to look ridiculous.

Zuckerberg has one
opportunity, and that’s get

Elon Musk on his ass
as quickly as possible.

Now, because Elon Musk,
I’m assuming, is out of shape in

all aspects, because I’ve
seen his body without a shirt on.

I bet it would actually be pretty good. I bet
Zuckerberg could run around the back, just

grab him and kick his ankles, or kick him
in the back knees, or push him really hard.

And he would fall down. But Musk would have
one chance. If he could hit Zuckerberg once

with it with just a wild shot, I bet he would
put Zuckerberg down right there and then.

So it’s very hard. If I was a betting
man, I would still put my money

on Zuckerberg, but not as
confidently as everyone else was talking.

Because BJJ has a very good reputation now.
And again, I think that is earned.

But I think people misunderstand
how BJJ starts standing to groundwork.

And there’s every sport has rules.
And once you work outside those rules,

you are essentially untrained again
until you relearn what you’re doing.

They would have a training
period. My understanding is that Elon

Musk’s mother has been
posting online that the fight is off.

That she’s convinced Musk not to
do it, something like that. There’s been

a lot of jokes about Elon Musk’s
mommy. He says he’s not allowed to fight.

He’s not allowed to play rough
with the other billionaires. Dana

White is, I think, president if you
have to see something like that.

He says, okay, it was so offensive
to me. He said, this would be

a massive fight. It would be one
of the biggest fights in history.

It would be an amazing
thing we could do.

Imagine the money we
would make for charity.

Now, if you took out the
four charity part, I think

he’s being honest. Imagine
the money we would make.

How much? What percentage
of that’s going to go to

charity? Nothing. I did
see someone else posted.

We’re in a society where the
Roth child or something took

their vast fortune to build
libraries and schools and stuff.

Now, we have two of the richest men
in the world want to do a cage match.

They’ve taken their vast fortunes and
they’re fighting like basically children.

Which is ridiculous. Now, I, of
course, wanted to see them beat

the crap out of each other and I
would love to see them get hurt.

Which takes me to the
final point of this weird, weird

podcast topic, the
inshidification of all of society.

Why is there no empathy for these men?
These billionaires specifically.

Because last week, we
had the submarine that

imploded with a group
of billionaires on board.

And the Internet went wild
with incredibly cruel jokes.

Now, I laughed along with
everyone else about how awful it was.

I saw some of the videos about inside
and there was like, it’s carbon fiber.

And again, I don’t know enough
about material sciences. I know

enough about carbon fire
that you don’t drill a hole in it.

To mount some of the
screens. So, if you drill a hole into

carbon fiber, you’re basically
weakening the entire structure.

Now, I know that’s not probably what crushed
the whole thing. But it’s irrelevant.

I know if I, as a complete
amateur, can recognize a mistake.

Then anyone else with
actual study or knowledge

should have seen how
that was going to be.

And then we heard about the guy saying,
oh, you know, this is an unsafe craft.

We can’t sail it in the
ocean. People are going to die.

The president of that submarine
company says, you’re fired.

And then a week later, it implodes with him
on board. Again, no sympathy and empathy.

Why is that a thing? And
I was looking around to

actually see why do
people not feel any empathy?

Because this is a human being
died. Everyone had a moment

when they found out there
was a 19 year old kid on board.

Now, he is the son of a
billionaire. But a 19 year

old kid hasn’t technically
done that much wrong.

Of course, he maybe
has. But we’re like, he’s not

the problem. The
billionaires are the problem.

And we feel no empathy for them. So I
actually looked into empathy a little bit.

And the thing that I found
out is that empathy is not a

function of an individual,
which I was very surprised by.

I’ve always thought that empathy would
have been like, it’s something I feel.

Empathy is a function of society and
community. So it’s about relationships.

So when I’m online, I’m trying to
think of things that make me cry.

Dogs. So we got Dave in the corner.
And I see these dogs being rescued.

And I will feel myself tear up.
I have a great amount of empathy.

But it’s because of my deep connection
that stupid looking dog in the corner.

As a society, as a
community, as a group, you

have empathy for
people you can relate to.

So I relate to those Facebook
videos of dogs being rescued.

And it makes me almost cry because I have
this deep connection to the dogs I had when

I was a kid, to the dog I have now that I
spent a huge amount of time taking care of.

I mean, you can see we spend all
our time together when I’m at home.

And that extends to my
coworkers, my friends.

There are people I
understand and I care about.

That is where empathy
comes from. The nature of a

billionaire is that they
immediately create stratification.

And they try to separate themselves
from society, community at large.

So the empathy, society
at large has for people

who separated themselves,
goes down dramatically.

And this was very kind of
revealing to once you separated

yourself from society,
knowing that people are not

a society, no one
gives a shit if you die. I

bet other billionaires
were very upset by this.

But of course, their voice isn’t as big
as a billion people making jokes on Reddit.

So that disconnect they create
by trying to say I’m rich, so

I’m a higher class person,
you’re poor, so you’re lower class.

Is why no one feels any empathy
for these billionaires dying.

Now, for me, I think the primary problem
was actually he wasn’t listening to anyone.

So this billionaire,
there’s another problem

with billionaires as sort
of a class or a group.

They’ve gotten so used to being right.
It’s almost like pop star syndrome where

everyone tells you you’re great, you’re
amazing, you’re great, you’re amazing.

That’s really bad for you because
then you start to think you’re

really great and amazing and
really smart and you know everything.

Where you may have specific knowledge, you don’t know
everything. So you see pop stars and they’ll give political

commentary and it’s just so confused and weird and it’s
because they know pop music, they don’t know politics.

They know A, they know B. So it’s like I, what do I know about well,
I could talk quite in depth about the cage match they were doing,

but because no one has spent the entirety of my life telling me I’m
really good, I’m really smart, I’m really good, I’m really smart.

I don’t think I know everything. Anyways, billionaires are shit.
I think that might be the conclusion. It’s the separation and then

because everyone around them is sort of yes men, they get into pop
star syndrome where they think they know everything, but they don’t.

So they won’t admit they’ve made a mistake very much like I’m
talking about Reddit at the beginning of the podcast. They

can’t admit they’ve made a mistake, they can’t roll anything
back, they have to forge forward with what they’re doing.

There was a set of emails I saw released about the submarine thing and
the set of emails basically said look I’m not 100% confident in this

and the guys like I actually find that offensive that you think this
isn’t safe and the guys like I did some research this doesn’t seem safe.

Therefore I don’t want to ride your crazy death trap and the guys like I find that offensive not factually
argumentative I don’t have anything I can say to you personally to change your mind. I’m personally offended and that

was supposed to mean something. You should risk your life in this thing you think may or may not kill you because
you don’t want me to be offended because that’s more important than your life and that is the underlying message.

So this in billionaires and
the stratification of society

is primarily to me the in
certification of all things.

So it’s how do we get back from that well there is no simple
answer because now society is set up to keep this going in the

people the billionaires who do have a great deal of power they
want to keep a boy going because that’s how they stay billionaires.

So honestly I don’t have an answer but when you see a service like
Reddit and it goes through a blackout everyone should quit Reddit and it

would collapse and everyone should quit Twitter and it would collapse
and then the Internet could go back to being sort of a freer entity.

Yes, we would have to find things it would be harder
search engines might not be better. We won’t use

Google anymore will have to use a new search engine
that’s actually better and working towards users.

But if you’re aware of and shitification
and the reality of the user actually

has all the power because as soon as
you stop using it all that power goes away.

My space is basically gone because no one
uses anymore if everyone would just drop

Facebook it would be gone tomorrow if everyone
dropped Reddit it would be gone tomorrow.

And then something else two or three services
would spring up and try to take their place and

then we would be back to actual capitalism actual
competition and things might actually improve.


So that was a little experiment I have been
struggling to come up with original ideas.

Don’t say sorry I want people
to do stuff I again this isn’t me

complaining about you this is
me complaining about my inability.

The mistake they made was
making an end date in the protest.

Ah this is it the end date was people are saying
that I actually disagree I think that’s irrelevant if

what they needed was when they said we’re going to
remove the mods all the mods on mass should have quit.

Should be like fine go ahead a completely
unmoderated Reddit would collapse in hours.

I mean honestly hours there
would be an influx of all really gross

shit there would be an influx of
all these kind of things happening.

They would have no control over it they wouldn’t have the staff
to keep the website under control because of the nature of

Reddit if there is no modification exactly what I said though for
John is what it would become and no advertiser would touch it.

They’re already running it a deficit
they already run it dead so if they’re

already running it dead that would
collapse as soon as all the users left.

A long time ago I did the same thing I was talking about
the monopolies and stuff of Internet users in America and

like there’s basically you move to an area there’s really
only one Internet provider and it’s always stupid expensive.

If you could organize the people in that region to all quit on
the same day and I mean actually quit on the same day and you

would have to go two weeks without Internet let’s say I bet those
prices would get super fucking reasonable super fucking quick.

The problem is the organization never happens and like
these mods they’re committed to what they’re doing

so that doesn’t happen and that’s that’s to me where
the problems arise is because people are disorganized.

But if the mods of Reddit would all quit today you would either have
no Reddit or a way better Reddit tomorrow. It was a bit messier than I

wanted but that was essentially three or four points from the news media
that I put together into kind of a structure and try to talk about it.

It’s not a bad idea I think I
can smooth it out essentially

was three ideas it was
the insitification of Reddit.

The cage match in billionaires
and then why no one had empathy

so those are my three concepts
that I wanted to put in there.

5G Flat Coke


So I saw him in a conversation with a coworker and he was about TikTok and.

his primary point was that he had heard there was a conspiracy theory.

that TikTok’s algorithm within China was designed to promote science and.

technology and knowledge and try to improve sort of the sense of what is.

cool is being knowledgeable and smart and you know functional in society.

whereas the algorithm in America was designed specifically to promote you.

know Booty shaking and dumb stuff the overall intent being that Chinese kids

grow up thinking that being smart is cool whereas American kids grow up

thinking being dumb is cool.

and I had heard that conspiracy theory before but it’s pretty easy to debunk

and the way you can debunk it is go look at the countries and the economics

and what it is to run an app.

so I want to make my video sharing app I’m a Chinese company I therefore

want to start in my home country I want to start making my app in China.

no basically every app in China is going to have to be approved by the

Chinese government the Chinese government is not going to approve an app.

that promotes deviant behavior and activity according to the government.

so your algorithm within China is going to have to promote stuff that the

Chinese government likes or the Chinese government is just not going to

approve your app now your app is proven to be very popular you want to

promote your app in America

you are restricted by the American government in the same way the American

government doesn’t tend to dictate what kind of comment content gets

promoted on your app you can promote anything you want so what you want to

do is promote what kids like in America

you promote what kids like what kids like well they like Booty shaking and

they like jackass dumb stuff and they like people getting hit in the nuts

that’s just the jackass stuff

they like pranks I mean these are kids in their dumb and they like dumb

stuff so you start promoting the dumb stuff so more kids get on your app and

they make more dumb stuff and the cycle continues indefinitely

so for each region you introduce your app to it would actually make sense to

have an algorithm designed to promote something within that region.

we all know that apps algorithms they’re specific to the individual like we.

did a little experiment in my office where everyone installed tiktok fresh

and we wanted to see how quickly it could figure out we were meant and start

like promoting basically girls to us

and it was really really quick because one of the interesting aspects of

tiktok is it has a couple of points of reference so like a post on Facebook.

really has how many people like it.

so it’s one point of reference tiktok keeps track very much so who likes it

who interacts with it how long people spend on the video so if it’s a 30

second video how do you watch the full 30 seconds do you see it and then

move on really quickly

do you watch multiple loops in the same video so let’s say there’s a really

attractive woman I’m going to end up watching

that loop let’s say three four times.

tiktok now has a sense that I like that woman so let’s find more women like

that and stick it on chunk of beef chest timeline he’s going to look at

those I didn’t even like it because I don’t want anyone to know that I like

women I don’t want people to know that I’m being creepy and old and looking

at these women

but tiktok knows that if they put the right woman in front of me I’m going

to watch that loop multiple times and that’s what they want they want you

stuck in their loop.

so the conspiracy theory aspect of this can actually be explained way by

economics the economics of running an app in China and the economics of

running an app in America are going to be totally different entities with

different possibilities and different things you can do to make the app


but within China you have to do these things to be successful otherwise the

Chinese government is going to shut down

your app you just won’t have an app anymore.

this led me on to thinking about other conspiracy theories and could they be

sort of more explained away by simple stuff.

and primarily when I was looking at conspiracy theories because if you go

search conspiracy you get the same like 10-15 so I’m really just going to

talk about those for a little bit.

the moon landing is the most famous conspiracy theory ever that the moon

landing was faked.

and the only problem I have with that so like the stuff they point out the

reflections this was on the soundstage

they don’t move right all this other stuff.

the issue I have with that is the sheer volume of people involved in that

level of conspiracy means there are that many people that would be leagues.

so the fact that so many people are involved so you have all the people are

in this case pretending to be technicians who

work for NASA which is maybe a fake agency.

you have all the people on the soundstage you have the actors themselves the

pretend astronauts you have all the people

who are filming stuff and making stuff

all the people who made all the stuff the engineers who made the fake ship.

that fake shot off into space.

all of those people like we’re talking now hundreds and hundreds and

hundreds of people none of them leaked it none of them brought out

definitive proof that the moon landing was fake.

all of it comes from documentary evidence so like I have this picture and I

found this one thing in this picture that convinces me that’s not real

but I’m not saying that humanity is moral but there is a certain amount of

people who would be like this is hard for me to live with and now we’re

getting to the point where a lot of the

people who were involved in that project.

they’re getting old and they’re gonna die there’s no reason for them to hide

anymore I’m gonna be dead in five years I mean the government can’t come

after me and kill me if you think the conspiracy goes that far.

there’s absolutely no reason for me not to just tell the truth before I die

and they’re not doing that none of the astronauts have come forward and do

that none of the engineers have come forward and do that none of the people

who are working on the supposed soundstage have done that.

all those people are just keeping their mouth shut and it just doesn’t make

sense anymore because living with that

lie the entirety of your life is a burden

and someone sooner or later statistically is going to have that burden is

going to be too much for them and they would crack and since that’s not

happening that in itself convinces me it is more likely that it really

happened than not I’m not saying it did or didn’t

but I’m thinking it’s more likely it did happen secondary to that there’s

all the technology that we’ve got gained from all the stuff they’ve used to

design spaceships and living on spaceships and stuff like Velcro

is one of the more classic examples but why do we have Velcro because they

needed something that would hold stuff down in space and you couldn’t you

know tape everything to everything it would be too wasteful to do too.

difficult Velcro is a product of the space program

now that could also have been developed by people on the ground but why why.

go through the effort of developing Velcro if you’re not actually going to

use it in space.

so then I got into some other I have three more so I thought it would be

more fun to do when covid was introduced to the world it’s now three to four

years ago so I remember reading about it four years ago and then it came to

Japan where I live and it was a problem.

covid kills old people and it’s not you know designed to do that is this old

people have weaker immune systems the more

susceptible to disease that kind of stuff.

covid could be quite rough if you had underlying conditions which old people

are those underlying conditions are more likely to exist.

but the conspiracy theory in Japan was that covid was designed by the

government to kill off all the old people so

they wouldn’t have to pay out the pension.

so that the the this would basically essentially save the economy in Japan

and across Asia there are like too many China and Japan are all suffering

from low birth rates they have more old people than young people

this is going to be more of more of a burden on health care on the pension

it causes a lot of problems because you need young people to support old

people and we just don’t have enough people to do that so one solution

create a disease that doesn’t have a big impact on young people

and will actually kill off old people and off you go you have your new

conspiracy theory that falls apart to me only because pretty much every

disease just the flu

the cold the common cold any disease you come up with is going to kill old

people in larger numbers than young people so you don’t need a conspiracy

theory to explain why that’s happening is this older people are more

susceptible to diseases.

that’s just the problem with getting old one of the ones that came out

was 5G towers so the introduction of 5G was around the same time as covid.

this would cause covid I found that interesting because a lot of the people

who were saying 5G causes covid were also the people who were saying that

covid doesn’t exist so they had the little

sort of dichotomy issue in their thinking.

because they were saying that covid is not a thing but then 5G causes covid

so either those people hated each other because one of them saving covid is

real but 5G is causing it

the other group is saying that covid is not real at all it’s just a fake I

had someone come at me on Twitter for a video I did talking about covid and

they said it’s just a flu

I’m like well you could actually say yes covid is just a flu but it’s a flu

that’s more communicable it’s a flu that kills more people.

so I mean calling it just a flu doesn’t reduce the number of deaths as a

result of this just a flu.

but the interesting idea that 5G towers were causing covid because the 5G

towers undermine your immune system

I was just sitting there going wanting like I don’t see how those waves do.

it like I guess I don’t know I’m a little stuck on that one.

because they never explained how the 5G towers are weakening your immune

system they were just this is one of the problems with conspiracies in

general is the lack of specificity

is they’re saying a causes b and if you ask how does a cause b they can’t.

answer so I can’t argue the point because I don’t have enough knowledge of

how the points are supposed to be connected

I don’t have enough knowledge of science to be able to explain away the.

thing they’re saying I know I’ve had 5G in

my pocket for years and years and years

and I don’t believe it’s affected my immunity or maybe I’m particularly

robust or who knows what happened there

they then took it a step farther and said the vaccine so 5G is causing covid

so that you have to get the vaccine

so the vaccine will have a tracking implant in it that will then go into

your body so the government can track you

the government can already track you there’s no reason to put 5G chips into.

your body and they can track you because you have a smartphone.

if you’re reading like these a lot of this stuff comes

from Twitter if you’re reading this stuff on Twitter.

you’re probably reading people who have posted this stuff from their phone

is very likely I mean maybe they have a

computer and stuff but people have computers

they probably have smartphones too smartphones have GPS the government of

almost every country the companies that make these smartphones they can turn

on the GPS whenever they want and find you

and the fact is everyone who has a smartphone is carrying around that

smartphone 99% of the time maybe you don’t have it on you when you sleep is

probably right next to your bed

which means the government knows when

you’re in bed sleeping very interesting

sidebar is in Japan they have love hotels love hotels are where couples go.

to have personal relationships which is fine

it primarily was set up because a lot of young people don’t have apartments

they live with their parents and stuff like that.

which causes issues when you want to get intimate with your partner maybe

you have a family and you have grandparents and kids in the same house and

it’s not conducive to a romantic relationship

you can go to a love hotel of course these are also used by a lot of people

who cheat on a lot of other people.

so those are dead zones when it comes to cellular things so basically my

phone will not track me if I go into a love hotel

but I actually think that’s just as bad because if suddenly I’m in the area

of a love hotel and my phone signal

drops out for let’s say two or three hours

and then my signal picks up again two three hours later as I walk away from

the area with the love hotel in it

I think that’s telling you all the information you need technically it’s not

a lie it’s a lie of a mission which is a very interesting kind of lying to

do or kind of interversion block so if you

go to court you can say this is just saying

that I was not being tracked it doesn’t say I was in a love hotel

so how can you you can’t draw that conclusion but I think any logical person

can draw the conclusion if you’re in a dead zone and that dead zones only in

a love hotel for two hours

we know exactly where you are and we can

therefore extrapolate what you were doing

the chips there is no chips small enough to

go through the head of a needle right now

then I know but of course conspiracy theorists will say that that’s been

developed maybe the vaccine itself is some kind of nanotechnology

I’ll give them that I’ll be fine with that but there’s no need to go to that

extreme if you have a cell phone in your pocket

and any government agency can just be like please show us where that person

is this with his phone number and they can show it’s in this car driving it

this fast at this area.

we’ve just pinged it off three self-towers we triangulated this position we

now know exactly where that person is oh wait they’re in a dead zone they’re

probably in that love hotel

so it was the fact that it’s not necessary so I believe in laziness of human

nature we’re going to actually not find the most efficient way to do

something because it’s the most efficient way.

we’re going to find the most efficient way to do something because we don’t

want to do that much work

why go through the trouble of creating 5G that creates corona virus that

means people then have to get a vaccine that you can then inject a tracking

system into when you can just track their phones

there might be a few people who don’t have phones but we have surveillance

systems everywhere I do Ninja News

Japan and on Ninja News Japan regularly I.

talk about a crime and the crime was solved by just following the person who

committed the crime.

on by tracking them on surveillance video so they go from place to place to

place there’s a camera here camera in the subway camera at this door

and then the police just follow them all the way home and then they show up

they’re housing go like high you’re under arrest.

you don’t need to inject people to keep track of them it’s actually very

easy to keep track of people already.

which takes us to sort of one of the bigger ones the flat earthers now flat

earthers I’m not going to get too harsh on flat earthers I do find it

difficult to accept that every planet in

the solar system is a globe except earth.

that’s the bit that that would be my sticking point as a non flat earther is

like if you’re going to convince me you have to convince me why everything

else is a globe and this is not a globe

because that in itself doesn’t make sense to me but flat earthers there’s a

large group of them who do not believe Australia exists

and this is related to the previous 5G corona virus injecting you with a

vaccine to track you why are you making it that complicated so I’m making my

conspiracy theory

I’m making my conspiracy we’re going to try to convince everyone that the

world is round so the world is actually

flat we’re going to like give you that

we’re going to take the time to convince everyone the world is round what

we’re going to do is add into that roundness an entire continent of people to.

just add that layer of complication to our conspiracy theory which that part

makes no sense to me

so the flat earthers will tell you that Australia doesn’t exist if you meet

someone who’s taken a trip to Australia

what they’ve done is gotten an airplane flown around in a circle in the air.

then landed like somewhere in Texas where

every Australian person they meet as an actor

and then the question comes up again this hits the two points that we’ve hit

previously why why would I make it that complicated if I was going to

convince you the world was round.

I would just not include Australia it would just be easier to not have to

make a place where we have to fly everyone

to convince them the world is round

and I don’t see how having Australia makes you think the world is rounder

than a world without Australia in it.

and then we get to the same thing is the fake moon landing the sheer volume

of people so you need all the people who are in Texas pretending to be

Australian you need all the pilots all the people who work for airlines all

the people who do like engineering and stuff who organize all this stuff you

need all the cartographers

and all those people now we’re talking like I would say probably millions of

people need to all be included and agree with the conspiracy theory to hide

the fact that the earth is round and be tried to convince everyone that a

place called Australia exists when it doesn’t

I don’t see the benefit to that and I don’t see why no one over time would

crack like there’s been no one who works in cartography who goes oh you know

what I just put Australia down it was pretty awesome that day

there’s no there’s no pilots have come forward and said yeah I just flew

around in a circle for 14 hours and landed in Texas and everyone in this one

town in Texas uses an Australian accent which is why the Australian accent

is so ridiculous in the first place because

it’s not real it’s just been made up

the sheer volume of people who need

to be complicit makes it unreasonable so.

that is kind of my sticking point when you get to a saturation point of

numbers is when a conspiracy theory starts to fall apart

because some of those numbers would come forward sooner or later I’m not

saying right away but they would come forward sooner or later in an attempt

to say like look I’m now 80 years old I was part of the moon landing I was

part of like making a post

Australia I’m going to tell you the truth because I’m going to die in two

years and it doesn’t matter anymore and I think the world should know the

truth that has not happened in any real way.

we get one more conspiracy theory and it’s a little lighter one which I’m

glad because I didn’t want to end off with flat earth and COVID.

is new coke so for a while I think it was the 80s Coca-Cola corporation had

coke and then they made new coke and the conspiracy theory is they purposefully

made an inferior product to kind of wash away the memory of how good.

coke was.

so that later on they could reintroduce coke classic with cheaper

ingredients and a therefore cheaper products but then everyone would like it

better because they’re comparing it to

new coke which went away a few years later.

the only reason I actually don’t believe that conspiracy theory is because

the president of coke coke corporation came forward and said we are neither

that stupid nor that smart

so as an advertising campaign to tank your own products that you could then

bring back your previous product at a cheaper price is a stroke of genius

because when everyone’s clamoring for all you know I like coke I’m the new

coke is not as good I would love coke classic we bring back coke classic at

the same price but it’s a little cheaper but now it’s been a year

I don’t remember what coke classic tastes like I’m just happy to have my.

coke classic back that’s a genius piece of marketing and he said just quite

frankly we’re not that smart but also the risk you would have to take to.

tank your own product and then know it’s going to be successful.

he said we’re also not that stupid and I agree with those both those points.

so only get to conspiracy theories.

I would actually say economics is really the thing that’s going to explain

whether it’s really not the economics of tick talk explain exactly why the

algorithm is different in different regions

I think there’s probably an Asian tick talk there’s a Chinese one

specifically because they have their internal Internet there’s an American

one probably America’s they probably they have their own algorithm

and that has nothing to do with the conspiracy theory to promote science in

China and degrade the western demon it’s just because we have to make the

Chinese government happy to sell our product and we have to make American

youth happy to sell our product

the moon landing again the sheer volume would be the first problem the

volume of people involved but also economically it doesn’t really make sense

to fake the moon landing like there’s no benefit to it that is so beyond

other than like we have gone to another planet.

there’s no value in that other than like is the again the moon landing was a

significant event and then people go like why hasn’t it been replicated but

hasn’t been replicated because there’s not that much there there’s nothing

to go get like if they found something worth bringing back I guarantee you

would have gone back a million times

it just turns out that it’s a big rock with not much on it

COVID designed to kill off people in Asia it hasn’t solved the problem so it

wasn’t successful so as a conspiracy theory I found that one really

interesting but it didn’t really do the thing it was supposed to do it’s

certainly not in the numbers not enough to actually change the economy in

Japan and other Asian countries.

tracking people there’s no reason to economically go through all that effort

like to create the vaccine with the tracking stuff in it why go through that

much money when you can just track people on their cell phones.

Japan probably much like America has like a 60 70 80% saturation rate with

their smartphones like Japan’s like 80 or 90 with phones and like 60% of

those are smartphones.

it’s just way cheaper to actually like people are already carrying a

tracking device around their pocket why would we go invent another one.

Flat Earth one again money why would we spend that much money creating a

system to to create a fake Australia when we don’t have to.

and then the effort involved doesn’t make any sense and then new coke I

think he explains it yeah we’re not that smart we’re also not that stupid

hopefully you’re not that smart and you’re not that stupid that you fall for

any of these conspiracy theories.