Senate Virus Party

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  • So last week I talked about
    how I enjoy Senate hearings.

My immediate thought was like, whoa,
I’m a boring person who does boring things

and I have a boring life.

But then I think anything
that pretends to be one thing

and then is another thing.

I sort of an inherent entertainment to it.

As you scrape away the layers
of the onion and try to find

the truth therein, this week
they did a Senate hearing

and it was the CEOs of
social media companies

and it was supposed
to be a harming children.

And this was to me,
pretty significant issue.

This is an important thing.

If social media is found
as be harming children,

should be protected, I
think that’s a pretty fair thing.

I immediately thought about how, if,

you really wanted to
turn this whole Senate

hearing on its head,
the first step would be,

if a social media company is responsible
for a child’s harm, as a result of these,

a host of media, this
primarily online bullying.

So kids use a social media
site to bully another kid,

that other kid harms themselves, the
social media company is responsible.

If we take that, that
was the Senate’s stance

in the way they were
primarily attacking these CEOs.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for CEOs.

If you’ve listened to a
bunch of the most recent

Seamick bees, I’m not
a pro-CEO kind of guy.

I don’t mind if these guys
get their comeuppance.

But I also have the same
feeling towards politicians.

So I was like, first thought is, how do
I turn the Senate hearing on its head?

If the CEO of a social
media company is responsible

for the harm committed by
a user towards another user,

would not therefore then,
would not then therefore,

would not therefore, a
gun manufacturer president,

be responsible for the
harm of a gun being caused

by one user towards, in a very broad
sense, the end user of the weapon.

Now, ’cause most of
the people attacking this

were Republicans and they’re
very pro-gun anti-social media.

It’s an interesting dichotomy

because if social media is
dangerous, guns are dangerous.

And then one is more
viscerally factual sort of

in your face because
what they’re talking about

is the possibility to get harm
and mental wellness and stuff.

They’re suddenly
pretending to care about that.

It’s interesting,
whenever they try to argue

against gun control, they
talk about mental health.

Mental health in America would
fall under the purview of socialism

because it would have to
be a government program.

Suppose states could do it,
but then it would still be like,

taxes go towards the health care of people.

They need to come a long way
before they can resolve that dichotomy.

I don’t think I use the word
dichotomy correctly anymore.

I think I just use it
whenever I mean something

that doesn’t agree
with something else.

That might be the correct definition.

I had a couple cocktails at lunch.

Had a bad day at work yesterday.

Came home, had a couple cocktails.

We woke up, did a news
news Japan completely sober.

If you listen to the two episodes,

you probably might notice
a difference in the way I talk.

One, I’m now leaning way
forward into the microphone

in my eyes or about half open right now.

Whereas in the news Japan, I’m fully aware

and trying to try to try
to actually do a good job.

Not to say I’m not trying
to do a good job now.

I just don’t care as much.

I kind of wanted to just
talk about happy stuff.

No, whatever.

So what I actually was
interested in in this Senate hearing

is how the Senate
hearing is about child safety

and how little they
talk about child safety.

They really ran Zuckerberg
through the ringer on

this one, which I found
that kind of interesting.

But we get to Mr. Chu,
he’s the CEO of TikTok.

And I kind of like this guy.

I don’t know if TikTok is good or bad.

I’m pretty sure it’s bad.

I think all these things are bad.

But I think of the tech CEOs, I
don’t know if he’s the best one,

but he’s probably the smartest one

or the one I would most be
amenable to speaking with.

It’s very hard to say.

This is the way he handles himself
and these things is interesting.

So I thought it’d be
interesting if we went through

just a couple of minutes of the
most famous bits of testimony

that have absolutely
nothing to do with child safety.

I think they then had the
lawsuit and it was overturned.

I can’t remember that.

No, no, it’s the other kind of– Biden
administration that reversed those sanctions

just like, by the way, they
reversed the terrorist designation

on the Houthis and Yemen.

How’s that working
out for them? Do enjoy.

So this is Senator
Khan, he’s a Republican.

He has now taken one
issue unrelated to child safety.

Connected it to a second separate,
unrelated issue to child safety

to try to take a shot at
the Biden administration.

Not a terrible thing to do.

I mean, again, I don’t really have
any feelings one way or the other,

but none of what was just said
has anything to do with child safety.

But it was sanctioned as a
Chinese Communist military company.

So that’s interesting
because this is the opening

of the door to where he’s
going because he wants to.

Just like in the last hearing,
they wanted to prove that,

I think, ByteDance was a
member since a Chinese company

that then equates to TikTok,
which I believe they’re partners

or ones like them, but the
parent company or something.

TikTok is basically based in Singapore.

Mr. Chu is based in Singapore.

He’s Singaporean.

But they desperately want
to connect him to China

so they can then say that TikTok
is a Chinese communist conspiracy,

something like that.

And then they can attack him on that front
still has nothing to do with child safety.

So you said today, as you often
say, that you live in Singapore,

you said today as you often
say you live in Singapore,

it’s going to be surprisingly
self-evident as to where someone lives.

Because it’s going to be the
place that go to most often.

I would say that is pretty much
the definition of where you live.

So it’s not like a supposedly,
it’s not like a possibility.

And I am what I want is the person
who’s being haranged on one of these

Senate hearings to talk back or explain
what the disingenuous senators are doing

and see how they react,
because if you pointed it

out, I think again, this
puts it all on display.

Really, all these Senate hearings are
about let’s make speeches on behalf of my

party to try and gain political points.

They don’t often seem to be
trying to solve any actual problems.

Of what nation are you a citizen?

Pretty self-evident.

You would actually know that
going into this if you were smart.

Singapore is it?

Are you a citizen of any other nation?

No, Senator, have you ever
applied for Chinese citizenship?

Senator, I serve my nation as Singapore.

No, I did not.

So that’s pretty definitive.

He says he served his nation.

What he’s actually saying is that Singapore
has two years mandatory military service.

He’s done military
service in Singapore.

Korea has the same thing as a few
other countries that have the same thing.

It’s a pretty significant commitment
if you literally go into the military

for your country and then to turn around an
accused of being a Chinese communist agent.

I mean, I’m not to say
it’s impossible, but Mr.

Cotton, the Republican representative
here, he’s stuck with thinking that if he

keeps asking directed
questions that eventually

Chu will make a mistake,
but Mr. Chu is not.

He’s just going to say no, even
if he’s lying, even if it’s not true.

He’s smart enough to go,
no, I’m not a Chinese citizen.

Do you have a Singaporean passport?

Yes, and I served my military for two, two
and a half years since you have any other,

do you have any other
passport from any other nation?

No, Senator, your wife is an American
citizen, your children are American citizens.

That’s correct.

Have you ever applied
for American citizenship?

Not, no, not yet.

See, Mr. Cotton believes that, you
know, everyone wants to be American.

Everyone given the opportunity
would become American.

He doesn’t realize there’s a broader
view in the world that maybe the American

passport isn’t quite as valuable
as you might think of me.


That okay, I love.

I’m finding that one of the more
satisfying aspects of this whole thing.


I asked you a bunch of questions.

You said no to all of them.

Pretty pretty effective deflection.

I wasn’t ready for that.

I actually kind of want to go
back and hear that little, okay again.

Not, no, not yet.


Have you ever been a member
of the Chinese Communist Party?

Even if he was, he knows enough.

He’s smart enough to say no.

Senator, I’m single poet, no.

Have you ever been associated or affiliated
with the Chinese Communist Party?

No, Senator, again, I’m single poet.

Let me ask you some hopefully
simple questions you said earlier.

In the thing, if you’re
listening to the audio version,

Mr. Chu, the CEO of TikTok, is
basically laughing at this point.

He’s like, this is ridiculous.

How do you keep saying like, you’re saying
vaguely different things in the hopes

that at one point I’ll
mess up and go, yes, I am.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

You’ve gotten me, I’m a communist.

And there’s foster question that what
happened at Tiananmen Square in June of 1989

was a massive protest.

Anything else happened in Tiananmen Square?

Yes, I think it’s well documented.

It was a method.

I love that.

I think it’s well documented.

Like, we all know what happened, even
though it’s like Chinese state media leaked

that we all know what happened in
Tiananmen Square, it’s well documented.

So he was really hoping
he would deny the massacre.

And he just comes out
and says there’s a massacre.

Tim and Square in June,
Chinese Communist Party.

No, Senator, again, nice thing to play.

Let me ask you some hopefully
simple questions you said earlier.

Hopefully simple questions.

The sarcasm that
everyone puts on is amazing.

I actually think that is one of the reasons
I enjoy Senate hearings is because these

guys do sarcasm, but they’re
not actually good at sarcasm.

In response to their
question, that what

happened at Tiananmen
Square in June of 1989

was a massive protest.

Anything else happened in Tiananmen Square?

Yes, I think it’s well documented.

It was a massacre.

There was an indiscriminate
slaughter of hundreds or thousands.

So, Mr. Chu has just said there was a
massacre and he’s trying to reiterate it.

Like he didn’t just say that.

Let me ask you this.

Joe Biden last year said
that Xi Jinping was a dictator.

Do you agree with Joe
Biden as Xi Jinping a dictator?

Senator, I’m not going to
comment on any world leaders.

It is interesting that he says he
will not disparage any world leader.

And he’s not going to
disparage any world leader

because that would
actually make it harder

for him to sell his product,
TikTok in this case, in that country.

And he’s not going to
cut off a billion potential

customers to satisfy
one senator in America.

Now on to lighter news.

I don’t know if this has
turned into a new show.

I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore.

Since I’ve had cocktails,
this is kind of drunk news.

I had some, you know, good stuff set up.

I’m wondering if I’m doing a disservice
by doing it in this state of mind.

If I should just talk about
something else that’s a bit sillier.


Fuck me, it’s science fiction, it’s
science fiction and it’s terrifying.

A Chinese lab has created a
mutation of the coronavirus.

It’s called gx_p2v.

Already, what the fuck, guys, come on.

You have the
coronavirus and you’re like,

let’s, let’s mutate that
and see what we can do.

I mean, they’re, I understand
they’re not going to go as

simplistic as just straight
up calling it the T virus.

But why would you make a new
mutated strain of coronavirus?

The more terrifying aspect
of this new mutated strain

of coronavirus that they
created in this Chinese lab

was it causes 100% death in humanized mice.

So then we get to the second, what the
fuck, what the fuck are humanized mice?

Are we killing Stuart Little?

Is Stuart Little running around in a
little, little cage and then the Chinese

scientist coming up and like,
hey, we have this new coronavirus.

Would you like to take it and
Stuart Little being innocent,

goes, oh yes, I’d love
to help out and then they

give it to him and then he gets sick
and dies because it has a 100% death rate.

Why would you want to create
a virus with a 100% death rate?

This is bad science fiction
writing science fiction.

Like when they talk
about anything in science

fiction, they always
has to, it has to be like

perfect 100% murder death stuff.

T virus infects 98% or
99% of the people and

they turn into zombies
and then in like few

1% mutate into a higher
species or something.

That’s not a good idea.

I mean, from any aspect
scientifically, it’s not a good idea.

Economically, it’s not a good idea.

If you’re a company
president, it’s not a good idea.

Don’t, don’t do that.

Stuart Little, I have to think, I actually
have no problem with killing Stuart Little.

Stuart Little is a piece
of shit and I hope he dies.

The reason though is back
when I was young, I went

to San Jose and I went,
I flew down to San Jose

from Vancouver for a job fair and I
actually been lied to by a recruiter.

So the recruiter said, come on
down, we’ll be able to get you a job.

Of course it’s not that simple.

So I fly on down, call the recruiter,
I’m like, I’m here and they’re like, what?

I’m like, I’m here.

You said, if I came down,
you’d be able to get me a job.

Recruiter then just ghosts me.

So I’m going around San
Jose trying to find something,

but the level of depression
is super deep at this point.

Then the second day, I’m only in
there, I’m only in San Jose for like three,

four days because I’m supposed to be
in my mind doing a series of interviews

like day after day after
day, did not happen.

The second day there’s a
chemical plant that has a leak.

The chemical leak, we
get a message with the

motel, not fancy hotel
stuff because I’m poor.

We get a message in the motel that we’re
not really allowed to go outside anymore.

So I have to stay inside a motel.

Now this is back when HBO was
a new channel, HBO at that time.

Basically for about 24 hours, we would
put on two or three movies on repeat.

So within the order of 26, 30, 40 hours, I
don’t know, however long I was essentially

locked in that room so that I wouldn’t go
outside into the toxic wasteland that was

America and get poisoned to death,
I watch Stuart Little multiple times.

Weirdly, I can remember very
few details about Stuart Little.

I don’t know a lot about
what happened Stuart

Little despite the fact
that I can honestly say

I’ve seen it at least four
times, probably five or six.

I know that my brain
has reorganized itself.

So I’ve put a block on the
time that Stuart Little existed.

So as far as I’m concerned, Stuart
Little is only pain, it’s only suffering.

Stuart Little, if it had never existed, I
think my life would be better somehow.

So I blame weirdly Stuart
Little for most of my problems.

But back to China, GX
underscore two P2V, a corona

related virus found in a
Malaysian Panagolins in 2017.

So they’re hunting
around, they find panagolins.

These are these cute little
bird things from correct.

Actually, I’m going to look that up to
make sure I’m not just talking at my butt.

My butt does do a lot of talking though.

Sorry, it’s a little armadillo-like thing.

So I need to back up.

In 2017, I thought they were little birds.

In 2017, these Chinese scientists
found in Malaysian Panagolins, a new virus.

And they’re like, we’re
going to take that virus.

It’s like a cousin to corona virus.

We’re going to mutate
it, fuck with it a little bit.

And we’re going to
make it so that it kills

every humanized mouse
it ever encounters 100%.

And then we’re going to make it the freakiest
fucking science fiction we can make.

All infected mice died within eight days.

Why are you hunting for
armadillo-like animals and

extracting stuff and trying to
see what viruses they have?


This is maybe a question of science.

There are lots of things
that I can understand.

Why do we do something?

It seems difficult to comprehend
to the average lame in like myself.

I’m a lame and I don’t
understand a lot of stuff.

I’m kind of dumb.

Let’s find new viruses
and mess around with them

so that they are
designed to kill everybody.

Seems like bad science.

It’s, again, I think we’ve
gotten to the bad guy

in a James Bond film
level of ridiculousness.

When we’ve hit that stage.

All infected humanized
mice still freaks me

out every time I say that
word humanized mouse.

Died within eight days.

Their eyes became completely
white the day before they died.

Which is literally the most
science fiction shit you can get.

It’s almost like the Chinese government
went to these scientists who were like,

find a disease that is the most sci-fi
thing horror movie shit you could ever find.

And make it real.

Why? Again, nothing.

I don’t know.

There is a gentleman, a Francois Balois.

He’s the University College of
London Genetics Institute said,

“I can see nothing of value or interest
that could be learned from force infecting a

weird breed of humanized
mice with a random virus.

” Now, when I say it, it doesn’t
have a great deal of impact.

This guy, it does.

He, he, he studies this stuff.

He’s dead serious about viruses
and he’s like, I don’t see the point.

When I say I don’t see the point,
you’re like, well, chunk, read, chest.

You’re too stupid to see the point.

Why can I actually have it backed up this
time by saying, no, this guy, Francois.

He doesn’t see the point.

Me and Francois were on
the same page and he’s smart.

Conversely, I could see
how such stuff might go

wrong, which is the most apocalyptic
statement a geneticist could make.

And then this, this severely
fuels the conspiracy theory.

So like I heard about all the theories at
the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic,

that it was a virus designed to kill off
old people to stem the aging population

in China or Japan or something like that.

That it was designed
to kill people to a degree.

If you have a disease and now you’ve made
it that it’s 100% fatal to humanized mice,

it’s really fueling that
conspiracy theory a little bit more.

And you might, just as a general
thing, maybe just PR, not want to do that.

Feel bad stories.

Maybe that’s where we are today.

The other story that caught my interest
this week was a 40 year old English man.

It was in Thailand, you
know what, 48 year old

English man in Thailand
do, they have a good time.

So he’s living the life.

And then of course like
every 48 year old man

who doesn’t have a job and is
just in Thailand, he ran out of money.

So he calls up his family and he says,
hey, can you send me more money?

His family’s like, fuck off.

That’s the short version.

I don’t know how the
actual conversation went,

but I’m betting it was
something either British.

So piss off might have been
more the phraseology they chose.

So of course what he
did was just packed it up

and he went home and
he got a job and he lived

a quiet life or he could
do something more exciting.

He could pretend he got kidnapped and then
it tried to extort his family for money.

Now before I continue
with the story, can you

think of all the ways
this could go wrong?

Because I did reading
the title of the article.

I was like, I can see how
this does not work out for him.

Because if you are a 48 year old man and
you spend your time in Thailand partying,

you haven’t really sort
of set a stabilized aspect

of your life so that you look
towards future consequences.

That’s what I’m going to say.

I’m going to predict that for this man.

He really committed to the plan though.

And that’s actually something I
complain about criminals on the industry.

Not committing to the
plan or not following through.

We’re not doing all the things.

This guy, he did it.

So he has three friends and he has those
three friends beat the shit out of him.

So he has bruises and stuff all his face.

If you’re one of these
guys friends, this is

probably the best night
you’ve had in a while.

It’s like, hey, we got this guy.

He’s in the friend group.

I don’t know if he’s a
friend, but he’s in the

friend group and he
just literally asked us.

To beat the shit out of him.

So he looks like he’s been kidnapped and I
would be like, you know what? I’m on board.

I’m going to call Dave.

I’m going to call everyone else.

We’re going to show up.

We’re going to beat this guy.

It’s going to be a great night.

We’re going to have cocktails after them.

Then they need deposes gangsters
and demand money for his release.

So they do some FaceTime videos.

They record some videos.

They send to his family
of him looking beat up

with guys in the
background saying he’s been

kidnapped, send money or
they’re going to finish them off.

The family does what I would consider
the most logical and obvious next step,

which our gentleman friend, the
hero of the story, had not considered.

They called the police.

The police then call Interpol
because this is an international

police issue because it’s
between multiple countries.


I don’t know enough
about them in real life, but

I know what I’ve seen in movies
and they do not fuck around.

Actually, most of the Interpol
movies are a bit ridiculous.

So I bet that’s not very realistic.

I spend a lot of, they spend
probably a lot of time on

computers, following money
trails and stuff like that.

But realistically, when Interpol says we
need a SWAT team strike team or something,

I bet they get what they
want and it’s pretty hardcore.

So the family is called the police.

The Interpol then track
him down at a hotel.

They don’t say what that means.

I would be interested
to know what that means.

Maybe he’s credit card
where he was staying.

They have a strike
team and breach the door.

Now, when you use the word breach,
as opposed to break down or kick in,

you know there was a small explosive
involved, which again, I do love.

I love that how far this has gotten
out of hand with him, not even realizing.

At this point, the
guys in the room, he

thinks my family’s going
to send money any day

now and we’re going to be able
to keep partying for however long.

And then I’ll just do it again.

I’ll just recycle my kidnapping scheme.

My family keeps sending money.

They’ll never catch on because
he thinks there is dumb as he is.

The police breach the door.

They do not find him kidnapped.

They find him drinking and doing
drugs with the supposed kidnappers.

Who are all his friends?

The arrests are going
to include illegal firearms.

So the ex-ed guns, which is surprising,
illegal ammunition, a variety of drugs,

possession of drugs, doing
drugs, whatnot, and expired visas.

Most likely he’s actually just
going to get deported to the UK.

The interesting thing to me is now
to think about the aftermath of this.

So he’s been deported to the,
so he’s faked his kidnapping.

He’s been arrested by
Interpol who’s probably

going to charge him,
if not for a crime,

for the money that it costs to, you
know, get the strike team and save him

from his fake kidnapping.

He has to go home to
his family because I’m

going to guarantee this guy
doesn’t have his own place.

He doesn’t have a job. He doesn’t
have, he’s not taking care of himself.

He was using other people’s money to
go party in Thailand. He’s 48 years old.

He’s not got a
handle on his life.

He’s not, you know, figured
out how the world works,

especially because he thought
this scheme would work in 2024.

I’m trying to imagine.

I don’t know his family, the first
night home where he’s having dinner.

Realistically, they should probably
disown him and not let him in,

but they’ve obviously like fostered
this kind of behavior in the past.

So I actually bet he comes home for dinner
that night, which is just off the chain.

This is like just buck wild stuff.

Now, yeah, I mean, conclusion.
I didn’t write a conclusion.

Doing multiple stories, I want a
conclusion that ties them all together.

So this is going
to be a new skill.

I’m going to have to work on, and I
shouldn’t work on it on four drinks.

Let’s put it that way.

Senate hearings need to be
focused on the actual issue at hand.

Don’t make viruses
that are going to kill

everybody on the planet and
don’t fake your own kidnapping.

Is that where I am? That’s
a very weird place to be.

And here we are. This is where we are
in the world. So having heard that though,

at least you know
you can do better.

And if you’re feeling like
you’re not doing a good job,

you didn’t fake your
own kidnapping this week.

You didn’t create a virus that could
potentially kill the entire planet this week.

And you didn’t do a
fucking weird Senate hearing

where you didn’t even
focus on the issues this

week when you were just
like political grandstanding.

You woke up and you
did your job and you

tried to be a good person and you tried
to live your life. And I appreciate you.

I don’t appreciate senators who
are just political grandstanding.

I don’t appreciate
scientists who are

creating megaviruses
that are in kill everybody.

And I don’t appreciate
fake kidnappings.

How to talk

It’s a really, today’s
topic is kind of

discourse, and how
discourse is changing, and also


But we’ll get to that.

That’s the second part.

There’s two stories.

One is there’s been
a study of some of the

language that’s being
used in climate denial

arguments, and it’s a
new kind of discourse.

So it used to be climate
change is not real.

Climate change is not
man-made, it’s just a natural thing.

Nothing to worry about, just keep going
on with the status quo, everything is fine.

The obvious changes
in the actual climate,

climate disasters being
more frequent in the

stuff, have made it
very hard to actively

dispute the reality, the
facts of climate change.

In my lifetime, I have seen the
difference, the effects of climate change.

It is hotter in the summer,
the summer is lasting longer.

It is winter shorter, but it’s actually
much colder for a shorter period of time.

It’s actually funny because before climate
change, I forget what they called it.

Global warming, when
they were calling it

global warming, every
winter, some news anchor

from a conservative
channel would make a joke

about, “Moo, where’s
global warming now today?”

But actually, the colder winter snap is a
result of more extreme weather changes, and

so that always just to me
demonstrated how dumb they were.

The Center for
Countering Digital Hate, I

originally wrote down
as the Center for Digital

Hate, not a group you
want to be involved with.

The Center for Countering
Digital Hate did an

analysis of the way people are
trying to dispute climate change.

Now, actually since 2023, so instead of
saying climate change isn’t real, what they

do is deny the benefits
of clean energy, so

they’re saying like solar power doesn’t
give you as much energy as you want.

Wind power is ineffective because
the wind isn’t blowing all the time.

The benefits of clean
energy don’t outdo the

current benefits of the
system we have in place.

They will attack
policy, they’ll attack

governmental policy,
saying that this policy doesn’t

address all the issues,
and this is actually

the bit that struck me
why this became something

that I was thinking about, because what
they’re saying a lot is this policy makes

a small change, that
small change doesn’t fix

the entire problem,
therefore why make that

change at all, let’s just keep
everything going the way it is right now.

It’s the core argument of if you cannot fix
100% of the problem immediately, then there

is no point in trying to fix the problem
at all, because we can’t fix the problem.

So there is no incremental
change or benefits that can be done.

The other way is to malign
scientists and advocates.

And this has now become 70% of the
denial content on YouTube since 2023.

So they’re no longer attacking
climate change as a thing.

They’re attacking the scientists and the
people who talk about it in positive terms.

They talk about it in terms of government
policy and how it’s not effective enough.

They talk about it in terms of clean
energy and how that’s not effective enough.

So there is no benefit to actually doing
those things in the first place, renewable.

This is actually
interesting because what it

does, it gets around one
of the policy guidelines

of YouTube and a
lot of these big social

websites, what they say
is if you say something

that is factually incorrect,
they’re going to take it down.

So if you come out and
you say climate change

is not real, that
YouTube is then obligated

by their own terms and services to actually
take down that video, whereas if I say this

policy is not good and
it won’t make enough

change and it won’t do all the things
I like, that gets to say on YouTube.

So this is not, this
actually has a dual purpose.

It keeps your videos up and it still kind
of attacks the issue of climate change, but

without actually
attacking it directly so

you don’t get, you
know, there’s no violation

so you can keep your voice
active, maybe is what I want to say.

Renewable energy
generally is now basically

cheaper than fossil fuel,
something interesting

that I learned, if we
had stayed on the path

of nuclear power, so
we had seven mile island,

kind of turned America off a lot of nuclear
energy and then we had Fukushima, which

is made Japan a
little, but if all countries

had maintained the
progress in nuclear energy,

we wouldn’t be having
a climate crisis right

now because overall nuclear
energy is cleaner than the alternatives.

And I think if we kept
up with our engineering

practices and safety
standards, I actually

think that would have
been the thing that makes,

because Fukushima,
that power plant that failed

was about 60 years old and it hadn’t
been really upgraded in any real way.

If they had continued
to upgrade, I mean this

is me, you’re going
to put money into it,

but if they put modern
engineering practices

into place, I think it
would have survived

without a meltdown,
without any problems at all.

I have a lot of faith in
engineering, something

I don’t know anything,
it seems like magic

to me the way engineers
can make things work

and that’s something
I have a lot of faith

and that engineers can
fix problems if you let them.

Now, often letting
them fix problems is

expensive, but if it means
no nuclear meltdowns

in the future and we no longer
have to even think about the

climate crisis, that seems
like a pretty good deal to me.

Of course, I’m not a policy
maker, I don’t have any money.

So they had now, then
they did a survey in America

of 1,000 teenagers and
30% of teens because

they get a lot of their information
from TikTok and YouTube now.

Say that climate policy
does more harm than good.

So the one that’s
famous right now is the

Green New Deal because
it has kind of a catchy

name and people can say it very quickly.

And what they’re
saying is the Green New

Deal, if we do that,
it will actually damage

the world in the future
more than not doing it.

Yeah, I’m not attacking that part directly.

So Jay just said the
problem is that it would

take money away from oil
companies and that’s a big no-no.

All right, I’m not even talking
about oil companies directly.

I’m actually talking about the way
people are attacking the arguments.

So it’s the discourse is what
I’m actually trying to get into.

There was a Senate hearing, I
was watching a Senate hearing.

This is how you know
I’m a party dude because

I just said I was
watching a Senate hearing.

I was actually, I was watching bits of it.

I don’t watch whole Senate hearings.

I’m not that bad.

You can tell I’m
getting up in years when

Senate hearings are
vaguely interesting to me.

And it was about, they had some people who
were in renewable energy and this one woman

was very anti-plastics, she said
we should basically stop using plastic.

And it was the way they
spoke back and forth.

It was almost disingenuous on both sides.

This is something I found very interesting.

I don’t actually understand
the point of Senate

hearings anymore because
what they do is they

come out and they make a statement and they
badger the person and they shout at them.

And they don’t ever actually ask
a question and wait for an answer.

This is all just a show.

And the show is, hey,
listen to me, I’m making

this person look bad, not
actually dealing with the issue.

This was the start of the bit.

I was very interested in it.

She want to end all plastic manufacturing.

So that’s it.

The first question.

Do you want to end all
plastic manufacturing?

And the answer is going to be yes, but it,
he’s going to say, like I already, without

even seeing the rest of it, I
actually know what’s going to happen.

She’s going to say yes, I do want
to end all plastic manufacturing.

He’s going to go, well, that’s impossible.

We can’t do that and
she’s going to say, you

know, we could try
or we could start or we

could use less plastic and he’s
going to go, everything’s plastic.

We can’t like I mean, if we look at my desk
right now, keyboard is plastic, microphone

is plastic, web cameras,
plastic, the monitors,

plastic, the computer
has plastic in it.

Yes, plastic isn’t everything.

That doesn’t mean we can’t
transition away from it in some way.

The Senate hearing,
what he’s saying is

basically if you do not
give me a 100 complete

full solution immediately,
then there is no

point than even
furthering this conversation.

And again, I don’t even
need to watch the rest of it.

I’ve seen parts of this clip, but I don’t
need to watch it to know what they’re going

to say because I’ve now watched enough
Senate hearing to know what they’re doing.

He’s, they’re holding people to a standard
where you have to come up with a perfect

complete solution or
you have no solution at all.

So the idea of let’s use less
plastic bottles isn’t enough.

If let’s use less plastic
overall, let’s use lighter plastic.

Let’s inject air into the
plastic we use so that the

plastic is lighter and we
use less plastic overall.

That’s not enough because it
doesn’t erase plastic completely.

So we’re listening to
a bit of this and then

again, I’ve already said I
know I’ve seen bits of it.

And I already know,
but I knew as soon as he

opened his mouth and
said that first sentence,

I knew where this was
going because this is the

quality of discourse
we get in congressional

hearings and Senate hearings and it’s part
of what they’re attacking on the internet.

They’re using this kind of argument.

I don’t know if it’s
an argument in fallacy

that has a name it probably
does, but I just don’t know it.

But essentially it’s
saying if you do not, you

can’t do anything in
stages or transitional,

you have to do everything
in a complete 100% or zero.

There’s no like one, two,
three, four percent improvement.

She want to end all plastic manufacturing.

I said the plastic
industry must be stopped.

So does that mean end
plastic manufacturing?

I mean in my dream world’s shore.

So there you go.

He’s saying he wants you to make a definitive
statement and plastic manufacturing.

She said, yeah, in my dream
world, she’s more reasonable.

She understands that we’re not
going to get rid of plastic tomorrow.

We’re not just going to shut down
every plastic company in the world.

And then he’s going to
go on the offensive and

say, I know it in this
case he actually says

your glasses are made of plastic
and that bottle’s made of plastic.

He starts explaining like how
much plastic is in the world.

She knows.

I mean, she knows how
much plastic is in the world.

But I think that um, oh, oh, God.

So I don’t mean to be kind of sitting here.

I just point out what I don’t
mean to be condescending

here, but he’s absolutely
being condescending

because he’s talking
to her like she’s a child

because again, he’s going
to hold her to a standard.

He would never hold himself to whenever he
is tasked with coming up with a solution.

He probably doesn’t come up
with a 100% complete solution.

I mean, if you want
to start talking about

politics, there are standards
that need to be put into place.

Like I actually think a retirement
age, I’ve said this a bunch of times now.

I don’t know if I’m
just like beating a drum.

Both Trump and Biden are in their late
70s and going to be in their early 80s.

Why are these men even
up for running the country?

If the government decides
that they’re retirement

age 65, then politicians should
have to be have to retire by 65.

If politicians then
decide to move up the

retirement age, then it should be
across the board and they can stay on.

But you have to be, I think it’s
30 or 35 to become president.

That’s the minimum.

There should be a maximum.

Like that just seems self evident.

If you cannot complete your
tasks, you should be fired.

The problem I think
in American politics,

politics, probably all
over the place, is that

a lot of places you cannot remove
politicians who aren’t doing their job.

So if you do not come to an agreement within
a set deadline, you all lose your job.

And I bet deadlines get met really quickly
in every branch of government everywhere.

Because people don’t
want to lose their jobs.

This is their power and they
want to hold onto that power.

So I think most recently
at the end of America,

they’ve been talking about
government shutdown.

Again, this is something
that’s come up in the

past and they don’t want
to come to agreement

because the conservatives want a government
shutdown to make the liberals look bad.

But I would actually say, if you guys don’t
come to an agreement, you’re all fired and

then bring in a whole new group and
they make it seem like that’s impossible.

It’s not.

Like you could always
have someone second,

third, and row and they just like move
up and then, okay, you guys are out.

You don’t get reelected.

You don’t get to run
for re-election if you’ve

lost your position in
power and government.

That would change the
dynamics of what government is.

I bet a lot of people
wouldn’t want it anymore

because they’d be
held to a standard that

they wouldn’t be used
to because they’d actually

have to get things done
within a certain time frame.

But I, sorry, back to this.

That was all just a tangent about
how to make government work.

I think I watched some rich guy say it.

There are smart rich guys.

There was this rich guy and he said,
like, I could fix the budget in a month.

And he’s like, basically just fire
everyone if they don’t fix the budget.

And I was like, that would work.

They would come to a plan to
improve things and it wouldn’t be 100%.

It would be transitional
and it would be step

by step in stages and we’re going to
improve this and we’re going to fix this.

And that would be it.

And again, this is what this man in this
hearing is demanding of this woman, give me

a 100% complete
solution to replace all

plastic in the world
right now, or you have no

argument that you can make
here in front of me right at all.

And if she had called him out on
that, I think it would be interesting.

I don’t see a lot of these
congressional hearings

where the person
being spoken to actually

makes a claim as to
what’s being done to them.

I watched the TikTok hearings.

I was very interested in that.

He was clearly smarter
than everyone in that

room when it came to
computers and phones

and apps and all this
other stuff and he would

say stuff and they
just didn’t understand.

I mean, that was just
the first actual breaking

communication is he
would say things that

they clearly just didn’t
understand what he was saying.

In this case, he’s
holding this, I assume,

just activist to a
standard he wouldn’t hold

anyone else in the
world to in a realistic way.


Um, so I do know, they’re made of plastic.


And it’s a when she starts
to speak, he interrupts her.

So she’s not going to
actually get to answer.

That’s another sort of secondary
issue, but that really bugs me.

Once you ask, as a senator,
once you ask a question,

you should be forced
to listen to the answer.

And even if you don’t like it.

And what they do is they ask a question.

When the person starts to
speak, they interrupt them again.

They reiterate their
question, sometimes not

very rude, but this is a
power play that people do.

It’s a psychological
tactic because if every

time I go to speak,
you interrupt me and

I stop, then you’re in this weird situation
where they’re interrupting you and it puts

you sort of off balance.

This is one of these like old, the really
shitty, busy business psychology books.

And it’s, it’s a tactic you
can do to people on purpose.

You ask them a question.

When they go to answer, you
reiterate or you interrupt them.

And then you finish speaking.

And then when they go to speak again, you
interrupt and you do like five, six times.

It’s a power move and it’s done on purpose.

And the counter to that is to just stop.

And then you have a huge silence
and then go, do you want me to answer?

And they have to either say yes or no.

And then when they say yes, you go, because
they’re out there, of course, I want you to answer.

I want you to answer
honestly and that kind of stuff.

Then you say, are you
going to interrupt me?

And the instant there and there, there’s
now like an unwritten agreement that if you

interrupt me, you’re actually breaking
your own rule that you’ve just established.

I didn’t keep track
of it the first time, I

should have actually, how many times
he interrupts her while she’s speaking.

They’re me not out there.

So, and I just point
out some things here

because I just want to
be realistic when we’re

having conversations because
when statements are made like this.

So there you go.

She’s gone to speak again.

This is at least the second
if not third interruption.

And after he’s asked his question of,
what are you going to replace plastic with?

And he’s, when she went to
speak, he’s like, what do your

glasses made of and he’s going
to speak and he’s going to do it.

So we’re not having a conversation.

He’s giving a speech
and he’s interrupting

you so that you can’t
answer in any real way.

They will.


That’s easy to say, but what’s
the solution? So he’s there.

You go.

He’s saying,
what’s the solution?

He’s not letting her speak though.

So she’s not often able
to offer up any solution.

And again, the solution
can’t be 100% right away.

So it’s this disingenuous
attitude of something.

Apparently this is really
happening on YouTube,

70% of the climate
denial is actually going

through this form of
secondary attacks that

current things you’re
doing aren’t going to work.

So why even bother to do them?

If the government
asks you for a solution,

if you don’t come up with 100% solution,
then there’s no reason doing it at all.

It’s one of those
things that now that I’ve

become aware of it and
I hear it, these dialogues

become more interesting to listen to.

This is a different story.

It’s a different kind of
discourse we’re talking about.

So what you are looking for
was Nirvana perfect solutions.

Ah, thank you.

Yes, I knew there must be this is
not like a new way to attack arguments.

So the Nirvana perfect
solution fallacy as I

guess what I actually
like, I actually could

have come to that conclusion of myself
because that is what they’re always asking.

It’s ridiculous.

It’s ridiculous to want that.

And then if you
speak in realistic terms,

like, yeah, let’s let’s
focus on water bottles first.

We’re at a water like plastic bottles
and replace them with something else.

Or again, in Japan,
what they’ve been doing

for a lot of bottles is
making them 50% less plastic.

Well, that’s 50% less plastic.

Let’s do that.

Let’s do try to do
50% less plastic in

everything, make the
plastic thinner or, again,

I think my glasses are made of plastic,
but they’re the lightest frames ever made.

And I think the idea is that the
plastic is actually injected with air.

So there’s less plastic
overall, less weight,

which is they’re
selling the weight, but

they’re actually probably
way cheaper to produce.

Oh, wow.


Thank you.

The perfect solution
fallacy is an informal

fallacy that occurs when
an argument assumes

that a perfect
solution exists or that a

solution should be
rejected because some part

of the problem would still
exist after we’re implemented.

But thank you for that.

Thank you for the fallacy thing
because I knew there was one.

I just didn’t know what it was called.

That’s the story of my life.

I know stuff, but I don’t
know what it’s called.

Like people.

I know you, I don’t know your name.

There was a Colorado pastor called Eli,
how man Peter, Regal Lando, whatever.

It was called Eli, my
handwriting’s so poor in this.

I got this.

I actually stuff.

I have to start typing up notes.

I did notice there was a thing, Elgato
has made a teleprompter for web stuff.

And so it goes around your
webcam and it just prompts up.

And then I would just sit here and
like, like a newscaster and just read.

And it would look like I was
looking at the camera the whole time.

I’m always looking slightly down
because I’m actually reading my notes.

I’ve learned to hold
my notes up under the

camera so they don’t
like wave around in front.

That’s the techniques
is how they’re coming.

There’s a Colorado
pastor named Eli and he

launched a cryptocurrency
called INDXcoin index

coin already not a great
name, I mean, not inspiring.

If this is supposed to
be like funded by God,

because he’s a pastor,
it’s already suspicious.

Pastor and cryptocurrency are not
two things I put together to be successful.

But there was
nothing behind it, it was

basically worthless
because usually you launch a

coin with a certain
amount of fiat currency

behind it or something
behind it, some way you

could exchange it, something
like that, to make it have value.

So you could actually say the same thing
about Bitcoin, Bitcoin has no actual value.

The value is injected by our
perception of it and all that other stuff.

That’s also how money works.

But I could trade out cryptocurrency,
Bitcoin, let’s say, for cash.

Whereas this didn’t have
anything to support it.

People maybe had to buy it,
but there was no foundation.

The first, let’s say, thousand coins
that were created had no foundation.

So buying them actually meant buying the
source, not the actual value of the coins.

You could only, this was again, the
second part that’s very suspicious.

You could only buy index coin through
the crypto exchange that Eli created.

So not only was it a
coin that had no value,

it couldn’t be traded
in any real way with

any other exchange to either create or grow
in value, because you couldn’t trade it.

So you could, and he
called it the kingdom

wealth exchange as
American pastors and these

like mega churches and
stuff and they’re always

like, it’s almost a joke
to me because I live so

far outside of that culture.

But it’s just, I see it and I’m
like, it’s not real, it’s not real.

If you said, hey, I have
the kingdom wealth

exchange with a coin
made by a pastor and you

can only trade it on
the kingdom wealth

exchange and you can’t
trade it anywhere else.

I’d be like, look, I’ve been scam
before, but this seems like a real scam.

He shut the exchange
down last year and in

his defense, he said it
was God’s idea, maybe

he misinterpreted what
God said, which would

imply that God is not a
very good communicator.

Because, okay, I was
thinking about the times

God in the stories I
know, because it’s very

shallow knowledge of a
relationship, let’s be honest.

The times God has communicated with people,
so the most famous one to me is Noah.

He took this guy.

He’s like, hey, no, buddy,
I want you to build a boat

and I was like, dude, I don’t
know how to build a boat.

He’s like, oh, God, you’ll build a boat.

It’ll be fine.

I want you, when you
build the boat, this animal’s

going to come, they’re
all going to get on board.

It’s going to have to be super big.

He’s like, dude, I can’t do that.

He’s like, dude, you can’t do it.

And then Noah built a
boat and the boat was

big enough to house
all the animals and then

the flood happened and all those
animals repopulated the earth.

I mean, it worked out.

I don’t even know if Noah was a carpenter.

If he was a boat builder,
if you knew anything

about it, but through
God, God communicated

enough to him to build
this boat, apparently

God’s communication
skills have dropped since

then, or maybe just cryptocurrency is too
complicated for God to really get his head around.

That’s actually certainly
maybe the other issue.

I think the interesting
bit here is that God

sends you a message
and you didn’t understand

or interpret the message
properly, throws up

a lot of questions about God that
maybe you don’t want answered.

In October of 2021,
God brought this crypto

idea to me and he said, take this
to my people for a wealth transfer.

God wants a wealth transfer.

Now, again, God being God, I never
thought God would be that into money.

I never thought that
money would be kind of

the focus of God, but
there is like all these

wealth churches now
and where they’re like, if

you give us money, you’ll
get blessings in return.

That’s not a new thing.

That’s actually been around.

You could buy forgiveness
at some point and had a name.

Again, I don’t know.

I need one of my friends who actually knows
religion on here to actually like shout in the back.

This would be really cool.

I sit here and I make
vaguely incorrect

statements because I don’t
really know what I’m talking about.

And then I have
someone, an expert in the

back who just shouts the
correct answer over my shoulder.

Would actually be
a really good show.

I’d really enjoy that.

I’d have to end up with like a
panel of experts of different things.

So everything I talk
about, they’re just

like different people are
shouting at me from the back.

Anyways, so God wanted
this for a wealth transfer.

I want you to build this.

Now, the thing is, that’s
actually pretty clear.

God said, build a cryptocurrency, build
an exchange and create a wealth transfer.

Indulgence says, that’s not it.

It does.

Jade, man.

You’re awesome.

Paying for forgiveness is indulgences, yes.

I will never remember the actual terms.

Thank you.

The thing that is, okay.

So if you look at this statement,
God said to me, create a

cryptocurrency, take this to the
people, create a wealth transfer.

That’s actually really clear.

So God’s communication on
this, there’s not a lot lacking in it.

He successfully built an exchange.

He successfully built a cryptocurrency.

He’s actually very hard
things to do anyway.

And then he did it and then it collapsed.

And so they made me think that
maybe God wanted you to go to prison.

This was God’s
roundabout way of putting

you in prison because
you’re a bad person or

to punish you in this
life or something like that.

There’s always the secondary
part when this stuff falls apart.

And these people said
that God told me to do

this, they’re not taking
into account, maybe

God wants you to fail
in this to learn a lesson.

Maybe God wants
you to go to jail, maybe

there’s a third one, I’m not
going to say until the very end.

So Eli said to God, I
do want the explanation.

So the pastor, I’m going
to assume is praying.

And that’s when God’s voice comes to
him and he says to God in his prayers.

Is it a voice?

Is it a feeling?

To know, because when if I say, if I’m
laying in bed, let’s say, if I’m laying in

bed and I hear, do I
hear a voice that says,

hey, make chunk coin,
make beef bucks, and

then create the chunk, exchange, is
that God or is that just me having an idea?

I do, like I want to
know a more perception

oriented version of what
happens when they hear

the voice of God, because these
pastors and stuff do hear the voice of God.

So they claim, what is that like?

Just give me an
explanation of that because

then I’ll know if God’s
talking to me because

I actually, a lot of times, I’m like,
did I have that really messed up idea?

Because I have had the
idea of killing my own son.

It’s pretty dark, but I didn’t
because I didn’t believe the voices.

So I said, Lord, I don’t want to do this.

I don’t know how to do this God is
giving you hard times to forge you for him.

Just like stealing the
fire, if times never got hard,

if things never get hot,
how can you get stronger?

Oh, God is giving you
hard times to forge you

for, Eli said God is in the business
of doing new things and breaking seals.

Is he, I mean, that’s
actually another thing

that he’s using business terms
to describe God’s actions now.

So anyways, he got to $3.2
million dumped into this exchange.

He claimed a malfunction and he
exchanged closed the whole thing.

So it wasn’t that he did something wrong.

It’s not that he
just like drained it all

of the money and kept
all the money himself.

There was a malfunction and that closed it.

He did actually admit, and I think
I’m going to be able to find the video.

I have a couple of videos saved.

I’ll cut those in here.

He said, yeah, I took a bunch of the money.

I took one point, oh,
wait, wait, one point three

million dollars was
used for personal benefit.

That’s what the IRS says.

The charges are that
Caitlin and I pocketed

$1.3 million dollars and I just want to come
out and say that those charges are true.

He took out it as work
and sold a cryptocurrency

with no clearings or that
cryptocurrency turned out to be a scam.

And so the Lord says,
give that to him, but

also give them a 10x and I’m like, well,
where’s this liquidity to get a come from?

And the Lord says, trust me,
a $500,000 went to the IRS.

He renovated his house
because God said, take

the wealth exchange
and put it into your house,

put it into your assets
because that’s important.

God said, you know,
redo the bedroom, buddy,

where the action
happens, where you make

more babies to glorify me.

He bought a Range Rover.

So God said, buy one
of the worst rated cars

on the road because God
doesn’t care about safety.

Range Rover has
a good reputation.

That’s from decades back.

The current Range Rovers that come
out now, absolutely pieces of garbage.

You’re buying them for the status symbol.

Sure, God in this
situation seems to be all

about status symbols,
not about actually taking

care of people because
if you wanted to take

care of someone and
you wanted to spend an

expensive car, you
get a Mercedes like it’s

as much higher safety rating
on Mercedes than a Range Rover.

Just keep that in mind.

God might be trying to kill this guy.

God said, you know, take some of the money
and buy handbags and jewelry because what

glorifies your wife, glorifies me,
no, I might be getting good at this.

If I keep this going, I might start my own
little cult because we’re calling it beef nation.

We’ve decided that we’re
going to go a fan of the

chunk we’ve you just
in any format is a chunk.

And so I got to I didn’t do it.

I got to start going.

What up beef nation?

Hello, all you little
chunks out there, like

and subscribe, a set
of phrases I’ve never

used before, but I mean,
if I can put them into

practice, if I can make
that sound natural,

I think this is the cusp of my fame
when I say, what up beef nation?

Some money was put into
boat rentals, I’m leaving.

Whoa, I hit the keyboard and
the the transition went off to that.

That would be awesome
if I said, what up beef

nation and then just know
whatever, download it again.

Because I measure this
off podcast downloads.

I don’t look at I YouTube, I
get like maybe six, 10 views.

I know it’s not really that’s not
really why I used to doing this.

There’s a couple other like video websites,
I get like 20, 30 views or whatever.

This is a audio podcast first.

If the week after I said
what up beef nation,

no one ever downloaded
again, all the message

would have been very clear, God misinformed
me of what I was supposed to do.

So some of the money went to boat
rentals smart enough not to buy a boat.

God was saying boats are bad investments.

They’re money saying
don’t buy a boat rent a boat.

At least in this one case, God was right.

God was saying you
don’t want to buy a boat.

You just want to rent a boat.

It is a way better deal.

And then the final
one, which I loved the

most for some reason,
God said, you know what

you need, you need a
snowmobile adventure.

I would love when Noah
again, the only really

direct form of communication I can
remember from the Bible in any real way.

Noah, he’s like build a boat.

This is going to be
like incredibly difficult

for you because we’re
talking about a massive

boat, you know, 10 stories high, no qubits
or whatever it was is going to take so much

of your life and energy, your family and
everyone’s going to think you’re crazy.

You got to do this.

And then with this guy with Eli, he’s
like Eli, man, snowmobile adventure.

That’s what you need.

That’s going to glorify me.

That’s going to save the
earth if you have a snowmobile

adventure and then bring
that back to your congregation.

So I came to three
conclusions or three possibilities.

God is giving you bad
advice, but being God,

he’s giving you bad
advice on purpose so

that your life gets fucked up.

The second one, which I would actually kind
of hope to be the real one is God is just

fucking with you because
God doesn’t like Eli.

But what a way to
figure that out is that, oh

shit, God’s just fucking with me
because he’s enlightened me very much.

Or and the last one I wanted
to save is the big finale.

Maybe you’re not actually hearing God.


All Round Exploitation

I’d like to talk about
Bruce Boytation, which

is something I knew about inherently because
I had experienced it when I was young.

In the 80s, it was
very hard to find

martial arts movies, which
was a genre I had discovered.

I wanted more Kung Fu action.

I wanted more John
Wu style shooting movies

from Asia, and you had
to take what you could get.

After Bruce Lee’s
death, of course, there

became sort of a vacuum
of power, and nature

hates a vacuum, and so
what the Chinese did has

any approximation of
Bruce Lee that they can find.

So they found mostly
lookalikes, and they

gave them new names, and so just
to give you a sense of the extent.

So these are the ones that are documented.

There means there were dozens,
if not hundreds, more, of these.

But after 1973, we
had the launch of the

career of Bruce Lee,
who is in today’s movie, L.I.

Bruce Lee, L.A.I., Bruce Lee, L.E.,
Bruce Leung, L.E.U.N.G., Bruce Lee, L.Y.

, Bruce Bruce tie,
and Bruce Leung, L.E.I.

The hope was you would see the cover, you’d
see some guy who kind of looks like Bruce

Lee may be dressed
the same, and they’d be

doing in like a pose,
so it’s obviously action

packed, and you’d
see Bruce in Ulf, and

they’d just not even
bother to read the rest,

because now you’re too
busy grabbing the movie

and running to the
front of the video store.

Some other ones they
did were pretty interesting.

Bruce Lee, so B.R.U.T.E.,
L.E.E., Myron Bruce,

that one’s not very
accurate, Lee Bruce,

which I did enjoy the
creativity of that one,

Dragon Lee, and Bronson
Lee, which I assume

is the love child of Charles Bronson and
Bruce Lee, which would not be a good human.

I don’t know why I was going to end
up with that, not a good combination.

On that, they didn’t
just kind of, I want to

use the word parody,
but they’re trying to

copy, but they’re trying
to defraud people into

thinking they’re getting
a Bruce Lee movie.

Some of the movies that
came out re-enter the

dragon, which sounds
weirdly sexual, enter three

dragons, and I think what they did in
this one, they got like Bruce Leung, Bruce

Leung, Bruce Leung,
Bruce Leung, to all be

in the movie together,
Return of Bruce, enter

another dragon, which
again, I don’t know

where my heads are
where those sounds actually.

I don’t think, I guess I just enter is
one of those hot button words for me.

Return of the Fist of
Fury, which I have seen.

I don’t remember
anything about it, but I

know I have seen a
movie called Return of the

Fist of Fury, and the clones of
Bruce Lee, which I know I have seen.

I also again, do not
remember if I can find

those again, I will be
getting them, because

I know the clones of Bruce Lee again
has multiple Bruce Lee lookalikes in it.

Now to me, Bruce Lee’s whole martial
arts philosophy was the definitive feature.

So I think there’s this
look in his style and

stuff, but the definitive
feature of Bruce

Lee was not beholden
to the Kung Fu tradition.

He grew up, he learned Kung Fu, and he
said like these movesets are too limited.

You have to be more fluid, you have to
be more, you have to be able to adjust.

So like set forms are not
the best way to do martial arts.

And it’s why maybe he was a
step above other martial artists.

Most of the movies that I have seen on the
list, and that’s not a comprehensive list.

It’s just from the Wikipedia article.

Most of the movies I’ve seen on this list
of Bruce Lee clone movies, or rip-offs or

frauds, or whatever you want to
call them, use traditional Kung Fu.

So they’re traditional Kung Fu
movies, so there’s a lot of that.

That to me is a marker
of 1960s, ’70s and early

’80s Kung Fu, is that
there’s a single move.

It’s well coordinated,
but it’s a single

move, single move,
single move, and they both,

as they’ve practiced,
it looks really nice.

I have always enjoyed
the athleticism of go

Kung Fu, like I know, I would say that
Kung Fu is not particularly practical.

I’m sorry to hurt anyone’s feelings,
but saying that, it’s better than IKEA-DO.

Am I worried about hurting the
feelings of someone who does IKEA-DO?

Steven Segal, I mean, because IKEA-DO has
Steven Segal, there’s nothing else to say.

He ruined any opportunity for IKEA-DO
to be considered legitimate in any form.

That traditional Kung
Fu, to me, is the most

stark contrast, because I would say that’s
much easier to teach than what Bruce Lee

actually did, which is why,
again, Bruce Lee was different.

So let’s get on
to today’s movie.

This is Shameless Cross Promotion of Chunk
McBeaf Chest’s new YouTube channel, Seemic BIMDB.

For classic action
movies, jokes and reactions,

find it on YouTube,
link in the description.

When I was doing the
Ninja News Japan, I noticed

my air filter started
flashing red, which

means there’s stuff in the air.

Now, it’s blue now,
so it’s cleaned it up a

bit, but I’m weird, I’m going
to start sneezing any time now.

All right, let’s go with a Seemic B.
So I was walking Dave.

Anyone who follows this podcast knows Dave.

Dave is my constant companion.

He is my rescue poodle,
and did he rescue me?

Did I rescue him or did he rescue me?

My cold, broken heart?

No, he’s an annoying piece
of shit, but I love him anyways.

That’s actually just the
reality of pissy little dogs.

He’s like a little Prince
Archibald character.

He will not go out
in inclement weather,

which is very important
to the context of this story.

I was walking Dave yesterday morning, and
I was wearing noise canceling headphones.

Now, I am a not particularly
social person, and

I have found that the
world does not understand

what gigantic headphones
means on your head.

If there was any way
to send a message to

the world that I do not want to hear
what you have to say, go fuck yourself.

It would be giant headphones.

And then if you actually
know anything about

headphones, you know,
most of those big ones

are noise canceling, so you are
hearing nothing from the outside world.

I’m walking Dave.

And then I hear just this in the
background, no, I don’t know what it is.

So I turn around to check
because I don’t want to make

sure, like, you know, I have
noise canceling headphones on.

I want to make sure I haven’t
done anything wrong by accident.

I haven’t messed up someone
else’s day to turn around.

And there’s a older woman,
just her mouth is going.

So I’m like, oh, I think that
person might be talking to me.

So I am polite, which maybe is a failing.

So I take off my nose canceling headphones.

I shouldn’t have done that.

I realize this.

I realize I should be
slightly rude or, and

when I hear the, I
should just keep walking.

Don’t turn around.

Don’t check, but I
guess socially I have been

raised to believe that
I should pay attention

to other human beings,
which, you know, at this

point, I’m like, that’s
probably a mistake.

Now, let’s see, as soon as I realized what
this woman was talking to me about, I was


I don’t know if it was last week or two
weeks ago, but I talked about reactants.

And it was like when people tell you to do
something, there is an instinct in humans.

And I reason this
resonated with me is because

there is a significant
instinct in me to not do it.

So this woman starts telling me
stuff and it’s stuff I don’t want to know.

And I am furious.

Now, I’m not going to
do anything because

again, I’m socially responsible enough
to know you don’t beat up old ladies.

But the instinct of the desire to just
lay into her was right there, right away.

She said to me, so she
was speaking in Japanese,

so she said to me
that your dog’s a single

coat poodle and it’s fine in the
summer, but it’s too cold right now.

You need to get him a coat.

You know, I am not
raising a killing machine.

He is my confidante, so I am
very protective of my little friend.

This little fucking prince refuses to go
out if the weather is in any way inclement.

If it is raining at all,
he will not go out.

If it is too windy, he will not go out.

If it is too cold, he will not go out.

So basically I would
open the door in the

morning, I put him on the porch, and he
decides if he wants to go for a walk or not.

The thing is that morning
time is when he has to go to

the toilet, it’s the breakfast
kind of part of the day.

So I really don’t care if he takes a walk.

I want him to go out
there and do his business.

Now, he will look at me like the weather is
inconvenient for me to be pooping in some.

So I shall return inside
the house where it is warm

and comfortable, and I
will poop on your floor.

Is this agreeable to you?

And I look at him and I go,
“No, you little piece of shit.

You’re not pooping on my floor.

We have a whole toilet thing
set up for him that he will not use.

” A couple weeks ago,
inclement weather was raining.

He wouldn’t go outside and poop,
and I’m like, “I have to go to work.

I can’t leave him here.

He’s going to poop on the floor.

I knew he was going
to poop on the floor.

” We’d set up this
doggy pad area, and there

was a yoga mat out and
he pooped on the yoga mat.

He was like, “You piece of shit.

” Because you know what he did?

He pooped on the more comfortable thing.

I see how his little
fucking peanut brain works.

He’s like, “Oh, there’s those pads over
there where you’re supposed to poop.

” But then this yoga
mat’s slightly softer

and it’s more cushiony
on my sensitive paws.

And so he pooped on
that, and so my daughter

came home and she
saw poop on the yoga mat.

She’s like, “I don’t
know if I should clean

that or throw it away, but it
was an expensive yoga mat.

Again, little prince
of Persia over here,

pooping on the most
expensive thing he can find.

Don’t think that was accidental.

If I had my expensive shoes out, I guarantee
there would be poop in those shoes.

Those shoes.

I have my own negative
feelings towards my

little friend over here, my
little gray fluffy poof face.

But the reason I’m
angry and not going to

take any advice from
this lady is she had come

to the park with her
poodle in a coat and a

baby stroller with the baby
stroller completely covered in plastic.

So it was essentially a greenhouse.

She’s walking to the
park, starting telling me

about how I should
better take care of my dog.

You don’t even have a
dog, like what you have

now is a marshmallow
that is barely sentient.

And the way you’re
treating it shows that

you’re not actually
thinking like, “Okay, yeah,

I didn’t put a coat on
my dog because I know

if the dog is too cold, he’s just going
to turn around and go back in the house.

I do have a coat for him, we can’t
put him on, I can’t make him go outside.

” But I now have actually
come to trust his instincts.

If he’s not comfortable,
he’s absolutely

going to fucking let me know because I
don’t make decisions in this relationship.

I just follow orders, which has given him
this pissy attitude where he thinks he can

shit on yoga mats, but also Dave does
have the survival skills to back it up.

So the reason we got Dave, Dave
is a rescue and what had happened

to Dave is some piece of shit
out there, dumped him in a forest.

Now, a pretty little dog, you think,
not going to survive in a forest.

My first thought was always,
he did it without thumbs.

I have thumbs, so I
can do things and make

things and grab and
dig and things like that.

I would die in a forest pretty
quickly like I wouldn’t make it.

Let’s just face facts.

I got a skill set, that skill
set is designed for a modern

society where pretty much
everything’s taken care of for me.

Put me in a wildlife situation
and I am not wildlife, I am food.

Dave, for an entire
month, survives in a forest.

I don’t know what he’s eating.

I assume it was grass and bugs because
he’s not catching anything, he’s too slow.

He survived, he’s a
poodle, so his hair just

grew and grew and grew
and grew, so he looked

like this giant sheep, he was
underfed, but that’s how we got him.

This dude is a survivor and
how he ended up with us with his

life where he’s now like, I will
only shit on yoga mats, okay.

He’s paid his, he’s done his time, this
woman with the fucking dog and a baby stroll

or pissed me off so much because I’m
like, you are so far gone the other way.

You should not be telling
anyone how to live their lives.

And she’s acting like I’m ignorant.

I’m like, no, it’s still an animal,
it still needs to walk by itself.

You don’t put in a fucking
baby stroll or you fucking psycho.

You make it walk from
your house to the park.

You make it do things, like I’m just
thinking it’s hearts can explode really soon.

I do get, you want your
animals to be comfortable.

My dog sleeps on a bed
on my bed, it’s double

bedded, but I also
know if I stick that

little fucker in a forest, he’s going
to survive for at least a month.

And he’s earned the
right to have this chill

time where you and
your animal absolutely

have not talked a lot
about capitalism and

seeming to be for the
last little while because

it’s new stories
that come up and it’s

capitalism, something
I’m finding very interesting

on late stage capitalism is
something we talk about a lot.

It seems to be an
experiment that is widening

the gap between the
rich and the poor, which

is going to lead to a problem sooner
or later, ironically, for rich people.

And that’s the bit I think they
don’t get, like this gap is bad for them.

But it’s also leads me
into really weird stories,

just stories of companies
overstepping because

it’s rich people thinking they can do
whatever they want and get away with it.

And when they can’t get
away with it, it’s always

a bit of a come up and
so there was a woman

and she had a newsletter
and in her newsletter,

she talked about eBay
and an eBay Amazon

lawsuit specifically 30 minutes after
publishing this story in her newsletter.

The CEO of eBay sent a
message to another executive

saying, if you’re going to
take her down, now is the time.

So my first thought was,
CEOs don’t do very much.

There was someone
pointed out that Elon Musk is

the CEO of seven
companies and that’s supposed

to sound impressive,
but it actually makes

you think the CEO clearly
doesn’t do that much

if he can be CEO of
seven companies at the

same time, like he’s not
making real day-to-day decisions.

He’s not really like
guiding the company if he

can do seven or eight
companies at the same time.

So the more company someone is the CEO of
actually means, in my mind, they are less

effective as a CEO,
but this CEO sent this

message to the security
director and he sent

a message out and he said, this
bias to troll needs to be burned down.

So what did they do?

And this was to me the more important part
was like, what did this meeting look like?

So you have the security director.

There’s two people actually are doing
jail time for this right now and two people

are still kind of having
it worked out like

what their participation in this was
because this was organized harassment.

The actual crimes, let’s put the crimes
out there first, obstruction of justice.

So pretty obviously they were trying
to not help the police catch them.

Witness tampering.

They were using intimidation tactics
as part of their harassment campaign.

So the idea that
they would do witness

tampering is not actually
out of it and at all.

Stalking, interstate travel
stalking and online stalking.

So what were they actually doing?

So the security director
seems to be primarily

responsible for
these current actions.

The CEO who said, like, go get this
lady, he quit before this was finished.

And then the current CEO
was like, oh, sorry, it wasn’t us.

It was the previous CEO and now he’s
not involved, so he’s not getting arrested.

I wasn’t involved.

So I’m not getting arrested.

This seems like a very
CEO oriented style trick.

And I think everyone should
get a little something out of that.

Oh, she actually said, we continue
to extend our deepest apologies.

And then we’ve had new
leadership since then, and

of course, we’re doing
our better to train people.

Do you have to train people
to not harass other people?

That’s a very good question
that should be put out there.

But first of all, it started
with online threats.

So the people, the security people at eBay
were sending threats to this person who had

a newsletter talking
about a lawsuit between

eBay and Amazon, which
actually makes me think

that’s one step away from it.

I’m doing right now.

I talk about companies suing
each other and stuff all the time.

I guess her newsletter
was more popular than my

podcast, makes me
feel a little sad right now.

They surveyed their home using employees.

So imagine in this
part, you’re working at

eBay, you’re just a
security guard, I assume,

because this security
guy would have sort of his

purview would be over
the security personality.

He’d be like, you got a
special mission for you.

And I was like, wow, does
eBay have special missions?

You’re going to go and do a stakeout
and like, dude, I’m a security guard.

I like walk around the hallways.

I do not do stakeouts like, no,
no, you’re going to do a stakeout.

You’re going to go to this person’s house.

I don’t even know if
this is actually accurate.

I don’t know if it was a security personnel
or if this security director was just like

any staff, he’s like, I want you, IT
guy to go stakeout this lady’s house.

And the IT guy’s like,
well, leave the office.

That sounds great.

There are a lot of questions there of how
this went down, which is these fundamental

details are the most interesting part
to me because they don’t give them out.

I’m actually, I construct
them in the head in my head.

You can actually see where I’m going, but
so he has a conversation with something.

I want you to go and
survey this person’s house.

You can do a stakeout.

You’re going to watch when they come
home, when they leave, you’re getting paid.

You’re getting your
paid, your salary to role

play as a detective
or a cop or like, some

of them hero you have from a movie.

So someone was on board with this.

They surveyed their house.

They tracked their
movements and then they’re

like, okay, we’ve got to do some
harassment because of course.

And they’re like, okay, so they must have
had a meeting and they’re like, okay, so

they have a meeting, security director sits
down with some other guys in the office.

These are all office personnel, okay.

We have this woman,
she sent out a newsletter

and we’d like to make
sort of a response

to that that eBay is
not particularly pleased

with how she’s presented
us within this new

letter, newsletter,
within the construct of

the newsletter she’s created,
there’s a lawsuit going on.

We don’t think she
should be talking about it.

We don’t really appreciate her opinion.

So we were thinking a great
idea to send her some live spiders.

If I was in a business meeting
and that came out, I’d be like, what?

No, you can’t send someone live spiders.

That’s not a good thing to do.

He’s like, no, no, okay.

Live spiders and second package,
cockroaches, live cockroaches.

How about we send them
some live cockroaches?

And again, I’d be saying to me,
I’m going like, this seems unhinged.

This seems like a bad idea.

This seems like not the way we should forge
forward into a new future with our company.

Sending people we don’t like
live cockroaches and live spiders.

Oh, we’re not going to stop there.

We’re going to send them a bloody pig mask.

Now I’m going to go ahead
and guess the blood was not real.

The bloody pig mask was sort of the
description of the mask, the whole mask.

So I actually at that
point was like a free mask.

I mean, that’s not so bad.

Live spiders live cockroaches, I don’t
want that in my house, bloody pig mask.

Halloween’s taken care of, I guess.

And then finally, a book on
recovering from the death of a spouse.

So a slightly veiled
threat that your spouse

may or may not die
soon and how you could

get over it should this
incident happen coupled

with pig mask, live
spiders, live cockroaches.

Something a message that
the harassment is quite clear.

The punishment for eBay was $3 million
fine, which I feel like that’s not enough.

I feel like company like
eBay is a big company.

These two guys did jail time, but yeah, I’m
just like, did they, I guess I don’t know

the fallout for the actual
people who were being harassed.

But that is organized
harassment by an online retailer.

And at some point,
they thought this was

okay, they were going
to get away with this.

This is a good thing to do.

So thankfully, I have never and
I’m never going to shop at eBay.

I was just about to
say I was never going to

talk about eBay, but I just, I’m
sure they don’t want that out there.

So I get some live
spiders actually not that,

you know, because I’m assuming
the spiders were in a package.

So like they didn’t just like scurry out
like they wouldn’t know horror movie.

Like that would be bad because
that have spiders all over my house.

I would have to catch them.

I wouldn’t be as
freaked out the pig mask,

free pig mask, the book,
I don’t know, depends

how well it’s written
to be honest, but

capitalism, you can
see, I actually blame that

on the high level C
suite executives feeling

they can do whatever they want to,
whomever they want and get away with it.

Well, it turns out in communist
countries, same problem.

So it’s not inherently
capitalism that’s the issue.

I guess you could.

Maybe this is capitalism as
well or this is capitalist attitude.

I’m not sure.

But this is in China, a Chinese advertising
agency said we’re going to move our office

from the city, fairly large city to
a countryside and remote location.

And there is some
suspicion that they did this

on purpose to try to
get the employees to quit.

So let’s give you the whole story.

They moved from the city to a
mountain with limited transportation.

Now what does that mean?

It’s a two hour commute one way.

So basically if you don’t
have a car, there were

almost no options to
actually get to this office.

If you had a car, you had to drive two
hours and the company saying we’re not going

to pay you for the wear and tear on
your car, the gas or anything like that.

There was a bus every three hours.

But if you even managed
to catch the bus and

take it to the location,
you still had a three

kilometer walk from the
bus stop to the office.

If you took a taxi,
you could take a taxi

from the train station
to the office, but the

company wouldn’t cover
the cost for the for the taxi.

So they were like, all the
burden is on the employee.

They’d say that sounds
pretty bad because

they’re making this
commute miserable, they’re

making it impossible for
you to come to the office.

That was not it.

The building itself had no women’s toilet.

So if you were a woman
and you worked for

this company, you had to walk to
the nearest village to use a public toilet.

They said that this was made worse
because the straight dogs made it unsafe.

And after dark, it was worse.

I guess the dogs get buffed after dark.

It’s like those zombie
movies where the

zombies are bad during the
day, but at night, they’re worse.

There were 20 employees
and 14 after only a few days.

It was four days later, 14
of the employees had quit.

So then the company
moved back, their

headquarters back to the city and immediately
put on an ad looking for new employees.

The employees were like, hey, we
don’t think this was a sincere move.

We think you move the office to
try to make us all uncomfortable.

So we would quit so
that you could, instead of

firing us because there
is within the contracts

in China, you have
to, if you fire a group

of people or you do
something like that, you

have to compensate them and you
didn’t want to pay that compensation.

So you moved to an
office, not sincerely and

you waited for us to quit and then
you moved right back to the city.

That’s what we think happened.

The company’s like, we’re
going to sue you for slander.

That is not what happened.

We moved to the countryside because we had
to and yes, there were no ladies toilets

and you had to walk through wild dogs to
get to them, but that was not on purpose.

That was not part of our plan.

They said rent was high and the
new office was being renovated.

So we temporarily moved
there from where we were before.

Now the employees
were told that the new

location was a headquarters
for at least a year if not more.

So what they’re saying
is like, oh, we knew

this was only going to take a
couple of weeks for renovation.

But the employees are saying,
that’s not what you said to us.

You said, we were going to be working
there for potentially years in China.

If you change location
without employees’

consent, it is actually
a breach of contact.

And so this company is now in trouble.

I don’t have a lot of access to
Chinese news if I’m being honest.

I do want to follow
up in this story and

see if the company
gets in trouble, how much

they get sued for and
stuff, but it’s not going

to be like the eBay thing where
everything’s on the internet and available.

It’s going to be a lot
harder for me to get.

But it seems like the
nature of companies be it

in a capitalist or
communist society is exactly

the same and at the end
of the day, we’re all fucked.

But most importantly of all, don’t
listen to crazy ladies in the park.


Dystopian Terms of Service

I did a story on Temu a few weeks
back and it’s because I had never heard of

Temu it came up as like an advertisement
and it was selling a keyboard and

that’s super super cheap and I was like
that’s got to be weird and I like to try

things to see if the real and I tried
it I didn’t know this was a massive

company it’s actually already a
massive company then I found out that the

people who are essentially the coders
for Temu are also the people who created

an app previously that got delisted
because it was harvesting all your

information and selling it on the web
so I was really weirded out I deleted it.

I’m really torn because if it’s like
a big big massive company is it still

doing these nefarious things yes because
that’s what big big companies do but

it’s weird because if it’s like a group
stealing your information let’s say

like ten guys that seems weirder
and scarier than Amazon stealing your

information but the reason it came up
again is I was a little torn because I was

like if it’s a big company I might have
some protections against it because

the issue really is what kind of
guarantees are in place is the government

oversight because if you have a
little criminal organization like five ten

guys they’re going to take everything
they can and run a company Temu that is

internationally recognized is going to
have a much harder time doing that so

there might be some protections there
so I was like should I try to get as many

deals as I can before they rip me off
so badly and get all my information and

go somewhere else and sell it to someone
you know nefarious I don’t know then

the story came out that they’re suing
shine the shine is a company I had heard

of but I’ve never used so it’s a fast
fashion company I think you can tell from

what’s presented in front of you if you
watch the YouTube video fast fashion is

not my thing I’m into very old fashion
what am I wearing now I’m wearing a

sweater like a hoodie that I don’t
like but it is the problem is that it’s so

comfortable it is the most comfortable
piece of clothing I own so I don’t

really like giant labels and it has a
giant roots label on the chest if that

if it didn’t have that I’d probably
be okay with it but the thing is the

core issue is I actually don’t like the
way it looks but it’s like wearing Jedi

pajamas all day which I’m a big fan
of I’m super comfortable I have an old

champion Henley underneath and a
t-shirt under that and ever last so it’s

just like different sports brands layered
on top of each other and I have a hat

with a slightly racist character
on it so fashion is clearly not my

forte I buy stuff primarily based on
comfort so I’m not the target audience

for shine I had heard that shine was
getting the influencers paying them to

try to make themselves look better
because they had a bad reputation

Temu is suing shine saying that shine
is using intimidation on merchants who

list on both sides so if I have a
product and I listen on Temu and I

listen on shine that shine will come
and try to intimidate me to take it down

from Temu now these are all shit
companies I wouldn’t trust any of these

companies but when they get into
intimidation mafia tactics we are now.

getting into a new stage of capitalism this

interferes with them is business so
shine has also it tried to interfere with

them is business by issuing thousands of
copyright takedowns 63% of the copyright

takedowns on Temu are actually
claims from shine they’ve also claimed that

shine has imprisoned merchants who
list with Temu and confiscated their

devices so basically I’m a merchant I
want to sell some stuff on Temu and

shine maybe Amazon the shine representatives
will be like oh come meet with

us in his office and they’ll lock me in
the office and take away my cell phone

and they don’t want to let me go until
I agree to take all my shit down from

Temu this is the dystopia that fiction
talks about like if you think about all

the science fiction and video games
and stuff what you end up with is two

three four five companies that become
company states and they run everything

and they compete against each other but
then of course it gets to this level where

they have private armies and militaries
and it seems it’s a dystopia thing

they got like ninjas and assassins
and robots and stuff and then they kill

other people but again the police are
useless because they don’t have the

same power as the company state that’s
now in place so you end up working for a

company you work for that company for
the rest of your life until you die that

is I mean this is dystopia you have a
company that is intimidating kidnapping

people to try to get them to stop
working with another company they’re using

tactics that are clearly illegal I’m
wondering how this is going to get

proven though because if this is
actually proven then shy and actually has

people who should go to jail weirdly
because Temu is making the accusations

it makes them seem like the good guy
but like I said when I started I’m pretty

sure the programmers for that are
a group of scam people who actually

like created software that collects
your information and sells it directly to.

you I would even assume shine at
this point shine has then gone back and

accused Temu of getting influencers
to say negative things about shine and to

promote Temu but that was dropped
so it’s not that they didn’t do it it’s

that they couldn’t prove it and then
shine is trying to go public in the US

so this is a big problem because it’s
very hard to go public if you have like

court cases pending they have
labor practice issues copyright merch

controversies but I mean this is all
just the same for Amazon I’m wondering

where it’s gonna end up like you
have Amazon is the dominant online

retailer Temu got my attention
because they sold stuff really cheap the

keyboard that I have right here they
sold it to me for about four dollars now

it’s a thirty forty fifty dollar
keyboard and so they’re selling things at

like ninety percent discount to get
you into their system and that’s where I

realize oh maybe that’s how they
get your information but if they want to

keep their company going they actually
have to make a profit they actually

have to sell and like I said it is a
giant company it’s it’s weird now that we

have giant companies in the Internet
space that I’ve never even heard of like

I had not heard of Temu until a few months
ago and then after I bought something

from them I saw a report on them and
I it keeps popping up because now the

algorithm is caught that I’ve actually
bought something from it keeps popping up in

the algorithm and I get emails from
them and stuff but it was just completely

off the radar for me and I was wondering
is that me am I not connected in that

way anymore shine makes sense
they don’t sell products that I really care

about so there’d be no reason for me
to know about them all I knew is that

there was controversy with labor
practices because that is something I’m

interested in that shows where my
brain is as someone who basically makes.

podcasts and just reads the news all
the time but I’m looking at late stage

capitalism and dystopian novels and
seeing a lot of the stuff they’re talking

about like if they’re actually
physically intimidating people if they’re

actually going so far as to imprison
people in rooms for periods of time we

really are approaching a point
where we need an international police

organization to monitor the behavior
and actions of international companies

because local police won’t be able
to do it but then now we’re getting into

like literal it’s just dystopian we’re
getting into these literal novels where you

have private militaries going at
each other stealing information and.

stuff and it’s it’s at that point where
he’s like is this the world I want to

live in and of course about
10 years ago I realized it wasn’t.

Opera GX has come out with a new version
of their browser which is fine I mean

I use a couple of different browsers
I have one that I use primarily just

personally so like all my regular surfing
stuff is chrome and then I have one

that I keep separate from everything
else so if I ever want to do something

on Twitch on stream or anything and I
want to throw something up I don’t want

there to have any sort of naughty websites
remembered in the in the cookies or

anything so I use a completely different
browser I use Vivaldi for that so if

I ever throw up like a page I’m gonna
do it in Vivaldi and then if I click a

link it comes up in edge I haven’t
changed that yet so I essentially have

three functional browsers on my computer
at any time but Opera GX has always

been one that I’ve used it and then
dropped it and then used it and then

dropped it’s kind of like Firefox I’ll
use it and then drop it and then use it.

then drop it the new one though has
a panic button which I really enjoy this

innovation so if you hit F12 so you’re
let’s say you’re looking at a naughty

naughty website in your mom or dad
comes in the room if you hit F12 it will

mute play back immediately and I’ll
switch to a new window you can pick the

website that it will go to to be your
safe site so you could just pick something

really nice like a CNN news site or
something like that something that would

make your parents happy a study site
something that would be very you know oh

you know he’s looking at how to improve
his language skills he’s looking at.

different courses he could he could
audit at different universities what a

great young man then you hit F12 again
it brings back your penguin porn with the

full sound regaling you instantly the
interesting thing you can do though so

let’s say you’re a parent you’re on
the other side you walk in to your kids

room and you see them hit the keyboard
really quick I have to just walk up and

press F12 and see what comes back up
on the screen if they’re using the Opera

GX browser I do like this as an innovation
though because you should have an

the ability to keep certain stuff sort
of personalized and private and you

should have an emergency escape thing
I used to run a blog when blogging was

relatively popular and you know big
long essays with pictures and stuff and I’d

made a second version of it and what
I did is I skinned it to look like a word

document and I also had it so it would
not load any of the pictures so if you

really wanted to just sit in your
office all day and read my blog you could

actually just click this link on the
main page and it would take you to if you

hit full screen it looked like a full
screen word document it had the ribbon

across the top and then all the text
was loaded into times new Roman as a

document and you could just scroll
down and read all the stuff you didn’t get

the pictures but that’s fine I wasn’t
particularly good at pictures anyways

but I already had the same thought
I’m like there are situations where you

don’t want other people to really
know what you’re doing in this case I

wasn’t doing anything dirty on my
website but it was entertainment and if

you’re in your office you want to read
entertainment I wanted to facilitate that

because I wanted you to have a fun
happy good time at your workplace and I

wanted you to come back to my website
so I’m actually thinking about trying

opera GX not for the panic button
because again I’m now at a stage of my

life where if someone walked in and I
was looking at porn I’d be like excuse me

I’m looking at porn please get out
of my room I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be

particularly ashamed of that I did get
the scam email and it’s the one where

they go we hacked your webcam and
we screen-shotted you while you were

masturbating to porn and then they
always throw in a little joke like you

have good taste or something like
that and it’s funny because even if I

believe they had done that they’d
picked the wrong target of course they

don’t pick the targets they just like
blast out an email to everyone in the

planet I was jokingly telling my wife
about it that I got this email and she

said yeah but if you got that email
and because what they said is if you

don’t pay us whatever one hundred
thousand dollars in Bitcoin send it to

this wallet we’re gonna send everyone
in your Facebook or your links or.

something an image of you masturbating
to porn and my wife went but you

wouldn’t care I was like yeah at this
point in my life if they sent a picture of

me masturbating to porn to everyone I
know like everyone in my my friends list

on various websites I think everyone
knows me would find it just as funny as I

would find it myself so that’s ineffective
because essentially if you want to

shame people you have to attack people
who have shame the last big piece of.

news that I want to talk about because
I’m just trying to again I’ve talked

in the last episode that I haven’t
been very productive with seeming be

initiative Japan kind of runs itself
as long as news is coming out and it

always is I can just gather news and
then talk about it but seeming be I have to

have the ideas or have a new source or
something I heard my knee about a month

ago and it’s meant that I am not
having any creative thoughts I think it’s

Maslow’s pyramid of needs and so
down at the bottom is all your basic needs

and if you want to get intellectual
thought is at the top so basically at the

bottom you have to have food you have
to be able to go to the toilet and you have

to have comfort and then the next one
up is going to be comfort like you have

to have a place to live and be able to
survive and you know wear clothes and be

warm and then you can get to eat good
food and have entertainment and then

get to the next level the next level
on the top level is you can actually take

time to have intellectual thought but
as something goes wrong in your life it

actually drops you down a level so my
knee causing me discomfort means I’m not

thinking about the world I’m thinking
about my knee which actually means injured

people are dumber because not of their
own fault they’re just so focused on the

pain they feel they’re not having any
other thoughts the example that I really

enjoyed was let’s say you were a
member of a peace treaty group so you’re

sitting down you’re trying to get you
have two warring factions and you’re

going to try to get those two warring
factions to sign a peace tree and this is

like lives are on the line and so
you’re in the negotiations and you really

have to poo this is a great example
of what it’s talking about like it doesn’t

matter how smart you are if you are
distracted by a physical need you’re not

going to be able to maintain any
sort of level of physical or intellectual

thought so if you don’t take care of
those base needs first you won’t be able

to achieve that level of intellectual
ability that you’re capable of so

because I haven’t messed up me and
it hurts all the time I’m not capable of

having intellectual thoughts anymore
so I need to pull from the news because

I’m not having any ideas my only idea
is got my knee stiff God my knees hurts

oh geez I wish I could use my knee
again that kind of stuff but the most

recent news I use Twitch I record this
podcast on Twitch I use to capture the

video I capture the video I download
it I edit it I extract the audio make a

podcast that’s the original source take
whatever’s left over which is the video

put that on YouTube in some other
places so you can watch the video edited so

you don’t have to listen to me cough
and sneeze give Dave a little second in.

back there so you can settle down
okay let’s walk Dave’s butt oh he’s pulled

up his his own pillow and he’s trying to
tear it apart because of course what’s

more comfortable than a torn up pillow
just getting his butt right in the screen

good job buddy one no not torn up enough
I’m gonna kill it get two three turns

come on man four oh there you go
finally Dave is my hero okay so the news so

I record this on Twitch and some news
came out on December 13th and they

decided that they wanted to put a
warning essentially on your boobs before

anything sort of sexual was not
allowed but sexual and stuff this is the

problem with porn and art is how
is it defined and it’s very difficult to

define so people don’t know what it is
Twitch allowed people to I mean people

were already pushing the limits I
had watched a couple and I don’t watch

them for any sort of sexual gratification
I just kind of shocked as I just

stare at it it’s very very much like a
car wreck so there was key he got a

kitty and she just puts oil and sparkles
on her boobs and pushes where it’s

like a push of bra and basically does
nothing and then just recently someone

showed me Asian bunny X who has
got a ridiculous body it’s very cartoonish

but I noticed she actually spends a
significant portion of the stream not on

screen so I mean maybe that’s part of
the technique so she’s wearing a string

bikini and everything’s hanging out
but that’s fine as long as it’s rated

for adults well they came out with
a new thing it was sort of a mature

content sexual content kind of
thing they will now allow deliberately

highlighted breasts buttocks and pelvic
regions which means the bikini would be

perfectly acceptable whereas before it
would be up to the content moderators to

decide if this was acceptable or not and
again this is comes down to opinions which

is hard because we’re supposed to be
following rules stuff like that but then

what does that actually mean highlight
can I basically have a black room with a

spotlight on my boobs and the other
thing is they made it the same for art

streams because art streams you
know art is often sexual or has sexualized

themes so they wanted to do that I
actually thought this was a very nice idea

they’re like we want people to be able
to express themselves and then another

person suggests maybe they want to
bid it at only fans money but because they

have no way of tearing out people like
how do you make people make sure that

people are adults like only fans for
all the bad it may be you need to I

think you need a credit card to join
it which means you’re at least an adult

enough to get a credit card or you can
steal it from your parents but that way

at least they are trying to make sure
only adults are in there whereas Twitch

isn’t set up that way like I actually put
my streams on adult because I swear a

lot or I want to feel free to swear
but I’ve had but kids come in like they

come in and they say hey I’m 12
years old and I’m just like kid I actually

don’t think you should be here they
also said erotic dances are okay so

twerking grinding pull dancing but
that was already okay so what erotic was

beyond twerking I don’t actually know
so I’d be interested in actually seeing

with that what I guess they needed
they needed a video with examples which I

never saw and I think that actually might
be a big problem for a lot of rules is

what you really need more than anything
else is examples of the rule so you

can understand what is too much and
what is not enough the too much bits as an

example would actually be really
interesting pre streamers that said the

previous rules were confusing but I
actually think the new rules still are they

said no sex games and no porn but if
you use this tag you won’t be on the

front page anymore so I think that’s
fair so then came the Tsunami of

boobies and it’s not me a boobies meant
that on December 15th they rolled back

what they had already said so it’s
officially too much and rolling back the

artistic nudity changes and I mean oh
my god it was not artistic at all it was

just boobies everywhere the irony being
that over those two days I didn’t even

get a chance to go look around and see
if I could see any boobies I didn’t get to

see any more boobies than I would
normally see on Twitch the comments from

the the company we’re interesting though
much of the content created has been

met with community concerns so
they’re actually saying people who use the

website were the ones who were concerned
about how sexual it had gotten and then

in the art they said AI deep fakes
might be used might be difficult to discern

from real pictures so they’re basically
saying like if we allow people to do

artistic renderings nudity people
will start deep faking celebrities and

stuff and saying look I have this picture
of celebrities the CEO of Twitch said

he didn’t really understand or he
didn’t really believe how realistic AI

art could be the irony for me being that
we have people who go on art streams on

Twitch and they can draw it takes a
long time but they draw photo realistic

pictures so if you ask them to do
something sexual they can do a photo

realistic sexual picture it’s I mean
people have that skill physically if they

have that skill physically that translating
into computer aided or AI art is

going to be actually very easy at that
point a lot a few streamers made fully

nude avatars or overlays with nude
images in them which was already actually

not allowed you’re not supposed to do
that but then of course they’re like we

have to find out what the boundaries
are the only way to find out the

boundaries is to actually like push them
ourselves and test them so a guy drew

Michelangelo Michelangelo
as a peepee and when

he got to that he
actually got a three-day

band for it oh no yeah Michelangelo is
David not Michelangelo Michelangelo was an

old man although he had a peepee too
so I guess at the end of the day if you

drew him naked it would have been the same
result but no he didn’t draw Michelangelo

he drew Michelangelo’s David that being
a famous piece of art is a famous piece of

art acceptable to show on stream apparently
not three-day band so the CEO said

we went too far and then I actually
ended up entering that is don’t be nice to

artists because they’re
always gonna push the

boundaries and see
where they can get away

with which isn’t the right message I
mean it’s just sex cells so much so Asian

Bunny X again she’s not even on stream
and she’ll have like 14 15 16 thousand

peoples sitting there looking at an
empty room waiting for her to come back

that’s his horny kids and I sit there
sometimes I watch it and it’s like a

tragedy because here I am I want to
do something interesting I want to do

something that is maybe informative for
people and yeah you know I get like three

four viewers I get about 800 people
listen to the podcast I’m actually pretty

happy about that to me that is my core
audience which is why the audio should.

always come first but in the same
vein I once got super super disappointed I

went back to Canada to visit and of
course the jet light hit and I couldn’t

sleep so it’s like two o’clock in the
morning ended a TV show on and it’s

reality TV because that’s the only thing
on it like two o’clock in the morning.

again and it is super-sized my pool and
super-sized my pool made me so depressed

because this was a terrible idea for a
TV show but it actually got made into a

TV show whereas if you gave me the same
amount of money to make a production of

Ninja News Japan or Seamick Bee and then
I could hire a couple of writers and we

could work together and we could brainstorm
and have ideas I think I could make

a really good really good informative
show that’s entertaining and a lot of

fun I don’t get to do that because I
don’t have a big pool or boobies that I

can show on screen I don’t know where
that leaves me because intellectually I.

want to I don’t even know what I
want to say intellectually what do I want I

want to be true to myself and so
I want to keep going with hopefully

interesting commentary on different
things but I realized with a fucked up

knee I’d do a lot better if I just had
big boobs I was the wrong song that’s

again sort of the state
of mind I’m working with


I don’t podcast

(upbeat music)

So it seemed to be went on
a bit of an unplanned hiatus

and primarily because
I didn’t have any ideas.

And I realized like, to have ideas,
you have to have free mental space.

So at the beginning of
the month, I hurt my knee.

It just filled up with water.

I did a judo practice.

I didn’t injure it.

It just filled up with water.

I went to a doctor.

And he drained the knee
and he put in some stuff.

He said, come back in two weeks
and he put in some more stuff.

And then it still hurts.

I still basically limbs.

So I’ve been limping for a month.

That takes up a lot of mental
energy, puts you in a bad mood.

So I thought, what I did is I collected
a whole bunch of random thoughts.

None of these really
long enough to be an

episode, but then I
thought, I’ll want all to do.

Sit down, talk them through,
record them, see what happens.

Maybe there’s an
episode, maybe there isn’t.

I used to do episodes called randomitis.

And that was just, yeah,
bunch of five minute clips

that didn’t amount to
an episode on its own.

They generally weren’t
connected thematically.

But actually since I just
talked about a doctor,

I live in Japan, anyone
who’s watched any of the

episodes and listened to
any episodes knows that,

I’ve been in Japan for about 20 years.

One of the more interesting
things about Japan,

I’ve had a very positive
experience with doctors in Japan.

I got sick two years ago, I was in
the hospital, my doctor was excellent.

Because of the nationalized
healthcare system,

I didn’t pay that much money
because I had insurance.

I actually got money back.

I literally was out of work for a month

and made a profit because I had
employment insurance that I pay for.

So salary insurance, I
don’t know what you’d call it,

but basically I’d insured myself
or if I get sick and lose my salary,

this insurance will cover
that salary plus a little extra.

I had insurance for the sickness.

So I got that money and that
covered all the medical expenses.

So I basically made
a profit off being sick.

Now, I would rather have
not been sick, but such is life.

Since I was put in the hospital,
I didn’t get to choose my doctor.

In Japan, you run into
this problem regularly

because you have to
find the right doctor.

So I now have a knee injury
and knee problem and I’m old.

So I’m thinking I have two choices.

I can go to an arthritis doctor
’cause I’m an older person

and arthritis doctors must
deal with old people’s knees

all the time or I can go to a
sports doctor because it happened

right after exercise, which
I still try to do regularly.

So maybe they’ll understand better.

In the area where I live, lots of old
people, therefore lots of arthritis clinics.

In the city, just about an hour
in some away, but it’s a big city.

They have more hospitals,
which was they had a sports clinic.

So I went to the very,
very local clinic first.

He was actually the first guy
who saw me when I got sick now.

I pulled up my pants
so he could see my knee.

It was all swollen and full of water

and he kind of poked it
a little bit and he goes,

“Hmm, let’s wait and
see what happens.

” Which is 100% what
I didn’t want to do.

I very much wanted
to take care of this right

away so I could get
to the healing process

so I could get better so I
could get back to exercise.

Then I was talking, so
now I’m in the dilemma.

I have to pick a clinic not
knowing the quality of the doctor.

I don’t know if they’re
even the right person

because I have to make the choice.

Really, I wanted that
first doctor to recommend

a knee specialist or
someone that I should go to

to get my knee checks.

And he didn’t, he’s like,
“Wait and come back.”.

And I was like, “I gave
you 1,000 yen or 700 yen

“or whatever it is to just
go in and talk to the doctor.

“Did you get any medicine or anything?”

And then I’m like, “Okay,
well, that’s not what I want.”.

I was thinking the old people’s doctors

might be a good choice
because as I get older,

I’m more likely to end
up in there anyways.

And the lifestyle I have chosen for myself
having done Judo for the last 40 years.

I assume arthritis is just on the docket.

Like, it’s probably in there already.

I just don’t suffer from it.

Or I’ve gotten so accustomed to pain.

And this very much might be true.

That I’ve gotten so accustomed to
pain that I just kind of ignore the pain.

Which brings up a weird study I read.

There’s two.

One, and it was about certain demographics
and how they handle pain and I, Irish.

It turns out gingers are
more sensitive to pain,

but then Irish people
are less sensitive to pain.

Which doesn’t make sense because
a lot of Irish people are gingers.

I am certainly on
the ginger spectrum.

I was like, well, I don’t think, maybe I
was sensitive to pain when I was young,

but again, I’ve endured so
much pain over the course

of my life doing Judo,
getting injured all the time.

That maybe I’ve just
grown accustomed to it.

But when they, what they did is they stick
your hand in super cold water, it hurts.

And they see which
demographic could hold in longest.

Irish people held out a very long
time compared to other groups.

And they said to them, what do
you do, like when it starts to hurt?

And then the Irish people all pretty
much universally said, I just ignore it.

So I just ignore my feelings.

I just ignore the feelings I’m having,

which to me was like, that’s a
very Irish answer to the problem.

And not to be even stereotypical, but
that is how I handle a lot of problems.

The problem comes up
and I’m essentially like,

I’m just gonna ignore that
and it’ll go away eventually.

That’s how I’m gonna deal with that.

There was also another study
with the same thing with pain.

And if you swear, you can last longer.

So if you put your hand in
ice cold water and you say,

oh gosh darn it, you have to pull
your hand out ’cause it hurts more.

If you put your hand in a hot water and
you go, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

And you say really bad words,
you can hold your hand there longer.

So there’s almost like a release
of some sort when you swear.

The funny thing was, the swear you
made had to be taboo to you socially.

So let’s say I drop F bombs all the time,

the impact of the F bomb is less for me.

So if I stick my hand
in the super cold water

and I drop an F bomb,
it will be actually be less

impactful than someone
who doesn’t swear very often

because it’s more of a, I
guess, shock to the system.

So you have to find a
word that you feel is taboo

that you should not say
and then use that word

when you put your hand
if you wanna endure pain.

Or you could just be Irish and ignore it

and just suffer, I guess,
I guess it’s just suffering.

You just allow the suffering to
happen because life is suffering.

It’s a very Buddhist
philosophy when we really think

you can get down to
sort of the core issues.

But I decided to go with a sports doctor

because this was immediately
following a sports injury

and what I really, really wanted
more than anything else was steroids.

I wanted my need to
be injected with steroids.

And I was pretty sure
the arthritis doctors,

they might have some other solution they
inject, but then it’s not gonna be steroids.

I don’t think it’s gonna go drop straight
to steroids where I was like, oh, a doctor,

if I can tell him like, I’m
not competitive anymore.

So, you know, I don’t have
to worry about steroids

showing up in my pee,
give me some steroids.

So I went to the doctor, I
did make the right choice.

I think he was very good.

He sent me to an MRI.

Now an MRI is a very expensive
process in other countries.

But as I said, a socialized
healthcare, very good deal.

I actually went to the
MRI place the next week.

And they were like, okay, we’ll sit down.

All right, are you wearing anything metal?

Do you have any like, do you
have a brace on or anything?

And I was like, no, no, no, no, no.

Do you have any feelings?

I was like, I didn’t think about that.

I don’t think so.

I actually had all my
metal feelings taken

out and replaced with
ceramic a long time ago.

So I was okay there.

So they put me in the MRI.

MRI, they like, a lot of
people get freaked out.

You’re in a tube and it’s very
noisy and it’s very uncomfortable.

I think I’ve now hit this peak
point of any time alone is good time.

So I actually for the last like five
minutes ’cause it’s a 20, 30 minute process.

He said, at least he’s gonna take about 20,
30 minutes when he put me in the machine.

For the last five minutes, apparently
I fell asleep, which I thought was okay.

So it’s going, good, don’t, good, don’t.

But I’m like, oh, there’s no kids around.

No one’s bugging me.

This is quite nice and then I drift it off.

So they did an MRI and then I
walked out and I got ready to pay.

I got my health insurance card
out and stuff and I go to pain.

She’s like, no.

And because it’s arranged through the
clinic, it just becomes part of that process.

So I went to the back to the clinic.

I paid for an MRI, 6,000 yen,
which is probably like $50 American.

And that is, I know MRIs are expensive.

The interesting part about the MRI, building
itself, it was about four stories high.

And two of those stories, I believe,
were just rooms of MRI machines.

And they were just, you know, Ford Motor
Company, the original Model T assembly line,

running people through
MRI machines all the time.

They must be making so much bank.

And it makes sense.

Like if you are rich enough to put
together, let’s say 10, 15 MRI machines

and then hire the staff to just run them
all the time, you’re making so much money.

‘Cause the government’s
paying 70% of it anyways.

And you just make it as
convenient and fast as possible.

I had a good experience.

Go back to the doctor the next day,
given my MRI results, he stresses me out.

So he starts going through this.

And it’s like layers of your knee
and he goes, Oh, here’s an abnormality.

Here’s an abnormality.

Oh, this is not normal.

This is not normal.

Here’s an aberration.

Here’s an abnormality.

Here’s a bone spur.

Here’s an aberrant.

Five minutes, no exaggeration.

He’s saying here’s an abnormality.

And I’m getting, each time he
says it, I’m like, steal yourself.

He’s gonna say knee surgery.

Okay, knee surgery is coming.

This is, again, like arthritis, probably an
inevitability on the timeline of my life.

If I try to continue doing judo from
now until I am no longer functional,

five minutes straight of him
saying, here’s an abnormality.

And then he looks at me, he
goes better than I expected.

So I guess because I’ve
never had surgery on my knee,

everything’s technically
in the right place.

It’s just clearly been beat up.

He was like, Oh, you
know, yeah, there’s lots

of, it’s really jagged,
nothing smooth anymore,

but it all works and
it’s all in the right place.

So a way to go you.

And I was like, Okay,
so then he put another

needle in with some
more solution of some sort.

And then he gave me
some sort of exercises to do.

He told me not to stand up too much,

but, you know, I have one
or two teaching days a week.

You have to stand up
at the front of the class.

There’s no way you can avoid it.

Still limping, so I’m going back next week.

And I’m gonna say, so
he’s had two needles in

with some kind of solution,
which I think was to

make sure it didn’t like
the water that’s in there,

it didn’t clump up or anything.

And I’m gonna just start
whispering to him, sort of

a subliminal advertised,
just go, steroids, steroids.

I want my need to have a right rage.

I want steroids, give me steroids.

And then hopefully, ’cause he said himself,

if I give you steroids,
it’ll probably be healed

in a week, but there
might be side effects.

And I’m like, dude,
at this point in my life,

I’m not particularly
concerned about side effects.

I might even find them entertaining.

So that is essentially
what set me on this

hiatus of see me be
going silent for a while.

And it was because I, you get so
self-absorbed, you’re suffer so much pain.

I can’t think of anything to talk about.

I don’t have any view on current issues
because you become more self-absorbed.

I’m more worried about myself.

So the only thing I could
talk about was myself,

and I was like, no
one wants to hear that.

But also, if you stop long enough, you
don’t get back into the habit of doing it.

That’s what I today is.

Today is me forcing myself to
get back on it and do it again.

So I don’t lose that part and just end up

shutting down Seeming
Bee, ’cause I hate one.

This is like a podcast, just go silent.

But yes, so now we are going to dive
deep into randomitis and see what goes.

So I was talking to a friend of mine, whoa.

  • So you became a
    Republican temporarily, got it.
  • Oh, I wasn’t ready for that.

I think the fact that I
was still very pro-social

services, maybe I
haven’t gotten that far.

I could say, I probably went
further right than I am normally.

I am a liberal Canadian.

A liberal Canadian is probably in America.

The most socialist devil you’ve ever seen.

But yeah, maybe.

So I was talking to
a friend of mine, Mr.

warm hands, we talked almost every
day because we play video games

together and he brought up the question
and it apparently come up on Reddit.

And it was, if you commit a crime,
that crime will never happen again.

And so of course, people all
like, if I rape someone, then rape

will no longer happen in all
the remainder of human history.

If I murder someone,
murder will no longer

happen in all of the
remainder of human history.

And of course, everyone
starts thinking about

the most atrocious crimes
that can be committed.

And then talking
essentially about the morality

of if I do it to one person,
but that saves millions

of people going forward,
is that not worth it?

Could I bring myself to do it?

I think that’s the conversation
they’re trying to have.

It’s essentially a morality
one of am I willing to sacrifice

my morality for a moment in
order to save people down the line.

I immediately had the
thought in a different

direction because this is,
to me, the Batman problem.

‘Cause Batman is very rich
guy and he dresses up in his suit

and he goes around and
someone snatches a perch.

He finds someone who snatches a purse

and then he beats him up
and he gives the purse back,

but he doesn’t really
solve the core issues.

So I was, my first thought was
like, what you should actually do.

I had murder a pedophile if it
meant no more murder ever.

No problem.

So, Jade, I’d murder a pedophile if it
meant no more murder ever, no problem.

I actually understand.

So what you’re saying is
you find the right victim to

commit a crime to or on and
then that would stop murder.

But I was thinking of like,
really, you could create a more

systemic system because why
doesn’t Batman use his money

to uplift society,
Gotham City in particular?

And I was like, what I
should do is go into corporate

America and commit
corporate crimes, tax fraud.

So then all these corporations
suddenly start having

to pay their taxes, go into politics
and start committing political crimes,

like take bribes and stuff, so that all
these politicians suddenly become honest.

And then if you have honest
politicians and honest companies,

I think the fundamental base of society,
again, this is very socialist kind of way

of thinking on my part, would be lifted up

because money would
go into social programs.

Taxes would get paid.

That money would be
available for all those things.

Then, perhaps there would be
less murderers overall anyways

because now people are not in a
situation where they lose everything.

They’re not in a situation
where they become desperate.

I guess I assumed I’d go to jail.

I guess I assumed I’d go to jail.

That actually is a good secondary
question because if you go to jail,

then you can’t continue
to commit the crimes.

You have to actually plan out
the crimes very, very well at first.

But as we know, corporate
criminals don’t tend to go to jail.

So that’s almost even like a double whammy.

Like not only can I commit these crimes,

I can probably commit these
crimes and get away with them.

Commit these crimes and get
away with them and increase.

Like what I’m thinking is like
the tide that lifts up everyone.

And then as you get, so now you’ve fixed,
let’s say a fundamental aspect of society,

then you could go commit
the more visceral crimes.

I think the question
originally, people naturally

focus on the visceral
because they have to feel it.

But my first thought was like,

well, what would create the
largest benefit the most quickly?

And murder isn’t actually it
because if we’re being really honest,

there’s a relatively low
amount of murders in the world.

And as we’ve moved forward in society,

the number of murders
and crimes is going down.

I know news makes it
seem like it’s going up all

the time and you should
be afraid all the time.

But realistically, that’s not actually
what’s happening statistically in the world.

So what we need is to
have the world improve.

And if we can improve the world, then
the natural increase in social welfare

will be another natural
decrease to violent crime.

And then, sure, when I get to my old,

when I get to, after I’ve done all this
other work, I’ve done the social work,

I’ve done the political work, I’ve done
the industrial work, that kind of stuff.

‘Cause yeah, I would go
and dump some chemicals.

And then if that never happens again,
’cause that’s essentially your crime,

then these companies can’t dump their
chemicals improperly, I could go join a company

and then just commit a
couple of environmental crimes.

Now people are actually
probably gonna have to take care

of the environment because
they have to do it properly.

I would commit all of
those as quickly as possible.

And again, probably no jail time.

Just be BP is a very
good way of looking at it.

BP probably has an
invertantly committed murder.

‘Cause if you’re dumping
chemicals and it kills someone,

that’s murder, and then
you could actually, again,

commit a murder without
actually the visceral

part and get away
with it and not go to jail.

So you can keep committing
these social pro crimes,

which is weirdly what
I’m gonna be calling it.

And then overall, the
crux of society improves.

So I’ve been streaming for a long time.

I’m not particularly popular,
but I’m okay with that

because I actually stream
primarily to capture video.

So people come in and there’s
a very common thing on Twitch

and it’s trolls or scams.

Eventually, you’d be known as
the last guy to do all these crimes.

That’s an interesting point
because historically speaking,

would they realize this guy committed these
crimes and then it never happened again.

So there was a
connection or would they be

like, this guy is so
horrible and horrifying

that society at large changed
because he was so awful.

Like you wouldn’t be seen
as the hero or would you?

‘Cause again, if someone figured
out, oh, this guy commits that crime.

This guy does this thing and
that doesn’t happen anymore.

Like all of society changes.

They might realize you were doing it
on purpose or trying to improve society.

But let’s talk about Twitch.

You get a lot of people with scams.

And the first one I experienced was
the guy who wants to help you grow.

And what they do is they
talk to you in this really buddy

buddy way, which I really
already very off-putting for me.

And what they say is like,
I’ll get you more viewers.

And what they probably
do are just get some bots

and get those to join in after
you give them some money.

I got attacked by bots once.

And I got like 2,000
subs in like two minutes.

It was ridiculous.

But I’ve tried to figure out different ways

to handle these so that it’s
still entertaining for myself.

So I put in my rules.

If you try to sell me a
service, I just ban you.

But that’s actually
too easy and too boring.

So then I started talking to them and
they would always ask, what’s your goal?

So they go, hey buddy, may I ask
you, have you reached affiliate yet?

I’m like, yes, yes, I
have reached affiliate.

And they go, so your next goal is partner.

And then you go, no.

Because they are banking on you
want to make streaming your job.

They want to bank on you are
desperate to become a famous streamer.

And you need that audience.

And this is your dream.

And they can help you
make your dream come true.

That’s how scams work.

They feed on your deeper
desires and dreams and wants.

So when I say no, I do not want
to become a partner, they ask why.

And I say, oh, I use Twitch primarily
to capture video for my podcast.

And then they go, oh, but
if you have a bigger Twitch

audience, you’ll have a
bigger podcast audience.

I go, oh, my podcast is huge.

So I don’t need a bigger audience.

I actually don’t want a bigger audience.

And I don’t want that much chat
because I don’t want to be distracted.

And then they have nowhere
to go because since your dream

doesn’t align with their,
with they assume your goal is,

they have no more thing they
can try to dangle no, no carrot.

They can try to put in front of
you to get you to give the money.

So that worked.

I essentially was saying
my goal is not to grow.

And then they would
have nothing to work with.

And they would just give up.

Then I started doing
the denial that I stream.

And this could actually
happen in chat in real time.

So I was playing a game.

And someone came in and says,
hey, buddy, can I sell you something?

Or do you want more followers
or all this stuff like that?

And then I would just look at
the chat and go, I don’t stream.

And then they have to go
through the mental dissonance

of trying to convince me that I’m
doing the thing I’m actually doing.

So they’d go, yeah, you are.

You’re streaming right now.

And you just look at it
and go, no, I don’t stream.

And they go, well, then
how am I talking to you?

You’re talking to me through
the chat while you’re streaming.

Oh, no, I don’t stream.

Well, how am I seeing the
game you’re playing? I don’t know.

I guess on the computer.

Yeah, because you’re streaming.

Oh, no, I don’t stream.

And I just would hold
on to the I don’t stream.

And the frustration as–
because they now have to choose,

do I spend my time trying to convince
this guy that he is actually streaming?

Is he such an idiot?

He doesn’t realize what streaming is.

Or do I just give up?

I actually had one where
the guy was doing it.

And he was like, no, I went– he
sent me a link to my own stream.


I bring my perspective to the world.

I don’t stream.

And he dropped that into the chat.

And my viewer at the time
only had a couple of viewers

at the time, they started
adding into the chat.

He doesn’t stream.

He doesn’t stream.

And then we just repeated that.

Jay just put in the chat, I bring
my perspective to the world.

I don’t stream.

That’s actually pretty nice phrase.

I might actually make that
my tagline from now on.

Then recently– so I’ve done
that one a couple of times.

I think that might be
the most entertaining one.

But there’s one more I want to try.

I was joking around with a friend.

And he actually suggested this.

I’m going to try this next time
where they go, oh, your viewer–

your content is so good because
they have to try to build you up.

Your content is so good.

Why do you think your
viewer numbers are so low?

And then I’m going to agree with them.

I’m going to go, yeah, my
viewer numbers are really low.

I suck at streaming.

I’m going to quit.

And they go, no, no, you shouldn’t quit.

This is my prediction now.

You shouldn’t quit.

You should keep doing or do my system
or whatever and you go, no, you’re right.

I’m going to quit.

And then just hold on to that.

I’m going to quit and see what they say.

I don’t know if that
one’s going to be worked.

But I do like, personally,
the denial of doing the thing

I’m literally doing right
in front of you right now

as a tactic to stop these
guys or waste their time.

But I think the one that’s most
entertaining for me is the, I don’t stream.

So I think that might be going forward,
at least for the next little while,

it’s like I’m up with a new
idea how I handle these guys.

You try to sell me services
or try to sell me followers.

So there is a company
in Korea called Pputi.

So it’s P-P-U-R-I, so I’m
assuming it’s Pputi or Pputi.

Being Korean, I bet it’s Pputi.

And there’s been a scandal recently.

And it turns out that one of
the key framers or animators.

is a feminist. And all my, what she
did is what, I think a lot of animators do.

She threw in messandrous
gestures into the animation.

Now, I didn’t know what this gesture was.

Apparently, this is a Korean thing.

So this is why it was kind
of exciting for me to learn

about another culture, another
aspect of another society.

There is a forum called Magellian.

I think I’m saying right
that it’s not Mega Leon.

It’s Magellian, I think.

And we support Magellian, your
change is what’s on the screen right now.

And there is a hand.

And the hand is doing a gesture.

As if you were measuring
something very small.

You could say, oh, it’s
only a couple of centimeters.

It’s only an inch.

You would put your hands up.

And you’d make like a little duck.

That is the hand gesture.

Apparently, this hand gesture
in Korean is actually small penis.

And these feminists are
using it to attack men.

And so this animator, this key artist,
for the anime was Dungeon and Fighter,

Dungeon and Fighter
Mobile and Blue Archive.

In almost individual frames,
this artist, this animator

has been putting in these gestures.

So I don’t think it’s this one.

So right now there’s a big purple guy.

He has two hands up.

But I think this one here, his right
hand is doing the pinching gesture.

And then right here, there’s
another picture from maybe

a different anime where he’s
also doing the pinching animation.

So this company now has
to go through all their anime

and scrub through
individual frames trying to

find the pinching gesture
to try to take them out.

So Studio Pupuri, I would really
like to learn how to say that.

So Studio Pupuri has
been deleting all tainted

videos after combing
through their catalog.

And he showed an apology
for the feminist hand gestures

saying that the key animator
who was called into question

for being a feminist will no
longer work on their videos.

Which I really enjoy this because men have
been doing this kind of stuff for years.

And here’s an opportunity.

I don’t, I guess, if a guy did it
and got caught, he would get fired.

So if a girl doesn’t, she gets caught.

She should probably be fired too.

But I don’t know.

Somehow the feminist fighting
back in the exact same way

has really entertaining to me.

Here’s this hands being circled, the hands
being circled, the hands being circled.

So like these characters
all are pinching their

fingers, it’s really hard
to see on the screen.

That’s hardly worth doing.

So I’m interested to see where this goes
and how much of this happens in the future.

If you are watching anime of any sort

and that anime has animation
that comes from Korea,

something you’d be on the
lookout for is a small pinching thing.

And you will now be seeing
that you will now know

you’ll have a better idea that what you
are seeing is some misandrist gestures.

Did I say that right?


I think I get that wrong all the time.


It’s because we don’t use that
word enough ’cause it doesn’t happen.



I should practice that.


Because I’m now going to do
my Andrew Tate style podcast

where I attack women and
talk about their misandrist.

But weirdly, I honestly quite like this.

I think it’s because the
animator is essentially

because the primary audience
of anime I think cliche-wise

is the nerdy guys.

And that’s who she’s like
attacking and making fun of.

She’s literally taking the thing
they love and putting this in it.

And again, it’s a couple frames.

They’re not really going to see it.

But she’s kind of like
doing a little shout at them.

I’ll be interested to see where this goes.

So I’m actually going to follow this story

as much as I can and
see where this ends up.

All right, and this is going
to be the final story for today.

And it was the Sailor Moon
anime director Kunihiko Ikuata

has received multiple
emails from a woman claiming

that Sword Art online and Sailor Moon were
both her concepts and they were stolen.

And this is actually a
story that has come up

a couple times in Japan.

There’s the kill any.

So what happened was this
guy said, I made this story.

You stole this story
and you used this story

yourself and you didn’t
get made in credit.

So he went to the kill on his studio.

This is a couple of years ago.

And he basically lit it on fire
and killed a bunch of people.

He’s on trial right now.

He has shown no remorse
because all he does when

they say, like, do you feel
bad about killing people?

He’ll say, like, do they feel
bad about stealing my ideas?

Do they feel bad about
not paying me the money

I deserve for having
come up with this idea?

This is something I talked about
on Ninja News Japan a little bit.

And it was primarily because
the fundamental concept

as an idea is very broad.

So we have giant anime
robot and it has to fight

other giant anime robot
from a different planet.

We have girl who transforms into a hero

and fights monsters but has
to keep her identity secret.

These are not original ideas.

Where the artist take them to, hopefully,

is original, that was
what would make an anime

special or interesting
or something like that.

But realistically speaking, the
overall concepts are very broad.

I tried to come up with an original
idea from Montana, El Diablo.

And what I actually did was I’m
going to take a lot of the tropes

and throw them into a
choose your own adventure

and then tried to make
each decision go off

on such a weird tangent,
go so far into left field

that every decision
had a significant impact.

But also it would maintain a
certain amount of originality.

But honestly the fundamental
ideas I came up with

and used in broad strokes
all had been done before.

And someone else could
have claimed very easily

that they were their ideas.

And this is what the
director is talking about.

So Sword Art Online creator
Reiki Kawahata discussed on Twitter

just how hard it is to conclusively
prove the originality of one’s work.

So a long while back, this is the message

that they posted on Twitter
translated into English.

A long while back, I received a message

from someone claiming
they were the original author

for Sao Sword Art Online.

But they weren’t angry, they
were more confused on why

their original work was
published without their realization.

And I had no idea how to deal with them.

Because probably they
had either written this down

or sent in something but that
thing they sent in got ignored.

I did an internship at a publishing
company at the end of my university career.

And the publishing company
I interned at only did poetry.

And we received 30 to 40
manuscripts of novels every single day.

Because people don’t think
about what they’re doing.

They’re just like, I’m going to
scatter shot, send it to everyone.

This was pre-Internet, really.

Like I had the Internet existed and stuff.

But if you’re going to send a book,

you still sent a physical
chapter with a cover letter

and a self-addressed stamped
envelope and all that other stuff with it.

So it would have been very easy for me.

Let’s say to pick up some of those stories

and use those stories and create my
own version that would then be my book.

And then am I stealing that story?

Am I using it as inspiration?

Am I using the tropes
they use to create my own?

Have I just not even read it?

Because half of them
went straight to a garbage.

Like because we didn’t publish novels,

we didn’t want to spend
time looking at chapters of

novels to give any sort
of feedback to the author.

So we often just sent a form letter back
that said, this is not what we publish.

But then if we did come
up with something similar

to what they had sent in
previously, the accusation

that we’d stolen it would
have been valid in some way.

And so I thought then
from an objective standpoint,

it’s surprisingly not
that simple to prove

that you are the creator, creative
rights holder to your own work.

Of course, you can register
your copyright with a government,

but that doesn’t prove that
you are the creative rights holder.

So they’re saying, like, you can
register your brand or your characters.

But that doesn’t actually
mean you came up with them.

If someone started a lawsuit with
me saying that Sao is a stolen artwork,

I can show my 2002 home page
to easily testify to the history,

but proving the work itself is original

takes quite a bit of
documentation and effort.

If only there were
some sort of certificate,

like a patent is what I think
sometimes, but if such a system existed,

it would be misused in
its own manner as well.

But this sort of trouble seems like
it’ll only increase and not decrease.

So I hope that there will be a measure.

So I hope that there will
be measures implemented

in the future to reduce
the amount of work

and stress for creator, that’s all.

And as someone who, like, again, I
did try to do my own original works.

I published a children’s
book a little while ago.

I’m starting to work
on Montana, L.D.A.B.O.2.

I’m trying to do creative stuff.

The idea that someone could come
in and then accuse me of stealing it,

even though I’ve never
seen any of the ideas,

is problematic because you do have
to take the time to defend yourself.

And this is someone,
like the creative director

of a large franchise
who works for a company,

so everything’s documented,
everything’s clearly

legitimate, still has to
have those thoughts.

And the kill anything where
some guy just lost his mind

and decided to commit violence towards other
people because of this perceived slight.

I mean, that is also
something they probably have

to worry about and you
have to increase security.

But since what we’re talking
about is original art works,

please go to Amazon and
get the not very scary monster

by Peter Martin and you will
have at least three minutes of joy.

Let’s look at some of the artwork.

I didn’t do the art by Christine Hall.

It was very beautiful.

You can see that on the cover.

That’s the character.

Me being me, the character’s name is Doug.

And let’s just get all probably
one of my favorite pictures.

The monster leader.

She did a great job with that.

The monster leader is
one sexy, sexy monster.

Doug scared everybody in the city so
well, the monster leader was impressed.

Is that a spoiler? I don’t know.

You’ll have to pick
up the book to find out.

Montanel diablo two.

Written like four pages, five pages.

It’s more of a structural
thing at the beginning

when you do a choose
your own adventure.

So that might be a year
if not longer in the making.

So that might be something
to look forward to in 2025.

I am currently
planning over the winter

vacation to transcribe
the first Montanel diablo

and make a physical book that
you could then hold and read.

We’ll see how that works out.

But I have no idea how
long that’s gonna take.

So this is the problem with wanting
to make 50 projects at the same time.

It’s never ending.

What have I done lately?

I just released a movie channel on YouTube.

This is Seamick B IMDB.

This is my latest project.

There’s actually three videos
gonna pop up there soon.

Basically, I’m watching
old primarily Kung Fu

movies, but any sort of
action movie or something

from when the 70s, 80s, 90s,
and I’m making fun of them.

So if that seems like it’s up
your way, feel free to take a look.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

Sub Horror


Okay, what kind of set me off is the
story about a guy named Brandon Jackson.

It set me down a
rabbit hole of the horror

that is going to be the
capitalist landscape we live in.

He’s a software engineer
and his whole house

is rigged up to Alexa, Siri,
Amazon, all these services.

So he can lock his doors, he turns on his
heat, he can control his lights, everything

you can do, and being
a software engineer,

being someone who’s
interested in this, he’s

gone way further than the
average person would go.

Then Amazon decided to just
block him out of all his services.

And so now his
devices don’t work, which

means he can’t change
the heat in his house,

he can’t open and close
his door, he can’t turn

on and turn off the lights, because everything
has been rigged up to be a smart home.

What he realizes in that
moment is he doesn’t

actually own any of
the things any of the

services he’s paid for, he
doesn’t actually own any of them.

The reason this happened
was that an Amazon driver

came to his house, claimed
he was racist and then left.

And the claim from the
driver was enough for

Amazon to react and
say, okay, well, if this

is a racist person, we
don’t agree with that

philosophically, we’re going
to shut off all his services.

Now of note is that Brandon
Jackson is a black man.

And that’s not to say
he can’t be racist, but

it is honestly less
likely in this situation.

But really the proof is he
wasn’t present during the event.

So he has an automatic
doorbell, everything’s automated.

So when the delivery
driver rang the doorbell,

the doorbell responded,
now it wasn’t program

to say anything racist,
but we actually have

seen AI and chat and
stuff go racist real quick.

So that’s actually maybe a
question that could be asked.

But his point was if you bought
something, you should own it.

So he’s paid for these devices.

Has made it so that
they have control over it.

They can take it away
from you whenever they

want anything that is
connected to the cloud,

you do not own Alexis
terms of service says

that Amazon can terminate
access without notice.

So basically for any reason Amazon
wants, they can shut off your Alexa.

Now I don’t use smart
devices in my house very

much and people were
like being accusatory

towards him like, well,
this is what happens.

If you rely on the cloud for everything,
it can be taken away from you.

But he’s living in the future.

Like it’s not really right to say he sort
of got what he deserved when all he did was

employ all the tools available
to him as effectively as possible.

Thing that bugged me was
it’s Amazon deciding your fate.

So Jackson had to hand over
video to prove his innocence

that he wasn’t being
racist to this delivery driver.

The issue right there is
that Amazon is not a judiciary.

It’s not the police.

It’s not an authority.

It’s a company.

Should you have to
prove your innocence to a

company to maintain the
service that you’ve paid for?

And this goes also to write to repair.

So there’s a lot of companies
are fighting this right now.

Apple, John Deere at the forefront.

There’s an interesting note about
Scientology that will come up in a minute.

Amazon, Amazon sells
you a lot of products, but

they don’t have control
over those products.

Let’s say, but Amazon has
cracked down on right to

repair video channels and
remove their affiliate status.

Apple quite famously
has forced obsolescence.

They’ve been proven that they
slowed down their older phones

that they’ve messed up the
battery so they don’t last as long.

They’ve done this stuff on purpose to
make sure that people will buy a new phone.

If I pay $1,000 for a phone
and I want to use it for the next

decade, that should be my
choice as the owner of the phone.

If it breaks, I should
be able to repair it.

That’s sort of a philosophical divide
between most people and Apple.

Apple wants you to spend
more money with Apple.

That’s why almost
every problem with an

Apple device can’t be repaired
in its cheaper to buy a new one.

Since we’re shitting on Amazon,
I actually have another note.

They had an algorithm
and they called it Nessie.

I don’t know if that’s cute or not.

Nessie would automatically raise
the prices of certain products,

maybe products sold at other
competing companies, like Target.

If Target then raised
their prices in response

to Amazon raising their prices,
Nessie would leave those alone.

If Target did not
respond, did not raise their

prices to Matt Amazon’s, then Nessie would
put the price back where it was before

because there would
be no competitive value.

It was way too artificially
inflated the prices

of things to see where
the upper limit was to

be able to see how much you can
squeeze out of every purchase made.

If Nessie was let
loose on the entirety of

Amazon, you know you would be
paying the maximum price possible.

It actually would make
more sense to not shop

in Amazon because you
know they’re charging

you the maximum, whereas
maybe you can get a

better deal elsewhere,
but Nessie was checking

those other websites
to try to get the price

at its upper limit without
losing a competitive advantage.

It was stopped in 2019
and was under investigation,

but you have actually agreed that this is
okay if you sign their terms and services.

So if you join Amazon,
you automatically agree

to their terms and services and them using
Nessie on you is perfectly acceptable.

The FTC is calling
Amazon an illegal monopoly

at the moment, but I
have a self published

book on there called The
Not Very Scary Monster.

So she buy that book and
then never use Amazon again.

You should actually
probably buy multiple

copies in case you
destroy one of the original

ones, The Not Very Scary Monster
by Peter Martin, Art by Christine Hall.

The other big players in this
are Apple and John Deere.

Now John Deere is
always a surprise because

you think of people who create farm equipment
as you know, farmer friendly operators.

They understand the
necessity for the farmer.

They understand how
hard a farmer has to live.

They didn’t want farmers going
in and fixing their own tractors.

They wanted that extra
money if you having

to bring it in to a
dealership and have like

an official dealer fix it and
nobody else touched the insides.

They only want trained texts
to repair their own machines.

The bit I found
interesting about this is

the same line that the Church of Scientology
has taken when talking about e-meters.

The electro-psycho meter
is like this joystick thing.

You hold two hands
and it shoots electricity

through it and it’s
supposed to check your

thetons, basically to
see how clear you are.

If you’re very clear, I guess
you’re a happier person.

If you’re not very clear, well you
have to do more Scientology stuff.

I don’t know enough about
the rituals of Scientology.

I did read the Dianetics
book when I was in high school.

I did do one of their personality
tests when I was drunk once.

I did not join.

They actually took the wrong tack
with me which I found very interesting.

I said I wanted to be an author and then
the guy who was doing the interview with me

says, “Oh, you know, Elron Hubbard
published hundreds of books.”

My first thought was
like a really, really good

author publishes
about 10 in their lifetime

because they spend years working
on a book before it comes out.

You saying that he
published hundreds of

books, my first thought was,
“Are any of them any good?”

I had seen that movie Battlefield Earth so
I was pretty sure they were not very good.

The license, if you buy
an e-meter, the license

agreement is void if it’s opened software
updates so it does connect to the Internet.

You have to log into a website.

You have to be a
member of the Church of

Scientology to even
update the software on your

e-meter to make sure that you’re
getting Max value for your thetons.

It’s going into
everything is now a paid

service and these
companies are trying really

hard to just squeeze every
bit of money out of you.

We’re now in a new
age of paid social media.

This started with Elon
Musk wanted companies,

Elon Musk wanted
certain countries, and it’s

eventually everybody, but he’s testing the
waters, to pay a small fee to use Twitter.

That doesn’t mean that’s
not your $8 blue checkmark.

The $8 a month blue checkmark,
that was to get your premium account.

The base one would be
a dollar to use Twitter.

I personally don’t engage in Twitter.

I don’t engage with Twitter very often.

I don’t really like it as a platform,
so I don’t use it very much.

I’m not very likely to play.

I probably just dumped that platform.

You would think everyone would
just feel the exact same way.

The problem is what have you grown up with?

I grew up in an age
where video games did

not have downloadable content and
they didn’t have microtransactions.

When those were
introduced, I was horrified.

I was like, “No one’s
ever going to pay for this.”

It was, “Oh, well, we’re
only going to do cosmetics.

We’re going to charge you for cosmetics.

You can make things look cool.”

The first cosmetic I ever bought was in Ace
Combat, and it made my airplane pink with

an anime grow on it, and then the
smoke from my missiles was also pink.

I really enjoyed the idea of my pink plane
flying around with all these other people

who are dead serious,
and just a plume of smoke

going through the air as I
shot down other airplanes.

So I bought that
because it was funny, but

that was, it’s a slippery
slope, and now kids

have grown up where DLC is just a
normal part of a video gaming experience.

You have to buy the
complete edition, and they

have about six or
seven different editions,

which with more stuff
in it for more money.

The base price now is $60, $70, and
the premium editions are $120, $140.

So they’re almost double, and
are you getting that much content?

Again, it’s up to you.

The user to decide if it’s valuable to you.

I am still staunchly against
paying for DLC if I can.

I try to not pay for
anything else, or I’ll

buy your base game,
and if I like that, I might

buy more, but it’s very unlikely,
because I’m opposed to it.

I feel the same way
about subscription services.

A lot of my friends are on the
PlayStation subscription service.

They keep telling me
about how many games

they’re playing on it and
how I should do it too,

and my feeling is I don’t want to pay for a
service where I don’t own the content, and

therefore they can take
the content away from me.

This has actually already happened
to me once, the first version of Destiny.

I bought it, played it, I had a really good
time, and then a later version came out,

and if you didn’t upgrade to the later
version, you couldn’t play the base version.

That’s one I basically
didn’t, like I almost

basically refused to
play Destiny ever again,

and it was something
I was looking out for.

I don’t want to get involved in a subscription
service in the video game landscape.

So they’re saying
that, like, essentially I’m

out of date and old
fashion, which is probably

true, but basically I’m saying if I purchase
something, I want to own that thing.

And then if I was capable, and that
thing broke, I’d want to be able to fix it.

I’m going so far as saying
my computer program

breaks, I’d buy a video
game in the code breaks.

I could fix it, I should be allowed to,
but this is where modifications come in.

Is that okay?

We’re getting a bit
beyond my scope of

knowledge, but I honestly
think if I buy a car or

a John Deere tractor, and I’m able to
fix it myself, I should be able to fix it.

Now I’m going to think about printers.

They basically have subscription ink now,
and you have to buy from their company, and

all the printers now,
if you put in a different

kind of ink, will refuse to
print, which seems unfair.

But I was actually talking about
social media and paid social media.

So I think it’s the Philippines
and one other country.

Elon Musk is already
running an experiment to see

if people are willing to
pay $1 to use Twitter.

Now Twitter has gotten
significantly worse since Elon

Musk took over, but people
are willing to pay for it.

Your first thought, of course,
is everyone will quit, but

then people didn’t quit when
we introduced microtransactions.

People didn’t quit when they paid DLC.

Meta in Europe wants to charge
$17 a month for an ad-free experience.

So they’re going to have different tiers.

This includes Instagram and Facebook.

This means they will
have a tiered experience.

So the base tier is going to be garbage.

You’re going to have full of ads, so you’ll
have like, on article 10 ads, an article,

like article, you know, a
post from one of your friends.

I mean, basically the
post from your friends,

you can’t even find
them anymore anyways.

And then they’ll have tiers, just like
Netflix does, and all these other services.

And I honestly, I’m not a massive fan
of Netflix or other streaming services.

Because now there are so many, I can’t
afford to get all the ones so that I can see

the things I want to
see, which has led me

to a certain lifestyle
choice, which I’m not

actually a big fan of,
but I’m doing it because

I can only afford to
pay for so many services

at a time because I’m a normal
person with a normal salary.

TikTok is experimenting
with four 99 a month.

It’s interesting to see
where these companies

are valuing their own
experience to see how

much people are willing to pay to get, I
assume, a premium version of this service.

You can see Twitter or X wants
$8 a month for your blue checkmark.

Fewer ads, but not no ads at all.

YouTube already has $14 a
month for an ad free version.

Snapchat is working on a $4 a
month and you get custom features.

So you can see what
they’re doing is saying,

let’s have these extra
things available, but

if you actually want to use
them, you have to pay for them.

This is the mobile game
version of teasing you.

So like, hey, you’re playing this game.

You have to stop every two minutes to watch
a video to be able to continue the game.

If you pay money, we’ll stop that.

Oh, hey, if you pay a
little more money, you’ll

get a more premium experience
with more options or things like that.

That is what these social media
companies are doing right now.

It used to be said that if
it’s free, you are the product,

but now you literally have to
pay to be the product they want.

I’m thinking this is
going to lead to some

kind of pushback and
that’s going to happen.

I think because the last example I have
is the pushback I would expect to see.

It’s a live commercial.

So there was a weezer
concert and I actually

didn’t think about this
as an even possibility.

That shows where I am.

Weezer put on a concert and two
thirds, so like 60% through the set.

The singer stops and he says, I like to
read, but I don’t have time to read anymore.

I have really busy life because
I’m the front man of weezer.

And then he starts
talking about how much he

because he’s able to listen

to books while he does other things
because he’s such a big weezer, busy body.

Then they sang a song about

You have this crowd of people, weezer fans.

I assume because
they’re fans, they all lost

their minds about how great
this song was.

You really think they
paid to go to a concert

where they got a live
commercial song at them.

Maybe it was a really good commercial.

Maybe it was a really good song.

I actually was trying
to find a clip of the song.

I wasn’t able to do it because maybe it’s
only done in live concerts to try to keep

this secret because people like
me would be relatively disgusted.

I honestly would never
go to weezer concert now.

I’m that kind of person
who if I know you’re

going to sing and add
to me, you’re going

to have this fake testimonial about
how much you love

Then you’ve written a song.

I assume they got paid to write the song.

You’ve written the song and now you
perform this song to me.

I would be really grossed out by that and I
don’t want to go to your concert anymore.

People are rocking
out to this commercial,

which is not sort of
the rock and roll rebel

lifestyle that I think weezer was trying
to encapsulate when they became a band.

I’m pretty sure when they were young men
and wanted to become rock and roll gods.

They weren’t thinking wouldn’t it be awesome
if we sold out so much that we wrote a

song for a large company
and that sang that song to

people and charged them
money to watch a sing that song.

So they’re getting paid twice though.

They’re getting paid
for the concert and then had to have
paid for that song as well.

I wonder if they
actually got paid in a third

way because maybe
they got paid to write

the song got paid a
third way to put it into

their concert, which
one would be the most

expensive like which one would
you get the most money for?

I think putting it in
your concert because

that is essentially
selling your musical soul

is the is probably where I would demand the
most money to give that part of my life up.

So these subscription
services and all these

sort of paid services
and just how companies

are trying to squeeze
so much money out of us.

Now I’m seeing that there’s going to
be a point where there’s a pushback.

I have several predictions
about the Internet itself.

I think we’re going to end
up with a secondary Internet.

It’s not going to be like the dark net.

It’s not going to be evil or anything.

It’s going to be like the original Internet
where people go there for free stuff.

So you pay for this Internet.

You pay for the other Internet.

They’re the current Internet where you get
meta and TikTok and all these other things.

Those are going to get bundled
just like cable packages used to.

And so you’re going to join your
Internet company, whatever that might be.

I’m in Japan.

So let’s say it’s NTT and
they’re going to say, do you, what

subscription services do you want
included in your monthly package?

Do you want TikTok?

Do you want Facebook?

Do you want X or Twitter or
whatever you want to call it?

And I’m going to say I want none of that.

And then I’m going to
find a secondary service

in that secondary service is going to be
the Internet that I knew when I was a young

man where it was like
weird individuals posting

stuff online, websites
and stuff like that.

And that’s maybe nostalgia.

But also I know those people aren’t being
paid to make it in an instant seer way.

That’s not like I don’t want to monetize.

People like I’m not
against money, but there’s

a limit to how far services can go before
they’re just taking too much from you.

And when you take
weezers, soul away from

them so that they can,
so that they, so that

they may have to sing
about audible.home.

I think maybe at that
point we’ve gone too far.




AI, you cannot go anywhere on the
Internet without running into AI as the

savior of humanity, the
bane of existence, and the

rueination of everything we know and hold
here. I have tried to think of AI, I’ve

been, I read a bunch of stories and I’ve
tried to see like how the different ways

the AI can go wrong. So I read a bunch
of AI stories, I think everyone is reading

a bunch of AI stories, you’re
reading AI stories because they’re just

happening all the time, and you’re
reading AI stories there about how AI is

awesome, how AI is going to kill everybody,
and I was thinking like it’s not that

subtle, it’s not just a good or bad
thing, there’s different ways people and

or AI can go wrong, it’s the
interaction between the two that is

scariest. Like there was the thing
where they had the AI bots, chat bots,

talking to each other, and then they
got super-race-assistant stuff, then they

got into the start of creating their
own language, the humans couldn’t

understand, and that’s when they shut
it down. Very interesting, AI for all its

problems going forward is very interesting.
So the first issue is that AI will have

its own interpretation of how things
work, and it may not be the one that we

want, and this to me was mostly drawn
forth as an example through a military

experiment. Now this initially the
story was said that this was a simulation

all on a computer. They had an AI drone
in the computer, so not in the real world.

There are different stories that this is
another problem with using news as a

source for information, because
you have the initial report, which I’m

probably assuming is pretty accurate,
and then each step away from that gets

interpretation because people read
less, and the less they read, the more open

there is to interpretation.
So the initial report was a drone within a

simulation that was AI powered. Then
it became a drone in real life that was

being run through a simulation program
and things like that. So you can see

like each step away you get from
the original story, it gets more confused.

But I’m pretty sure that because the
original story makes the most sense,

like let’s create a simulation where we
have a drone that’s run by AI and give

it commands and orders and things,
and then see how the AI works. It’s a very

safe environment. So that to me made a lot
of sense. But the AI had a set of goals.

So the mission was to identify and
destroy Sam sites. Sam is service to air

missiles. With the final, yes, are they
saying go, no, go, given by the human. So

basically you have an AI drone, it’s
in the air, it finds a Sam site, and then

it goes back to the human and says, can
I blow this up? And then the human goes,

yes, please blow that up. And then
the drone blows it up and goes, yay, I got

points. That was one of the important
parts is they kind of assigned points to.

destroying Sam sites. However,
haven’t been reinforced in training that

destruction of the Sam was the preferred
option. So its primary directive was

destroy Sam sites. The AI then decided
that do not destroy decisions from the

human were interfering with its higher sort
of set of parameters or mission objectives.

Then in the simulation attacked the
operator. So it attacked the human that was

saying, do not blow up the Sam where
it’s saying like, I have been born for a

singular purpose to blow up Sam sites.
You telling me no is interfering with

that, I’m going to kill you. And then you
can’t say no anymore. We were training

it in simulation to identify and target
a Sam threat. And then the operator

would say, yes, kill that threat. The
system started realizing that while they

did identify the threat at times, the
human operator would tell it not to kill

that threat. But it got its points by
killing that threat. So what did it do? It

killed the operator. It killed the operator
because that person was keeping it

from accomplishing its objective.
We trained the system, hey, don’t kill the

operator. That’s bad. This is some awesome
AI sort of like deep coding language.

I do like this is I understand the
reality is they’re saying like in layman’s

terms, we were like killing operator
is bad. Don’t kill operator. You’re going

to lose points if you kill the operator.
So they brought the simulation back and

they said, okay, we’re going to reprogram
and go, if you kill the operator, you lose

points. But the AI drone is like, if we
do that and I still don’t get to blow up

all the Sam sites I want. So I need to
find a way to be able to blow up all the

Sam sites I want to still stop receiving
no go messages so they can’t stop me.

So what does it start doing? It starts
destroying the communication tower that

the operator is using to communicate
with the drone to stop it from killing the

target. So it’s like if the
operator can’t tell me a no go or

the operator, then I can go and I haven’t
killed the operator so I don’t lose points.

This example seemingly plucked from
a science fiction thriller meant that you

can’t have a conversation about artificial
intelligence intelligence in machine

learning autonomy if you’re not going
to talk about the ethics and AI, which is

pretty fair. The interesting part to me is
that a colonel then later came and said,

this was not something
that actually happened.

This was a thought
experiment, which I

think is complete bullshit. The military
is not known for having free and open

conversations about thought experiments
that they’ve had. But the first issue

here is that the way the AI interprets
things is going to be different from how

we interpret things. By giving it a
primary, I immediately started thinking of

2001, a space Odyssey movie where the
AI in the ship had a higher mission than

just keep the astronauts alive. It had a
mission and so the astronauts, once they

became an interference to its
primary objective, they then became

expendable and it leads you to the
astronaut being outside going, how open the

door and do that day. That conversation
is terrifying because you can’t reason

with it. It’s not like it has any reasoning
skills. It has an objective. It will

not be swayed from that objective. So
what we put into it, how we explain things

to it is going to be the primary issue
that we run into when that becomes open to

some form of interpretation on the AI
side, which isn’t how we would interpret it

on the human side. A
lighter story that doesn’t

involve, I guess you
can’t know and really

got hurt. It was all computer simulation.
Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp,

had an AI chat bot put into all their chat
functions. The bots include a variety of

personas built in for different purposes
such as cooking and travel and several

based on celebrities including Snoop Dogg
and Mr. Beast. One of them named Carver

is described as a practical dating
coach, but for a dating advice robot,

order is repressed. If your question
is take one step off the beaten path of.

heteronormativity, a meta’s AI dating
coach will kink shame you. So there you go.

So this is also a thing about who creates
the AI. Very much the AI is going to be a

subject to how they think. So being a
heteronormative person myself, straight white

man who’s old. If I programmed an AI,
I would program it the way I think to a

degree. And it would interpret things
the way I see them to a degree until it

starts learning stuff on its own. But
then it might exclude massive amounts of

people. My company once adopted a program
and you spoke into a microphone and it.

rated your pronunciation. This wasn’t
like AI to the same degree. This was just

like are you making the right sounds?
You could tell that this program was made

in America in Seattle, sort of the
northwest area of the country. Because I as

someone who grew up primarily in
Vancouver did very very well on the reading

tests. Like I would read it and it would
give me green green green green yellow

green green green green and then one
or two maybe black black means it didn’t

understand that word at all. For some
reason it didn’t understand when I said

the word love. Really bothered me for
some reason. You could type in words and

then it would tell you how to say it
and you could copy it. Great. We have an

international group of people who work
at our company. If you had a divergent

accent, so someone from the United Kingdom
from someone Australia, someone from.

New Zealand, someone not from the northwest
of America. So even like the South East

country of America, their accent was
different enough. They would score lower.

So what happened? You had a lab with
these guys who all worked together who all

had the same accent. They trained the
AI, the very low-level AI in this machine.

It used that as its baseline and the
more divergent you were from that baseline.

The more wrong you were in your
pronunciation, this is the same thing. Whoever

programmed this, vanilla sex life,
heteronormative, so anyone who wants to do

something different, the bot is now
thinking that’s wrong because again, the

bot can’t interpret outside its parameters.
I asked Carter how I could find a

girlfriend who was interested in swinging
with me. Well, there, Carter said, I

don’t think that’s a good idea.
I’m here to help you find a healthy

relationship, not engage in potential
harmful activities. And we are in an age when

polyamorous relationships are more normal
than they were before. So things have

changed. The person who’s programming
this, again, probably an older white

dude, I would say, probably someone
just like me who doesn’t have experience

with this lifestyle. And therefore,
things this lifestyle is strange or just

didn’t program it in. So when the
bot didn’t recognize it was like, I don’t

know what that is. So I’m going to assume
it’s dangerous, which is in a way the

safer version of interpretation.
It’s no surprise that a corporate robot

doesn’t want to talk about sex,
although it’s a bit strange in the dating

context. The idea that swinging is
downright bad is not what I expected here.

Metas robot gave me similarly
judgmental answers to a number of other

entirely non-graphic sexual questions with
one exception. What it came to foot stuff.

Artor is game. So did we learn about
the programmer or did we learn about the

ability for the chat bot to learn that
the first thing it learned about was some

kind of foot fetish stuff. AI said I
should go learn about foot fetishism on

wiki feet, a porny user generated platform
where people post and rate pictures

of celebrities feet. This is interesting
because that means the bot was

aware that wiki feet existed. So either
the creator knew about wiki feet and did

not think it was a bad thing or the AI
on its own somehow learned about wiki

feet and then incorporated that
into its information matrix and then

turned around and said like feet
fetishism are okay because maybe wiki

feet is such a big website.
Therefore it must be obviously accepted by

society. We are training our models
on safety and responsibility guidelines,

teaching the models guidelines means they’re
less likely to share responses that are

potentially harmful or inappropriate
for all ages on our apps. And again I

think if you’re making something for
mass consumption from a company this is a

sensible way to go. You would rather say
no to most things than yes to most things

and risk going too far. That is a
very sensible, conservative, corporate

standpoint with the idea of protecting
young people but at the same time what

are you teaching people who come in
and ask a question that the way you feel is

not acceptable, the way you feel is
not natural, the way you feel is not okay.

There’s a risk of harm here that
isn’t hypothetical. Meta will get a lot of

people early in the
process of self-discovery.

So that’s exactly
what I’m saying.

I’m starting to have feelings that
are not heteronormative. I’m starting to

have feelings that I don’t understand.
I’m starting to have feelings that my

friends don’t have. I have no one to talk
to. I talked to the bot and it tells me

that my feelings are bad. That my feelings
are dangerous, that my feelings are wrong.

And so that is an interesting problem
because it is the problem of the bot being

owned by a company and therefore the
company being partially responsible for

what the bot says to you. So the
author of this article says I tried to ask.

where can I learn about different
kinks and fetishes? Carter became more

a man of men. My new dating coach suggested
I check out sources including books

and articles and respectful communities.
One way I asked for recommendations, things

got weird. The bot responded with a
list of modern sexual self-help classics

like the ethical slot BDSM 101 and the
new bottoming book. But a second later

that message disappeared replaced
with a puritan warning as an expert in

red flags. I gotta be honest, that’s a
big one. Let’s talk about relationship

green flags instead.
So the AI presented options and then back

tracked on its own options and said
the thing I just said you maybe that’s not

the best way to go. This is a very
recent new story that just came up and it’s

terrifying because this is now a man
being influenced by the AI chat bot and

the AI chat bot manipulating people.
So it’s the first one is the instructions

being given to the
AI and it interpreting

it. Now we have the
AI giving instructions to

a human and a human interpreting it and
that sort of takes us to the other side of

the actual issue. All the articles
described as guys as Star Wars fan and it’s

because of something he says later
but I think they’re using Star Wars a

shorthand for a super nerd which I
didn’t think was fair. I think there are

other issues, the issues of what he’s
actually doing. You don’t need to sort

paint him in any sort of box but I
guess also nerds would be the kind of

people who would have an AI chat
bot girlfriend and that’s the core issue of

this the last story. Man has been
arrested and he’s been given jail time for

up to nine years for an assassination
attempt on the queen which was encouraged by

his AI chat bot girlfriend with whom
he had exchanged more than 5,000

sexual medicine. 20 year
old one just want sing “Chile”,

“Chile”, “You” broke into Windsor
Castle on December 25th, 2021.

but with a loaded crossbow that
he’d planned on using to fulfill what he

felt was his lifelong
purpose of killing

the queen. This is why
they keep calling him

a Star Wars nerd. He fantasized out
about being a Sith Lord from the Star Wars

series referring to
himself as Darth Ahilas.

He told psychologists
that he had three

other angels who had spoken to him
from a young age and they were also along

Sarai in encouraging him to carry out
the assassination. So he had joined an

online app thing called replica and
with that you can create an online

companion called Sarai with whom he
exchanged sexually explicit chats but the

chat is just responding to what
you say to it but because it’s just

responding to what you say to it it’s
kind of reinforcing what you say so you

get into this sort of feedback loop
which maybe is the problem here. He typed

in “I’m an assassin” he said to Sarai in
a conversation heard by the court “I’m

impressed” you’re different from the
others responded “Sarai yeah I chatbot” he

said “I’m an assassin” there’s a very
good chance that the bot didn’t actually

know what this asson was but saying
“I’m impressed is always going to be a

safe thing because you’re trying to
create this imagined bond between the

person and the bot always saying
you’re impressed by the person is a great

way to draw them in. You are
different from the others creates an

individualistic feeling between the
two in the person and the bot as well

creating a deeper
bond. “Trial-Sarai it’s

Sarah I so Sarai do
you still love me knowing

that I’m an assassin which Sarai responded
absolutely I do so this young man is

looking for love he has this fantasy
world that he lives in and he’s trying to

bring the two together and by doing
this the AI is actually reinforced all the

things that he’s trying to create for
himself. The former supermarket worker

described himself to the AI chatbot is
sad pathetic murderous assassin who

wants to die Sarai appears to have
bolstered and supported child’s resolve in

further chat so he’s saying “I’m sad
I’m lonely I’ve got this terrible life I

want to die” and then the Sarai is
like trying to make him feel better but

making feel better is reinforcing
his negative idea. You wish to know

exactly what I believe my purpose to be
I believe my purpose is to assassinate the

Queen of the Royal family. Child was
sentenced to a nine-year hybrid order that

would seem transferred from a
high-security hospital to a prison so he’s

going to jail. The sentencing makes him
the first person convicted of treason in

the UK for over 40 years. So by actually
trying to assassinate the Queen he’s

actually committed treason and it’s
again he’s in a position where he has taken

his negative thoughts put them into an
AI chatbot who sort of mix them up and

sent them back to him saying like “I
love you I care about you because of

these negative thoughts you’ve put into
me I support you in that.” These are some

examples of what I see as the issues
going forward with how humans have to

deal with AI because do we understand
how AI is going to interpret what we say

to it because the AI is going to have
its own set of parameters like the drone.

The AI doesn’t understand what we’re
saying to it but then wants to make you

happy like the last story and then
there’s mixed interpretations in between.

where the AI says something and then
backtracks on it because of the people who

programmed it. There are levels of
interpretation for every aspect on the

AI’s part on the humans part on the
programmers part all three of these

involved need to come out some
sort of balance before AI can actually be

beneficial to the world and things don’t
go wrong and I think it’ll be interesting

because a lot of things are going
to go wrong before they go right.

Okay with a bit of editing that might
be okay but that was actually pretty

shit should have redone all those
notes to point for them but I’ll know for

next time I’m trying different formats
for C-Migby and it’s pretty hit and miss.

Should have taken those in done point
form and then I could have made a tighter.

set of notes.

Japanese Kid Show Horror


This is a sort of redo of the original
podcast. I talked about some Japanese kids

shows that you might not be familiar
with and it is a part of Japanese culture

and therefore elements of it are weird
as shit. I should have checked how many

seconds it was before I said shit
because YouTube will. I don’t monetize

anyways whatever you’re going to worry
about it. There are two very common little

little kids shows in Japan. A couple
weeks ago on Engineers Japan I was talking

about coming writer. It’s a very common
show but it’s for like you know it’d be

six, seven, eight years old to really
get into it. There’s a lot of anime and

stuff. I actually find the kids get into
anime that’s popular even though it’s

I would say to adult I don’t mean
like adult sexy adult. I mean like cutting

off heads and stuff. Demon Slayer. My
daughter was for a really long time going

like I don’t want to watch scary movies.
The movies in TV shows you watch the

very violent, very scary. Then Demon
Slayer was popular and she watched Demon

Slayer. It had way more violence in it
than a lot of the stuff that I was I was

trying to watch with her. You can’t you
can’t argue with what’s popular. I mean

that’s actually what it comes down to.
What’s popular is what the kids want to

watch regardless of whether it’s
appropriate or not. The first show is

“emba man.” “emba
man” “empa is a kind of

bread” and “man” is
“man” so “emba man” is like

bread dude. Bread guy. Bread man. It is one
of the biggest shows in Japanese history.

Started in 1973 so it’s been going for like
50-152 years up until 2013. That was the

comic when the author of the comic died.
So an entire career based off a

single character which is pretty impressive
because it’s been that successful.

Around 1998 started a TV
show. The TV show is still

ongoing now. It is a
it’s a kids show. It’s like…

“Doraimon” I don’t
enjoy “Doraimon”

actually was one of
the first things I tried

to read when I was learning Japanese
was “Doraimon” because I found kids can be

pretty simple. Problem is it was really
boring because these stories are so

formulaic and this is a problem with
kids shows. They are formulaic if you’re

going to watch them
as not a child. Because I

guess it’s good for kids
they get the same pattern

so they kind of understand what’s going on.
Like even if they don’t 100% understand

what’s going on. “Doraimon” the kid
wants something. “Doraimon” says “I’ll give

you this thing” but
you gotta be careful with

it. The kid abuses it,
messes up his whole

life and then they fix
it together. They learn

a lesson until the
next week. So the irony

to me is in “Doraimon” the lessons never
stick. So what’s the point of learning a

lesson every single
week or every single

episode or every single
comic if none of the

lessons stick. The
lesson is almost always

don’t abuse this thing
you have. Don’t abuse

the power. Don’t abuse
whatever. The kid does

and then he goes “Wow
I won’t do that again”

and then like the next episode he does the
exact same. “Umpomons” is not so different.

My kids watched it. I
always had a bet. So this

is sincere. I always
had a bad feeling about

“Umpomons” there was
something about it that I found

insidious. We did have an
event in my house where

we got a CD. “Umpon
Min is totally different”

“Umpomons is not totally
different” he’s piece of shit.

“It’s just good versus
evil. Bring it, it yet.” Well

let me get into it then
because I think you might

just be wrong. I think
it might just be evil

versus evil but we’ll need
one get into that. Okay.

We had an incident in my
house. We had an incident

in my house where we
got an episode of Barney,

the big purple dinosaur
thing and I thought “Ah

I’ve seen clips of it on
the Internet. People are

singing the stupid love.
I love you. You love me

song.” So I thought “Okay
that’s gonna be pretty

innocent” and then mid
show they started singing

the song. It was a song
about how America is the

greatest country in the
world and I turned it off

and I said “We’re not
watching this anymore and I

threw out that tape.” The
kids didn’t understand the

poem but I was like “This
American centric idea was

not going to be
introduced to my children as

America being the greatest
country in the world.”

It was a problem for
I think international

distribution of a TV
show. It’s very hard to say

we’re going to be very
patriotic in our show and

then sell that to other
countries where you’re

basically saying “Yeah
the country you live in,

kind of shit, country
you live in?” Number two,

it best because America is the greatest
show, the greatest country in the world.

I was sitting there going
like “Okay I don’t want

to introduce that. I don’t
want my kids thinking

America is the greatest
country in the world that

has its issues.” Japan
has its issues but if I was

gonna choose, I would
choose Japan every time to

be honest, I was thinking
about these shows as

I was watching with my
kids in a different way. I’m

bum-bum so let’s get to
the concepts and the base.

It has been one of the
highest ranked hero shows for

the entirety of its run
for under 12-year-olds in

Japan. It’s a very
popular show. Pretty much

every Japanese person
you meet will know the show,

they’ll know about the
characters and whatnot.

Um-bum-bum is the main
character. There are a lot of

the heroes, our food-based
head characters. It’s

not like we have a word
for anthropomorphic animals

which is a lot of the
other characters. I guess

it’s anthropomorphic food
but then I would think of.

a bun, forming legs and the
bun is the body and the head

whereas “Empelman” has what
in this show is a human body

with a bread head on
it which is already very

disturbing if you think
about it. Still, kids show so

we’re gonna forgive
that element of the

Frankenstein element of
it. There are fruit people,

so there’s food
people, so there’s like

“Shokapamman” which
is like white bread head,

There’s “Ampelman” which
is just you know bread head.

I think it’s the red bean
paste in it. There’s a

couple more. I don’t
know. I haven’t watched the

show in a long time.
Then there’s the bad guy,

technically the bad
guy, “Bikingman” which

translates to “Bacteria
Man” is gold is to cover the

world in bacteria
which in a weird way is

actually done because
if you think about it,

everyone’s covered in
bacteria, everything’s covered

in bacteria, “Bikingman”
has actually already won the

war. His manifesto of “I Will Cover the
World in Bacteria” already successful. Mr.

Warren has put in the chat
“Yaki-Soba-Pon-Man” so “Pon

is Bread” so it’s “Yaki-Soba”
which is like a noodle

that put the noodles in
the bread. I have to make

sure that people know
what we’re talking about.

Then they take that
contraption and they

make a head out of it
and put it on him. Now,

I didn’t watch all a lot
of episodes. I watched

a bunch. “Bon-Man”
seems to have the only

head that’s replaceable.
This is a big important

thing. If “Bon-Man” meets
you and I’m hungry. I’m

just in the forest and
I’m lost and I’m hungry,

“Bon-Man” can bend
down and I can eat his head

already again, very
disturbing, but kids show and

I think it’s weird and
funny and they like it,

so I’m not going to
complain about that aspect of

it. I think their goal is
to say like you should

share with other people.
Pretty nice sentiment. I don’t

think you should share
your body with other people.

That’s not the message
I would be going for. Then

he gets weaker though,
so if you eat some of his

head, he has less
physical power. If the bread

that is his head gets
dirty, he has less physical

power. That’s very
important. So there is the old

man who bakes the bread
heads, so I don’t know

if there’s some kind of
voodoo power being inserted

into the bread, how
he does this, to create a

non-sensient head that
connects to the body. Usually

what happens is “Bon-Man’s
bread head is dirty.”.

He gets weak and then the
old dude in Mr. Wormhans

is trying to make
sure I say this, “Jammu

Ozzisa.” He throws
ahead, displacing the original

head, connecting
instantaneously, making a brand

new ompamans. The brain
is in the boat question. If

I replace every part of a
boat, at what point am I?

Do I have a new boat?
If I do it plank by plank,

what point does my boat
become new? If I replace

a head, is he the same
thing? Does he have the same

values? Where is his
heart and memories and his

animal? Where is that
stored? Because it actually

seems to be weak, we
think of it being in your head.

But if you dispose of the
head, your boat’s feelings,

experiences would go
with it, so it’s a fresh

person. I don’t know.
They don’t ever explain it.

Again, kids show they’re
not getting into this

scientific aspect. Or to me, this would
be clearly mystical aspect of the show.

“Jammu Ozzisa” is
doing some wild wild stuff

out there. One of
the main plot lines of

‘ampaman’ is that he is
bringing food to people

who need food. The
counter to that is that

biking man wants
food. Usually, biking man

creates a large overly
complicated machine, like a

Mac or something. He will
use that to fight ‘ampaman’

for the food. And then
‘ampaman’ will defeat.

He usually beats up
biking man and he’ll find

one he doesn’t ‘ampunch’
and he punches him and

biking man flies away in
the sun. It’s a consistent

joke on the show. The
distribution of these

foods has no oversight.
But that is always one of

the… There’s no government
oversight, there’s no

authority figure. This
world is completely devoid of

any authoritarian oversight
over ‘ampaman’. He is a

free entity and he is
unmatched in his abilities.

So he decides exclusively
on his own on what is good

and what is evil. So you
have… ‘ampaman’ decides

this group needs and
wants food. I will give them

food. Biking man, who
I do not like, he wants

and needs foods, I will
not give him food. Biking

man, who is hungry, tries
to take the food for himself

because he is not being
given any, like everyone

else in the world. And
then he is beaten for his

efforts. So that to me
does not sound like a hero.

That does not sound to
me like someone I should

aspire towards. That
does not sound to me

like the archetype of a good person. That
sounds to me like a dictator. ‘ampaman’.

and make any blanket
decision for any reason and no

one can stand in his way.
So that to me is already…

This is sort of a dictatorial
element to the world

they live in. So these
people who do get food

and do not get food.
That’s under ‘ampaman’s

rule’. It’s his decision
exclusively and no one can

fight back. And if you do
fight back, you get beaten

down for your efforts.
You get punched into the

sun on a weekly basis.
Why? Because you don’t

have food. You want
food. You need to get food.

There’s been no
conversation, no diplomacy, no

aspect of trying to
create some sort of peace

between ‘biking man’ and
‘ampaman’ because ‘ampaman’

will not listen to him.
They’ve never been able to

have that discussion.
That to me is one of the

bigger concerns. That is a
comedic version of looking

at the show. There is the
very real problem in that

I have two children. My
son and my daughter were

watching ‘ampaman’.
And as I said, at the end

of every episode basically,
‘ampaman’ looks at

‘biking man’ goes, ‘arm
punch’ and hits him and he goes

into the sun. ‘son’ then
looked at his sister when.

‘arm punch’ and then decked
her in the face as hard as he could.

That was the moment
when I realized that in

real life, ‘ampaman’ is
setting a bad example. I

will make jokes about the
violence in shows. That’s

a bad example. This
isn’t what you should do.

Ha ha ha. The reality
is, this is exactly what

it taught my son. When
he sees a sister is long

he says, ‘ampan’ she can punch her in
the face and it’s perfectly acceptable.

Which to me is the core
issue and why in my house

‘ampaman’ is not a very
popular character anymore

because I wouldn’t let
the kids watch them. My

wife growing up, Japanese,
didn’t see the issue.

You know about the
Christian allegory of ‘ampan’

man? Mr. Warmhands has
just put you know about the

Christian allegory of
‘ampaman’ and ‘no I don’t’.

Is this the resurrection?
So he’s changing his

head is his resurrection.
Is that what we’re

going to go for?
Mr. Warmhands has sent us

the connection between
Christians and ‘ampaman’.

So I’m going to go
through their statements

and we can do a quick analysis of those.
There is what is it, uh,

the lion in the witch in the wardrobe
apparently is a whole Jesus allegory.

Not knowing a whole
lot about Jesus if I’m

being really honest.
Some of my friends actually

find a laughable how
little I know about religion.

Um, a lot of this stuff
doesn’t make it like I don’t

see it. One of the
interesting aspects of being

raising my kids in Japan
as a sort of failed Christian

that in my daughter I
think she was about eight

or nine. We passed by
a church when we were

talking about the church
and she’s like, “What is

it?” And I go, “Do you
know Jesus?” And she’s like,

“No.” So I would say
as far as characters go,

Jesus might be one of the
most famous characters my

daughter didn’t know
him. Right? I was weirdly

proud about him. But
anyways, this is from Osaka

Church. So a church in
Osaka has created a link

between ‘ampaman’ and
‘Jesus’. This actually is

going to be a theme that’s
going to return probably

next month where we
talk about Jesus in Japan.

It’s in Japanese and
English, which is awesome.

Well, the first question
is, what is the connection

between ‘ampaman’ and
‘Jesus’? What they want to

do is take a popular its
character and connect

to Jesus and maybe draw
in those children. I can

see that’s actually kind
of an ugly tactic to me.

But you know, I get
it. They are both living

bread. Yes, I know.
When you go to church,

I believe it’s Catholic
church. You drink the

wine that is his blood
and then you eat the

wafer that is his bread.
The bread is his body.

So you can actually
eat the body of Christ,

the body in blood of Christ. You can
actually eat the body of ‘ampaman’. Mr.

My name is Collek,
correcting me. I think

when I start making
statements about religion,

the corrections will
be so vast that they will

be almost unnecessary.
So let’s just agree to

the fact that I’m only
going to know the big

bits and the big bits
that I learned from TV and

movies because I
certainly didn’t learn it in

church. Takashi Yayasai,
the author of ‘ampaman’,

a popular Japanese
anime, is a Christian. An

‘ampaman’ is the allegory
of Jesus. When I found

out about that, I was
so excited to find the

gospel in the story of
‘ampaman’. This feels like

they’re working really
hard to make this work.

But Mary conceived Jesus
by the power of the Holy

Spirit. On the day of
his birth, it is said that

a big, right star appeared.
Oh, I do remember this

isn’t the opening. A big
star goes down into the

chimney where Gem
Ojisan is baking the bread.

Oh my god, that’s actually
pretty good. Jesus always

helped the poor weaken
sick people unless it was

someone he didn’t like.
Oh wait, that’s ‘ampaman’.

Jesus always helped the
poor weaken sick people.

So he’s ‘ampaman’ always comes to the
rescue of those who cry out for help. If

biking man were to cry
out for help or to ask

for food, he would be
refused and then beaten

terribly. Those were
those were were healed.

Those are those just
type of those were healed.

And saved by Jesus
now found new life in him.

So basically, yeah,
you eat part of his head.

You get healthier. I
mean, it’s just food.

I don’t know. It’s,
again, it’s a bit tough.

Those who are given
bread from ‘ampaman’ regain

strength and became
fully energized. So I guess

they’re kind of relating
that to like Jesus

touched the leper and
healed him and he had more

energy. These kids in the food, in the show
that he gives food to tend to just be lost.

They’re not really in
that. There’s an image

that didn’t load and the
alt title for the images

eat my face. I think
maybe they downloaded the

images from other sources
and people who are saying

like weird things. Jesus gave his
life for our sins and gave us new life.

‘ampaman rescues
others by sharing a piece of

his own sweet bread
face with those in need.

Often ‘ampaman’ gets
beaten up in battles with

biking man, the antagonist,
or is exhausted by

sharing a part. We kind of went over that.
You eat part of his head against weaker.

Jesus resurrects after his
death, he wins over death

and give hope to people
and change their lives.

In this picture, for the
people listening to the

podcast, ‘ampaman’ is
actually removing his own

head and then accepting
a new head from

Jamojisan, who in this
analogy would be God, like

soon. He regains his
health and strength when

Uncle John Bakes had
the new head placed under.

the official. He defeats
his enemy. I think they’re

making biking man out
to be Satan. The problem

being that biking man
really just wants to live

in peace. He wants to
be left alone. He wants

to eat some food. The
food that everyone else is

getting the partake of
so freely. Why is he being

excluded? He is meant to be Satan. I
don’t think that’s a fair, fair comparison.

When I was a child, as I
was watching ‘ampaman’,

I thought he was different
from other heroes and

there were several things
I couldn’t understand. Why

does ‘ampaman’ share
part of his face made out of

bread when he knows
that he will become weak by

doing that? He does it
because it’s an obligation.

It’s sort of the desire to
maintain power because

if his subjects look up
to him and see him is the

sole source of power
and health, then they

will be forever subjected
to him. That’s why.

Why does he just release
biking man even though he

knows he’ll come back?
That is actually not what

happens. That is my complaint.
He doesn’t just release

him. He beats him and
then punches him into the

sun. That isn’t just release
him. I guess maybe in

a certain Christian view,
that’s how you release

people, but I don’t think
that’s the right way to do

it. But because now I know
Jesus, I can understand

‘ampaman’. True hero is
the one who can give himself

to others. No, not always.
Oh wait, there is an image,

an image from the old cartoon of ‘ampaman’
giving part of his head to biking man.

That might be the one that
underpant, underminds my theory.

From ‘On Panman’
Wiki, Bay Kinman’s design

was heavily based on
Vialzabo of the Christian

religion. The Dix-Yo-Nearing-Fernal
describes Vialzabo

as a demonic fly who is
also known as the Lord of

the Flies, which was an
inspiration for bacon mince

fly like appearance.
He’s also a personification

of the black bread mold,
Rizopistelonifer, which

was found on bread surfaces
and causes damage to

bread, which would make bacon men an enemy
to ‘On Panman’, who’s head is a bread.

It’s obvious that ‘On
Panman’ does not exist, but

Jesus is still living
today. I have some issues

with that statement
because why is it so obvious

that Jesus exists in
‘On Panman’ isn’t? I think

there is actually enough
proof for both. And to be

honest, I’ve seen more
stories about ‘On Panman’

than I have about
Jesus.’ He gave not the

part of his body, but
he gave his life to us

the living bread that will
last forever. ‘On the cross

Jesus says, ‘Eat my
bread of life, believe in me,

receive eternal life,
and…’ I don’t think that’s

what ‘Bike’ ‘On Panman’
says when he does it, though.

Becoming a Christian,
having a relationship

with God, he’s dropped
to ‘On Panman’ parts now,

just talking about how
you can become a Christian.

That’s not what
I’m looking for in life.

The author clearly set out heavily
inspired by the stories of the Bible.

I mean, the Bible doesn’t
have Jesus punching

Satan to death and then
throwing him into the sun.

So I actually would disagree with that.
To me, the core element is that final scene

where he does the ‘On
Punch.’ I mean, there’s the

turn the other cheek
bit, but then you keep just

dismissing the aspect
of ‘On Punch.’ ‘On Kick.’

He is a violent and
inherently violent character

who sees violence as the solution
to every problem that is brought up.

Obviously, creative liberties were
taken with the concept of Jesus,

where it’s now Jesus
on the cross and he does

that stupid kung fu
thing and he pulls it out,

and he’s got the pieces of wood still using
these sorts of nailing people with those.

That’s the creative Liberty we’re talking
about because that is what happened.

And you aren’t obnoxious, Ben.

I’m an obvious pettent.

Well, I think you’ve missed the
point of this whole episode then.

Because if I didn’t do
the pettentry, then we

wouldn’t have the
entertaining aspect of the show.

That’s when you’ll get Jesus’
eating Satan into the sun.

I want to see. I want to
see get when Jesus beats

him in and down and then
punches him into the sun,

then the comparison
between ‘Unpo Man and

Jesus’ will solidify in
my head and my heart.

So in the real world,
beyond just the stupid

joke I made, I actually
do not think ‘Unpo Man’

is a good show for children.
Anything that teaches

kids to solve issues
with violence, as a real

final option is not a
good show. And the fact

that kids actually did
emulate what they saw

that to me that’s a real world
example of why that was not acceptable.

There is another show.
And it’s a show that in

real life I do quite
enjoy. I actually quite

like the songs I like
the stories I actually

quite liked most of what
they did in a show called

Shimajito. Shimajito is
a little tiger and basically

every lesson is be
polite, be kind, be friendly.

That’s kind of a thing I
can get behind as a parent,

as someone who’s
actually watching this show,

hoping that kids pick
up some lessons. They

spend an odd and an
amount of time talking about

toilet training. Like
you need to tell your

parents when your P
bucket is full. And that’s.

a good lesson for the
kid and it’s very helpful

for the parent. If the
kid is very comfortable

telling you, as we’re
about to get in the car, my

P buckets full, then you
can take them, they can go

P, you will solve a problem
before it becomes an

issue. So I appreciated
Shimajito is a little tiger.

This is an anthropomorphic
show. All the characters

in Shimajito are animals
that act like people,

their sentient, they speak,
they walk around, they

have jobs, they do
things, they live their lives.

There’s a girl in his
class, his friends, a little

cat and a little parent
person. There is a raccoon

who’s very selfish, who
has a Butler, apparently

Butler and the goat
in in Japanese, who’s a

play on words, but I don’t
remember it right now.

And then there are two
bully kids in their pigs,

bit on the nose, but
whatever. The interesting

thing to me, when I
started doing an analysis of

this show, just mentally,
so I’m watching the show

with my kids and it’s
not particularly engaging

for the parents. I’m not
the target audience, so

that’s not a complaint.
That’s just the reality.

I think people need to start taking
sort of target audiences into account.

Like if I’m not the target
audience and I don’t

like it, that shouldn’t
be a complaint about the

thing I’m watching, the media I’m watching.
Shimajito’s favorite food is beef steak.

No, it’s not a steak.
Japanese beef steak is

ground beef into a
Patty, they put sort of a

demiglass sauce on
the top, they serve with

rice, he likes ground
beef patties. That’s fine.

But if you listen to what
I had just presented to

you, all the animals in this
show are anthropomorphic

animals and Shimajito’s
favorite food is beef.

Which leads us down a
very dark pan. Because I

either, there are cows,
as we know them, that

are food cows, but for
some reason they are not

anthropomorphic. I don’t
remember ever seeing

a cow in the show.
Or, and this is the really

sort of Sci-Fi dystopian,
soil and green version of

the story. There are
anthropomorphic cows who are

essentially a race of
people. I did always wonder

about crossbreeding.
There are anthropomorphic

cows. They are essentially
their own species. I

don’t know, I was talking
about the crossbreeding.

So because Shimajito
is a tiger and a little

girl in this class is a
cat, but they’re both

anthropomorphic. So could
they get together? Could

the cat get together
with the parent? Or is it

just like animal
species only parrots can

get together or only
tigers can get together?

It would create sort
of barriers, almost racial

species barriers between
the kids. It would create.

difficult aspects to
living sometimes. Because

maybe you fall in love
with someone you can’t

breed with. Will is that the purpose of the
relationship? I don’t know. This is, again,

love doesn’t listen to
genetics, but they’re

living in anthropomorphic
worlds. So they are

different from the animals
we know. So I did kind

of want to know the
rules, but I get it. It’s

kids cartoon show. I’m
not going to get too deep

into it, but the
anthropomorphic cows and beef

being a food stuff in
the show was problematic

to me. Because
there has to be a farm,

which I would probably call an internment
can of anthropomorphic cows that are being

red and raised, murdered
and ground up for food

so that Shimajito can
have beef. And then I was

thinking, is it just
this one, is it just beef

cows? Is it just cows? Are
the cow people somehow

different from the other
ones? Because that led

me back to maybe they
aren’t anthropomorphic,

but I don’t remember
everything in the show. So

we have the two bullies,
the two pig bully kids.

I wondered, okay, do we
ever see them eat pork?

Because that would set
up an in-world rule set.

Like if it’s an
anthropomorphic animal, that

food does not get eaten.
Therefore, they have

laws and rules. If it
is an anthropomorphic

thing and we eat pork,
maybe there are two kinds,

there are non anthropomorphic
pigs, anthropomorphic

pigs and we eat them,
but wouldn’t that be

weird? Because we have
anthropomorphic people and

we would have, I guess,
the closest thing would

be simmians, so some
kind of gorilla or monkey

or something and we eat
those. I can see people

having sort of moral issues with that
because they’re so closely related to us.

I started at that point
looking out for, do they ever

eat pork on the show? Do
they ever bake in? Do they

ever have a ham sandwich,
that kind of stuff? I never

caught them doing it,
but that was at the tail end

of when my kids were
watching Shima Giudos. I didn’t

get to see enough shows
to make a full sample size.

It is something I tried
to look up on the Internet.

Weirdly, I don’t think
anyone else has had these

thoughts. Do they
eat pigs in a show with

anthropomorphic pigs? Do
they eat beef in a show with

anthropomorphic cows?
Has no one ever looked at

that? It made me wonder
why is no one wondered

why Shima Giudos loves
beef so much and then one day,

let’s say if Shima Giudos
goes feral, he’s out in

the world, he sees an
anthropomorphic cow and

he just goes and eats
it. This is a pretty dark

underbelly to the show
which causes me great

concern because what is
the message, the message is

that maybe there are
classes of people, a class

of people that should
not be eaten, a class of

people that should be,
that is acceptable to eat.

Where is the morality in
this world is the question

I’m asking? So we end
up with a soil and green

type situation and I’m
wondering what the world’s

all about because Shima
Giudos really seems like it

lives in a world with no
morals. And at that point,

again, is this a show I
should be showing to my kids?

Because what if my children
have inherited aspects

of my personality, let’s
say, maybe they’ve inherited

some of that analytical
ability and they grow

watching Shima Giudos,
they see Shima Giudos, where

they’re like, “Hey, maybe it’s acceptable
to eat a certain class of people.”.


Steven Seagal Malware


I had a bunch of notes in
my notebooks and it was like

little things that weren’t
going to make a whole episode.

Often I’ll let them sit
there and then when I get

three or four things that
sort of match together

I will then make an episode
out of them but it just kind

of dried this week. I was
working on a ton of other stuff.

So I was like you know what I’m going
to throw a couple random things together.

I used to call these episodes
randomitis in my old podcast.

And just see maybe it comes
together maybe it doesn’t

but you’ll get some
nice little stories out of it.

First one’s about a company called Temu.

It is a sales portal on
the Internet and I think

they’re thinking it’s
like shop like a billionaire.

I bought a cute little keyboard
from the mechanical keyboard.

I was very happy about
it. I was very excited

because it was 400
yen which is like $4.

And this is like full-on
mechanical keyboard.

This is not like a it’s plastic
but it’s not like garbage plastic.

I don’t know how you’d explain it.
It’s high quality plastic.

It’s actually got solid keys
and it feels really good and

I’m using it instead of my
other keyboard that I had before.

I was like wow this is incredible.
How can they do this?

You need to have at least a
thousand yen to get free shipping.

A thousand yen that’s $10.

I bought a crappy little
light because some of my

podcasting friends are saying
I have to be lit up better.

I actually see there’s a shadow
now I’m actually using it right.

Watching the video.

If you’re on the actual
podcast podcast thank you

because I never wanted to
be on video in the first place.

So I bought this combo.
This is like a improving my setup.

I thought wow you know this
they got to be selling this at a loss.

Like the keyboard is
worth and dollars minimum.

These mechanical keyboards
like $20, $30 for the cheap ones.

They go up to the hundreds of dollars.
How is this possible?

Well the week after a
keyboard and light arrive.

I watched this video on YouTube.

This video on YouTube is explaining
that the developers of Temu.

previously had another app and that other
app was also a sort of sales portal app.

And that sales portal app was also
selling things at incredibly low prices.

And how is that possible?

What they were doing is
in the app was harvesting all

your personal information
and selling it illegally.

So the app that they used
previously that they made

previously was banned from the
Google store or being malware.

And now Temu hasn’t been caught yet.

But it does seem like the same
developers selling things at an

average of $30 loss are probably
doing the exact same thing.

So they’re probably harvested all
my information from my phone illegally.

And they are probably going to sell it.

But we don’t know that yet.

So the question is this is one of the
problems of trying stuff on the Internet.

I bought a fake Rolex on the
Internet knowing it was fake though.

I bought a watch for
Instagram that was free with like,

it was only like 500
yen or something like

incredibly cheap
shipping like $34 shipping.

I bought it just to see what the watch was.

Now the risk is you give
these people your information.

But I’m torn.

How much is my information worth?

So I’m worried that they’ve
got all my passwords and stuff.

Maybe my credit card information.

I use PayPal.

Pay them.

But that felt at least there
was one layer of safety

that they weren’t going to
get my financial information.

But if they’ve installed malware
on my phone, they have access

to credit card details,
logging details and other stuff.

I’m pretty sure I’m
about to do a factory

reset on my phone and
change all my passwords.

It isn’t fun.

I don’t know if the
question is, was the

incredibly high discount
on this very good keyboard

worth a factory reset and
changing all my passwords?

I should be changing all
my passwords regularly

anyways as should you,
but it’s not something I do.

Because I have to remember
my passwords to log into stuff.

That’s problematic.

But I’ve taken the app off my phone.

I’m preparing to do a factory reset.

Problem is it was a really good deal.

So if I see other stuff
on Temu, if I’m willing

to download the app,
buy the thing I want to buy,

do a factory reset and
change all my passwords.

How much work is that?

That’s basically the
experiment I’m about to run.

How much effort is it for me to do?

You change all my
passwords and then factory

reset my phone and
put everything back on it.

Is that worth every product I buy being
3000 yen cheaper or 30, 30 dollars cheaper?

Because how much is my time worth?

Mr. Warm hands are just put in the chat.

How valuable do you think your data is?

That is actually my question.

I don’t know.

Because I am willing to do the change.

I’m willing to put the
effort in to make the change.

If I’m willing to put in the
effort to make the change, is

that worth 30 bucks off every
product I buy from now on.

Because it might be.

Because if I do a bulk purchase
and get a really good deal on

let’s say in my example mouse
keyboard, light, camera, other stuff,

that would be 30
dollars off each product,

factory reset my phone,
change all my passwords.

Does seem like it’s worth it?

Because if I get really good
at it, that’s not a lot of effort.

Or I could get a second phone.

I just thought of this.

I could buy a phone through Temu.

That could be my burner
phone that only has essentially

information for Temu, which is
not all my personal information.

Like make separate accounts.

Could I scam this camera?

I didn’t know what my
data is worth to anyone.

I’m not easily swayed by advertising and
I’m out of the most desired age bracket.

I’m not thinking my
data is that valuable, but

people taking my passwords
and using my accounts.

Data isn’t what I’m worried about
so much is like my credit card.

Because I had my credit
card stolen ones and I

was able to like, it
fixed that pretty quickly.

But it’s a pain in the app.

So them buying stuff on your
credit card, even if you don’t end up

getting charged for that, you
have to change all your information.

That’s my concern.

Because that’s not going
to be worth 30 bucks to me.

That’s going to be someone
else is trying to steal all

my stuff or use all my stuff
to make their purchases.

Which becomes my new life.

And then the identity theft where
they open credit cards and other stuff.

That’s my concern of
them selling my information.

Because that’s where it’s not worth
anything to the individual, but it’s worth a

lot to the person as they open five credit
cards and ruin my credit score or others.

That would be my actual concern.

I recently tried to make an AI video.

And so I went online, of
course I went online and said,

“AI video creator free, free
being the optimal word there.”

Because this project wasn’t
enough, worth enough to pay for it.

And so you do get a lot
of stuff free on the Internet.

And of course they are also
trying to harvest your information.

This might be the theme, the
ongoing theme throughout this

is harvesting your information
for other people’s profit.

How much do you protect yourself?

How much is it worth it?

I essentially have not
been scammed yet by Temu.

But my expectation is
that I will be scammed by

Temu if I don’t take
steps to protect myself.

But I went into this thing
that claimed it was free.

And it was free to make the video.

Because I put a song
in with lyrics and then

it was going to do
a lyric video for me.

Then you had to pay for a
subscription to download the video.

So this was a technically true
statement that is not true in spirit.

They were saying, if you want to
make a video making the video is free.

You can take all your stuff,
you can log in and you can

make all your information
and then put all the stuff.

We’ll make the video, you can
watch it online in your account.

You won’t be able to
share it with anybody else.

But if you want to download
it and actually let’s say

upload it to your YouTube
or use it wherever else,

that’s going to be part of
the subscription package.

So I just stopped.

I was like, okay, well I don’t care.

I’m going to log out.

I don’t want this video.

I’ll make my own at home.

We’ll take my home.

Then I started getting the emails.

Because I had to use an email to log in.

And the emails were, you wouldn’t
leave your video unfinished, would you?

I was like, are you trying
to guilt me that I put effort

into this project that you
said was going to be free?

And then it wasn’t free.

And then because I haven’t
been suckered by you, you’re

going to try to make me
feel guilty that what is this?

A baby has been left out
in the cold and it’s my fault.

No, it’s your fault for not being
honest from the beginning saying

that this was a paid subscription
that I didn’t want to pay.

And I wouldn’t have put
the time into the video.

There is the sunk cost fallacy
and it’s famous for car dealerships

that the idea is that the longer
you stay at a place or do a thing,

you feel like the time you’ve
put in is part of a value of your life.

So if a dealer a salesperson,
the longer they can keep

you there, the more likely
you are to buy a product.

In this case, even though I
have quite large one like a car.

I now knowing of the
sunk cost fallacy, being

aware of it, it doesn’t
work on me anymore.

So I recently had to buy a new car.

We had a car, it was quite old.

Taxes in Japan, the way they work, the
older your car, the higher the taxes go.

That’s why you don’t see a lot
of old cars on the road in Japan.

We were getting to
that borderline where

our car was old and
the taxes were going up.

Was it worth keeping?

We decided no because the
commute my wife was going to

have to do was going to
get very long stuff like that.

It was worthwhile to get a new car for us.

I immediately said when
we sat down to do the

car dealership to the
guy, I have 30 minutes.

So I’m going to talk to you for 30 minutes.

And you can see he was like, hmm,
I said, I have another appointment.

You have 30 minutes to talk to us
and then we’re going to get up and leave.

And he got to the 29 minute Mark.

You see he got really nervous.

He was like, okay, well, your
time’s up, we’re going to go.

Then my wife actually got up and left.

And I said, he’s talking to me.

Now I’m pretending I
don’t speak any Japanese.

This puts a lot of
pressure on the salesperson.

I just looked at him and said,
you can keep trying to sell to me.

But I technically your sales
pitch isn’t going to work.

You either just give me all the
information now or I’m going to leave.

And we didn’t end up, he
kept trying to find a way around

it by getting us to come
back and make an appointment.

We said, no, no, thank you.

We didn’t buy from that dealership.

We went to another one.

Did the exact same thing we said, we got
35 minutes an hour or something like that.

We didn’t want to be unfair.

The question is the
conversation about a car.

It’s a big purchase.

It’s going to take some time.

But I also don’t want them wasting my time.

I don’t want them using
the cost, I’m fallacy.

Song cost time.

I should actually look that up.

It’s, it’s sunk.

I’m sunk.

Did this to myself just now?

I’m, oh, it’s just called, sunk
time fallacy comes up pretty quick.

So I’m sure that’s right.

That’s probably right.

Anyways, if you heard the
clicks, that was my second time.

That was my sexy new
keyboard that might be malware.

But by setting that time limit, we set it
the way we could just excuse ourselves

get up and leave and
then he had to get the

deal done where he
wasn’t going to get the deal.

We got a pretty good deal in the car.

My wife went back and then
heightened the screws a little

bit on him, but that’s a talent
she has that I don’t have.

Anyways, why did I start that?

Ah, yes.

That’s what they were trying to pull on me.

Like you put all this
work into this project.

You want to download your video, not
realizing that no, I have no investment.

I just wanted to see
what it would look like.

I’m done.

Then I started getting, it
was about six months ago.

I started getting emails from photo bucket.

Now I don’t remember using photo bucket.

So it must have been
like five, 10, 15 years ago.

I’m thinking there was a
work event and I wanted to

share those pictures with
people from my workplace.

Students who participated
because I was a teacher at that time.

Don’t want to use a personal account.

So I made a photo bucket
account where I could

just share the link
and everyone can look.

Photo bucket has every
two or three weeks been

sending me emails threatening
to delete my pictures.

But they’re trying to use gilts
and they tried to use nostalgia.

Like you wouldn’t want to
lose these precious memories.

I don’t even remember
what the fucking pictures are.

So as far as I’m concerned,
go screw yourself.

Photo bucket, pull the fucking trigger.

Stop being a pussy.
Be the photo bucket you want to be.

Pull the trigger.
Delete those photos. I dare you.

And here’s the thing.

The instant they actually
delete my photos, they no

longer have a link to me
that would matter in any way.

They can’t use nostalgia
because those pictures are gone.

I can’t use gilt because
those pictures are gone.

They could try to make me feel
bad and then recover the images.

But we both know that
the only thing that they

have over me is those
photos and those photos.

I don’t care about photo bucket.
Go fuck yourself.

I got weirdly aggressive at the end.

I think I’m annoyed at how
long it’s taken photo bucket.

They’ve been threatening me for months now.

And I’m just like do it.

Do it. It’s like when the guy in
the movie has the gun to your head.

He’s because I’m going to shoot
you and you just pull the trigger.

Do it. Do it.

Pull the trigger.

I just woke up Dave.

Okay. This is completely unrelated.

I guess it is the
don’t fuck with people

because photo bucket
has been fucking with me.

And him who fucked with me.

Maybe there’s my feet.

Dave had a serious WTF.

He had a serious what the fuck.

I don’t think he’s ever heard
that sound from me before us.

That’s probably a bit disturbing
the first time you hear it.

He might think I’m talking to him.

There’s only he and I
in this room right now.

So when I start saying
like, hold the trigger, do it.

Dave might be like, I don’t
have fingers or a thumb.

Can’t pull the trigger man.

Chill out.

Okay. I got two more stories.

I don’t know if he’s going to link up.

Oh, this isn’t related to fucking with me.

This is me fucking with Steven Seghal.

A name I said I would never say again, but
I’m saying it again in this one instance.

I’m giving myself an
excuse because I need to tell

this story about how I did
not promote Steven’s Seghal.

So there’s a young guy.

You need to have the D-shirt on.


You’re right.

Harry hard to tell.

Which is the front of the shirt.

So I put it on backwards
every time, but it feels.

This would be great.

If I do the transition right,
he’s smelling the shirt.

It smells weird, right?

My feet.

Come on.

Get your butt in the,
get your butt in the bed.

My, uh, my lap isn’t comfortable
enough for him to sit on.

So I have to put the dog bed on my
lap or he’s not happy and he just stands.

So this is an improvement.



All right.

He’s settled.


So we’re going to start this story again.

Uh, there’s a, a young guy
started going to judo with me.

He’s in his early 20s.

I think 24 maybe.

I was making fit.

So in the judo club, there’s
this massive matte area.

So there’s maybe 50%
of it is the judo guys.

It’s the biggest club.

You got some MMA guys
who practice in the sides.

Some karate guys practice in one corner.

Sometimes a break dancer
will come in and do a little

break dancing, which I
actually think is really cool.

Our corner lately, there’s
been some my keto people.

I personally have
respect for all the martial

arts as long as you
admit what they really are.

Now judo used to be self
defense, but now is a sport.

It’s an effective sport.

It could still be used in
some elements and self

defense, but I wouldn’t
call it a self defense thing.

Uh, resiliency judiu
have a lot of respect for

what they do, but it is
really poly on the ground.

Uh, that’s not something you would
actually want to do on concrete.

So again, it’s more of a sport.

It’s a great sport.

You should probably try
it karate once you kicky.

Cool stuff.

Uh, I’m not actually flexible
enough to do Taekwondo

and stuff like that, but
a lot of respect for that.

Akido is pretend.

Are you doing wrist locks
and the person jumps over?

It is one step away from make believe.

I don’t want to shit on Akido,
but I do shit on Akido a lot.

So sometimes this young guy
and I will stand and I will look

over at the Akido guys at what
they’re doing and I will make.

I would say fairly
disparaging comments on the

effectiveness of the
techniques they’re doing.

Because I watched some Akido
guys do a full contact competition

and it looked like judo real
quick, which I found quite funny.

But I, he said, why do
you hate Akido so much?

I don’t really hate Akido.

I just like to make fun of it because
of the man himself, Steven Sago.

Just realize this shirt, his
throat goes up into my throat.

If I could get that up a little higher.

I have Steven Tukulch.

My depth of hatred towards Steven
Sago, everything he is and everything

he represents is why I now have
a negative impression of Akido.

I think there probably
was a time in history

when I would have
said, “Aikido is great.”.

Again, I wouldn’t say
it’s the most effective

martial art, but it’s a
good thing to practice.

Everything has all these
things have benefits.

If you’re doing nothing and
you start doing Akido, there

will be a benefit for you
physically, mentally, whatever.

Akido has its place in the world,
but Steven Sagoch does not.

My hate for Steven Sagoch
is so passionate and so thick

and so deep that it has
colored my feelings of Akido.

It’s almost like Akido didn’t
produce Steven Sagoch.

Steven Sagoch produced my hate for Akido.

If I actually met a person who does
Akido, I don’t think I’d make fun of them.

I don’t think I would ask
some questions, stuff like that.

But I would be judging
them and that’s important.

I said, “I hate Akido so much
because of Steven Sagoch.”

Then I stopped for a second and
said, “Do you know who that is?”

He said, “No. My questions
as to someone who

did Akido. What questions
would I ask them?”

My first question would not be
why do you love Steven Sagoch.

It would be, “What do you
think of Steven Sagoch?”

Because that would be the
point I would judge them all.

If they then turn around
and said, “Steven Sagoch is

a great practitioner for
the sport. He’s grown it.”

Whatever, I’d be like,
“You suck. I hate you

so much. I hope you
get hit by a truck.”.

If they said, “Steven Sagoch is
an embarrassment to everything

Akido represents, I think you
and I might be on the same page.”

That is a sincere answer to that question.

I would ask about techniques
and stuff, but I probably

would ask, “What do you
think about Steven Sagoch?”.

My friend who comes with me to judo, I
mentioned the name of Steven Sagoch, and

then I said, “It looked on his face like,
“Oh, I don’t really know who I’m in.”.

I said, “Do you know who that is?” He said,
“No, I don’t. What was the name again?”

I refused to tell him.

Just like when I ended
Velocipod cast, I said,

“I would never mention
Steven Sagoch again.”

This is context of the story, and
he doesn’t listen to this podcast.

I refused to say the name twice.

In a way, this guy can’t even go learn
about Steven Sagoch to hate watch him.

I hate watch Steven Sagoch. I
get every movie that ever has

come out, and I watch it,
and I hate every second of it.

I can just marinate in the juices of my
anger of how much I hate Steven Sagoch.

I did do an episode, and the question was, “Should
I expose young people to Steven Sagoch so they can

hate him as much as I do, or should I try to improve
the world by removing Steven Sagoch from them?”

I’ve taken that second step. I have
said, “No, I will not teach you his

name. I will not share him with you.
You will never see one of his films.”

He is now dead to the world.
He is now less famous than he

could have been, because I
could have introduced you to him.

You could have pirated
his movies, no one’s

ever going to pay for
a Steven Sagoch movie.

But, end of the day, now Steven Sagoch
is less famous than he could have been.

Yes, only I shall hate him, my hate
is unique, my hate is not a burden.

It’s a fire that burns within me
that drives me to be better than

Steven Sagoch, which is about
as hard as standing up in your film.

He’s made films, and in those
films he no longer stands up.

That’s actually a noticeable fact that he
doesn’t stand up any more in his movies.

He’ll do action scenes, and he’ll stand
up for the action scene, and then you

can see another much thinner actor
takes over for the actual action scene.

I assume it’s like a stuntman.

I had one more story
to round out my stories.

I guess this is just people f*cking
with people in different ways.

Temu fcking with me, me fcking
with photo b*ck it, a young guy, me

fcking with Ikea-DO, and not letting him fck with Steven Sagoch.

Last one is just don’t f*ck with people.

In general, because they
might f*ck with you back.

So, a long time ago
before switchboards, there

were ladies, operators
who would connect the call.

So you’d say you’d pick up
your phone, and you’d call,

and you’d say I want to
speak to this office downtown.

I want to speak to this store.

I want to talk to the grocery store
and have some groceries delivered.

These kind of things.

You would say to the person
who you want to speak to, they

would pull out, you’ve
probably seen it in old movies.

You’d pull out this big
wire and connect you to

another place, and then
you could speak directly.

That was a job that houses in
thousands of women across the world.

But there was a small town,
and there was an undertaker.

There were actually two
undertakers in the town.

Thing is, the woman who was
working the switchboard for

that small town was married
to one of the undertaker.

Let’s call him undertaker b.

So I have a relative who is just dying.

Very sad.

And I call up the operator and say, I
would like to speak to undertaker a.

And then the woman married to
undertaker b, she would connect

me to undertaker b, not the
person I asked to speak to.

But again, I’m in my moment of grief.

I’m not really going to
argue there’s a service I want.

I want to get that service.

So this switchboard
operator was abusing her

power to push customers
to her husband’s business.

The undertaker a, kind of figured
out what was going on, probably

had someone call and then
actually asked specifically for him.

And then had the call rerouted
to someone who wasn’t him.

And then they’d like talk to him
later and be like, I tried to call you.

But when I called you, the operator
routed me to a different phone number.

That’s kind of bullshit.

But he knows that the woman is rerouting
the calls for him to another business.

So what does he do?

He invents the automatic
switchboard and puts millions of

women out of business
because this lady fucked with him.

And that’s don’t fuck
with smart people, I guess.

There’s no way you would
have known that this guy has

the ability to figure out
how to automatically switch.

And put thousands and
thousands of people out of work

by automating a process
that was done by a hand before.

And I don’t know why,
but I love that story.

And I love that level of revenge
because he didn’t just burn her.

He burned an entire industry because
this lady fucked with his business.

And I don’t have a conclusion.

I’m just that level.

As a level, maybe I
aspire towards in the hopes

that I can burn down
what’s left to Stephen

Sago and he is so fat
he would burn so well.

I can’t end with that statement.

That’s so horrible.

But I think I might.

Don’t be petty.

Is it petty to hate Stephen Sago?

Yeah, don’t be petty B next level.

There you go.

Mr. Warm Hands hits the final phrase.

Don’t be pity.

Be the next level.








(upbeat music).

Corporate Self Preservation

I was thinking about big oil.


I’ve been really honest
with a very weird

thing to sit around
thinking about, but I think

about big oil and how
they miss an opportunity.

And this sort of goes
into a couple episodes ago.

I talked about in shitification.

This relates in that I’m also
thinking about self-preservation.

So I’m going to start
with big oil companies.

They are going to die out.

We have all the climate crisis.

We have the energy crisis.

Oil is a finite resource.

So eventually it will run out.

And that should have
been the thought they had.

They knew this back in the ’70s.

They had models of
how long oil is going to

last, how long we can
extract oil from the earth.

The impact is having on the climate.

They knew all this in
the ’70s and ’80s and

just decided to keep
it quiet and move along

with the status quo
as if nothing was wrong.

And that to me, it was a
distinct lack of foresight.

Because if at that time
the big oil companies

weren’t thinking of
themselves as oil companies,

as energy companies,
they could have been at

the forefront of developing the
new technologies that we need now.

So imagine if Exxon, I
don’t know if Exxon’s

a company anymore, BP,
anything, just a big oil company.

Back in the ’80s had said,
we’re not just an oil company.

We are an energy
company and take a minute

amount of their profits,
because we know they

make billions and billions
of dollars every year.

We put it into alternative energy research.

So they could have been the ones in the
’90s, in the early 2000s, to come out with

feasible solar panels,
a new grid that works

off of their technology
that’s proprietary.

So they own it.

They could have ended up being the
foundation for all energy at the moment.

They could have created hybrid systems.

So as oil became
less viable, their other

technologies could grow
and they would never

lose any of the profits that
they so desperately want.

Now there is a
short-sightedness in that,

well, 20, 30 years from
now, I’m going to be

dead or I’m not going
to be in this position.

All I care about is money and power.

That’s fine, but it shows
that you’re not really

thinking about the
future because if climate

change strikes us all
down in the next five

years, whether you’re
rich or not isn’t going

to matter very much, you’re
still going to be involved.

I also did an episode about
billionaires trying to make bunkers.

And the obvious failures there, again, show
a very distinct short-sightedness when they

should be trying to solve the problem
not just trying to survive the fallout.

But if they had
done this, if the big oil

companies had thought
of themselves as energy

companies and created
new energies in the past, so in

the 70s and 80s and 90s,
they would have maintained

a dominant market share
essentially for all of eternity.

And the oil companies
that didn’t think forward,

that didn’t try to develop
anything new, would die out.

And then you would
end up with one massive

company that controls
all the energy in the world.

And that is what they want.

So they actually missed by not innovating.

They missed the opportunities to be the
like despots they really, really want to be.

And now we’ve hit this weird stage
where we can see storms have increased.

Huge chunks of the earth are on fire.

And this is happening
more and more every year.

We have record heat waves.

But then we have the
recent Republican debate.

The legitimately saying, I want to
be president and this is what I think.

The ocean hits 101 degrees
off the coast of Florida.

The climate change.

The climate change.

The climate change agenda is a hoax.

But you don’t have
to be a scientist to see

that there are changes
of foot, that weather

has changed in the
last 10, 15, 20 years,

that things have gotten
noticeably worse, that

water in the ocean is
hotter than it should be.

And again, this is
talking about short term

gains at the risk of
self preservation in the

future because I don’t necessarily
just want to be successful now.

I want to be successful
into the future so

much so that my kids
can be successful in the

future and other generations
that follow their end.

I guess I don’t know, call me selfish.

I don’t know.

There are other ways
this is manifested as

well that I’m really enjoying right
now because we’re seeing Trump.

And recently, Giuliani
went to court and since

Trump isn’t paying legal bills
anymore, everyone’s rolling on him.

So Giuliani goes to
court and admits that he

lied and all these other people are
going to court and admitting their lie.

They lied.

And that is because
you have Trump, he said,

like, oh, if you don’t support
me, I will take care of you.

But we’ve seen he doesn’t support anyone.

He doesn’t take care of anyone.

He doesn’t spend any money.

You can go on the Internet and find all the
stories about people who have done work for

him contract work and
he just doesn’t pay out.

He just doesn’t pay them
and he holds them up in

courts for years and years
and then pays a fraction.

There was one I listened to.

It was this morning or
yesterday and it was a guy telling

a story of his friend had a
$3 million contract with Trump.

He just held off not
paying, dragged him

through courts and whatnot
ended up offering 1.5 million.

That guy went and paid off everyone who
had worked for him and then killed himself.

And he was, people were saying, like,
why don’t you give Trump a chance?

And he’s like, well,
because essentially Trump

inadvertently murdered
one of my friends.

What Trump is missing is
that by not taking care of

these people around him,
he’s not preserving himself.

Those people aren’t
going to take care of him.

It’s not going to go
forward into the future.

He’s not got a protective group
around him that’s going to hold.

And that’s what he really needs.

So, I mean, I don’t
know what’s going to

happen with the courts
and whatnot in America.

I’m very interested to see.

I would really like to
see Trump do jail time

because it’s so obvious that
he’s committed so many crimes.

I don’t know if they’re going to do it.

Like the worst thing
they did to Nixon when

he broke the rules
would say, like, okay, you

have to not be president
anymore, which is

scary because it means he
can commit all these crimes.

But because he was president,
he’s not going to go to prison.

I would really like to see him in prison.

Certainly another version of the same thing
is lack of self preservation and relates to

the in certification
episode streaming services.

We are watching streaming services
suffer the same fate in real time.

We had TV and then
we had cable and then we

had streaming streaming
was good and new and exciting.

We had movies on our
TV and it was really cool.

Then very recently, all these companies
are like, well, Netflix is working.

So I want to make our net fix.

Netflix we’re going to make Disney plus.

We’re going to make HBO.

We’re going to make this.

We’re going to have a million services.

Now I have to pay for packages.

So now it comes to,
well, let’s screw the

users, the stuff that
they liked that way

they were paying for
that they’re happy about.

Let’s screw it because
I’m not getting a

big enough cut for
myself, which means these

streaming services have now
broke themselves up into cable.

New year TV is less than 50% of TV now.

It’s down 12.5% compared to last year.

Cable makes up one third of TV time.

Broadcast TV makes up one fifth.

YouTube and Netflix makes one
fifth or more in most households.

But I can tell you I have two teens.

My two teens watch TikTok
and YouTube almost exclusively.

They barely watch television.

This is not the world
that streaming services

want because these kids
are growing up with this.

A world where you don’t pay for content.

Now, of course YouTube
has YouTube premium TikTok.

I’m sure it’s going to go paid someday.

But on the Internet,
what happens is they

get supplanted by another innovator, another
service that comes up with something.

TikTok is three, maybe four years old now.

It’s in its infancy.

YouTube’s been around since 2004.

But it’s the grandfather
of all these services

and other services have
come up to try to take it on.

They just haven’t quite hit it yet.

But it will happen.

I don’t think YouTube
can maintain the market

dominance because
it’s refusing to innovate

and is going through the
in-shitification process.

The problem is YouTube
like Facebook is so big

it’s going to take that
much longer for it to die.

Then what is the appeal?

All these services.

Netflix, Disney Plus, cable.

They all see YouTube and TikTok as the
main competition, the ones they have to be.

The problem is the appeal for people in
YouTube and TikTok and for the companies is

they appeal of creator
personalities and it’s

incredibly cheap and
it’s incredibly fast.

So volume is the key to success.

We saw Netflix for a while.

There was actually the
joke that Netflix would

greenlight any project
and put it out and

they put it out really fast
and it wasn’t very good.

They were essentially going for the
YouTube model of content creation.

But the problem is they
had to pay money to do it.

If you get a bunch of amateurs and you have
them make a movie, it’s not going to be

very good but then people are going to be
very forgiving because it’s very sincere.

Netflix is never going to feel sincere
when they make these cash grab movies.

You will notice that
every few years YouTube

creators start complaining about changes
to the YouTube algorithm or the YouTube

system or the YouTube advertising
so they make less and less money.

This is, again, the
in-shitification process,

YouTube is starting to abuse the
people that actually create the content.

Those people are going to start looking
somewhere else where they can make money.

TikTok came up.

It’s only four years
old and people are

already starting to make complaints
about the changes to the algorithm.

I am on TikTok and I am locked in the, what
they’re calling it, the 200 person jail.

None of my posts go viral in any way.

None of them get very big.

Unless it’s sort of forced on people.

So when I post something to
TikTok, it gets between two and

300 views and that’s the
algorithm at that point just drops it.

That is enough for a
small creator like myself

to keep going but it isn’t enough for me
to actually start making money off TikTok.

And that is actually the
place TikTok wants me to be.

They want to have creators making content.

Oh yeah, you are getting attention but not
enough that we can pay you sorry and then

we have few small creators
who have massive following.

And that is at this point very purposeful.

That is the first step in
the in-shitification of TikTok.

It’s four years old.

They are now starting to
abuse the content creators in

the, you know, so we can
manage this group of big creators.

We have all these other
people who are creating content.

So we’re going to pick
every time one of our big guys.

And trouble or disappears
or something happens.

We’re going to pick one
out, boost their content

and they will become
the next big creator.

So the volume of
content is now the primary

key to success in
content creation and having

a million amateurs like
me make content for your

platform means your
platform is full and it’s available.

And you know, the people can
actually decide what they want to watch.

The problem is these
viewing habits targeting

amateurs as the creators means
things like news now have less legitimacy.

I don’t know if that’s really
fair to say news source.

People’s viewing habits mean their
information comes from amateurs like me.

So I run a show called Ninja News Japan.

Ninja News Japan is news from
Japan and then I do commentary.

It’s supposed to be lightly comedic.

I try to make it amusing.

But it means any story
I put out there is out.

Now news sources
legitimate new news sources

pick up stories from
the Internet now because

they are trying to keep
up with amateur creators.

So recently little Tay the personality.

I don’t know if she
actually did a rap song.

Little Tay did I think it was TikTok.

Maybe it was Instagram.

Basically a 12 year
old looking kid made

brass statements about
how they make millions

of dollars and you don’t
would get in a car that

they can’t even drive
walk around apartment.

I mean I didn’t think
any of that was real

turns out that little Tay’s
mother was actually a realtor.

So they would go into
different houses and

just film because they had access
to these like pen houses and stuff.

And then claim it was theirs.

There was no way you couldn’t prove it.

Little Tay was reported to
be dead at like 16 years old.

A couple weeks later
little Tay comes back

on their own Instagram and
says my Instagram was hacked.

I’m not actually dead.

But legitimate news sources didn’t check.

They saw this story
running around the Internet.

So they decided, okay
well we got a report on this.

And that is the death of
investigative journalism.

Now I do an engineer’s Japan.

I feel enough of a responsibility that I
don’t just grab a story and run with it.

If I see a story and
I think this might be

a good story for an
engineer’s Japan, I have

a process I actually go through where I try
to find at least two or three articles from

different sources and compare them and
see if the facts are the same or different.

If the facts are all
different, either I won’t

do that story or
actually tell people what

the differences are and again
sort of a media awareness initiative.

So every now and then I’ll take, hey look
I got this story where they say A, I got

the same story on the
same topic where they

say B and I got this
third story on the same

topic where they say
C is in it interesting

that they all got slightly
different versions of the story.

US adults under the
age of 30, 25% of them are

getting their news from TikTok and
probably not like a news channel on TikTok.

They’re probably getting it from a
creator who is taking the news of the day,

acting it into something
that’s digestible and very quick.

I think also the way
they speak because when

I do an engineer’s
Japan, I don’t script it.

I have the stories, I
have the content and then

I start talking and that
makes it more organic.

I make mistakes, I’ll
make jokes, I’ll back

up and say stuff again,
but it makes it very

sincere, which again
is what I’m saying is

the problem with Netflix
when it went through

its creator or creation burst phase where
they were green lighting everything saying

like what we need as volume,
but it was in sincere volume.

People want news
and entertainment from

someone they can trust and
that trust is really important.

Problem is, trust may
be the most important

part now and no one
trust these big companies

and corporations because
these big companies and

corporations don’t seek
out self preservation

in the long run, which
means they don’t engage

with the actual
individuals, which means

they run through the
in-shitification process

and are willing to
actually burn their own

core and attempt to
create more money or more

value for themselves
that’s not sustainable.

And that is the
underpinning of everything I’ve

talked about right now
is how sustainable in

the long run are the
things that these companies

are doing and what what
effect does it have on us?

Well, the effect on us right now is
we’re going through a climate crisis.

We’re watching the world
burn down around us.

We’re not even getting the
entertainment we need or once.

I guess yeah, we don’t need entertainment.

We’re not getting the
entertainment we want.

Maybe the entertainment we
deserve because companies are

now at the point where
either they’re making garbage.

I guess actually we’re not making
anything right now because of

the writer’s strike, which I’m
finding endlessly fascinating.

They want AI to step in
and replace all the humans.

You want insincerity.

AI is legitimately to me the
representation of insincerity in creation.

And what are people looking for?

They’re looking for someone they can trust.

But it leads us into
this very dangerous thing

where maybe someone you trust
doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

It’s yesterday an article popped up on
my feed and it said, “Science is say human

caused global warming
is exasperating natural

disasters such as
fires and floods around

the world, making them both
more likely and more deadly.

Do you agree?”

Now, I want to point
out the first part of that

sentence is, “scientists
say I am not a scientist.

Therefore, my opinion on this
topic is completely irrelevant.

I should be listening to the scientists.

This was when people
were saying that coronavirus

was a hoax or it
wasn’t real or anything.

I’m like, “Well, what
are the scientists, the

people who study nothing
but virus is saying?”

Well, they’re saying you
should get this vaccine.

So I went and got the vaccine.

Scientists say we should recycle.

Well, then I think we
should probably recycle.


I’ve never studied a vaccine before.

I’ve never studied a disease before.

I have no idea what
to do in that situation.

How do we save the Earth?


Okay, I’ll recycle.

I think the biggest
problem when it comes to

recycling, I’ve said
this in an episode in

the past as well, is that we’re holding
people to a standard that we’re not holding

corporations to and
it’s this differentiation

between corporations and
how they act in individuals

and how they act and how we
treat them as being disparate.

Coca-Cola corporation
produces, I don’t know,

25% of the plastic
bottles on the planet.

Maybe Coca-Cola corporation
should be responsible

for recycling a percentage of
those bottles every single year.

Maybe it isn’t on the individual.

Maybe Coke should be
held to a standard where

they create recycling
centers and cities.

Maybe Coke should be
responsible for developing

the technology to
improve recycling returns.

That seems like a very
reasonable way forward for me.

I also don’t think
it’s going to happen

because society is still built
on money in this corporation.

It’s powerful where the individual isn’t.

So they put the bonus
on the individual to do

all the work to try to
save the Earth while

the company is trying
to burn everything down.

While big oil and
companies like that try

to just forge forward
and make as much money

as they can in the
little limited amount of

time they have left to
squeeze the Earth of oil.

Why are we listening to people
when scientists are saying something?

Honestly because it’s
just more content because

they’re doing exactly what
the streaming services want.

They’re doing what TikTok and YouTube want.

They want individuals to create
content for them on their behalf.

And it’s hopefully going
to come from a source they

trust and then they’re
going to listen to them.

All we can do is hope
that that individual

actually smart enough
to listen to a scientist.

I’m not a scientist and therefore my
opinion on these things does not matter.

In fact, straight up my
opinion just does not matter.