5G Flat Coke


So I saw him in a conversation with a coworker and he was about TikTok and.

his primary point was that he had heard there was a conspiracy theory.

that TikTok’s algorithm within China was designed to promote science and.

technology and knowledge and try to improve sort of the sense of what is.

cool is being knowledgeable and smart and you know functional in society.

whereas the algorithm in America was designed specifically to promote you.

know Booty shaking and dumb stuff the overall intent being that Chinese kids

grow up thinking that being smart is cool whereas American kids grow up

thinking being dumb is cool.

and I had heard that conspiracy theory before but it’s pretty easy to debunk

and the way you can debunk it is go look at the countries and the economics

and what it is to run an app.

so I want to make my video sharing app I’m a Chinese company I therefore

want to start in my home country I want to start making my app in China.

no basically every app in China is going to have to be approved by the

Chinese government the Chinese government is not going to approve an app.

that promotes deviant behavior and activity according to the government.

so your algorithm within China is going to have to promote stuff that the

Chinese government likes or the Chinese government is just not going to

approve your app now your app is proven to be very popular you want to

promote your app in America

you are restricted by the American government in the same way the American

government doesn’t tend to dictate what kind of comment content gets

promoted on your app you can promote anything you want so what you want to

do is promote what kids like in America

you promote what kids like what kids like well they like Booty shaking and

they like jackass dumb stuff and they like people getting hit in the nuts

that’s just the jackass stuff

they like pranks I mean these are kids in their dumb and they like dumb

stuff so you start promoting the dumb stuff so more kids get on your app and

they make more dumb stuff and the cycle continues indefinitely

so for each region you introduce your app to it would actually make sense to

have an algorithm designed to promote something within that region.

we all know that apps algorithms they’re specific to the individual like we.

did a little experiment in my office where everyone installed tiktok fresh

and we wanted to see how quickly it could figure out we were meant and start

like promoting basically girls to us

and it was really really quick because one of the interesting aspects of

tiktok is it has a couple of points of reference so like a post on Facebook.

really has how many people like it.

so it’s one point of reference tiktok keeps track very much so who likes it

who interacts with it how long people spend on the video so if it’s a 30

second video how do you watch the full 30 seconds do you see it and then

move on really quickly

do you watch multiple loops in the same video so let’s say there’s a really

attractive woman I’m going to end up watching

that loop let’s say three four times.

tiktok now has a sense that I like that woman so let’s find more women like

that and stick it on chunk of beef chest timeline he’s going to look at

those I didn’t even like it because I don’t want anyone to know that I like

women I don’t want people to know that I’m being creepy and old and looking

at these women

but tiktok knows that if they put the right woman in front of me I’m going

to watch that loop multiple times and that’s what they want they want you

stuck in their loop.

so the conspiracy theory aspect of this can actually be explained way by

economics the economics of running an app in China and the economics of

running an app in America are going to be totally different entities with

different possibilities and different things you can do to make the app


but within China you have to do these things to be successful otherwise the

Chinese government is going to shut down

your app you just won’t have an app anymore.

this led me on to thinking about other conspiracy theories and could they be

sort of more explained away by simple stuff.

and primarily when I was looking at conspiracy theories because if you go

search conspiracy you get the same like 10-15 so I’m really just going to

talk about those for a little bit.

the moon landing is the most famous conspiracy theory ever that the moon

landing was faked.

and the only problem I have with that so like the stuff they point out the

reflections this was on the soundstage

they don’t move right all this other stuff.

the issue I have with that is the sheer volume of people involved in that

level of conspiracy means there are that many people that would be leagues.

so the fact that so many people are involved so you have all the people are

in this case pretending to be technicians who

work for NASA which is maybe a fake agency.

you have all the people on the soundstage you have the actors themselves the

pretend astronauts you have all the people

who are filming stuff and making stuff

all the people who made all the stuff the engineers who made the fake ship.

that fake shot off into space.

all of those people like we’re talking now hundreds and hundreds and

hundreds of people none of them leaked it none of them brought out

definitive proof that the moon landing was fake.

all of it comes from documentary evidence so like I have this picture and I

found this one thing in this picture that convinces me that’s not real

but I’m not saying that humanity is moral but there is a certain amount of

people who would be like this is hard for me to live with and now we’re

getting to the point where a lot of the

people who were involved in that project.

they’re getting old and they’re gonna die there’s no reason for them to hide

anymore I’m gonna be dead in five years I mean the government can’t come

after me and kill me if you think the conspiracy goes that far.

there’s absolutely no reason for me not to just tell the truth before I die

and they’re not doing that none of the astronauts have come forward and do

that none of the engineers have come forward and do that none of the people

who are working on the supposed soundstage have done that.

all those people are just keeping their mouth shut and it just doesn’t make

sense anymore because living with that

lie the entirety of your life is a burden

and someone sooner or later statistically is going to have that burden is

going to be too much for them and they would crack and since that’s not

happening that in itself convinces me it is more likely that it really

happened than not I’m not saying it did or didn’t

but I’m thinking it’s more likely it did happen secondary to that there’s

all the technology that we’ve got gained from all the stuff they’ve used to

design spaceships and living on spaceships and stuff like Velcro

is one of the more classic examples but why do we have Velcro because they

needed something that would hold stuff down in space and you couldn’t you

know tape everything to everything it would be too wasteful to do too.

difficult Velcro is a product of the space program

now that could also have been developed by people on the ground but why why.

go through the effort of developing Velcro if you’re not actually going to

use it in space.

so then I got into some other I have three more so I thought it would be

more fun to do when covid was introduced to the world it’s now three to four

years ago so I remember reading about it four years ago and then it came to

Japan where I live and it was a problem.

covid kills old people and it’s not you know designed to do that is this old

people have weaker immune systems the more

susceptible to disease that kind of stuff.

covid could be quite rough if you had underlying conditions which old people

are those underlying conditions are more likely to exist.

but the conspiracy theory in Japan was that covid was designed by the

government to kill off all the old people so

they wouldn’t have to pay out the pension.

so that the the this would basically essentially save the economy in Japan

and across Asia there are like too many China and Japan are all suffering

from low birth rates they have more old people than young people

this is going to be more of more of a burden on health care on the pension

it causes a lot of problems because you need young people to support old

people and we just don’t have enough people to do that so one solution

create a disease that doesn’t have a big impact on young people

and will actually kill off old people and off you go you have your new

conspiracy theory that falls apart to me only because pretty much every

disease just the flu

the cold the common cold any disease you come up with is going to kill old

people in larger numbers than young people so you don’t need a conspiracy

theory to explain why that’s happening is this older people are more

susceptible to diseases.

that’s just the problem with getting old one of the ones that came out

was 5G towers so the introduction of 5G was around the same time as covid.

this would cause covid I found that interesting because a lot of the people

who were saying 5G causes covid were also the people who were saying that

covid doesn’t exist so they had the little

sort of dichotomy issue in their thinking.

because they were saying that covid is not a thing but then 5G causes covid

so either those people hated each other because one of them saving covid is

real but 5G is causing it

the other group is saying that covid is not real at all it’s just a fake I

had someone come at me on Twitter for a video I did talking about covid and

they said it’s just a flu

I’m like well you could actually say yes covid is just a flu but it’s a flu

that’s more communicable it’s a flu that kills more people.

so I mean calling it just a flu doesn’t reduce the number of deaths as a

result of this just a flu.

but the interesting idea that 5G towers were causing covid because the 5G

towers undermine your immune system

I was just sitting there going wanting like I don’t see how those waves do.

it like I guess I don’t know I’m a little stuck on that one.

because they never explained how the 5G towers are weakening your immune

system they were just this is one of the problems with conspiracies in

general is the lack of specificity

is they’re saying a causes b and if you ask how does a cause b they can’t.

answer so I can’t argue the point because I don’t have enough knowledge of

how the points are supposed to be connected

I don’t have enough knowledge of science to be able to explain away the.

thing they’re saying I know I’ve had 5G in

my pocket for years and years and years

and I don’t believe it’s affected my immunity or maybe I’m particularly

robust or who knows what happened there

they then took it a step farther and said the vaccine so 5G is causing covid

so that you have to get the vaccine

so the vaccine will have a tracking implant in it that will then go into

your body so the government can track you

the government can already track you there’s no reason to put 5G chips into.

your body and they can track you because you have a smartphone.

if you’re reading like these a lot of this stuff comes

from Twitter if you’re reading this stuff on Twitter.

you’re probably reading people who have posted this stuff from their phone

is very likely I mean maybe they have a

computer and stuff but people have computers

they probably have smartphones too smartphones have GPS the government of

almost every country the companies that make these smartphones they can turn

on the GPS whenever they want and find you

and the fact is everyone who has a smartphone is carrying around that

smartphone 99% of the time maybe you don’t have it on you when you sleep is

probably right next to your bed

which means the government knows when

you’re in bed sleeping very interesting

sidebar is in Japan they have love hotels love hotels are where couples go.

to have personal relationships which is fine

it primarily was set up because a lot of young people don’t have apartments

they live with their parents and stuff like that.

which causes issues when you want to get intimate with your partner maybe

you have a family and you have grandparents and kids in the same house and

it’s not conducive to a romantic relationship

you can go to a love hotel of course these are also used by a lot of people

who cheat on a lot of other people.

so those are dead zones when it comes to cellular things so basically my

phone will not track me if I go into a love hotel

but I actually think that’s just as bad because if suddenly I’m in the area

of a love hotel and my phone signal

drops out for let’s say two or three hours

and then my signal picks up again two three hours later as I walk away from

the area with the love hotel in it

I think that’s telling you all the information you need technically it’s not

a lie it’s a lie of a mission which is a very interesting kind of lying to

do or kind of interversion block so if you

go to court you can say this is just saying

that I was not being tracked it doesn’t say I was in a love hotel

so how can you you can’t draw that conclusion but I think any logical person

can draw the conclusion if you’re in a dead zone and that dead zones only in

a love hotel for two hours

we know exactly where you are and we can

therefore extrapolate what you were doing

the chips there is no chips small enough to

go through the head of a needle right now

then I know but of course conspiracy theorists will say that that’s been

developed maybe the vaccine itself is some kind of nanotechnology

I’ll give them that I’ll be fine with that but there’s no need to go to that

extreme if you have a cell phone in your pocket

and any government agency can just be like please show us where that person

is this with his phone number and they can show it’s in this car driving it

this fast at this area.

we’ve just pinged it off three self-towers we triangulated this position we

now know exactly where that person is oh wait they’re in a dead zone they’re

probably in that love hotel

so it was the fact that it’s not necessary so I believe in laziness of human

nature we’re going to actually not find the most efficient way to do

something because it’s the most efficient way.

we’re going to find the most efficient way to do something because we don’t

want to do that much work

why go through the trouble of creating 5G that creates corona virus that

means people then have to get a vaccine that you can then inject a tracking

system into when you can just track their phones

there might be a few people who don’t have phones but we have surveillance

systems everywhere I do Ninja News

Japan and on Ninja News Japan regularly I.

talk about a crime and the crime was solved by just following the person who

committed the crime.

on by tracking them on surveillance video so they go from place to place to

place there’s a camera here camera in the subway camera at this door

and then the police just follow them all the way home and then they show up

they’re housing go like high you’re under arrest.

you don’t need to inject people to keep track of them it’s actually very

easy to keep track of people already.

which takes us to sort of one of the bigger ones the flat earthers now flat

earthers I’m not going to get too harsh on flat earthers I do find it

difficult to accept that every planet in

the solar system is a globe except earth.

that’s the bit that that would be my sticking point as a non flat earther is

like if you’re going to convince me you have to convince me why everything

else is a globe and this is not a globe

because that in itself doesn’t make sense to me but flat earthers there’s a

large group of them who do not believe Australia exists

and this is related to the previous 5G corona virus injecting you with a

vaccine to track you why are you making it that complicated so I’m making my

conspiracy theory

I’m making my conspiracy we’re going to try to convince everyone that the

world is round so the world is actually

flat we’re going to like give you that

we’re going to take the time to convince everyone the world is round what

we’re going to do is add into that roundness an entire continent of people to.

just add that layer of complication to our conspiracy theory which that part

makes no sense to me

so the flat earthers will tell you that Australia doesn’t exist if you meet

someone who’s taken a trip to Australia

what they’ve done is gotten an airplane flown around in a circle in the air.

then landed like somewhere in Texas where

every Australian person they meet as an actor

and then the question comes up again this hits the two points that we’ve hit

previously why why would I make it that complicated if I was going to

convince you the world was round.

I would just not include Australia it would just be easier to not have to

make a place where we have to fly everyone

to convince them the world is round

and I don’t see how having Australia makes you think the world is rounder

than a world without Australia in it.

and then we get to the same thing is the fake moon landing the sheer volume

of people so you need all the people who are in Texas pretending to be

Australian you need all the pilots all the people who work for airlines all

the people who do like engineering and stuff who organize all this stuff you

need all the cartographers

and all those people now we’re talking like I would say probably millions of

people need to all be included and agree with the conspiracy theory to hide

the fact that the earth is round and be tried to convince everyone that a

place called Australia exists when it doesn’t

I don’t see the benefit to that and I don’t see why no one over time would

crack like there’s been no one who works in cartography who goes oh you know

what I just put Australia down it was pretty awesome that day

there’s no there’s no pilots have come forward and said yeah I just flew

around in a circle for 14 hours and landed in Texas and everyone in this one

town in Texas uses an Australian accent which is why the Australian accent

is so ridiculous in the first place because

it’s not real it’s just been made up

the sheer volume of people who need

to be complicit makes it unreasonable so.

that is kind of my sticking point when you get to a saturation point of

numbers is when a conspiracy theory starts to fall apart

because some of those numbers would come forward sooner or later I’m not

saying right away but they would come forward sooner or later in an attempt

to say like look I’m now 80 years old I was part of the moon landing I was

part of like making a post

Australia I’m going to tell you the truth because I’m going to die in two

years and it doesn’t matter anymore and I think the world should know the

truth that has not happened in any real way.

we get one more conspiracy theory and it’s a little lighter one which I’m

glad because I didn’t want to end off with flat earth and COVID.

is new coke so for a while I think it was the 80s Coca-Cola corporation had

coke and then they made new coke and the conspiracy theory is they purposefully

made an inferior product to kind of wash away the memory of how good.

coke was.

so that later on they could reintroduce coke classic with cheaper

ingredients and a therefore cheaper products but then everyone would like it

better because they’re comparing it to

new coke which went away a few years later.

the only reason I actually don’t believe that conspiracy theory is because

the president of coke coke corporation came forward and said we are neither

that stupid nor that smart

so as an advertising campaign to tank your own products that you could then

bring back your previous product at a cheaper price is a stroke of genius

because when everyone’s clamoring for all you know I like coke I’m the new

coke is not as good I would love coke classic we bring back coke classic at

the same price but it’s a little cheaper but now it’s been a year

I don’t remember what coke classic tastes like I’m just happy to have my.

coke classic back that’s a genius piece of marketing and he said just quite

frankly we’re not that smart but also the risk you would have to take to.

tank your own product and then know it’s going to be successful.

he said we’re also not that stupid and I agree with those both those points.

so only get to conspiracy theories.

I would actually say economics is really the thing that’s going to explain

whether it’s really not the economics of tick talk explain exactly why the

algorithm is different in different regions

I think there’s probably an Asian tick talk there’s a Chinese one

specifically because they have their internal Internet there’s an American

one probably America’s they probably they have their own algorithm

and that has nothing to do with the conspiracy theory to promote science in

China and degrade the western demon it’s just because we have to make the

Chinese government happy to sell our product and we have to make American

youth happy to sell our product

the moon landing again the sheer volume would be the first problem the

volume of people involved but also economically it doesn’t really make sense

to fake the moon landing like there’s no benefit to it that is so beyond

other than like we have gone to another planet.

there’s no value in that other than like is the again the moon landing was a

significant event and then people go like why hasn’t it been replicated but

hasn’t been replicated because there’s not that much there there’s nothing

to go get like if they found something worth bringing back I guarantee you

would have gone back a million times

it just turns out that it’s a big rock with not much on it

COVID designed to kill off people in Asia it hasn’t solved the problem so it

wasn’t successful so as a conspiracy theory I found that one really

interesting but it didn’t really do the thing it was supposed to do it’s

certainly not in the numbers not enough to actually change the economy in

Japan and other Asian countries.

tracking people there’s no reason to economically go through all that effort

like to create the vaccine with the tracking stuff in it why go through that

much money when you can just track people on their cell phones.

Japan probably much like America has like a 60 70 80% saturation rate with

their smartphones like Japan’s like 80 or 90 with phones and like 60% of

those are smartphones.

it’s just way cheaper to actually like people are already carrying a

tracking device around their pocket why would we go invent another one.

Flat Earth one again money why would we spend that much money creating a

system to to create a fake Australia when we don’t have to.

and then the effort involved doesn’t make any sense and then new coke I

think he explains it yeah we’re not that smart we’re also not that stupid

hopefully you’re not that smart and you’re not that stupid that you fall for

any of these conspiracy theories.