Fake Blood Octopii

That’s the third start to the intro of this

podcast and it’s because I keep wanting

to explain or justify what I’m doing.

This is an episode of C-Mick Be reads.

That’s all you really got to know.

I did the entirety of a year I read a free online romantic sex book about

some women who

had taken to a prehistoric planet and dropped there and they had to blink

their way to safety.

And it was good but I actually found that reading an entire book, my

commentary fell off because there was just less to say.

The author had their quibbles and traits

and odd things and I’d made fun of them and

then it came up in another chapter.

I’d just make fun of the same thing again.

I realized the sheer length of a whole book is a problem.

And I could read articles and stuff and I’ve done that in the past.

I want to make it so that there’s a variety

of interesting stuff that’s interesting to

me, interesting to the audience.

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There is another podcast called Seamick Bee and it was like the Military

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maybe it was Columbia Military College of Brazil, something like that.

So I was going to try to start beef with them just because we got to decide

who actually owns the name.

And maybe starting beef with a literal military organization isn’t my best

idea I’ve ever had.

Which brings us to fake blood which is what we’re talking about today

because I read an article

about the history of fake blood and I found it really interesting and I

thought hey, if you

listen to my stuff, I just assume the stuff that I find interesting, you

would find them, and it may be, it may be, it may be, it may be interesting.

In 1897 there was a Parisian theater called the Grand Gugnoch.

G-U-I-G-N-O-C, G-G-G-N-O-L.

My writing’s very poor, I made my notes very quickly.

L’Gran Gugnoch and they put on plays, they put on horror plays.

I was like I’ve seen horror movies, I’ve actually never seen horror plays.

I’ve seen a few plays, I wouldn’t say I’m like someone who goes to plays.

Trying to think of the plays, I’ve gone to a bunch of high schools plays

with my friends were in.

I actually did a couple, I was really bad at it.

I went to the Chinese opera which was a really interesting experience

because the way they

did it is they had the Chinese opera on the stage and then up they had this

big monitor

and it had the subtitles but they were above so they were like super titles.

There was mostly singing and so this guy gave a 5 minute song and it was

clearly supposed to be inspirational to his soldiers and whatnot.

Then the translation was let’s go to war.

I think we’ve missed a few subtleties in that translation but I enjoyed it

but most plays you know their dramas.

The only one I ever cared about is waiting for Gdou and that’s because I

read it and then

I saw the Katie Lang video and the constant

craving video and that just reaffirmed my love for.

that play.

I think because it was only like 5 minutes

I didn’t have to actually go see it.

Reading it was good.

I don’t know if I actually want to see this stuff so maybe I’m not like a

play oriented kind of guy but a horror play would bring me in.

I would love to go see a live performance of a horror story.

They had their own secret recipe for blood.

So of course being a horror thing people

got stabbed or there were wounds and stuff.

So they had their own secret recipe and they

think it was pigments so make it red and

glycerol which I assume is just like a jealous stuff.

Like anyways.

So this became like okay we have to make

blood if we’re going to do horror stuff.

Now very soon they were maybe the most famous

and it seems like the first iteration of

fake blood as like a thing you made for

your performance was that Le Grand Reno then

movies came along and movies are where you know horror as a genre became its

own thing.

Like a real thing.

Like maybe that’s it.

Maybe live horror plays never became its own genre in a big enough way

because the kind of people who go to

plays maybe don’t want to go see horror.

I do I would really like to go see a horror play.

I think that would be really awesome.

We had movies, black and white movies and En Psycho is one of the more

famous ones because

the shower scene where their girl gets stabbed and the blood trickles down

and it circles

the drain as the water washes the blood off

the poor woman who’s just been murdered.

The problem is red blood actually didn’t show up very well on screen.

This is something I learned about that

you have to do stuff to make it show up.

And so it was more about consistency and darkness than it was actually about

looking realistic.

So at that time they used chocolate syrup because it had the sort of

consistency they wanted.

It had sort of the liquidity and it was very

sort of dark and vibrant looking and very

shiny and it showed up very well on screen.

There was a 1968 movie called Night of the Living Dead.

If you’re in the zombie movies it’s essentially the first zombie movie.

They used Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup for all the blood in that movie.

So when the zombies are eating a person they’re actually just pouring

chocolate syrup all over their mouth and going “ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.”

So actually what have tasted really good.

So I mean being an extra on that movie being

one of the zombie extras on that movie.

It’s not a terrible deal because yeah,

you’re maybe covered in fake blood and stuff.

That actually might be chocolate syrup.

Pretty easy to wash off.

But then when you have to eat another person

you’re just like basically licking chocolate.

syrup off someone which is kind of cool.

I was pretty down with that.

My thought was British people are always really like Hershey’s isn’t real

chocolate kind of stuff.

So they might be really down on that.

Hershey’s syrup and Hershey’s chocolate

bars are different, different flavors.

Anyways, then we get to color.

Other movies started and then you had to be able to…

Oh no, something else I learned about Black White movies.

Again, it was contrast was important.

Being able to see things on the Black and White film was really important.

So there’s the very famous end of Seven

Samurai where they have a battle in the rain.

And if you just have water pouring down from the sky in a Black and White

movie it doesn’t show up very well.

The people look damp but they don’t look wet.

It doesn’t look like the… You can’t see the rain running down their face.

So what they did if you watch that movie,

it’s a three hour movie so you might not be

too into it.

It’s a good movie though.

They used essentially ink to make it rain

so that the rain would show up on screen.

You could see the rain but that meant also you could see it like drip down

people’s faces and stuff.

So you could see the rain as an effect in the movie.

So Black and White movies that had a whole

different set of problems they’d deal with.

It wasn’t about realism, it was about visibility in the medium of Black and

White film.

Luckily back then they didn’t probably have EPA or environmental controls on

films or any sort of ethics.

So I’m assuming that whole area was just like sodden with ink and everything

in that area died.

But maybe we learned a lesson since then?

Now you can actually use water and it will have the effect because you’ll

actually be able

to see the water on the screen because our technology has come so far.

But it’s an interesting problem.

If you were the director of the film you’re like well we’re making it rain

but no one can see the rain so what’s the point?

You might as well just do it on a sunny day.

Everyone just looks kind of like moist.

Then we had color film in the 60s and 70s.

What they wanted was that vibrancy to come

out so that you could see the blood so you

know his blood.

So they actually made it almost cartoonishly bright.

I’m sure there’s a old movie you’ve seen where the blood looks more like

bright colored catch up than anything else.

My co-workers and I at lunchtime have been watching Loan Wolf and Cub the

Samurai movies

and they do some great slashes and there’s a big spray of blood that comes

out when they do a slash.

If that is not the right color you actually

wouldn’t be able to see it on screen.

The same problem is the previous problem with black and white movies.

It has to be able to show up so they use really bright blood and it looks

pretty good when

it sprays but when it actually like pools

when someone gets their like in throat slash

then lying down there’s a pool of blood.

When it pools it looks really really bad it looks really really fake but it

did make for some excellent blood sprays.

In 1963 they made a movie called Blood Feast and not only did the blood need

to be recognizable

as blood because it was blood feast they were going to be consuming a lot of

the blood.

It had to also be edible so they used a mixture of red dye and Kale pectate

which is antacid and anti diarrhea medicine.

So everyone on that set who is a I assume a cannibal of some sort I haven’t

seen this movie.

Now I’m vaguely interested in it because I know what the blood is made of.

Everyone in this movie had a really settled

stomach and maybe couldn’t poop that day.

What we want to get to is how much fake blood are they using was one of the

things because there was an amazing amounts of blood they actually used.

In the shining there’s that famous elevator scene.

Now that blood is a little bright in liquidy but it still worked.

That was 300 gallons just for the elevator scene.

That’s like eight liters of blood for those of you who don’t know metric.

The evil dead in 2013 they used over 50,000

gallons and that was just for one scene.

Do you have any idea of the amount of

gallons of blood you used in this thing?

This thing being the movie.

I know we ordered a truck the other day

that was 50,000 gallons just for one scene.

Is that the raining blood scene?

So obviously the raining blood scene is going to use a lot.

There’s a couple of movies that have had rains of blood.

I think the most famous one for me is in one of the blade movies.

Probably the first one where he goes to the

vampire dance club and they’re all dancing

and then the fire sprinklers turn on and it

sprays blood over and I was like, “Wow, I love.

my blood.”

I’d be interested to know what that was made of.

We’re going to get to a couple of recipes

later but I’ll just finish this quote.

Is that the raining blood scene?

Yeah, that’s a lot of blood.

That’s the thing where we’re trying to measure because sometimes we go over

the top and there’s a lot of blood and we go, “Eh?”

But somebody joked because the other day

I said, “Okay, that was too much blood.”

And they all said, “Wow, wow, that’s

the first time we’ve heard that so far.”

Usually I ask for more.

There’s always a tone that you have to hit right in horror.

With the blood, you want to make sure that it makes sense all along.

You choose one style, right?

Like the way an arm bleeds when you cut, it

could look so many different ways and not

look the style and not look this in the style of the movie, right?

We’re kind of a little bit.

Because we’re a little bit too Japanese, I would say.

It’s kind of that sharp flat and we have some of that, “What?”

It’s kind of that sharp flat we have some of that kind of stuff.

I’m sorry, Mr. Alvarez is not making sense to me right now.

It’s kind of that sharp flat we have some of that kind of stuff.

I guess you saw here about maybe the color?

The color is too sharp and maybe too flat, not textured enough.

I mean, that’s what I like.

Yeah, it’s pretty over the top sometimes.

So this year volume means that the different mixtures of blood, that’s

actually going to affect cost.

And they were saying 50,000 gallons, which again, that’s like 10 liters of

blood for one scene and there’s multiple scenes in the movie.

And then there’s a lot more blood in the movie.

So that’s interesting.

I did find part of the article I was

reading actually had some actual recipes.

So you could actually write this down or if you’re watching the video, just

take a screen shot or something.

So if you want to make some at home, you can actually do this.

So Kensington Gore was the trademark name.

So this is trademark.

Oh, it’s out there in the world.

You can actually find it yourself.

The trademark name for blood used in

film and theater during the 19CC assembly.

So that’s probably really, really bright

stuff I was talking about in samurai films.

Today it is often used as a generic term for stage blood.

So there’s the actual original trademark stuff.

And then now because it’s so common, they just use it for fake blood.

The bricks specifically use Kensington Gore in the shining.

So the one, the thing that the 300 gallons that flowed out of the elevator,

that was this recipe.

Golden syrup, which I assume is corn syrup, I’m actually not sure.

Warm water.

So again, so you can mix it.

Food coloring, which is going to be the red and cornstarch.

For adjusting opacity, I would have assumed

cornstarch was for thickness, but they’re

saying like, if it’s too thin, you can see through it and it looks too wet.

And if you want to make it so it’s harder to see, thicker, it will mean it

would be less opaque, which is pretty interesting.

Kensington Gore really set the standard for

fake blood made with a sugary syrup base

with food dye.

But if we’re going to talk about fake blood,

we have to talk about Dixmith because his

do it yourself recipe.

Well, technically poisonous is one of the most famous.

So yeah, in what was the movie, Blood Feast, the fake blood had to be edible

because the actors were going to be expected to eat it.

In “Night of the Living Dead,” they used chocolate syrup, which meant that

when the zombies reading the people, it

was actually quite delicious and very safe.

The one where it’s the anti-diarrhea medicine, maybe too much of that would

have been pretty bad for you.

I bet it would have worked its way through

eventually, but you might have been pretty

backed up for a while.

Smith, known as the Godfather of Makeup, was an American special makeup

effects artist,

known for his work on the famous film, such

as The Godfather, 1972, The Exorcist, 1973,

and Taxi Driver, 1976.

He put his own twist on the syrup-based blood with

the addition of methyl-peribin, a preservative.

He also used a photographic wedding agent that changed the viscosity of the

blood and allowed it to seep into clothes as real blood would.

However, this is what makes the recipe poisonous.

Therefore, making it unsuitable for any

application where ingestion may occur.

So you have one, the Kensington Gorone, you can eat it.

Probably tastes okay because it’s basically golden syrup.

I assume is like corn syrup, which is really just a kind of sugar, a water,

food coloring, and corn starch.

It doesn’t taste great, but edible.

Or is this one because of the extra ingredient?

It’s probably to make it, he said to make

it so it bleed into sink into blood quickly.

So probably actually making it thicker without using corn starch, which

probably wouldn’t absorb into clothing the same way.

So you get shot or stab or something in

that slow bleed as what they’re going for.

Dick Smith’s blood recipe, one quart white corn syrup, so not golden syrup.

One level tablespoon of methyl-peribin.

Two ounces of Eller Red Food Color.

Two five tablespoons of A-Her-A-Her-Aler Yellow Food Color.

Two ounces of Kodak Photo Flow.

Two ounces of water.

That’s your base recipe, so you would just have to multiply that by two,

three, four, whatever to make bigger vats of it.

But remember, this is poisonous.

Do not drink this.

Do not eat it by accident.

It’s said, Eller Red and Yellow pigments

are not available anymore, so some recipes

will add zinc and use Red and Yellow Food dye instead to make this recipe

less poisonous.

You can use food safe and mulsifier wedding agents such as liquid, light tin

instead of the photo flow.

Another way to make it less toxic.

Edible blood is the go-to Sam Raimi method.

So Sam Raimi, he has made a lot of spider man movies and stuff.

For any low budget filmmaker looking to make

a horror movie, you likely need a lot of


You really need it to be very, very cheap and do it yourselfable.

For the original Evil Dead 1981, they needed just that like Dick Smith’s

recipe, the Evil Dead blood relies on corn syrup as the base.

To make a affordable blood that still looked to go on camera, Raimi, and

make up an effects

artist Tom Sullivan used a non-dairy coffee creamer in their recipe.

You can also find the recipe in Bruce Campbell’s autobiography if the chins

could kill confessions of a B movie actor.

It’s a pretty good title for a book.

So the Evil Dead blood recipe is six pints of clear, cato syrup.

So you have to get a British man to go out

for the evening and drink six pints and then.

take those glasses and then you can make this blood.

Three pints are you need a British man and his girlfriend.

Three pints of red food coloring, one

pint under kid has to come with him too.

One pint of non-dairy creamer and one drop of blue food coloring.

It’s that one drop of blue food coloring in

six, seven, eight, nine, ten pints of liquid.

Is it going to change the color enough?

Because if it’s three pints of red food coloring, one drop blue, I wonder

how much of a difference that makes.

Many movies and television series still rely on these recipes or some

derivative for their bloody visual effects.

However, others are turning to a cleaner method of Gore pixels, CGI blood.

It’s interesting though, we do want, what I want is for you to be able to

make it at home.

That was to me the more interesting part.

So if you dame to attempt one of these, make

it at home, do it yourself, blood recipes

for movies and cover yourself all in blood in fake murder scene, I would

like a picture.

You can send a picture to chummyvchest@gmail.com

and I would really actually

really enjoy to see what people do.

I’m kind of thinking the next break, I might

make some fake blood with my kids and see

what we can make happen because I would love to fake a murder scene and then

send a picture to my wife, which I bet she doesn’t find funny.

Okay, so the other thing, let me get

that up on the screen now, yeah, for me.

To continue, see me be reads, it’s 25 minutes, but I think I messed around

the first like 5, 10 minutes, this might only be a 15 minute podcast.

The other thing I read about, so there was your transition, is octopi.

Now the first thing I’m going to have to address is the usage of the term

the plural, octopuses versus octopi.

Now very technically, grammatically, octopuses is correct, but if you use

octopuses and correct

people on their usage of octopi, you need to realize that you’re not fun and

no one really enjoys being around you.

You might argue, yes, people do enjoy being around me, but you’re incorrect.

People tolerate you.

They exist in your vicinity, but they are not enjoying that experience.

So that’s just something to be aware of.

If you naturally feel the instinct to correct someone who says octopi and go

actually, the

correct grammar is octopuses, you should go

home and sort of just rethink the entirety

of your existence.

You could do better in life by just using the plural “I,” which is just way

more fun in every capacity.

And sometimes language is about pleasure.

It’s about enjoying existence.

It’s about communicating with people and

creating sounds that are pleasurable for them.

as much as yourself.

You probably are the kind of person

who really enjoys hearing their own voice.

Whereas everyone else, what they hear is

the annoying grating of someone who thinks,

pulling words out of a dictionary is a good

idea when it inhibits having a good time.

Kind of lost it at the end there if I’m being honest, but I think my point

is pretty solid in that if you correct

anyone who says octopi, you should go away.

So I did read an article about octopuses, octopi.

Octopi are just amazing animals.

They are there.

Is it cephalopods?

I actually have to check.

I don’t want to get that one wrong.

Octopi versus octopuses, I’m pretty confident about cephalopods.

I’m pretty sure that might be an alien thing.

I think here’s the problem with reading,

like watching a lot of fiction and stuff.

Sometimes you get your technical language

mixed up with real stuff and fake stuff.

So sometimes I’ll actually say something that sounds scientific, but it’s

from Star Trek, so it’s not real.

That’s problematic.

There’s a reason I have an English major and not a science major.

Let’s put it that way.

Research published in 2021, Octopi, I

am correcting the article I’m reading from.

Octopi were observed punching fish during collaborative feeding sessions.

In some cases, the punches were to prevent exploitation and sure

collaboration, so in other words, keeping the peace.

So basically one fish was eating too much food.

All the fish needed to get food, so the Octopi took it upon themselves to

just like a little

deck here and there to just nail one in

the face and be like, you’ve had enough.

You need to let this other fish over here have a little bit of food.

But in other situations, it seemed that the Octopi punched the fish for no

other reason than to punch them.

But that actually, something we do know is that Octopi have memories.

So really what’s, see, they’re making an assumption that they’re just

hitting them for no reason.

I bet they remember some crap that that fish pulled before and they’re like,

I’m still angry at you.

I’m still decking you.

How do you like that?

Don’t come around here no more.

Octopi are famously anti-social animals and

are solitary, even when it comes to their

own species.

Maybe this is one of the reasons I like Octopi so much is that I am similar.

Now it seems like I’m very social.

My friend group is primarily them in line.

I would say I would enjoy spending time with them, but I would be more fun

if we both went home to our computers

and played a game together or something.

But I don’t know if that’s anti-social so much as just I have a very, very

specific set of lifestyle choices and needs at once.

A group of researchers gave Octopi

MDMA, popularly known as Molly or Ecstasy.

Now one thing I was enjoying about science is when they’re like, what was

the premise of giving an Octopus Ecstasy?

You can say there’s a scientific degree we’re trying to research something,

try to figure out how the brain works with

it, what effect does it have on the animal.

But really, you know these scientists had done Molly in the past and we’re

like, you know,

we’ve been working with this spit, I don’t

know the Octopi specific name which is too

bad because I’d like to start referring to them by name Kevin.

We know Kevin’s been working hard, he’s done like a whole bunch of

experiments, he’s taught us a lot and we want him to have a good time.

Let’s call it research.

Pop them a little Molly, our cells and see what happens, make sure that

Kevin parties tonight.

Octopi are typically a social creatures.

So the scientists wanted to see how the drug that affects serotonin levels

and induces extra version of people would impact the Octopi.

So essentially this is the same experiment as if you gave me Molly.

Would I then want to go out and spend time with other people?

What would happen to my serotonin levels which flat lying constantly?

As it turned out the normally solitary Octopi spent time with one another

after sitting in an MDMA bath which

sounds like a really relaxing bath for it.

I guess not, I’ve never done it.

I’ve never done XC so I don’t actually know.

Like I know it makes you more social and you like you want to touch each

other and stuff which is pretty gross.

But does it relax you?

Cocaine is famously amps you up and you want

to clean your house and then weed lowers

you down and you get more sedate.

I actually don’t know where MDMA falls at that.

The normally solitary Octopi spent time with one another after sitting in a

bath even going

so far as to touching each other with their arms in an exploratory way.

Either this says more about Octopi or the power of MDMA, perhaps for you to

decide but still.

It’s cool that Octopi can play nice sometimes.

I do have friends who have done XC when they used to go to raves and they

did talk about just like touching each

other a lot which again sounds awful to me.

I don’t know if I enjoy anything about that.

Octopi are smart and cranky which sounds

like every old man I know so I think maybe

again this might be why I start to relate to them.

Last year scientists described seeing Octopi gathering silt and shells off

the seafloor in Durvis Bay, Australia and flinging them at their peers.

Which I find funny which makes me think that the Octopi funny as well.

The research I believe that throes must serve as social purpose but to my

untrained diet this looks pretty antisocial.

I mean maybe they’re just having a good time.

This is how they entertain themselves.

I go to judo which is me grabbing on to honestly friends and sometimes

strangers and trying to hook them as hard as I can into the ground.

And it sounds like the octopus and I share certain traits.

This is again why I probably was so immediately connected to this article.

Research published in 2021 tracked Octopi’s sleep schedule.

I suppose if I say Octopi I can’t say Octopi’s but it is possessive.

I don’t know because if it’s plural possessive Octopi’s, Octopi’s, Octopi

added more eyes.

Octopi sleep schedules.

The scientists found the animals had sleep states similar to REM.

States and humans when we dream.

If the animals are dreaming though the researchers don’t think they have

dreams as complex relinquies as their own.

They have no fucking idea if that’s true or not.

That is a massive assumption on their part.

They might just have a broader view of the universe so what they consider a

simple dream you would consider mind blowing.

So I think scientists, the problem is scientists as much as they might talk

about science, make so many assumptions which is completely unreasonable.

It should be more like a small video clips or even gifts which is how most

people spend their waking days.

I’m sure there’s about 12 jokes in there

if you actually want to put it the effort

that I don’t.

I think that is you might but again you’re not going to if you start making

assumptions that there are more simple thought

processes like Dave the dog, my dog, he


He sleeps quite regularly and quite generously.

He’s sleeping right now in the corner.

He dreams.

Now he does little twitchy things like dogs do and everyone’s always thinks

he’s dreaming.

He’s chasing a rabbit.

No one knows that.

He might be dreaming that he’s just exploded the core of the universe and

has reformed everything

into a more perfect utopian balance system where everything is egalitarian

and there is no unhappiness.

And that’s that little twitchy motion that he goes, the assumption on our

part is species least.

If I’m being honest, the assumption on our part is that we’re some sort of

superior intellect

and that other animals can’t have that because they don’t communicate with

us in the same way, we make assumptions that they are lower species.

And I think that’s unfair and it’s especially unfair for the octopi because

the octopi, as we all know, is basically an alien.

It is the most alien looking thing on the planet earth.

Why would you assume that it’s dreams are more simplistic than ours?

In February 2023, researchers announced that

they had managed to record brain activity

in freely moving octopi for the first time.

The scientists implanted electrodes into the data logger into day octopuses.

Octopus cyanera or cyania or chyanuria.

I think I would say cyan because it has the CYN and it’s cyania.

Brain activity patterns recorded in the research have not yet been tied to

specific behaviors.

And again, maybe we don’t understand the

relationship because they’re so alien to us.

But if the practice sticks, it may provide more information about the inner

workings of the octopus and specifically how

their brain actively corresponds to their


They’re very complex, flexible legs that Japanese anime really enjoys.

There are ethical questions here as in the case whenever devices are

inserted into animals

that cannot express consent, but inserting

devices into animals for science arguably

better than frying and eating them in a persuade.

That’s a non-equivalency, if I’m being honest.

Yeah, that actually just threw me the writer

just started to throw in their opinion.

I was thinking about they used to think that babies don’t feel pain.

So these do do like surgery on babies and stuff without any anesthetic,

which is terrifying if you think about it.

So what can we actually take away from the octopi study?

And really what I take away from it is

that scientists make too many assumptions.

And those assumptions are bad science.

And what the octopi have taught us more than anything else is that if you

want to do science,

you have to do science properly, which means don’t assume that because a

species is different

that that species is lower capability intellectually, that their dreams are,

I’m really stuck on the dreams thing.

You can tell.

You want to just conclude by saying like scientists made the wrong

assumption because they made an

assumption where realistically speaking,

there’s no way to know one way or the other.

And anytime you see scientists assume or someone assumes you can just

immediately should be thinking that’s bad science.


Speed Dating with MrWarmHands

  • Look at that. Hey, like and subscribe. Drive time radio. I would love to do some drive time radio. Wob, wob, wob, wob, wob, wah. That’s right, Peter, Peter and the, the, the, the warm and the chunk.πŸŽ™ 00:00:00.00000:00:14.780
  • All way to work. The warm, the warm chunk is down your ear. I was just about to say, feel the warm chunks on your prime time drive. There’s to be somewhere disgusting there, like on your person. Feel the warm chunks wash all over you.πŸŽ™ 00:00:14.78000:00:32.420
  • Yeah, Do they have? Drive time radio in England. They must yeah, yeah So is it the same is it the same like cheesy bullshit they make fun of it? It’s less Now than it was why I actually haven’t listened to it. So it might be exactly the same, but it was not ridiculousπŸŽ™ 00:00:32.42000:00:48.246
  • Ridiculous North America, but it was getting less when I left This is essentially a new segment on the podcast and it is going to be you and I having conversations and we thought it would be a good idea toπŸŽ™ 00:00:48.24600:01:17.961
  • introduce ourselves. So we found some you look, you suggested speed dating questions and then I they were all dog shit. So I went and found some other ones. You went and found some other ones. That’s a matter of opinion.πŸŽ™ 00:01:17.96100:01:31.601
  • Yeah my opinion. Sometimes opinions are wrong. Well sometimes they’re right. But I found a list and the first it has subsections the first subsection is creative. funny questions to ask. Now, here’s the most creative funny question because it’s number one on the list.πŸŽ™ 00:01:31.60100:01:52.994
  • What’s the weirdest movie you’ve ever seen? Which does not seem particularly weird or creative. No. That is a general theme with all of these questions. No matter what adjective you put before, like, question, they’re all the same questions.πŸŽ™ 00:01:52.99400:02:06.994
  • And they’re all super vanilla. I have realized, maybe, that the world is so bland. That it’s like, I was trying to imagine someone like, ah shit, I gotta go to a party. I’ve never been to a party before because I’m a loser and lonely.πŸŽ™ 00:02:06.99400:02:23.994
  • And I’m going to my first… I gotta be really charming. Okay, I’m online now. This is gonna be great. Okay. What’s oh, what’s the weirdest movie you’ve ever seen? I never would have thought of asking that question. Oh my god. No one’s ever asked me that before and then just like blowingπŸŽ™ 00:02:23.99400:02:37.632
  • The mind. Okay, would you like number two? We’re not gonna answer these? No, no. What was the first question again? I forgot that’s how good it was. Yeah, what was it? What’s the weirdest movie you’ve ever seen?πŸŽ™ 00:02:37.63200:02:47.252
  • The weirdest movie I’ve ever seen and I’ll stand by this. I’m sure there’s weirder ones. Pie by Darren Aronoski. The first ones. Lion in the boat, the tiger in a boat? No, no, no. That’s life of pie. Oh, this is this is mathematical pie.πŸŽ™ 00:02:47.25200:03:05.252
  • I don’t think I’ve seen that. It’s all in black and white and it’s just bizarre. Like I can’t even… really describe it. A mathematician kind of thinks he hears the voice of God through numbers. Yeah, it’s… Nothing weird about that. Yeah, I think it’s his best movie. Like, I tried toπŸŽ™ 00:03:05.25200:03:26.392
  • people gush about the other one, the drugs one, with Heath Ledger. The drugs one. Yeah, because it’s all about drugs. Like, I know what it’s called. People do love their drug movies. But I didn’t… Well, this one’s not like… Like, um, what’s the Matthew McConney? Like,πŸŽ™ 00:03:26.39200:03:42.792
  • he’d be like, cool if you did that one. I don’t know. It’s all about dope and being like a high schooler. Oh, I actually think I know what you mean. days and confused. Yeah, people love that movie. I because it’s but it’s not like that this thatπŸŽ™ 00:03:42.79200:03:59.097
  • money is all about masturbation. It’s no because so there’s people who do drugs make media about doing drugs. Like the people who smoke marijuana everything they do events write a book or something about marijuana. I’ve also found that there’s authors and they write there’s two more categoriesπŸŽ™ 00:03:59.09700:04:15.657
  • that works is authors who write books about authors and then movie creators so a director let’s say who makes a movie about making a movie and I’m like you’re just you’re just jerking yourself off at this point.πŸŽ™ 00:04:15.65700:04:29.253
  • Okay, a bit too meta for you. Well, it’s, but it’s not. It’s actually so direct line. Just self indulgence. Yeah, it’s like, if it was meta, it would be like unrelated to your life somehow, but this is like, oh, I’m going to say how hard it isπŸŽ™ 00:04:29.25300:04:44.973
  • to be an auteur because I consider myself an auteur. Okay. I’m going to talk about the trials and tribulations of being a movie director and how hard it is and no one understands it. No, no, no.πŸŽ™ 00:04:44.97300:05:16.213
  • And then he’s doing that as he’s pulling his pants down. Oh, God. No one understands me. I’m going to make a movie about how hard it. Yeah. No, that’s just, that’s, I hate that. So my first question to you, my, my potential future life partner,πŸŽ™ 00:04:58.14100:05:15.101
  • what’s your spirit animal? A raccoon. OK, elaborate. No, I think I’ve told you this. No, I’d like to. No, I’ve finished. Fuck off. That would be the best speed dating. Answer the question and then just go, no.πŸŽ™ 00:05:16.50100:05:34.911
  • I will not explain it. I’m not that’s it. Look, the timer went off. It’s time to switch questions. Hey, you didn’t say it. You had to, what is it? You have to fucking interpret it yourself. There’s no way I can explain this to you.πŸŽ™ 00:05:34.91100:05:44.951
  • I had the experience in university. I got wicked, wicked drunk. And I think we were drinking on the university golf course. And I do believe I tried to put my penis in a golf hole. I think you could just say bull for a second.πŸŽ™ 00:05:44.95100:05:59.151
  • I was like, no, no. I think I basically tried to have sex with a guy. of course. And then on the walk home and you know that like seven hour drinking session walk? Like you are going so slow. You can you struggle to to move and pulling your legs.πŸŽ™ 00:05:59.15100:06:21.157
  • Yeah, your your basis is so I so I’m still on the university campus and the one I went to was huge. Like it was like a 15 20 minute walk across campus and that’s not including like extra stuff. So in the middle I was just like I.πŸŽ™ 00:06:21.15700:06:32.677
  • I gotta sit down and I, there was, this is the potential of where you fall asleep. When I sat down and I was just like, doing that drunk breathing like, oh, oh. I think that you’re breathing right now.πŸŽ™ 00:06:32.97700:06:44.257
  • Yeah. Oh, it wasn’t. Okay. It wasn’t picking up. I was doing that drunk breathing like dead silence. Like, oh, she’s dead. But I do know people that drunk breathe like that. There’s two, there’s two kinds of drunk breathing.πŸŽ™ 00:06:44.25700:06:56.897
  • There’s, I’m so exhausted because my body’s still processing alcohol and it shouldn’t be. And I’m about to throw up. Because I was on the train because it’s deep. Oh, it’s yeah, because they do deep breaths when they’re trying to stave it off.πŸŽ™ 00:06:56.89700:07:10.988
  • But then when your body like sort of is ramping up to it, I was on the train and there was these cute drunk guys gone on the train and they had just they gone out buying shoes and then got drunk, which is a weird combination.πŸŽ™ 00:07:10.98800:07:20.828
  • And then one guy started doing the, and I’m like, oh, he’s going to puke. He’s going to puke. And then I was like, he’s going to puke somewhere on the train. We’re not making it to like the door open.πŸŽ™ 00:07:20.82800:07:30.068
  • He puked into the bag where his new shoes were. And these were sneaker heads. This is like clearly what they had done that day specifically was to go out and buy shoes. Imagine how much money those sneakers probably cause.πŸŽ™ 00:07:30.06800:07:43.627
  • Easily, yeah, cause you know, if you’re a sneaker fan, you’re buying 120 bucks is the minimum. Minimum. That’s like fucking nothing, yeah. Yeah. So anyways, I was doing that exhausted drunk breathingπŸŽ™ 00:07:43.62700:07:56.987
  • and just like trying to regain enough energy so that I could actually make it to my dorm or I think I lived in a dorm at that time. This is all after humping the golf course. Oh, that had to be peak drunk.πŸŽ™ 00:07:56.98700:08:08.507
  • Okay. Pre or post. You were out on the top of the… but the mountain of drunkenness. Yeah, no, no, I think the only way I would try to have sex with a golf course is when I was like, this is a great idea.πŸŽ™ 00:08:08.50700:08:18.996
  • And then like 10 minutes before or 10 minutes later, you realize it’s not a good idea. Yeah. So how far after the next week? This would have been been an hour or two hours later. An hour, okay. Because the walk’s gonna be 30 minutes.πŸŽ™ 00:08:18.99600:08:32.076
  • Okay, you were like just barreling down into the valley of fear. Yeah, my body is shutting down. And so I was sitting on this stair. and a raccoon came up and sat down next to me and started looking at me and I was drunk enough to realize thatπŸŽ™ 00:08:32.07600:08:48.814
  • It’s a wild animal, but I shouldn’t touch it and then I started talking to it I was like this is again. This is drunk logic. I was like I’ll tell it my problems And like my my my wishes and desires in life and I talked for like in my headπŸŽ™ 00:08:49.29400:09:03.914
  • It was like ten minutes. I think it might have been like five to ten minutes And then and then two hours it could have been two hours, but it did sit there I don’t think that wild animals gonna sit there for two hours and thenπŸŽ™ 00:09:03.91400:09:14.054
  • I mean it wasn’t really well, so this is this is actually the second part is so I so I tell him all my problems and he listens Yeah, now everyone’s like you do this thing to you. I was like no. No. I’m not saying he understoodπŸŽ™ 00:09:14.18700:09:27.047
  • he listened and Then the raccoon got up and touched me on the shoulder and went away No, no, I was sitting on the I was sitting on the ground. I’m sitting on basically stairs going down somewhere They just gotta fun its hind legs got how unlike and put his little paws on my shoulder and kind of likeπŸŽ™ 00:09:27.70700:09:47.227
  • and then left. Yeah, basically. And like, everyone’s like, that didn’t happen. So I was like, no, no, I’m not saying like, it understood or it meant something. I’m saying, this is what happened.πŸŽ™ 00:09:47.99400:09:57.914
  • Even in my drunk state of mind, I’m like, that’s not like him talking to me. And people really, really doubt that story, which I find weird. And then I went home and I, and. And you were like, I’m drunk, not a fucking lunatic.πŸŽ™ 00:09:57.91400:10:09.114
  • Yeah. Yeah. So that was, that was my spirit animal. Yeah, you realize right there and then that you were connected to me. I’m connected to raccoons. At some level with the raccoons. Yeah. I was gonna say with spirits, which is the whole other.πŸŽ™ 00:10:09.11400:10:25.061
  • I’m tempted to just do my list, but I should go through the list and find the good ones. But creative, funny questions to ask. What’s that question? No, I don’t know. I’m gonna I’m gonna read text missing.πŸŽ™ 00:10:25.06100:10:38.181
  • I’m gonna read it to reiterate the title so that people know how bad these questions are. Ritten, who wrote this? I’m now going to find out it’s actually yourself. Nataline Mejia sucks. Okay. Oh, sorry.πŸŽ™ 00:10:39.38100:10:53.301
  • Creative, funny questions to ask. Number two, what’s a pizza topping? most people hate, but you secretly love. And I would tack onto that. Why are you keeping this a secret? Yeah, why, what? Who are you?πŸŽ™ 00:10:53.30100:11:07.142
  • I don’t think that’s a question. There’s like a guilty pleasure kind of thing, which I don’t agree with as a concept. Yes. I don’t, yeah, I think, I think a guilty, who gives a fuck? Yep. If you like something like it.πŸŽ™ 00:11:07.14200:11:21.382
  • Yep, people go, you just go, you’re a shallow minded bull bag. We’re gonna have to come up with a list of things that we use on the podcast. I have run into people judging my food, and now I take great offense at it,πŸŽ™ 00:11:21.38200:11:39.934
  • and it’s Japanese people. Because eating in the staff room at work, I would go by lunch, and then I used to be addicted to caffeine really badly, so I used to have a Coke every day. And then I bought sushi and a Coke,πŸŽ™ 00:11:39.93400:11:54.854
  • and my Japanese coworker was like, you can’t eat those together. Continental sin. And I was just looking early going. Yes, I can. She’s like, well, no, no, but they don’t go together. And I’m like, well, if I put them both in my mouth, they do.πŸŽ™ 00:11:54.85400:12:08.919
  • Yeah. The argument was just like, this is what I want. This is what I want to eat. So fuck off. And she got super judgmental. I was like, I was like, what is it about Coke that doesn’t match? And she’s like, well, you should drink tea.πŸŽ™ 00:12:08.91900:12:20.559
  • I’m like, but you people drink beer. She’s like, oh, beer’s okay. I’m like, well, why is beer okay? And not this? She was like, well, this is- It’s carbonated. Yeah, but she was like, this is traditional.πŸŽ™ 00:12:20.55900:12:27.839
  • I’m like, beer’s only been in Japan. Like eight weeks, what are you talking about? Like, so I got, I now get really, really pissy about that. I know. a fan of that. What would you say is the weirdest food or the most unusual foodπŸŽ™ 00:12:27.83900:12:44.553
  • you like? The most unusual food. Yeah, because the secret part is the part I actually disagree with. I don’t know. Do you take a hard stance on any food? No, not really. Yeah, me too. I’ll try anything once. I figure you should eatπŸŽ™ 00:12:44.55300:13:01.213
  • what you like. Yeah, just eat what you like and it’s not weird. Like, I mean, again, I think as a middle-aged, white, western man, I should look at the world and think pretty much anything that any other country eats is weird.πŸŽ™ 00:13:01.21300:13:28.233
  • Yeah. But I think it’s great, you know. I’m happy that the world develops all kinds of different things to eat. And I want to go around and experience it. Yeah. Yeah. Food is the best. Food’s amazing, man.πŸŽ™ 00:13:17.73400:13:35.294
  • Have you ever tried something that was just absolutely horrendous? Uh, yeah. I tried like a Chinese duck head. Uh, things with faces I struggle with. Well, it was like… kind of it’s weird because I think you’re supposed to eat the brain but the textureπŸŽ™ 00:13:35.29400:13:53.313
  • was gross and then I just like sucked on the beak a bit and was like I mean I’m glad I tried it but never again yeah yeah I because that’s I don’t like Natto which is a very common thing but it’s not even a taste or the smell forπŸŽ™ 00:13:53.31300:14:08.693
  • me it’s actually the texture yep same yeah I actually find I can deal with the taste is actually kind of nice like I like it it’s okay that texture just like the like it gets to like the back of my throat I’ve realized I don’t likeπŸŽ™ 00:14:08.69300:14:22.093
  • anything slimy it just feels like a massive booger in your mouth, to me. So my image though, because when they mix it and then they like lift it up and put it down and it’s like the strings they’re expanding and contracting the strings.πŸŽ™ 00:14:22.09300:14:36.012
  • I always think of like an alien, their mouths ooze, clearly. I was like, an alien baby birding you. That’s how I think of what I think of that though, which is why I can’t eat it anymore. You can eat it, yep.πŸŽ™ 00:14:36.01200:14:50.072
  • Okay. All right, my next question. Yep. What’s expensive but worth it? It’s actually a lot of things. Shoes? Yeah. I mean, you should pay more for shoes because you walk way more than you think.πŸŽ™ 00:14:50.07200:15:11.074
  • Wow, you sound like my mum. Well, you should buy good shoes and a good bed because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other. Oh, actually that’s pretty good advice. Yeah. Shoes is pretty good advice.πŸŽ™ 00:15:11.07400:15:23.314
  • Especially if you’re anything where you walk or stand a lot. You need good shoes. Because it affects your back, it affects your, like, shoes are important. I know people who buy cheap shoes and they’re falling apart during the dayπŸŽ™ 00:15:23.31400:15:34.659
  • and they’re like, dude, you look like an idiot. And then by default, I have to buy expensive shoes because of size on feet. Look here in Japan, I know. Yeah. So how do you get shoes? Because I order from England.πŸŽ™ 00:15:34.65900:15:48.219
  • Yeah, online. Sometimes they get lucky in stores and they have sneakers discounted because they’ve randomly got big size on soon. But it’s pretty rare. Because I buy solo ver, which is the original makers of Doc Martens.πŸŽ™ 00:15:49.61900:16:20.219
  • the Doc Martin company got bought out and then they started making their shoes. So these are more Doc Martin than modern Doc Martens, which is interesting. Say Doc Martin again. Doc Martin. And again?πŸŽ™ 00:16:05.35400:16:17.674
  • Doc Martin. And again. Doc Martin. No, say it twice. Doc Martin, Doc Martin. I love it. Why? Never stop. I don’t know. There’s like a weird like glottal stop between your Doc. Ah, that is the North American flap T because I don’t actually say T sounds.πŸŽ™ 00:16:17.67400:16:33.354
  • Yeah. I don’t know. I just, it’s sexy to be. It’s also my name. Doc Martin. Doc Martin, Doc Martin, Doc Martin. Doc Martin. Doc Martin, I should go to the Irish with it. You’re going to get her some Doc Martin.πŸŽ™ 00:16:33.35400:16:50.307
  • What? The card? The card? No, I don’t know what the fuck I’m just talking. Cling on now. I’ve also, I hold on. That’s what Cling on is. It’s a super strong Irish accent. I would go more expensive.πŸŽ™ 00:16:50.30700:17:07.907
  • So I bought a cheap microphone. Like, it depends what you’re doing. So things you use all the time, it’s better to buy a better quality. So I had a microphone when I started the podcast and I got a cheap one.πŸŽ™ 00:17:07.90700:17:19.221
  • And then it wasn’t really designed for the computer and this and that. And I was like, and it had problems. Whereas as soon as I bought the mic, I’m using now the hyper X solo cast. Should you want to sponsor the show?πŸŽ™ 00:17:19.54100:17:29.601
  • Zero problems since. So like that just saved me trying to like, Oh, I’ll try to take that sound out in post or I’ll try to do this. And I was just like, no, I just record it and I go now, which is amazing.πŸŽ™ 00:17:32.02100:17:42.001
  • So like if you’re on the computer as much as you and I. You should buy mid-tier computer parts. I actually think high-end is usually ripping you off. I mean, but you and I both become fans of Razer.πŸŽ™ 00:17:42.00100:17:56.797
  • Yeah, and I think Razer is mid to high, but I don’t buy the high-end stuff. I buy their mid stuff, and it’s great. Yeah, I’m really happy with what they provide. I actually think you should not go cheap on most things because the problem is it all wears out and explodes on you when you’re not ready.πŸŽ™ 00:17:57.19700:18:14.897
  • I’m looking around my room going like, no, everything’s… I don’t I don’t I don’t spend extra money, but I’ll spend money on trying to get a good one Like for example, I love listening to music right and I buyπŸŽ™ 00:18:14.89700:18:27.486
  • reasonably like expensive headphones for like for me like family man. Yeah, I don’t have massive amount of Expendable income, but I like to buy nice headphones. Hmm Yeah, it always just lasts like a year to 18 months and then all of like theπŸŽ™ 00:18:28.20600:18:46.406
  • The fabric covering on like the cushioning starts to come off. I And then they slowly just disintegrate Yeah, and it doesn’t seem to matter how much I spend I Would what kind do you getting like overhead? Yeah overhead? Yeah, it’s a cans because I I was buying headphonesπŸŽ™ 00:18:47.00600:19:04.796
  • Yeah, a pair every year and I was slowly creeping up in price and I was like I’m still I’m spending like five thousand yen and still it’s only lasting a year and then I got the bows Bluetooth Headphones that are I spent like three years now. Maybe more and they’re not like disintegratingπŸŽ™ 00:19:04.99600:19:21.676
  • The pads Dave to them. So I, but I went online and just replaced them. Yeah. So it was just the pads. It’s not like the issues. I thought the battery was dying, but I think just the charging thing I wasπŸŽ™ 00:19:21.67600:19:34.963
  • using wasn’t very good. So the batteries find like three years later, the batteries still find everything. Yeah, I love those. But they’re expensive. They’ve cheering them. They never know. Centigrade. No, I think it’s because they use betterπŸŽ™ 00:19:34.96300:19:45.203
  • materials. I think because I’m buying like look like I spent like 12, 12,000 yen on my headphones this time, which is not cheap, but it’s all. So not high end. Yeah. And I think they’re just still cutting back on costs in the fabric.πŸŽ™ 00:19:45.20300:20:01.822
  • So maybe I’ll just buy some. I’m going to try buying slightly more expensive ones next time. Because these these the most ones I have, they’re like 25,000. Yeah, it was my birthday present for my wife.πŸŽ™ 00:20:01.82200:20:14.362
  • I think they’re more than that. I maybe she got him at Costco though. Oh, OK. Because yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen both or anything under three. Oh, she she didn’t pay that much. I guarantee. But the guarantee.πŸŽ™ 00:20:14.72200:20:27.148
  • No, no, no, no, no, because… Shh. No, no, no, no, because I was looking at them and like, ah, I think I might buy these. I think I might buy these. But I was thinking of buying them because they were at Costco and they were like 25,000πŸŽ™ 00:20:27.14800:20:40.068
  • yet. But again, now that’s three years, one or two more years and they’ve paid themselves off. I would have spent that much on replacing other ones anyways. Yeah, every year. So that’s what I want.πŸŽ™ 00:20:40.06800:20:52.708
  • I don’t want to keep replacing them. Yeah. So… I finished. I’m satisfied with your answer. I’ll be fine. Alright. Wow. Oh yeah. Cool. Alright. Cool. Yeah. Alright. Finished. I’m satisfied with your answer.πŸŽ™ 00:20:52.70800:21:09.468
  • Oh, good. Alright. Wow. Alright. Cool. Oh yeah. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Alright. More people to see, come on. Oh, okay. I’ve gone a shit. We really fucked up speed dating, man. Fun icebreaker questions is a separate list.πŸŽ™ 00:21:09.46800:21:12.135
  • Oh, yeah. So I thought this was- Oh, is that your question? No, no, I’m just trying to give you the content so that we can make fun of how about these questions? I’m not insulating at the end. Fun icebreaker questions is a separate list.πŸŽ™ 00:21:12.13500:21:22.375
  • I’m Canadian. Okay. The Canadian question is something you should start researching because you’re not gonna be able to communicate. If you want, I’ll start doing the fun. Icebreaker questions, eh?πŸŽ™ 00:21:22.37500:21:33.055
  • haha Okay? because that’s the problem is because they say a as an I said starting a list there and then the next would be be yeah so the the name of this list is fun icebreaker questions the first one isπŸŽ™ 00:21:33.05500:21:46.587
  • one of the least fun icebreaker questions I’ve ever seen so I want to do the first two okay because the first one’s not going anywhere I can pretty much guarantee are there any interesting things your name spells with the lettersπŸŽ™ 00:21:46.58700:21:59.007
  • rearranged my head I take no I know my first response was no no to me or you. No, no, is there anything my name spells with the letters rearranged that’s interesting? You’re thinking about your name?πŸŽ™ 00:21:59.00700:22:18.641
  • Yeah. The answer’s no. Who are you asking yourself? I’m asking you now. Oh, okay. I guess ATM. That’s it. Other than that, yeah. Yeah, no, absolutely dog shit. Who wrote the real short shit names?πŸŽ™ 00:22:18.64100:22:34.121
  • Who wrote the short shit names? I can’t think of many people whose names were. Heather Harper, get your shit together. Occupational psychologist from the University of Manchester. clearly a wasted degree. If you think that is a fun icebreaker question, you are a boring, sadπŸŽ™ 00:22:34.12100:22:49.085
  • individual. I really hope you don’t see this in your feelings. The second question though, in the fun icebreaker questions, if you are a potato, what way would you like to be cooked? Actually, maybe influenced by living in this country, but I’d like to be dropped in a deep fatπŸŽ™ 00:22:49.08500:23:07.485
  • fryer hole. So, my… Okay, really? I don’t know, just because I live here and people say, like, fried potato and now I… I think that’s hilarious. Mm-hmm. It’s like, because who else is gonna say that?πŸŽ™ 00:23:07.48500:23:23.916
  • Yeah, just drop me in a deep breath, right, a hole. Don’t cut me nothing. Maybe my problem is I’m too literal. You asked me that question I immediately went, I would rather not be cooked, because it’s like murder.πŸŽ™ 00:23:23.91600:23:33.316
  • I would rather be left in the ground to live my life as a happy potato. I think both of us basically give answers that women would go, oh. Oh, for fuck sake. Oh, for fuck sake. Fuck sake. Yeah.πŸŽ™ 00:23:34.35600:23:48.356
  • Oh. This game is shitty, but it does. You’re fucking wise. Let’s just drop. me in whole what the fuck you on about oh leave you in the ground yeah you fucking troglodyte get away from okay so any way you prepare potato you have to skin itπŸŽ™ 00:23:48.35600:24:02.443
  • I do not want to be skinned and then you like slice it up I’m like no I don’t want to be dismembered and then you deep fry it well hopefully by that time I’m dead but see I think a potato if it had a consciousness yes would not existπŸŽ™ 00:24:02.44300:24:15.363
  • within the particular confines of the potato I think it would be like whoa attached above so it would be experiencing it even post-death well I don’t think it would feel pain I think it just experiences things.πŸŽ™ 00:24:15.36300:24:31.615
  • So when the potato is cut up, is it then split consciousness? Or is it one consciousness now spread out amongst several? Because let’s say you cut the potato in half and I give you half the potatoπŸŽ™ 00:24:31.61500:24:41.735
  • and you go back to Fukushima. Does the potato, is it aware of where the plant is? It’s now quantied. The entangled. But it’s separated, yes. It’s separated and quantied me entangled. So if I wanple my potato and punch it,πŸŽ™ 00:24:41.73500:24:55.415
  • then maybe your one will just start wobbling. And brought back violently too. Have you ever read about starfish? And you cut the starfish in half and then you separate? and you wiggle one arm, because they grow back, yeah?πŸŽ™ 00:24:55.41500:25:11.082
  • But you wiggle one arm. How do they? Like sponges. Yeah, I think if you cut, I think you have to be careful. I think you could kill them. Oh, wait, because they grow back. Yeah, yeah, they grow like, so if you can cut one in half,πŸŽ™ 00:25:11.08200:25:22.082
  • you’ll get two starfish, eventually. Oh, that’s cool. But if you wiggle one, you wiggle one leg, the other leg will move, supposedly. I don’t know if that’s true. That’s the thing I read. I mean, yeah, scientists on an off day.πŸŽ™ 00:25:22.08200:25:35.722
  • It’s internet information, so I’m always a bit weary. But what are you saying about sponges? Like sponges, you can blend up two or three of them in a cup and just leave it to sit at the contents afterwards.πŸŽ™ 00:25:35.72200:25:48.682
  • and they will separate into their the three original parts and reform really? Yep, yeah, sponges are metal as fuck. Yeah, they know. That’s actually pretty cool. Yeah, that’s terrifying. It’s also terrifying, like if they become sentient and decide to take overπŸŽ™ 00:25:48.63300:26:08.553
  • or someone harnesses that technology. Yeah. That power because yeah, you can blend them. And they will reform. That’s what. Yeah. Anyway, let’s move on before my mind. Your drips out my nose. I just realized we’re actually doing the Joe Rogan experience.πŸŽ™ 00:26:09.35300:26:42.553
  • Oh, are we? Yeah, we’ve got to talk about apes now. Oh, do we? So he has a couple of… It’s how apes are crazy and evolutionary, and then he talks about ayahuasca or some drug or microdosing, and then he talks about MMA.πŸŽ™ 00:26:29.80400:26:48.284
  • That’s the formula. But we’re really close to bordering that right now. I mean, not really. It was just a side topic. Yeah, we got to do it for two and a half hours. And then we’re doing the drill broken.πŸŽ™ 00:26:48.28400:27:00.604
  • I think your turn. Yes, I did. I did. I did. I did. Yeah. Your turn. Yeah. Okay. What title would you give your biography? I’ve just ruined this be dating because I can’t answer. Yeah. It’s a biography. I’m writing it.πŸŽ™ 00:27:00.60400:27:23.261
  • It’s not. It’s an autobiography or it’s a biography written by someone else. And I’m titling it. That’s already confusing. I’m a bit pedantic for these questions. I would not do well speed dating.πŸŽ™ 00:27:23.26100:27:54.261
  • Yeah, sit the parameters. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Come on. Let me know. I need to know. If it’s an autobiography, then I would naturally make fun of myself. If someone else wrote it, they might be more complimentary or derogatory.πŸŽ™ 00:27:34.36900:27:51.489
  • I would say something relatively serious and then make fun of it. So it would be chunk McBeef chest, a life in dire straits. Sort of. I’d make something. stupidly long title that was actually off-putting it so that it didn’t sell.πŸŽ™ 00:27:51.48900:28:10.393
  • I can’t, yeah, that’s really hard because I’d have to actually, I think you’d have to go through and get the stories and is there a common theme other than just I’m in it, like struggle or something and then you’d pull the title from that.πŸŽ™ 00:28:13.59300:28:27.753
  • I think I called my Matt Gibson from G to Ibsen. That’s actually pretty good. That’s snappy because you came up with Seamik. I was like chunk of each s let’s add 10 more words to make it so that people never can search for itπŸŽ™ 00:28:29.51300:28:46.933
  • And you’re like no, I was like no it has to be simple has to be simple I always do this wrong has to be simple and then you were like just don’t say the whole fucking word now I was way better. I Never would have thought of that I see me when I struggle. I always start addingπŸŽ™ 00:28:47.27300:29:02.653
  • And making fun. Yeah, but making fun of the other thing. I just did Yeah Alright, I like you go sure if you wrote an autobiography we do would you be complimentary to yourself do you think I I know my my my last sentence would be like at the end at theπŸŽ™ 00:29:03.23300:29:25.247
  • end of the day he was a piece of shit yeah my might be at least he tried yeah at least he tried is pretty good I don’t know I think I’d be generally complimentary I think I’d just be honest and then within that honesty I’dπŸŽ™ 00:29:25.24700:29:43.747
  • probably be a little brutal so yeah I don’t know. Ah, there you go. So now we’re making better questions. You got some? No, there was my phone telling me to work out. Okay. Because normally I do.πŸŽ™ 00:29:43.74700:30:01.466
  • Um, I had a question there and it’s gone now. But we’re making better questions, right? Well no, I immediately started thinking of better questions. Like, like, yeah, summarize your autobiography or the final line or something would be aπŸŽ™ 00:30:01.46600:30:14.646
  • slightly better. I see your embarrassing list has the funniest thing you’ve done while drunk. But I think you’ve already answered that. Oh, I’m sure I’ve done worse. Yeah. Trying to have sex with an entire golf course is pretty epic though.πŸŽ™ 00:30:14.64600:30:28.218
  • And then like speak to a raccoon like it’s my dad. You’re a dad not my dad. I’d be way more open with your dad than I would be with my dad. Yeah, yeah. So this is the second. So these are broken up into bits which I quite like.πŸŽ™ 00:30:28.21800:30:45.258
  • So this is we’re back to what’s her face. Nataline. This is her second set of questions, is embarrassingly funny questions to ask. But I mean… In fact, we are more fun. Then these aren’t bad if Heather sucksπŸŽ™ 00:30:45.25800:30:59.650
  • Maybe that’s on her list. Do you suck at us? Email me Do you have an embarrassing nickname? What’s the funniest thing you’ve done? Yeah, what’s the funniest thing you’ve done? Well, drunk is pretty good. What’s that? Well, we you could do yours now. What’s the funniest thing you’ve done? Well drunk or just I mean I can’t knowπŸŽ™ 00:31:02.29000:31:19.090
  • I’m literally can’t say for legal reasons. How about embarrassing nickname do that? I’ve never had people give me a nickname Unfortunately, I have. Oh, really? What do you think? All right, so I guess this kind of ties into being drunk.πŸŽ™ 00:31:19.09000:31:35.939
  • It was all drunk with my friends while we were too young. And we kind of drank a lot and then fell asleep in my friend’s garage. It’s the best place to fall asleep. Yeah. And I start having a very vocal dream.πŸŽ™ 00:31:35.93900:31:55.699
  • Oh, wow. Yeah, well, I was telling Mr. Magoo, the detective mole, to get on with the case. Oh, wow. And if he needed anything to come back and see me. So you were like the chief? Yeah, I was like the chief for Mr. Magoo,πŸŽ™ 00:31:56.81900:32:11.139
  • the detective mole. My friends, this is before. Account. Cell phones or anything right yeah, so there’s no video evidence. I’m so glad I grew up in that fucking day I can I just say oh no no me too because fuck me IπŸŽ™ 00:32:11.13900:32:24.776
  • I don’t think I would have been anything anymore Yeah, I don’t think I would have been like is I either I would be like a tik-tok star because I’d done so much dumb shit Or yeah, I would be a social pariahπŸŽ™ 00:32:26.31600:32:36.236
  • There’s no in between though like you don’t get in between it’s either You’re awesome because you do this stuff or everyone’s I can hate you because you do this There’s no there’s no middle ground. So what was the nickname that came up it though?πŸŽ™ 00:32:37.25600:32:48.127
  • Yeah, mr. Magoo. Oh, just mr. Magoo. Yeah, so then my friends just called me Magoo forever And I I kind of hated it, but I so don’t mind it. I I had some weird ones of my friends. It was Julio SmolioπŸŽ™ 00:32:48.44700:33:02.407
  • Carlito spoon toe staco one eye Jesus and captain Huh? Captain’s all right. Yeah, is any because his dick was always wet. That’s all right. All right, yeah. Make sure you mark this as adult.πŸŽ™ 00:33:03.24700:33:31.400
  • I mean, it always has been. I mean, the last episode probably was me talking about with the astronaut, like the gun. That’s on here. That’s on here number 12. What’s the best, uh, no, no, no, no.πŸŽ™ 00:33:31.40000:33:45.000
  • What’s, what’s, where’s the meme on? Oh I mean, I did see that on the previous one. What’s the most obscure meme? Yeah, what’s your favorite kind of obscure meme? I struggle with what a meme is though.πŸŽ™ 00:33:45.00000:33:55.341
  • It’s a picture. I know, I know. It’s a picture. But then like everything’s a meme now, I think. Everything’s a meme now, yeah. So like what’s your favorite thing on the internet? Yeah, basically the internet is for memes.πŸŽ™ 00:33:56.34100:34:12.141
  • That song has now changed from porn to memes. Mm-hmm. The internet is for… Awkward funny questions to ask. The first one is very awkward. Oh yeah? Do you like standing up or something? I don’t know if I want to know.πŸŽ™ 00:34:12.14100:34:26.020
  • Really? Go on, answer. Me, I bidet, this shit out of myself. But you don’t wipe at all. Oh no, no, no, no, it’s still wet, so you got to wipe. And then you got to check you got it all. But I am usually just pat drying, basically.πŸŽ™ 00:34:26.02000:34:40.300
  • But it sits down. Yeah, because you’re not standing up getting bideted, right? No, no. The bidet in my house is so powerful. I actually have to go into the next room or it will shoot me into the next room as the people.πŸŽ™ 00:34:41.22000:34:51.940
  • I want to grip onto the walls. I’m gripping the door. And I’m just trying my hardest to stay in position so that I don’t get blown into the other room. Biday is like the best thing in the world. And so like you do have to like check that you got it allπŸŽ™ 00:34:51.94000:35:09.258
  • and dry yourself. You don’t want like a sopping wet butt before you pull your pants up. That’s gross. I don’t like it. Yeah, I get it. Yeah. Honestly. I just, I neither want it to go inside me.πŸŽ™ 00:35:09.25800:35:25.718
  • Just whoa. I see you. Nothing at all. I don’t know. Like maybe we’ve opened up a whole lot of years. You can like really stretch your butt cheeks apart and get it up there. It comes out your nose.πŸŽ™ 00:35:25.71800:35:36.986
  • I have a really runny nose today. I don’t know. Me too. I have been dating too hard. Yeah, yeah, God. It just went all the way through. It got up into my sinuses, but I mean, I’m starting to breathe really well nowπŸŽ™ 00:35:36.98600:35:49.746
  • since I’ve been bedaying. Like while we’ve been talking. Yeah, actually this chair. What is this? The blouse hood. It’s just pumping right in. Yeah, I actually just have like a rose. I know it’s yeah.πŸŽ™ 00:35:49.74600:36:04.401
  • It’s not even bidet anymore. Have you ever been enemod? No. OK. I kind of want to, though. I want to get a coffee. I had to, oh, that’s too much for me. I had the enemod, but I think I’ve told that storyπŸŽ™ 00:36:04.40100:36:18.121
  • like a million times. Yes. Awkward funny. Yes, that is actually awkward to start with. Have you ever blamed a fart on someone else? Constantly. I have children. Yeah, it was literally the reason I had children. I didn’t have children. I get a dogπŸŽ™ 00:36:18.12100:36:34.468
  • I mean, I’ve only heard Dave fart once and I’ve I blame him for every fart in the house He’s got some of the worst there they are he he’s really quiet. He’s goes like but I fart and he starts barkingπŸŽ™ 00:36:34.46800:36:47.268
  • and then He was like what the fuck is that and then the The other night I was editing a video and he was barking in the background of the video and he started barking at him barking It was like this weird inceptionπŸŽ™ 00:36:48.54800:37:02.228
  • Hmm, oh this list now, I’m gonna ask you some of them. Okay I can see him because my list is basically done. I think most of them are not crap Would you rather pee every time you laugh or shot every time you sneeze?πŸŽ™ 00:37:02.22800:37:16.036
  • I Would choose the shart only because I laugh a lot more than I sneeze. Yeah, I would go the same logic man But is the shark this again? I can’t do I can’t answer the question without setting the parameterπŸŽ™ 00:37:17.07600:37:30.956
  • So I understand it fully like when they say shart is it like you fart in a tiny bit of poop comes out Or you like literally shit yourself the entire time Yeah, yeah, I guess. Because if it’s like a massive, like, I sneeze and then I like blow my pants off because I’veπŸŽ™ 00:37:30.95600:37:44.869
  • shat so much, that’s a problem. And then P, is it like a little P or a lot? Because if it’s just like a tiny, like… If it’s P though, you could wear an adult diaper and just get a cutie day. Or wear a tampon.πŸŽ™ 00:37:44.86900:37:59.109
  • No, tampon. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take the tampon and just stretch it over the top of your penis. You’d have to be like rock hard all day to keep it on though. See, I went the other way. Oh, stick it in there.πŸŽ™ 00:37:59.10900:38:12.509
  • Okay. I actually, I did condom covering. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I think… I feel as if it’d be a better… Oh god. This is literally just a question of poly… That’s what I meant. No, no, no. We just…πŸŽ™ 00:38:12.50900:38:27.046
  • You need volume before you can answer that question. If I laugh and a drop of P comes out, I wouldn’t even notice. If I sneeze and I like poo is running down my leg, I would notice. Yeah. I might sneeze some more.πŸŽ™ 00:38:27.04600:38:45.046
  • Awkward text you once sent to the… wrong person. We were in an office chat and I was complaining about my co-worker and because we were complaining about my co-worker I’d clicked on her name. I was literally just sending herπŸŽ™ 00:38:45.04600:38:56.723
  • the shit I was unhappy about. And she’s sitting across from me just reading the chat. She knows this is not going to her. And I’m just like, are you sure you’re not getting these messages? She’s such a f***ing… And then about about 10 messages in I realized what I’d done. And then I was like,πŸŽ™ 00:38:56.72300:39:13.043
  • look, okay, I was like, I was like, okay, I can save it. I was like, okay, done venting. I really have a serious conversation about, you know… and just adjusting attitude. And everything was fine.πŸŽ™ 00:39:13.04300:39:23.963
  • Uh, yeah. She never had a problem ever again. Yeah, she quit that year. No, it wasn’t better for all of us. Yeah. Okay. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever smelled? Oh, cause you know you’ve smelled stuffπŸŽ™ 00:39:23.96300:39:40.443
  • and it makes you like choke vomit. I’m trying to think though. Cause I feel like regular answers, the stuff like other vomit poop. Yeah, cause I pick up. I pick up dog shit and so every now and then you get a really strong dog shit you ohπŸŽ™ 00:39:40.44300:39:57.036
  • You get one of those I don’t know. I’m kind of immune to it. Oh now. I’m just saying like Sometimes yeah, it’s pretty rare now, but it has happened like I remember when I was a kid And I had to like clean up the yardπŸŽ™ 00:39:57.65600:40:10.056
  • It was just like ten things of dog shit and it was like number eight was fine and then number nine You’re like oh, oh, oh, oh, like I don’t know what happened that day, but I Yeah, and like vomit. I’m okay withπŸŽ™ 00:40:10.05600:40:22.036
  • I’m alright with my family’s vomit. I think knowing where it came from. This is also you’ve had kids know Your relationship to poop and vomit changes when you have a baby. It so does. Because I basically poop doesn’t bug me anymore at all.πŸŽ™ 00:40:22.03600:40:37.549
  • I’ve had it all over my hands. Yeah, under my fingernails. I remember the first time I got under my fingernails. I was like, oh, I did the third time. He just like, oh, yeah, I got to clean that.πŸŽ™ 00:40:37.54900:40:47.549
  • Some mushrooms smell really bad. You know I love mushrooms. Yes. Now everyone else does too. Some of them smell. Whoo! Deepish funny questions. We’ve actually done 40 minutes. We’ll do a little more.πŸŽ™ 00:40:47.54900:41:03.549
  • Oh, holy shit, really? Yeah, it goes pretty fast. How long would you survive? Seriously though? How long do you think you would survive in his zombie apocalypse? I think I would survive reasonably well because I know how to survive in the wild.πŸŽ™ 00:41:03.54900:41:20.990
  • Oh okay. I was a very good boy scout. Very good. My dad was in the forces. He always took his out in the wilderness. He taught me how to catch his skin rabbits, how to fish and cook. This is Joe Rogan.πŸŽ™ 00:41:21.71000:41:48.190
  • Yeah, okay. He’s a big bow hunter. Oh, okay. I listened to Joe Rogan before he went completely off the rails. For like two years he was really good. And then I still only listened to the people I was interested in, but because they areπŸŽ™ 00:41:41.28900:41:58.109
  • like two, three hours long. Then he just got like his podcast and Conan O’Brien got into they stopped being interviewers and now it’s just a platform for them to speak. Just, okay. He talks more than the guests sometimes where it used to be he was like, I understand IπŸŽ™ 00:41:58.10900:42:14.029
  • don’t know as much as you do. So I’m going to ask you questions. And then by interviewing lots of people he thinks he’s related knowledge. Yes. But he was an anti-vaxxer and shit. So. Which makes me think he’s a fucking one.πŸŽ™ 00:42:14.02900:42:27.106
  • I sell something I talk about a lot actually though because like my family never want to go camping the way I want to go camping. Yeah they don’t understand. Like I mean I want us to have fun camping but I kind of want to teach them how to doπŸŽ™ 00:42:27.10600:42:41.946
  • stuff. How to do stuff. Yeah. Yeah. How to be like I don’t have this thing and then how to make it or do it or get it. So I think I do alright. How about you? I think over confidence would be my downfall.πŸŽ™ 00:42:41.94600:43:00.346
  • If It’s okay. I can’t see and that’s always going to be the problem if I lose my glasses my glasses break or my eyes deteriorate Oh shit. I’m fucked. Yeah Because I actually had a friend said like in a post-apocalyptic worldπŸŽ™ 00:43:00.34600:43:16.152
  • Peter would do really well if you could get his hands on things Because I know I can kill stuff with my hands really really well But I have to but then if you think about the process of getting something in your hands. I can’t do itπŸŽ™ 00:43:17.03200:43:28.672
  • No, and it’s risky. Yeah, and there’s zombies around so zombies. I Actually think I think I would think I’m gonna do good and then get fucked pretty early on. I think I’d be one of the zombies pretty fast because I probably try to fightπŸŽ™ 00:43:28.67200:43:42.661
  • them in some premise. Yeah, maybe even like to be noble. Yeah, but seriously, I probably would. And then zombies get up and then there’s yeah. And then another one bites me from behind because I’ve never fought like eight guys at the same time. So I think my overconfidenceπŸŽ™ 00:43:42.66100:43:57.501
  • would be my downfall. And so actually, I think I would do really well. And then I would die in the second or third day with confidence. I would die with confidence. you could come and stay with me.πŸŽ™ 00:43:57.50100:44:10.938
  • Oh, yay. So you can trap stuff and then I’ll kill it with my hands. Nice. Ah, we keep them around. Number six, let’s do number six and then we’ll finish. Okay. Yeah. Oh, shit. This is the same.πŸŽ™ 00:44:10.93800:44:27.738
  • I, okay. So the question is what funny saying would be written on your tombstone to describe your life, the life you lived. I again, I’m going to ruin the question. So you go first. On my tombstone.πŸŽ™ 00:44:27.73800:44:59.418
  • I think I think uh, no, I want to have some kind of pun and now I can’t think of anything That one that went anything boring like like here lies Loving father and husband better fuck that shit maybe just something like likeπŸŽ™ 00:44:41.45100:44:58.731
  • Like inhale. It’s always a heavy battle party I Don’t want a tombstone. I kind of want to be for don’t want a tombstone either Yeah, I don’t want to be buried and have like a specific place that people feel like they have to come toπŸŽ™ 00:44:59.45100:45:14.411
  • Creamate and throw it away. Yeah, like, but if I read me with a new tree, oh, that’s nice. Yeah, something if I had a tombstone. I Would want to have some side a gimmick on it like says something relatively serious, but it has a flap you can lift upπŸŽ™ 00:45:14.41100:45:29.638
  • Or like an LED screen. So but no, no, but something something’s like I actually weirdly would want to make it interactive Like oh wait, there’s something you can do and then it’s like ends up or make a gamerπŸŽ™ 00:45:30.57800:45:39.898
  • Like I don’t know I would want to make it so that it looks really boring But if you take the time to look at it, there’s something really cool there. So like one of those sliding puzzle things. Oh yeah, like that or a door and thenπŸŽ™ 00:45:39.89800:45:52.673
  • door like a door you open the door. Yeah, something. I think that that’s that actually sums me up. Like I would I would want looking on the outside but but if you go in there, got some shit, it’s great.πŸŽ™ 00:45:53.31300:46:08.673
  • Right. Okay, yes, we will stop there. So I’m in the stream. Yeah, now you know all about us. You know exactly what kind of people we are. And then from this point forward, we’ll do topics. We made some topics.πŸŽ™ 00:46:08.67300:46:40.433
  • Yeah. We would appreciate more. Yeah. If anyone’s listening, anyone, anyone, please help me. Send some time. Send topics. Yeah. That’s like, send nudes. But send topic. Send nudes. No, let’s not take that off the table.πŸŽ™ 00:46:24.14100:46:44.381
  • Send nudes. Men or women, I’m just, I just want to be, I just want to say I got nudes. Yeah. I don’t even want to look at them. That’s what I say I got. If you’re a raccoon, listening. Send nudes. You have to fuck an animal. Go.πŸŽ™ 00:46:44.38100:47:01.735
  • Three, two, you can’t, you’re taking too long already. No, open. Oh. Same answer. Yeah. So mate. Okay. That’s a perfect place to stop. Alright, God. You


The #bollywood movie RRR helped me define what I am looking for in films, and a lot of stuff out there is really lacking by comparison.

  • I had planned on talking about this maybe two months ago, but then the whole COVID thing happened and then I went to Canada and I ended up taking a month off. I have spent, I don’t evangelize many things.πŸŽ™ 00:00:00.00000:00:27.560
  • I, okay, let’s be honest, I’ve had an afternoon come. cocktail. So my normally fairly well planned out and yet still somehow messy podcast is going to be messy and planned out, but I’m going to ignore that because of my afternoonπŸŽ™ 00:00:27.56000:00:43.523
  • cocktail. Why did I do that? I don’t know. New Jersey, Japan this morning was a bit rushed. I don’t know why I had a steak and a rum and coke. That was my lunch. Oh, and some kimchi because I’m a very international kind of person. ButπŸŽ™ 00:00:43.52300:01:01.483
  • None of that matters because I’m here to talk about a Bollywood movie. And again, I’ve been evangelizing this film for months now. Basically, if you are a close friend of mine, I have insisted that you watch it.πŸŽ™ 00:01:01.89900:01:19.899
  • And probably if you’re a close friend of mine, you’re like, Peter, I’ve heard you talk about movies in the past. You watch a lot of dog shit primarily to analyze why it is dog shit. Like I’ll watch 70s Kung Fu movies.πŸŽ™ 00:01:19.89900:01:33.939
  • and look at like what they can and cannot do. I will look at cheap films and think about like did they achieve what they wanted to achieve? Did they do the thing they wanted to set out to do? I like to watch movies, even bad ones. I don’t necessarily watch the bad ones because I findπŸŽ™ 00:01:34.00500:01:50.485
  • them amusing. I want to watch the bad ones because I’m like this is a failure. What made it a failure? There is a Netflix movie with Ryan Reynolds. I think it’s Underground 6. There’s Underground number.πŸŽ™ 00:01:50.48500:02:22.805
  • It is to me the single worst film ever made and it’s because they had the money They had the talent they had the ability they had the time they had everything they needed to make a good movie and yet somehow fucked up every step theπŸŽ™ 00:02:07.38200:02:24.462
  • Michael Bay Camera work it does look good but It does not help this movie the throwaway lines and characters and lack of depth Ruins the film because you don’t feel connected to anyone in the film by the end of it. I think if I was going to run a movie,πŸŽ™ 00:02:25.22200:02:45.297
  • like a media film study class, one of the first movies we would watch is Underground 6, so that we could analyze all the things that went wrong with Underground 6. So that if you were to make your movie, you would not make those same mistakes. So for a lot of the bad movies I watch,πŸŽ™ 00:02:46.01700:03:04.657
  • it’s analytical. And I enjoy the analysis. It’s not necessarily that I enjoy the film. I enjoy the analysis. that I get to do while watching the film. So I watch a lot of movies that no one else would watch.πŸŽ™ 00:03:04.65700:03:15.505
  • This takes me out into strange paths. I recently watched a movie that happens at Taipei, so a Chinese film. It’s a zombie movie called The Sadness. And it was cheap, but gross. And the thing is, it was, the gross doesn’t bother me.πŸŽ™ 00:03:15.50500:03:33.185
  • Often I’ll quite enjoy gross, like Ricky O, The Story of Ricky, is one of my favorite films because the grossness is humorous in this. It was just gross and it was almost like gore porn and it did nothing for me.πŸŽ™ 00:03:33.18500:03:48.642
  • There’s a horror movie called The Hostile. Plot wise, it’s a very good movie. The gore porn held there within actually diminishes the film itself. It makes it less of an enjoyable film. There is a limit.πŸŽ™ 00:03:48.64200:04:01.682
  • I actually think implied gore, implied violence, implied things are more effective because your imagination fills it in and makes it more powerful. That said, we’re here to talk about one of the greatest films that was ever made.πŸŽ™ 00:04:01.68200:04:34.142
  • It is a film from Bollywood and I don’t watch a lot of Bollywood films because I don’t enjoy the dancing song sort of bits But they have these over Overly dramatic action scenes that are super fake and they’re not fun. They’re funny as clips on the internet almost like his giftsπŸŽ™ 00:04:15.26400:04:31.684
  • But they’re not funny as films. So I don’t tend to watch that many RRR rise roar revolt So I’m gonna refer to it as triple R for the rest of the podcast because that’s what I’ve been calling it It’s just easy to hearπŸŽ™ 00:04:32.60400:05:03.904
  • to say than RRR because the R sound is too hard to say three times in a row and the title itself is too long. Triple R is one of the greatest movie going experiences I have had in years. It is pure enjoyment and adulation and I’m not sarcastic. So what I was goingπŸŽ™ 00:04:46.12100:05:08.121
  • to say before my alcohol riddle brain kicked in was like I’ve made every close friend I know watched this and they’ve all been hesitant at the beginning because they think Oh Peter is trying to force a bad shittyπŸŽ™ 00:05:08.12100:05:47.161
  • weird, Bollywood film on me, I don’t want to watch it. And then I have to explain to them, no, I sincerely enjoy this film and I sincerely think you will too. Every single person who’s watched it, who’s come back afterwards, has said to me,πŸŽ™ 00:05:20.58600:05:33.386
  • this is one of the greatest movies they’ve ever seen. This is one of the most enjoyable films they’ve seen in years. This is a fun movie experience. And so the analytical part of my brain would not let it go. I’ve seen the movie in totalπŸŽ™ 00:05:33.38600:05:46.866
  • three times now. I’ve watched parts multiple times. I’ve had very set complaints about media in recent years. And one of those complaints is that every character, this actually started sort of the mid,πŸŽ™ 00:05:46.86600:06:00.909
  • sort of early 2000s, mid 2000s in video games. And it was primarily that men didn’t seem to be capable of writing women characters as strong women. Because what they did was they took every female characterπŸŽ™ 00:06:00.90900:06:14.909
  • and they made them sarcastic and kind of mean and bitchy. And these were supposed to be the tough, strong women. And this is how they showed it was by making them be really awful every time someone spokeπŸŽ™ 00:06:14.90900:06:26.372
  • to them. I know strong women and they don’t talk like that. They just talk like normal people. In fact, strong characters tend to be poorly written overall. The strongest, most powerful, confident men and women I’ve met are super chill becauseπŸŽ™ 00:06:26.37200:06:46.092
  • they can be because things don’t threaten them because, you know, stuff comes at them and they’re like, I can handle this because I’m a strong, capable human. being male or female. The strongest dudes I know have this quiet confidence and it justπŸŽ™ 00:06:46.09200:07:03.475
  • exudes from them and it makes you not want to mess with them. The boisterous ones are the ones I was like, ah, you just get him all riled up and he won’t be able to do things properly. You get him all riled up and he won’t be able to be effective. So I have aπŸŽ™ 00:07:03.47500:07:19.195
  • very direct idea of what a strong man is. So the writing of these characters. is problematic because I think the writers are not the character. I actually did an old Velocipod cast maybe three, four years ago and it was how that writers struggle to writeπŸŽ™ 00:07:19.19500:07:35.498
  • geniuses because the writer themselves is not a genius. So they’ll create a situation, create a solution and then have the genius figure it out or they’ll imply genius without actually demonstrating any sort of genius attributes because they can’t come up with themselvesπŸŽ™ 00:07:35.49800:07:48.538
  • because they’re not a genius. So that’s problematic. I think that also falls into the saying that they are probably not strong. confident men or women. Therefore, they struggle to write strong, confident men or women effectively.πŸŽ™ 00:07:48.53800:08:03.376
  • So they just make them sarcastic. They always have something to say back. The strongest, most confident men I know, you say something to them and they would just look at you and go, that response is so belittling. It’s just like almost like your attack on them isn’t worth theirπŸŽ™ 00:08:03.37600:08:18.896
  • time. And so I’ve struggled with in recent media, everyone is shitty and no one supports each other. So you have like a military. unit and everyone in the unit is Addy Chasar’s throats, but that’s going to be an ineffectiveπŸŽ™ 00:08:18.89600:08:34.116
  • military unit. They’re not going to come together and solve a problem. A truly effective unit of any sort is going to be a group of people that likes and supports each other. Yes, there can be some ribbing, but the ribbing would primarily come from one or two characters,πŸŽ™ 00:08:34.11600:08:49.036
  • not all of them. And I think that is maybe where the first mistake is made. Making every character sarcastic and shitty means that there is no such thing as not sarcastic and shitty. means there is no love behind the teasing or jibing or anything like that.πŸŽ™ 00:08:49.03600:09:04.552
  • So there’s a sincere lack of positivity in modern characterization of lead characters because they wanted to be strong. Therefore they write them as kind of shitty assholes. This is sort of the Rick and Morty Rick paradox where Rick is the bad guy.πŸŽ™ 00:09:04.55200:09:23.032
  • He’s broken. But because he always has as a quip, he always has something he can say back to people. He always has a sarcastic remark. People admire that and they want to aspire towards that where he is.πŸŽ™ 00:09:23.03200:09:59.352
  • for all intents and purposes, the bad guy of that show. He’s broken. He’s trying to get his shit together and he can’t actually do it. Whereas if you have a character come in and they’re soft and quiet and yet still strong and weirdly I’m thinking, Birdman, that’s the good guy. That’sπŸŽ™ 00:09:33.19500:09:50.715
  • the strong character and we need to emulate that. We need to see more of that. We don’t see that in Western media. So Bollywood being a different culture has a whole different take on this. And that’s why it was so refreshing for me as a Western viewer.πŸŽ™ 00:09:50.71500:10:04.555
  • The two main characters, now the thing is the first problem is they actually have to end up like having three or four names throughout the film because there’s their real name, there’s their cover name, then there’s kind of their like nickname.πŸŽ™ 00:10:04.18100:10:18.181
  • So I’m going to call one of them beam because I think that’s his real name and the other one the Raj, which I actually think is short form of Raj something else. I watched it in Tamil. It was it was Hindi over dubbed in Tamil with.πŸŽ™ 00:10:18.18100:10:34.181
  • subtitles. So there was a lot of maybe subtleties or confusion and like names and stuff like that. Because they start out, they’re both kind of undercover. So they’re using fake names and then they switch names part way through. And then they introduce what they’reπŸŽ™ 00:10:34.68100:10:45.761
  • full names. And then I kind of got lost with the name. So I have the names, it’s beam and Raj. These two men love each other like no two men have ever loved each other in the past. Now it’s a bromance. It’s it’s a purely platonic love. And this is something that’sπŸŽ™ 00:10:45.76100:11:02.561
  • also problematic because platonic love, sincere love between two is something that’s very difficult to depict on the screen. Because there’s a weird thing now where all love has a sexual undertone.πŸŽ™ 00:11:02.56100:11:19.376
  • And we’ve lost the idea of platonic love as a real thing that happens. And it’s probably because of toxic masculinity. It’s probably because men have trouble showing it. But these two men, there is a friendship montage.πŸŽ™ 00:11:21.05600:11:36.416
  • So they meet each other, they hang out for a bit. And the friendship montage is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, but it’s because it’s pure, magical, unadulterated joy. There’s part of it is, Beam gets radged up on his shouldersπŸŽ™ 00:11:36.41600:11:50.265
  • and starts doing squats. They start doing chin ups. They’re just exercising together. They’re running out in fields. They go to return a goat to a shepherd, but then the shepherd starts chasing them awayπŸŽ™ 00:11:50.26500:12:00.425
  • for attacking the goat and they run away, laughing and having a good time. One is very modern. It’s a dichotomy. He’s actually from a tribe out in the forest, but he’s the one he f- fixes motorcycles and rides motorcycles where Raj is the modern man and he’s undercoverπŸŽ™ 00:12:00.42500:12:18.568
  • as a police officer and yet he’s the one who rides a horse. So they kind of put all this stuff together but it’s the yin-yang aspect where they like the opposite things in every moment but at the same time they compliment each other.πŸŽ™ 00:12:18.56800:12:33.608
  • Which is, I would say it’s very difficult to do but RRR did it so well and so quickly. They establish that these guys love each other and then one scene for some reason really stands out where beam walks up to Raj and goes like what are you doing?πŸŽ™ 00:12:33.60800:12:47.168
  • I’m writing a letter to… my girlfriend. He’s like, Oh, you have a girlfriend. She must be wonderful. And he’s super supportive. He never says a shitty thing. And I think it’s been years and years and years that I’ve seen a filmπŸŽ™ 00:12:47.16800:13:00.542
  • where a character walks up to a character and talks about a love relationship or any kind of relationship and doesn’t say something shitty. And so just this like, Oh my God, you’re amazing. Your girlfriend also must be amazing. She’s lucky to have you. You’re lucky to have her. I hope thisπŸŽ™ 00:13:00.54200:13:16.062
  • is the best relationship that ever happens. And then Raj is helping beam. Like with how to hit on another girl, how to how I like set up a situation where he could actually spend time with and talk to another girl and it’s beautiful.πŸŽ™ 00:13:16.06200:13:29.269
  • Because it’s completely self sacrificial. I will spend my time. I will spend my energy. I will help you achieve your goal. And this leads us to the very first dance off in the film. So there’s a couple of songs and all the songs are good. They slap.πŸŽ™ 00:13:29.26900:13:45.269
  • There’s a thematic thing that repeats that I’m going to talk about in a minute. But they do a dance off and it’s beam and Raj versus all the white people. And the white people do not get a good take it.πŸŽ™ 00:13:45.26900:14:13.269
  • this but it’s awesome. It is so disparaging of the British and their occupation of India but it is so fictional that it’s awesome. Like I would put on a British accent just so I could go in there and get beat up or shot by Raj or beam or whatever. It doesn’t matter. I would have lovedπŸŽ™ 00:13:55.05900:14:12.739
  • to be the bad guy in this movie just so I could be in and amongst this story but they do this dance-off and the dance-off the woman that beam is in love with is watching and then it gets down to all the white guys have fallen to the side.πŸŽ™ 00:14:12.73900:14:40.979
  • They just can’t keep up. Beaman Raj are doing the final two person dance off. And what does Raj do? He sees that the girl that Beam likes is watching, she’s watching Beaman wants him to win. So he fakes losing, even though maybe he could have win, he probably could have because he’sπŸŽ™ 00:14:27.35700:14:43.017
  • kind of more, he’s more of the physically capable character in many ways. He’s presented that way. To the point where, and then he falls and then that means, Beam gets to win. So he sacrifices his loss.πŸŽ™ 00:14:43.01700:14:57.397
  • He takes a loss so that his friend can win just so his friend can look good in front of his girl It’s just awesome, and it’s just such a beautiful thing and that becomes the crux of the story becauseπŸŽ™ 00:14:57.39100:15:10.031
  • their goals For the most part of the film are antithetical Raj is trying to catch beam. He doesn’t know it’s beam yet beam is trying to kidnap or re-kidnap So a little girl is kidnapped at the beginning film beam is trying to get her backπŸŽ™ 00:15:10.03100:15:25.191
  • So it’s like an undoing of a kidnapping and then Raj’s task to stop him Raj has an ulterior motion that, but he has to complete this task to achieve his ulterior motive. And this becomes the conflict between the two characters because they both need to achieveπŸŽ™ 00:15:25.19100:15:42.752
  • their goals, their greater goals, goals bigger than themselves. But how can they achieve their goals? Are their goals worth achieving if they have to portray the only, like their best friend, the only person in this world they truly love in a pure and kind way?πŸŽ™ 00:15:42.75200:15:57.872
  • I mean, you can say that the love relationships between the men and the women are pure at their entire spirit. I don’t believe it. I think it’s uh, these the the the man love here is the purest You could ever see on filmπŸŽ™ 00:15:57.87200:16:09.231
  • So that’s the bromance and it’s all very positive and then you get to the there’s there’s the music which I mentioned before so i’m going to talk about it now the music is exquisite It’s but it’s also thematically connected because the first half of the film it’s a three hour film by the wayπŸŽ™ 00:16:09.39100:16:27.711
  • So if you’re gonna sit down you really want to plan this out The first half of the film they’re seeing this song about what happens when these two guys meet opposites, they have opposite goals. The line that stuck out to me the most isπŸŽ™ 00:16:27.79100:16:40.321
  • what happens when a volcano meets a storm. Surely this can only end a betrayal. Surely this can only end in violence. And it’s setting up the second part of the film where do they betray each other? Do they end up fighting eachπŸŽ™ 00:16:40.32100:16:54.301
  • other? And it’s amazing because the movie is planned out so well that the song is leading you to the like inevitable conflict. It’s predicting it and that makes the inevitable conflict even that more powerful because you know it’sπŸŽ™ 00:16:54.30100:17:09.181
  • coming because the song has been telling you it’s been coming. the whole time. The themes throughout. So beam is represented by water and Raj is represented by fire. So again, there are opposites but complementary. There’s aπŸŽ™ 00:17:09.18100:17:23.543
  • scene where I showed it to my friend and he goes, why are these guys walking underwater to shake hands? So they’re underwater, they’re shaking hands, but a tanker from a train that is caught on fire has sunk down in the background. SoπŸŽ™ 00:17:23.54300:17:36.543
  • it’s actually the moment when fire and water come together, the fire is in the water. It’s coming up from the gas. flames in the background, but they’re underwater and they come together in Shaeh Kansan. This is showing the connection between the characters isπŸŽ™ 00:17:36.54300:17:48.791
  • inevitable and it is the greatest thing. And that thematic consistency is throughout the film. So anytime you get a really you know strong shot of Raj there’s probably fire in the background or his that the screen is encircled inπŸŽ™ 00:17:48.79100:18:03.071
  • fire and then when they have battles and stuff there’s water around beam or he’s very wet and sweaty and then there’s one where he smashes a fountain in the fountain that’s fountain spraying behind him. This is also when you get to one ofπŸŽ™ 00:18:03.07100:18:14.591
  • the bigger action scenes of the film. Now, one thing I have complained about primarily like superhero movies is the inconsistency of powers. So powers in, let’s say the Marvel universe, it’s very hard to tell what a character canπŸŽ™ 00:18:14.59100:18:31.708
  • and can’t do. So Thor and the Hulk are the ones that come to mind first because in one moment, they will be able to do something in the next scene, like five minutes later, they’re not able to do something that’s actually much easier than the thing they did previously.πŸŽ™ 00:18:31.70800:18:45.948
  • And then at the end of the movie, when it’s necessary, they can do something. something. And that actually really bothers me because well, I should have a sense of danger because I know that Thor or I know that Hulk isn’t strong enough to do this thing.πŸŽ™ 00:18:45.94800:18:57.360
  • Boobies are actually making it so that they have whatever power they need at the time for dramatic purposes. But actually that needs to be established at the beginning what they can and cannot do. And either they overcome it and succeed or they, you know, do something to achieveπŸŽ™ 00:18:58.56000:19:13.920
  • the goal, which is beyond their powers. It was the Star Wars Obi-Wan TV show where most of the show he has very basic. He hasn’t been using the force. He has very basic, very limited force capabilities.πŸŽ™ 00:19:13.92000:19:30.012
  • But then in the very last one where he fights Darth Vader, he suddenly lifts up a bunch of rocks. And I’m like, that really took me out in the moment because I’m like, I don’t think he should be able to do thatπŸŽ™ 00:19:30.01200:19:38.812
  • just because he hasn’t been able to do anything even close to that. That is like a double 10 times stronger than he was 15 minutes ago or every other episode of the show. R-R does the exact same thing.πŸŽ™ 00:19:38.81200:19:51.492
  • Triple R does the exact. same thing and that their power is whatever they need to be in the moment. But why is it in this movie it’s okay? And I realized that this movie is the cumulation of all Kung Fu films mixed with Bollywood.πŸŽ™ 00:19:51.49200:20:07.716
  • Because it’s so open and honest about what it is, because it’s so clearly gold towards one thing, they have to be able to do whatever they need to be able to do in the moment because all we really care about is that they look cool or look interesting or it looks funny or it looks fun.πŸŽ™ 00:20:07.71600:20:23.416
  • They’ve proven these guys are strong. but they haven’t made them super superhuman strong and yet they have kind of established it. Beam at the beginning catches a tiger in um like a trap and he’s holding two ropes together toπŸŽ™ 00:20:23.41600:20:35.922
  • catch the tiger. He’s physically stronger than the tiger which is an impossibility. The tiger is probably like six, seven, ten times stronger than a human being. This would have been very easy for the tiger to get out of. There’s a scene probably one of my favorite scenes where Beam catches aπŸŽ™ 00:20:35.92200:20:49.042
  • motorcycle, picks it up and then hits two guys with it and you would honestly go why is he able to suddenly pick up a motorcycle and it’s a And it’d be literally the answer to me would be because he needs to do that in that momentπŸŽ™ 00:20:49.04200:21:00.355
  • to be able to do that scene. So there’s a sincerity to the silliness they’re willing to engage with. And because that’s consistent throughout the movie, they’re super powered and then normal people and then super powered and then normal people, they just are capable of doingπŸŽ™ 00:21:00.35500:21:17.155
  • whatever they have to do no matter what. But it’s to the singular goal of entertainment, whereas in a movie like any of the Marvel film or any of the… Star Wars movies where they’re trying to set up a narrative as being a serious thing,πŸŽ™ 00:21:17.15500:21:31.116
  • it now doesn’t make sense because it’s not serious if suddenly my power multiplies by ten when I just happened to need it and it’s convenient for the plot. But I think maybe more than anything else, honestly anything else was this may be culturalπŸŽ™ 00:21:31.11600:21:46.356
  • is that by the end of the film, throughout the film, I could never guess what was going to happen next. And maybe that to me was the best part. I was consistently surprised by whatever was going to happen.πŸŽ™ 00:21:46.35600:21:59.716
  • So it could have been serious, it could have been silly. It could have been dramatic. It could have been entertainment. Just just pure entertainment. I couldn’t guess what was coming next because they mixed everything in so well.πŸŽ™ 00:21:59.71600:22:09.350
  • So I didn’t I honestly by the end of the film could not tell if they were actually going to end up in conflict I kind of knew they were gonna end up being friends and resolve that issue because that’s the best way to end a filmπŸŽ™ 00:22:10.03000:22:21.190
  • It’s a happy film. So it’s going to end on a positive note So the only way to end on a positive note is everything works out in the end and all the British die because the end of any good Story all the British die, but I think maybe the last part I need to mentionπŸŽ™ 00:22:21.19000:22:34.510
  • is that this is perhaps the first film in my entire life. So I’m 50. I’ve watched movies, tons and tons of movies. This is maybe the first time I’ve actually ever watched a film and thought, why did these men still have their shirts on?πŸŽ™ 00:22:34.49200:22:47.992
  • They’re doing fights, they’re doing action scenes, take their shirts off. I’m all for gratuitous sexuality, for, you know, have tight pants and women wearing bikinis and stuff. But these guys were so awesome. I just wanted more of them.πŸŽ™ 00:22:47.99200:23:04.572
  • and the clothes were just getting in the way. So there’s a couple scenes, but it seems very early on, they do some high candy and it’s great. Like even as again, a heterosexual male, I had feelings and I was like,πŸŽ™ 00:23:04.59500:23:15.835
  • God damn, Raj should never have a shirt on and beams looking pretty good too. And they do another nice thing. Raj is completely, you know, smooth and beam has a lot of hair on his chest. So they even got like one for each sort of taste.πŸŽ™ 00:23:15.83500:23:27.075
  • No matter what you like, it’s in there for you. So I am sincerely recommending to anyone who listens to Seamik Bee. If you have three hours and Netflix because it’s on Netflix. I know that but if you have to type pirate it,πŸŽ™ 00:23:27.07500:23:39.189
  • it’s hard. It’s hard to find a copy without with English subtitles. But if there’s any way, spend some time and try to get a copy of Triple R and just sit down for three hours and watch it. I guarantee you’re gonna have one of theπŸŽ™ 00:23:39.18900:23:53.389
  • best experiences. Cinematically, you’ve had in years and years and years because of the purity of the emotion held therein, which a lot of movies, because I think maybe they’re done to committee or there’s too many people involved. They loseπŸŽ™ 00:23:53.38900:24:06.829
  • some of that purity of emotion. that we’re seeing again like Avengers films and Star Wars films. Those are supposed to be emotional stories but quite often things happen you’re like, well, I mean they got 50 characters on screen, who cares?πŸŽ™ 00:24:06.82900:24:19.488
  • You should absolutely try to get this film sit down and watch it. I’ve recommended to everyone, I recommend it to you. And I think if you stand and watch it, you’ll realize that I’ve just done you one of the biggest favors you’ll have had of this year.πŸŽ™ 00:24:19.48800:24:32.288