Dystopian Terms of Service

I did a story on Temu a few weeks
back and it’s because I had never heard of

Temu it came up as like an advertisement
and it was selling a keyboard and

that’s super super cheap and I was like
that’s got to be weird and I like to try

things to see if the real and I tried
it I didn’t know this was a massive

company it’s actually already a
massive company then I found out that the

people who are essentially the coders
for Temu are also the people who created

an app previously that got delisted
because it was harvesting all your

information and selling it on the web
so I was really weirded out I deleted it.

I’m really torn because if it’s like
a big big massive company is it still

doing these nefarious things yes because
that’s what big big companies do but

it’s weird because if it’s like a group
stealing your information let’s say

like ten guys that seems weirder
and scarier than Amazon stealing your

information but the reason it came up
again is I was a little torn because I was

like if it’s a big company I might have
some protections against it because

the issue really is what kind of
guarantees are in place is the government

oversight because if you have a
little criminal organization like five ten

guys they’re going to take everything
they can and run a company Temu that is

internationally recognized is going to
have a much harder time doing that so

there might be some protections there
so I was like should I try to get as many

deals as I can before they rip me off
so badly and get all my information and

go somewhere else and sell it to someone
you know nefarious I don’t know then

the story came out that they’re suing
shine the shine is a company I had heard

of but I’ve never used so it’s a fast
fashion company I think you can tell from

what’s presented in front of you if you
watch the YouTube video fast fashion is

not my thing I’m into very old fashion
what am I wearing now I’m wearing a

sweater like a hoodie that I don’t
like but it is the problem is that it’s so

comfortable it is the most comfortable
piece of clothing I own so I don’t

really like giant labels and it has a
giant roots label on the chest if that

if it didn’t have that I’d probably
be okay with it but the thing is the

core issue is I actually don’t like the
way it looks but it’s like wearing Jedi

pajamas all day which I’m a big fan
of I’m super comfortable I have an old

champion Henley underneath and a
t-shirt under that and ever last so it’s

just like different sports brands layered
on top of each other and I have a hat

with a slightly racist character
on it so fashion is clearly not my

forte I buy stuff primarily based on
comfort so I’m not the target audience

for shine I had heard that shine was
getting the influencers paying them to

try to make themselves look better
because they had a bad reputation

Temu is suing shine saying that shine
is using intimidation on merchants who

list on both sides so if I have a
product and I listen on Temu and I

listen on shine that shine will come
and try to intimidate me to take it down

from Temu now these are all shit
companies I wouldn’t trust any of these

companies but when they get into
intimidation mafia tactics we are now.

getting into a new stage of capitalism this

interferes with them is business so
shine has also it tried to interfere with

them is business by issuing thousands of
copyright takedowns 63% of the copyright

takedowns on Temu are actually
claims from shine they’ve also claimed that

shine has imprisoned merchants who
list with Temu and confiscated their

devices so basically I’m a merchant I
want to sell some stuff on Temu and

shine maybe Amazon the shine representatives
will be like oh come meet with

us in his office and they’ll lock me in
the office and take away my cell phone

and they don’t want to let me go until
I agree to take all my shit down from

Temu this is the dystopia that fiction
talks about like if you think about all

the science fiction and video games
and stuff what you end up with is two

three four five companies that become
company states and they run everything

and they compete against each other but
then of course it gets to this level where

they have private armies and militaries
and it seems it’s a dystopia thing

they got like ninjas and assassins
and robots and stuff and then they kill

other people but again the police are
useless because they don’t have the

same power as the company state that’s
now in place so you end up working for a

company you work for that company for
the rest of your life until you die that

is I mean this is dystopia you have a
company that is intimidating kidnapping

people to try to get them to stop
working with another company they’re using

tactics that are clearly illegal I’m
wondering how this is going to get

proven though because if this is
actually proven then shy and actually has

people who should go to jail weirdly
because Temu is making the accusations

it makes them seem like the good guy
but like I said when I started I’m pretty

sure the programmers for that are
a group of scam people who actually

like created software that collects
your information and sells it directly to.

you I would even assume shine at
this point shine has then gone back and

accused Temu of getting influencers
to say negative things about shine and to

promote Temu but that was dropped
so it’s not that they didn’t do it it’s

that they couldn’t prove it and then
shine is trying to go public in the US

so this is a big problem because it’s
very hard to go public if you have like

court cases pending they have
labor practice issues copyright merch

controversies but I mean this is all
just the same for Amazon I’m wondering

where it’s gonna end up like you
have Amazon is the dominant online

retailer Temu got my attention
because they sold stuff really cheap the

keyboard that I have right here they
sold it to me for about four dollars now

it’s a thirty forty fifty dollar
keyboard and so they’re selling things at

like ninety percent discount to get
you into their system and that’s where I

realize oh maybe that’s how they
get your information but if they want to

keep their company going they actually
have to make a profit they actually

have to sell and like I said it is a
giant company it’s it’s weird now that we

have giant companies in the Internet
space that I’ve never even heard of like

I had not heard of Temu until a few months
ago and then after I bought something

from them I saw a report on them and
I it keeps popping up because now the

algorithm is caught that I’ve actually
bought something from it keeps popping up in

the algorithm and I get emails from
them and stuff but it was just completely

off the radar for me and I was wondering
is that me am I not connected in that

way anymore shine makes sense
they don’t sell products that I really care

about so there’d be no reason for me
to know about them all I knew is that

there was controversy with labor
practices because that is something I’m

interested in that shows where my
brain is as someone who basically makes.

podcasts and just reads the news all
the time but I’m looking at late stage

capitalism and dystopian novels and
seeing a lot of the stuff they’re talking

about like if they’re actually
physically intimidating people if they’re

actually going so far as to imprison
people in rooms for periods of time we

really are approaching a point
where we need an international police

organization to monitor the behavior
and actions of international companies

because local police won’t be able
to do it but then now we’re getting into

like literal it’s just dystopian we’re
getting into these literal novels where you

have private militaries going at
each other stealing information and.

stuff and it’s it’s at that point where
he’s like is this the world I want to

live in and of course about
10 years ago I realized it wasn’t.

Opera GX has come out with a new version
of their browser which is fine I mean

I use a couple of different browsers
I have one that I use primarily just

personally so like all my regular surfing
stuff is chrome and then I have one

that I keep separate from everything
else so if I ever want to do something

on Twitch on stream or anything and I
want to throw something up I don’t want

there to have any sort of naughty websites
remembered in the in the cookies or

anything so I use a completely different
browser I use Vivaldi for that so if

I ever throw up like a page I’m gonna
do it in Vivaldi and then if I click a

link it comes up in edge I haven’t
changed that yet so I essentially have

three functional browsers on my computer
at any time but Opera GX has always

been one that I’ve used it and then
dropped it and then used it and then

dropped it’s kind of like Firefox I’ll
use it and then drop it and then use it.

then drop it the new one though has
a panic button which I really enjoy this

innovation so if you hit F12 so you’re
let’s say you’re looking at a naughty

naughty website in your mom or dad
comes in the room if you hit F12 it will

mute play back immediately and I’ll
switch to a new window you can pick the

website that it will go to to be your
safe site so you could just pick something

really nice like a CNN news site or
something like that something that would

make your parents happy a study site
something that would be very you know oh

you know he’s looking at how to improve
his language skills he’s looking at.

different courses he could he could
audit at different universities what a

great young man then you hit F12 again
it brings back your penguin porn with the

full sound regaling you instantly the
interesting thing you can do though so

let’s say you’re a parent you’re on
the other side you walk in to your kids

room and you see them hit the keyboard
really quick I have to just walk up and

press F12 and see what comes back up
on the screen if they’re using the Opera

GX browser I do like this as an innovation
though because you should have an

the ability to keep certain stuff sort
of personalized and private and you

should have an emergency escape thing
I used to run a blog when blogging was

relatively popular and you know big
long essays with pictures and stuff and I’d

made a second version of it and what
I did is I skinned it to look like a word

document and I also had it so it would
not load any of the pictures so if you

really wanted to just sit in your
office all day and read my blog you could

actually just click this link on the
main page and it would take you to if you

hit full screen it looked like a full
screen word document it had the ribbon

across the top and then all the text
was loaded into times new Roman as a

document and you could just scroll
down and read all the stuff you didn’t get

the pictures but that’s fine I wasn’t
particularly good at pictures anyways

but I already had the same thought
I’m like there are situations where you

don’t want other people to really
know what you’re doing in this case I

wasn’t doing anything dirty on my
website but it was entertainment and if

you’re in your office you want to read
entertainment I wanted to facilitate that

because I wanted you to have a fun
happy good time at your workplace and I

wanted you to come back to my website
so I’m actually thinking about trying

opera GX not for the panic button
because again I’m now at a stage of my

life where if someone walked in and I
was looking at porn I’d be like excuse me

I’m looking at porn please get out
of my room I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be

particularly ashamed of that I did get
the scam email and it’s the one where

they go we hacked your webcam and
we screen-shotted you while you were

masturbating to porn and then they
always throw in a little joke like you

have good taste or something like
that and it’s funny because even if I

believe they had done that they’d
picked the wrong target of course they

don’t pick the targets they just like
blast out an email to everyone in the

planet I was jokingly telling my wife
about it that I got this email and she

said yeah but if you got that email
and because what they said is if you

don’t pay us whatever one hundred
thousand dollars in Bitcoin send it to

this wallet we’re gonna send everyone
in your Facebook or your links or.

something an image of you masturbating
to porn and my wife went but you

wouldn’t care I was like yeah at this
point in my life if they sent a picture of

me masturbating to porn to everyone I
know like everyone in my my friends list

on various websites I think everyone
knows me would find it just as funny as I

would find it myself so that’s ineffective
because essentially if you want to

shame people you have to attack people
who have shame the last big piece of.

news that I want to talk about because
I’m just trying to again I’ve talked

in the last episode that I haven’t
been very productive with seeming be

initiative Japan kind of runs itself
as long as news is coming out and it

always is I can just gather news and
then talk about it but seeming be I have to

have the ideas or have a new source or
something I heard my knee about a month

ago and it’s meant that I am not
having any creative thoughts I think it’s

Maslow’s pyramid of needs and so
down at the bottom is all your basic needs

and if you want to get intellectual
thought is at the top so basically at the

bottom you have to have food you have
to be able to go to the toilet and you have

to have comfort and then the next one
up is going to be comfort like you have

to have a place to live and be able to
survive and you know wear clothes and be

warm and then you can get to eat good
food and have entertainment and then

get to the next level the next level
on the top level is you can actually take

time to have intellectual thought but
as something goes wrong in your life it

actually drops you down a level so my
knee causing me discomfort means I’m not

thinking about the world I’m thinking
about my knee which actually means injured

people are dumber because not of their
own fault they’re just so focused on the

pain they feel they’re not having any
other thoughts the example that I really

enjoyed was let’s say you were a
member of a peace treaty group so you’re

sitting down you’re trying to get you
have two warring factions and you’re

going to try to get those two warring
factions to sign a peace tree and this is

like lives are on the line and so
you’re in the negotiations and you really

have to poo this is a great example
of what it’s talking about like it doesn’t

matter how smart you are if you are
distracted by a physical need you’re not

going to be able to maintain any
sort of level of physical or intellectual

thought so if you don’t take care of
those base needs first you won’t be able

to achieve that level of intellectual
ability that you’re capable of so

because I haven’t messed up me and
it hurts all the time I’m not capable of

having intellectual thoughts anymore
so I need to pull from the news because

I’m not having any ideas my only idea
is got my knee stiff God my knees hurts

oh geez I wish I could use my knee
again that kind of stuff but the most

recent news I use Twitch I record this
podcast on Twitch I use to capture the

video I capture the video I download
it I edit it I extract the audio make a

podcast that’s the original source take
whatever’s left over which is the video

put that on YouTube in some other
places so you can watch the video edited so

you don’t have to listen to me cough
and sneeze give Dave a little second in.

back there so you can settle down
okay let’s walk Dave’s butt oh he’s pulled

up his his own pillow and he’s trying to
tear it apart because of course what’s

more comfortable than a torn up pillow
just getting his butt right in the screen

good job buddy one no not torn up enough
I’m gonna kill it get two three turns

come on man four oh there you go
finally Dave is my hero okay so the news so

I record this on Twitch and some news
came out on December 13th and they

decided that they wanted to put a
warning essentially on your boobs before

anything sort of sexual was not
allowed but sexual and stuff this is the

problem with porn and art is how
is it defined and it’s very difficult to

define so people don’t know what it is
Twitch allowed people to I mean people

were already pushing the limits I
had watched a couple and I don’t watch

them for any sort of sexual gratification
I just kind of shocked as I just

stare at it it’s very very much like a
car wreck so there was key he got a

kitty and she just puts oil and sparkles
on her boobs and pushes where it’s

like a push of bra and basically does
nothing and then just recently someone

showed me Asian bunny X who has
got a ridiculous body it’s very cartoonish

but I noticed she actually spends a
significant portion of the stream not on

screen so I mean maybe that’s part of
the technique so she’s wearing a string

bikini and everything’s hanging out
but that’s fine as long as it’s rated

for adults well they came out with
a new thing it was sort of a mature

content sexual content kind of
thing they will now allow deliberately

highlighted breasts buttocks and pelvic
regions which means the bikini would be

perfectly acceptable whereas before it
would be up to the content moderators to

decide if this was acceptable or not and
again this is comes down to opinions which

is hard because we’re supposed to be
following rules stuff like that but then

what does that actually mean highlight
can I basically have a black room with a

spotlight on my boobs and the other
thing is they made it the same for art

streams because art streams you
know art is often sexual or has sexualized

themes so they wanted to do that I
actually thought this was a very nice idea

they’re like we want people to be able
to express themselves and then another

person suggests maybe they want to
bid it at only fans money but because they

have no way of tearing out people like
how do you make people make sure that

people are adults like only fans for
all the bad it may be you need to I

think you need a credit card to join
it which means you’re at least an adult

enough to get a credit card or you can
steal it from your parents but that way

at least they are trying to make sure
only adults are in there whereas Twitch

isn’t set up that way like I actually put
my streams on adult because I swear a

lot or I want to feel free to swear
but I’ve had but kids come in like they

come in and they say hey I’m 12
years old and I’m just like kid I actually

don’t think you should be here they
also said erotic dances are okay so

twerking grinding pull dancing but
that was already okay so what erotic was

beyond twerking I don’t actually know
so I’d be interested in actually seeing

with that what I guess they needed
they needed a video with examples which I

never saw and I think that actually might
be a big problem for a lot of rules is

what you really need more than anything
else is examples of the rule so you

can understand what is too much and
what is not enough the too much bits as an

example would actually be really
interesting pre streamers that said the

previous rules were confusing but I
actually think the new rules still are they

said no sex games and no porn but if
you use this tag you won’t be on the

front page anymore so I think that’s
fair so then came the Tsunami of

boobies and it’s not me a boobies meant
that on December 15th they rolled back

what they had already said so it’s
officially too much and rolling back the

artistic nudity changes and I mean oh
my god it was not artistic at all it was

just boobies everywhere the irony being
that over those two days I didn’t even

get a chance to go look around and see
if I could see any boobies I didn’t get to

see any more boobies than I would
normally see on Twitch the comments from

the the company we’re interesting though
much of the content created has been

met with community concerns so
they’re actually saying people who use the

website were the ones who were concerned
about how sexual it had gotten and then

in the art they said AI deep fakes
might be used might be difficult to discern

from real pictures so they’re basically
saying like if we allow people to do

artistic renderings nudity people
will start deep faking celebrities and

stuff and saying look I have this picture
of celebrities the CEO of Twitch said

he didn’t really understand or he
didn’t really believe how realistic AI

art could be the irony for me being that
we have people who go on art streams on

Twitch and they can draw it takes a
long time but they draw photo realistic

pictures so if you ask them to do
something sexual they can do a photo

realistic sexual picture it’s I mean
people have that skill physically if they

have that skill physically that translating
into computer aided or AI art is

going to be actually very easy at that
point a lot a few streamers made fully

nude avatars or overlays with nude
images in them which was already actually

not allowed you’re not supposed to do
that but then of course they’re like we

have to find out what the boundaries
are the only way to find out the

boundaries is to actually like push them
ourselves and test them so a guy drew

Michelangelo Michelangelo
as a peepee and when

he got to that he
actually got a three-day

band for it oh no yeah Michelangelo is
David not Michelangelo Michelangelo was an

old man although he had a peepee too
so I guess at the end of the day if you

drew him naked it would have been the same
result but no he didn’t draw Michelangelo

he drew Michelangelo’s David that being
a famous piece of art is a famous piece of

art acceptable to show on stream apparently
not three-day band so the CEO said

we went too far and then I actually
ended up entering that is don’t be nice to

artists because they’re
always gonna push the

boundaries and see
where they can get away

with which isn’t the right message I
mean it’s just sex cells so much so Asian

Bunny X again she’s not even on stream
and she’ll have like 14 15 16 thousand

peoples sitting there looking at an
empty room waiting for her to come back

that’s his horny kids and I sit there
sometimes I watch it and it’s like a

tragedy because here I am I want to
do something interesting I want to do

something that is maybe informative for
people and yeah you know I get like three

four viewers I get about 800 people
listen to the podcast I’m actually pretty

happy about that to me that is my core
audience which is why the audio should.

always come first but in the same
vein I once got super super disappointed I

went back to Canada to visit and of
course the jet light hit and I couldn’t

sleep so it’s like two o’clock in the
morning ended a TV show on and it’s

reality TV because that’s the only thing
on it like two o’clock in the morning.

again and it is super-sized my pool and
super-sized my pool made me so depressed

because this was a terrible idea for a
TV show but it actually got made into a

TV show whereas if you gave me the same
amount of money to make a production of

Ninja News Japan or Seamick Bee and then
I could hire a couple of writers and we

could work together and we could brainstorm
and have ideas I think I could make

a really good really good informative
show that’s entertaining and a lot of

fun I don’t get to do that because I
don’t have a big pool or boobies that I

can show on screen I don’t know where
that leaves me because intellectually I.

want to I don’t even know what I
want to say intellectually what do I want I

want to be true to myself and so
I want to keep going with hopefully

interesting commentary on different
things but I realized with a fucked up

knee I’d do a lot better if I just had
big boobs I was the wrong song that’s

again sort of the state
of mind I’m working with


I don’t podcast

(upbeat music)

So it seemed to be went on
a bit of an unplanned hiatus

and primarily because
I didn’t have any ideas.

And I realized like, to have ideas,
you have to have free mental space.

So at the beginning of
the month, I hurt my knee.

It just filled up with water.

I did a judo practice.

I didn’t injure it.

It just filled up with water.

I went to a doctor.

And he drained the knee
and he put in some stuff.

He said, come back in two weeks
and he put in some more stuff.

And then it still hurts.

I still basically limbs.

So I’ve been limping for a month.

That takes up a lot of mental
energy, puts you in a bad mood.

So I thought, what I did is I collected
a whole bunch of random thoughts.

None of these really
long enough to be an

episode, but then I
thought, I’ll want all to do.

Sit down, talk them through,
record them, see what happens.

Maybe there’s an
episode, maybe there isn’t.

I used to do episodes called randomitis.

And that was just, yeah,
bunch of five minute clips

that didn’t amount to
an episode on its own.

They generally weren’t
connected thematically.

But actually since I just
talked about a doctor,

I live in Japan, anyone
who’s watched any of the

episodes and listened to
any episodes knows that,

I’ve been in Japan for about 20 years.

One of the more interesting
things about Japan,

I’ve had a very positive
experience with doctors in Japan.

I got sick two years ago, I was in
the hospital, my doctor was excellent.

Because of the nationalized
healthcare system,

I didn’t pay that much money
because I had insurance.

I actually got money back.

I literally was out of work for a month

and made a profit because I had
employment insurance that I pay for.

So salary insurance, I
don’t know what you’d call it,

but basically I’d insured myself
or if I get sick and lose my salary,

this insurance will cover
that salary plus a little extra.

I had insurance for the sickness.

So I got that money and that
covered all the medical expenses.

So I basically made
a profit off being sick.

Now, I would rather have
not been sick, but such is life.

Since I was put in the hospital,
I didn’t get to choose my doctor.

In Japan, you run into
this problem regularly

because you have to
find the right doctor.

So I now have a knee injury
and knee problem and I’m old.

So I’m thinking I have two choices.

I can go to an arthritis doctor
’cause I’m an older person

and arthritis doctors must
deal with old people’s knees

all the time or I can go to a
sports doctor because it happened

right after exercise, which
I still try to do regularly.

So maybe they’ll understand better.

In the area where I live, lots of old
people, therefore lots of arthritis clinics.

In the city, just about an hour
in some away, but it’s a big city.

They have more hospitals,
which was they had a sports clinic.

So I went to the very,
very local clinic first.

He was actually the first guy
who saw me when I got sick now.

I pulled up my pants
so he could see my knee.

It was all swollen and full of water

and he kind of poked it
a little bit and he goes,

“Hmm, let’s wait and
see what happens.

” Which is 100% what
I didn’t want to do.

I very much wanted
to take care of this right

away so I could get
to the healing process

so I could get better so I
could get back to exercise.

Then I was talking, so
now I’m in the dilemma.

I have to pick a clinic not
knowing the quality of the doctor.

I don’t know if they’re
even the right person

because I have to make the choice.

Really, I wanted that
first doctor to recommend

a knee specialist or
someone that I should go to

to get my knee checks.

And he didn’t, he’s like,
“Wait and come back.”.

And I was like, “I gave
you 1,000 yen or 700 yen

“or whatever it is to just
go in and talk to the doctor.

“Did you get any medicine or anything?”

And then I’m like, “Okay,
well, that’s not what I want.”.

I was thinking the old people’s doctors

might be a good choice
because as I get older,

I’m more likely to end
up in there anyways.

And the lifestyle I have chosen for myself
having done Judo for the last 40 years.

I assume arthritis is just on the docket.

Like, it’s probably in there already.

I just don’t suffer from it.

Or I’ve gotten so accustomed to pain.

And this very much might be true.

That I’ve gotten so accustomed to
pain that I just kind of ignore the pain.

Which brings up a weird study I read.

There’s two.

One, and it was about certain demographics
and how they handle pain and I, Irish.

It turns out gingers are
more sensitive to pain,

but then Irish people
are less sensitive to pain.

Which doesn’t make sense because
a lot of Irish people are gingers.

I am certainly on
the ginger spectrum.

I was like, well, I don’t think, maybe I
was sensitive to pain when I was young,

but again, I’ve endured so
much pain over the course

of my life doing Judo,
getting injured all the time.

That maybe I’ve just
grown accustomed to it.

But when they, what they did is they stick
your hand in super cold water, it hurts.

And they see which
demographic could hold in longest.

Irish people held out a very long
time compared to other groups.

And they said to them, what do
you do, like when it starts to hurt?

And then the Irish people all pretty
much universally said, I just ignore it.

So I just ignore my feelings.

I just ignore the feelings I’m having,

which to me was like, that’s a
very Irish answer to the problem.

And not to be even stereotypical, but
that is how I handle a lot of problems.

The problem comes up
and I’m essentially like,

I’m just gonna ignore that
and it’ll go away eventually.

That’s how I’m gonna deal with that.

There was also another study
with the same thing with pain.

And if you swear, you can last longer.

So if you put your hand in
ice cold water and you say,

oh gosh darn it, you have to pull
your hand out ’cause it hurts more.

If you put your hand in a hot water and
you go, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

And you say really bad words,
you can hold your hand there longer.

So there’s almost like a release
of some sort when you swear.

The funny thing was, the swear you
made had to be taboo to you socially.

So let’s say I drop F bombs all the time,

the impact of the F bomb is less for me.

So if I stick my hand
in the super cold water

and I drop an F bomb,
it will be actually be less

impactful than someone
who doesn’t swear very often

because it’s more of a, I
guess, shock to the system.

So you have to find a
word that you feel is taboo

that you should not say
and then use that word

when you put your hand
if you wanna endure pain.

Or you could just be Irish and ignore it

and just suffer, I guess,
I guess it’s just suffering.

You just allow the suffering to
happen because life is suffering.

It’s a very Buddhist
philosophy when we really think

you can get down to
sort of the core issues.

But I decided to go with a sports doctor

because this was immediately
following a sports injury

and what I really, really wanted
more than anything else was steroids.

I wanted my need to
be injected with steroids.

And I was pretty sure
the arthritis doctors,

they might have some other solution they
inject, but then it’s not gonna be steroids.

I don’t think it’s gonna go drop straight
to steroids where I was like, oh, a doctor,

if I can tell him like, I’m
not competitive anymore.

So, you know, I don’t have
to worry about steroids

showing up in my pee,
give me some steroids.

So I went to the doctor, I
did make the right choice.

I think he was very good.

He sent me to an MRI.

Now an MRI is a very expensive
process in other countries.

But as I said, a socialized
healthcare, very good deal.

I actually went to the
MRI place the next week.

And they were like, okay, we’ll sit down.

All right, are you wearing anything metal?

Do you have any like, do you
have a brace on or anything?

And I was like, no, no, no, no, no.

Do you have any feelings?

I was like, I didn’t think about that.

I don’t think so.

I actually had all my
metal feelings taken

out and replaced with
ceramic a long time ago.

So I was okay there.

So they put me in the MRI.

MRI, they like, a lot of
people get freaked out.

You’re in a tube and it’s very
noisy and it’s very uncomfortable.

I think I’ve now hit this peak
point of any time alone is good time.

So I actually for the last like five
minutes ’cause it’s a 20, 30 minute process.

He said, at least he’s gonna take about 20,
30 minutes when he put me in the machine.

For the last five minutes, apparently
I fell asleep, which I thought was okay.

So it’s going, good, don’t, good, don’t.

But I’m like, oh, there’s no kids around.

No one’s bugging me.

This is quite nice and then I drift it off.

So they did an MRI and then I
walked out and I got ready to pay.

I got my health insurance card
out and stuff and I go to pain.

She’s like, no.

And because it’s arranged through the
clinic, it just becomes part of that process.

So I went to the back to the clinic.

I paid for an MRI, 6,000 yen,
which is probably like $50 American.

And that is, I know MRIs are expensive.

The interesting part about the MRI, building
itself, it was about four stories high.

And two of those stories, I believe,
were just rooms of MRI machines.

And they were just, you know, Ford Motor
Company, the original Model T assembly line,

running people through
MRI machines all the time.

They must be making so much bank.

And it makes sense.

Like if you are rich enough to put
together, let’s say 10, 15 MRI machines

and then hire the staff to just run them
all the time, you’re making so much money.

‘Cause the government’s
paying 70% of it anyways.

And you just make it as
convenient and fast as possible.

I had a good experience.

Go back to the doctor the next day,
given my MRI results, he stresses me out.

So he starts going through this.

And it’s like layers of your knee
and he goes, Oh, here’s an abnormality.

Here’s an abnormality.

Oh, this is not normal.

This is not normal.

Here’s an aberration.

Here’s an abnormality.

Here’s a bone spur.

Here’s an aberrant.

Five minutes, no exaggeration.

He’s saying here’s an abnormality.

And I’m getting, each time he
says it, I’m like, steal yourself.

He’s gonna say knee surgery.

Okay, knee surgery is coming.

This is, again, like arthritis, probably an
inevitability on the timeline of my life.

If I try to continue doing judo from
now until I am no longer functional,

five minutes straight of him
saying, here’s an abnormality.

And then he looks at me, he
goes better than I expected.

So I guess because I’ve
never had surgery on my knee,

everything’s technically
in the right place.

It’s just clearly been beat up.

He was like, Oh, you
know, yeah, there’s lots

of, it’s really jagged,
nothing smooth anymore,

but it all works and
it’s all in the right place.

So a way to go you.

And I was like, Okay,
so then he put another

needle in with some
more solution of some sort.

And then he gave me
some sort of exercises to do.

He told me not to stand up too much,

but, you know, I have one
or two teaching days a week.

You have to stand up
at the front of the class.

There’s no way you can avoid it.

Still limping, so I’m going back next week.

And I’m gonna say, so
he’s had two needles in

with some kind of solution,
which I think was to

make sure it didn’t like
the water that’s in there,

it didn’t clump up or anything.

And I’m gonna just start
whispering to him, sort of

a subliminal advertised,
just go, steroids, steroids.

I want my need to have a right rage.

I want steroids, give me steroids.

And then hopefully, ’cause he said himself,

if I give you steroids,
it’ll probably be healed

in a week, but there
might be side effects.

And I’m like, dude,
at this point in my life,

I’m not particularly
concerned about side effects.

I might even find them entertaining.

So that is essentially
what set me on this

hiatus of see me be
going silent for a while.

And it was because I, you get so
self-absorbed, you’re suffer so much pain.

I can’t think of anything to talk about.

I don’t have any view on current issues
because you become more self-absorbed.

I’m more worried about myself.

So the only thing I could
talk about was myself,

and I was like, no
one wants to hear that.

But also, if you stop long enough, you
don’t get back into the habit of doing it.

That’s what I today is.

Today is me forcing myself to
get back on it and do it again.

So I don’t lose that part and just end up

shutting down Seeming
Bee, ’cause I hate one.

This is like a podcast, just go silent.

But yes, so now we are going to dive
deep into randomitis and see what goes.

So I was talking to a friend of mine, whoa.

  • So you became a
    Republican temporarily, got it.
  • Oh, I wasn’t ready for that.

I think the fact that I
was still very pro-social

services, maybe I
haven’t gotten that far.

I could say, I probably went
further right than I am normally.

I am a liberal Canadian.

A liberal Canadian is probably in America.

The most socialist devil you’ve ever seen.

But yeah, maybe.

So I was talking to
a friend of mine, Mr.

warm hands, we talked almost every
day because we play video games

together and he brought up the question
and it apparently come up on Reddit.

And it was, if you commit a crime,
that crime will never happen again.

And so of course, people all
like, if I rape someone, then rape

will no longer happen in all
the remainder of human history.

If I murder someone,
murder will no longer

happen in all of the
remainder of human history.

And of course, everyone
starts thinking about

the most atrocious crimes
that can be committed.

And then talking
essentially about the morality

of if I do it to one person,
but that saves millions

of people going forward,
is that not worth it?

Could I bring myself to do it?

I think that’s the conversation
they’re trying to have.

It’s essentially a morality
one of am I willing to sacrifice

my morality for a moment in
order to save people down the line.

I immediately had the
thought in a different

direction because this is,
to me, the Batman problem.

‘Cause Batman is very rich
guy and he dresses up in his suit

and he goes around and
someone snatches a perch.

He finds someone who snatches a purse

and then he beats him up
and he gives the purse back,

but he doesn’t really
solve the core issues.

So I was, my first thought was
like, what you should actually do.

I had murder a pedophile if it
meant no more murder ever.

No problem.

So, Jade, I’d murder a pedophile if it
meant no more murder ever, no problem.

I actually understand.

So what you’re saying is
you find the right victim to

commit a crime to or on and
then that would stop murder.

But I was thinking of like,
really, you could create a more

systemic system because why
doesn’t Batman use his money

to uplift society,
Gotham City in particular?

And I was like, what I
should do is go into corporate

America and commit
corporate crimes, tax fraud.

So then all these corporations
suddenly start having

to pay their taxes, go into politics
and start committing political crimes,

like take bribes and stuff, so that all
these politicians suddenly become honest.

And then if you have honest
politicians and honest companies,

I think the fundamental base of society,
again, this is very socialist kind of way

of thinking on my part, would be lifted up

because money would
go into social programs.

Taxes would get paid.

That money would be
available for all those things.

Then, perhaps there would be
less murderers overall anyways

because now people are not in a
situation where they lose everything.

They’re not in a situation
where they become desperate.

I guess I assumed I’d go to jail.

I guess I assumed I’d go to jail.

That actually is a good secondary
question because if you go to jail,

then you can’t continue
to commit the crimes.

You have to actually plan out
the crimes very, very well at first.

But as we know, corporate
criminals don’t tend to go to jail.

So that’s almost even like a double whammy.

Like not only can I commit these crimes,

I can probably commit these
crimes and get away with them.

Commit these crimes and get
away with them and increase.

Like what I’m thinking is like
the tide that lifts up everyone.

And then as you get, so now you’ve fixed,
let’s say a fundamental aspect of society,

then you could go commit
the more visceral crimes.

I think the question
originally, people naturally

focus on the visceral
because they have to feel it.

But my first thought was like,

well, what would create the
largest benefit the most quickly?

And murder isn’t actually it
because if we’re being really honest,

there’s a relatively low
amount of murders in the world.

And as we’ve moved forward in society,

the number of murders
and crimes is going down.

I know news makes it
seem like it’s going up all

the time and you should
be afraid all the time.

But realistically, that’s not actually
what’s happening statistically in the world.

So what we need is to
have the world improve.

And if we can improve the world, then
the natural increase in social welfare

will be another natural
decrease to violent crime.

And then, sure, when I get to my old,

when I get to, after I’ve done all this
other work, I’ve done the social work,

I’ve done the political work, I’ve done
the industrial work, that kind of stuff.

‘Cause yeah, I would go
and dump some chemicals.

And then if that never happens again,
’cause that’s essentially your crime,

then these companies can’t dump their
chemicals improperly, I could go join a company

and then just commit a
couple of environmental crimes.

Now people are actually
probably gonna have to take care

of the environment because
they have to do it properly.

I would commit all of
those as quickly as possible.

And again, probably no jail time.

Just be BP is a very
good way of looking at it.

BP probably has an
invertantly committed murder.

‘Cause if you’re dumping
chemicals and it kills someone,

that’s murder, and then
you could actually, again,

commit a murder without
actually the visceral

part and get away
with it and not go to jail.

So you can keep committing
these social pro crimes,

which is weirdly what
I’m gonna be calling it.

And then overall, the
crux of society improves.

So I’ve been streaming for a long time.

I’m not particularly popular,
but I’m okay with that

because I actually stream
primarily to capture video.

So people come in and there’s
a very common thing on Twitch

and it’s trolls or scams.

Eventually, you’d be known as
the last guy to do all these crimes.

That’s an interesting point
because historically speaking,

would they realize this guy committed these
crimes and then it never happened again.

So there was a
connection or would they be

like, this guy is so
horrible and horrifying

that society at large changed
because he was so awful.

Like you wouldn’t be seen
as the hero or would you?

‘Cause again, if someone figured
out, oh, this guy commits that crime.

This guy does this thing and
that doesn’t happen anymore.

Like all of society changes.

They might realize you were doing it
on purpose or trying to improve society.

But let’s talk about Twitch.

You get a lot of people with scams.

And the first one I experienced was
the guy who wants to help you grow.

And what they do is they
talk to you in this really buddy

buddy way, which I really
already very off-putting for me.

And what they say is like,
I’ll get you more viewers.

And what they probably
do are just get some bots

and get those to join in after
you give them some money.

I got attacked by bots once.

And I got like 2,000
subs in like two minutes.

It was ridiculous.

But I’ve tried to figure out different ways

to handle these so that it’s
still entertaining for myself.

So I put in my rules.

If you try to sell me a
service, I just ban you.

But that’s actually
too easy and too boring.

So then I started talking to them and
they would always ask, what’s your goal?

So they go, hey buddy, may I ask
you, have you reached affiliate yet?

I’m like, yes, yes, I
have reached affiliate.

And they go, so your next goal is partner.

And then you go, no.

Because they are banking on you
want to make streaming your job.

They want to bank on you are
desperate to become a famous streamer.

And you need that audience.

And this is your dream.

And they can help you
make your dream come true.

That’s how scams work.

They feed on your deeper
desires and dreams and wants.

So when I say no, I do not want
to become a partner, they ask why.

And I say, oh, I use Twitch primarily
to capture video for my podcast.

And then they go, oh, but
if you have a bigger Twitch

audience, you’ll have a
bigger podcast audience.

I go, oh, my podcast is huge.

So I don’t need a bigger audience.

I actually don’t want a bigger audience.

And I don’t want that much chat
because I don’t want to be distracted.

And then they have nowhere
to go because since your dream

doesn’t align with their,
with they assume your goal is,

they have no more thing they
can try to dangle no, no carrot.

They can try to put in front of
you to get you to give the money.

So that worked.

I essentially was saying
my goal is not to grow.

And then they would
have nothing to work with.

And they would just give up.

Then I started doing
the denial that I stream.

And this could actually
happen in chat in real time.

So I was playing a game.

And someone came in and says,
hey, buddy, can I sell you something?

Or do you want more followers
or all this stuff like that?

And then I would just look at
the chat and go, I don’t stream.

And then they have to go
through the mental dissonance

of trying to convince me that I’m
doing the thing I’m actually doing.

So they’d go, yeah, you are.

You’re streaming right now.

And you just look at it
and go, no, I don’t stream.

And they go, well, then
how am I talking to you?

You’re talking to me through
the chat while you’re streaming.

Oh, no, I don’t stream.

Well, how am I seeing the
game you’re playing? I don’t know.

I guess on the computer.

Yeah, because you’re streaming.

Oh, no, I don’t stream.

And I just would hold
on to the I don’t stream.

And the frustration as–
because they now have to choose,

do I spend my time trying to convince
this guy that he is actually streaming?

Is he such an idiot?

He doesn’t realize what streaming is.

Or do I just give up?

I actually had one where
the guy was doing it.

And he was like, no, I went– he
sent me a link to my own stream.

So twitch.com/chungwithveefchest.

I bring my perspective to the world.

I don’t stream.

And he dropped that into the chat.

And my viewer at the time
only had a couple of viewers

at the time, they started
adding into the chat.

He doesn’t stream.

He doesn’t stream.

And then we just repeated that.

Jay just put in the chat, I bring
my perspective to the world.

I don’t stream.

That’s actually pretty nice phrase.

I might actually make that
my tagline from now on.

Then recently– so I’ve done
that one a couple of times.

I think that might be
the most entertaining one.

But there’s one more I want to try.

I was joking around with a friend.

And he actually suggested this.

I’m going to try this next time
where they go, oh, your viewer–

your content is so good because
they have to try to build you up.

Your content is so good.

Why do you think your
viewer numbers are so low?

And then I’m going to agree with them.

I’m going to go, yeah, my
viewer numbers are really low.

I suck at streaming.

I’m going to quit.

And they go, no, no, you shouldn’t quit.

This is my prediction now.

You shouldn’t quit.

You should keep doing or do my system
or whatever and you go, no, you’re right.

I’m going to quit.

And then just hold on to that.

I’m going to quit and see what they say.

I don’t know if that
one’s going to be worked.

But I do like, personally,
the denial of doing the thing

I’m literally doing right
in front of you right now

as a tactic to stop these
guys or waste their time.

But I think the one that’s most
entertaining for me is the, I don’t stream.

So I think that might be going forward,
at least for the next little while,

it’s like I’m up with a new
idea how I handle these guys.

You try to sell me services
or try to sell me followers.

So there is a company
in Korea called Pputi.

So it’s P-P-U-R-I, so I’m
assuming it’s Pputi or Pputi.

Being Korean, I bet it’s Pputi.

And there’s been a scandal recently.

And it turns out that one of
the key framers or animators.

is a feminist. And all my, what she
did is what, I think a lot of animators do.

She threw in messandrous
gestures into the animation.

Now, I didn’t know what this gesture was.

Apparently, this is a Korean thing.

So this is why it was kind
of exciting for me to learn

about another culture, another
aspect of another society.

There is a forum called Magellian.

I think I’m saying right
that it’s not Mega Leon.

It’s Magellian, I think.

And we support Magellian, your
change is what’s on the screen right now.

And there is a hand.

And the hand is doing a gesture.

As if you were measuring
something very small.

You could say, oh, it’s
only a couple of centimeters.

It’s only an inch.

You would put your hands up.

And you’d make like a little duck.

That is the hand gesture.

Apparently, this hand gesture
in Korean is actually small penis.

And these feminists are
using it to attack men.

And so this animator, this key artist,
for the anime was Dungeon and Fighter,

Dungeon and Fighter
Mobile and Blue Archive.

In almost individual frames,
this artist, this animator

has been putting in these gestures.

So I don’t think it’s this one.

So right now there’s a big purple guy.

He has two hands up.

But I think this one here, his right
hand is doing the pinching gesture.

And then right here, there’s
another picture from maybe

a different anime where he’s
also doing the pinching animation.

So this company now has
to go through all their anime

and scrub through
individual frames trying to

find the pinching gesture
to try to take them out.

So Studio Pupuri, I would really
like to learn how to say that.

So Studio Pupuri has
been deleting all tainted

videos after combing
through their catalog.

And he showed an apology
for the feminist hand gestures

saying that the key animator
who was called into question

for being a feminist will no
longer work on their videos.

Which I really enjoy this because men have
been doing this kind of stuff for years.

And here’s an opportunity.

I don’t, I guess, if a guy did it
and got caught, he would get fired.

So if a girl doesn’t, she gets caught.

She should probably be fired too.

But I don’t know.

Somehow the feminist fighting
back in the exact same way

has really entertaining to me.

Here’s this hands being circled, the hands
being circled, the hands being circled.

So like these characters
all are pinching their

fingers, it’s really hard
to see on the screen.

That’s hardly worth doing.

So I’m interested to see where this goes
and how much of this happens in the future.

If you are watching anime of any sort

and that anime has animation
that comes from Korea,

something you’d be on the
lookout for is a small pinching thing.

And you will now be seeing
that you will now know

you’ll have a better idea that what you
are seeing is some misandrist gestures.

Did I say that right?


I think I get that wrong all the time.


It’s because we don’t use that
word enough ’cause it doesn’t happen.



I should practice that.


Because I’m now going to do
my Andrew Tate style podcast

where I attack women and
talk about their misandrist.

But weirdly, I honestly quite like this.

I think it’s because the
animator is essentially

because the primary audience
of anime I think cliche-wise

is the nerdy guys.

And that’s who she’s like
attacking and making fun of.

She’s literally taking the thing
they love and putting this in it.

And again, it’s a couple frames.

They’re not really going to see it.

But she’s kind of like
doing a little shout at them.

I’ll be interested to see where this goes.

So I’m actually going to follow this story

as much as I can and
see where this ends up.

All right, and this is going
to be the final story for today.

And it was the Sailor Moon
anime director Kunihiko Ikuata

has received multiple
emails from a woman claiming

that Sword Art online and Sailor Moon were
both her concepts and they were stolen.

And this is actually a
story that has come up

a couple times in Japan.

There’s the kill any.

So what happened was this
guy said, I made this story.

You stole this story
and you used this story

yourself and you didn’t
get made in credit.

So he went to the kill on his studio.

This is a couple of years ago.

And he basically lit it on fire
and killed a bunch of people.

He’s on trial right now.

He has shown no remorse
because all he does when

they say, like, do you feel
bad about killing people?

He’ll say, like, do they feel
bad about stealing my ideas?

Do they feel bad about
not paying me the money

I deserve for having
come up with this idea?

This is something I talked about
on Ninja News Japan a little bit.

And it was primarily because
the fundamental concept

as an idea is very broad.

So we have giant anime
robot and it has to fight

other giant anime robot
from a different planet.

We have girl who transforms into a hero

and fights monsters but has
to keep her identity secret.

These are not original ideas.

Where the artist take them to, hopefully,

is original, that was
what would make an anime

special or interesting
or something like that.

But realistically speaking, the
overall concepts are very broad.

I tried to come up with an original
idea from Montana, El Diablo.

And what I actually did was I’m
going to take a lot of the tropes

and throw them into a
choose your own adventure

and then tried to make
each decision go off

on such a weird tangent,
go so far into left field

that every decision
had a significant impact.

But also it would maintain a
certain amount of originality.

But honestly the fundamental
ideas I came up with

and used in broad strokes
all had been done before.

And someone else could
have claimed very easily

that they were their ideas.

And this is what the
director is talking about.

So Sword Art Online creator
Reiki Kawahata discussed on Twitter

just how hard it is to conclusively
prove the originality of one’s work.

So a long while back, this is the message

that they posted on Twitter
translated into English.

A long while back, I received a message

from someone claiming
they were the original author

for Sao Sword Art Online.

But they weren’t angry, they
were more confused on why

their original work was
published without their realization.

And I had no idea how to deal with them.

Because probably they
had either written this down

or sent in something but that
thing they sent in got ignored.

I did an internship at a publishing
company at the end of my university career.

And the publishing company
I interned at only did poetry.

And we received 30 to 40
manuscripts of novels every single day.

Because people don’t think
about what they’re doing.

They’re just like, I’m going to
scatter shot, send it to everyone.

This was pre-Internet, really.

Like I had the Internet existed and stuff.

But if you’re going to send a book,

you still sent a physical
chapter with a cover letter

and a self-addressed stamped
envelope and all that other stuff with it.

So it would have been very easy for me.

Let’s say to pick up some of those stories

and use those stories and create my
own version that would then be my book.

And then am I stealing that story?

Am I using it as inspiration?

Am I using the tropes
they use to create my own?

Have I just not even read it?

Because half of them
went straight to a garbage.

Like because we didn’t publish novels,

we didn’t want to spend
time looking at chapters of

novels to give any sort
of feedback to the author.

So we often just sent a form letter back
that said, this is not what we publish.

But then if we did come
up with something similar

to what they had sent in
previously, the accusation

that we’d stolen it would
have been valid in some way.

And so I thought then
from an objective standpoint,

it’s surprisingly not
that simple to prove

that you are the creator, creative
rights holder to your own work.

Of course, you can register
your copyright with a government,

but that doesn’t prove that
you are the creative rights holder.

So they’re saying, like, you can
register your brand or your characters.

But that doesn’t actually
mean you came up with them.

If someone started a lawsuit with
me saying that Sao is a stolen artwork,

I can show my 2002 home page
to easily testify to the history,

but proving the work itself is original

takes quite a bit of
documentation and effort.

If only there were
some sort of certificate,

like a patent is what I think
sometimes, but if such a system existed,

it would be misused in
its own manner as well.

But this sort of trouble seems like
it’ll only increase and not decrease.

So I hope that there will be a measure.

So I hope that there will
be measures implemented

in the future to reduce
the amount of work

and stress for creator, that’s all.

And as someone who, like, again, I
did try to do my own original works.

I published a children’s
book a little while ago.

I’m starting to work
on Montana, L.D.A.B.O.2.

I’m trying to do creative stuff.

The idea that someone could come
in and then accuse me of stealing it,

even though I’ve never
seen any of the ideas,

is problematic because you do have
to take the time to defend yourself.

And this is someone,
like the creative director

of a large franchise
who works for a company,

so everything’s documented,
everything’s clearly

legitimate, still has to
have those thoughts.

And the kill anything where
some guy just lost his mind

and decided to commit violence towards other
people because of this perceived slight.

I mean, that is also
something they probably have

to worry about and you
have to increase security.

But since what we’re talking
about is original art works,

please go to Amazon and
get the not very scary monster

by Peter Martin and you will
have at least three minutes of joy.

Let’s look at some of the artwork.

I didn’t do the art by Christine Hall.

It was very beautiful.

You can see that on the cover.

That’s the character.

Me being me, the character’s name is Doug.

And let’s just get all probably
one of my favorite pictures.

The monster leader.

She did a great job with that.

The monster leader is
one sexy, sexy monster.

Doug scared everybody in the city so
well, the monster leader was impressed.

Is that a spoiler? I don’t know.

You’ll have to pick
up the book to find out.

Montanel diablo two.

Written like four pages, five pages.

It’s more of a structural
thing at the beginning

when you do a choose
your own adventure.

So that might be a year
if not longer in the making.

So that might be something
to look forward to in 2025.

I am currently
planning over the winter

vacation to transcribe
the first Montanel diablo

and make a physical book that
you could then hold and read.

We’ll see how that works out.

But I have no idea how
long that’s gonna take.

So this is the problem with wanting
to make 50 projects at the same time.

It’s never ending.

What have I done lately?

I just released a movie channel on YouTube.

This is Seamick B IMDB.

This is my latest project.

There’s actually three videos
gonna pop up there soon.

Basically, I’m watching
old primarily Kung Fu

movies, but any sort of
action movie or something

from when the 70s, 80s, 90s,
and I’m making fun of them.

So if that seems like it’s up
your way, feel free to take a look.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

This has been done before

When you make stuff, people try to exploit you. And don’t listen to anyone.

  • So I wanted to talk about making stuff. So I think in the modern parlance it would be content creation. But this primarily goes back to last month I released Montana LD Ablow. I used to choose your own adventure in audio format, which was something I had to write🎙 00:00:00.00000:00:31.240
  • the book and then record the book and then post it online. And then I did about a month’s worth of promotion and it got… But a couple of thousand people downloaded it, which is pretty awesome. So I was really satisfied with that.🎙 00:00:31.24000:00:42.768
  • It was not a short process to get there. Like I’m not even like a massive success yet. But it took, you know, two years to write the book because I have a full time job and a family and stuff and then I got sick.🎙 00:00:42.76800:00:55.569
  • Last year and that was a month in the hospital and then all the recovery time, you know, a whole bunch of people thought I had just given up on it, which was interesting because that sort of reflects on what they think of me as a person that I would just give up on🎙 00:00:55.56900:01:09.489
  • stuff. Loren was very careful starting this incident to come back to me to take care. it and finish it. And I did and I was very proud of myself. One of the things I realized though, because you’ll talk about, I watch movies and stuff about artists and musicians🎙 00:01:09.48900:01:22.302
  • and things and they won’t talk about, especially writers maybe, they won’t talk about works in progress. And I never understood why, because of course, why wouldn’t you talk about the things you’re making? There’s actually two reasons. One of them is the psychological🎙 00:01:22.30200:01:35.942
  • reason. And the psychological reason is that when you talk about something, it gives you a false sense of progression. you’ve actually done something, which you have not done. So it’s important to not talk about it too much🎙 00:01:35.94200:01:49.385
  • because then you might spend so much time talking about it, you don’t actually spend your time doing it. So you gotta shut up, sit down, and actually put in some work. But that’s not something I suffer from too much.🎙 00:01:49.38500:02:02.265
  • Like again, I make things for fun. I am happy when I’m being productive. So that’s a big thing for me. The other reason is the people you talk to often will be discouraged. And it’s a question of whether they know they’re doing it or not.🎙 00:02:02.26500:02:20.590
  • But I feel like really, if you’re trying to do something or make something, a lot of other people who aren’t making something, their natural instinct is to try to diminish what you’re doing. And I’ve run across that a lot in my life and it’s become a point of contention for🎙 00:02:20.59000:02:37.150
  • me, if I’m being really honest, is when I say like, oh, I’m working on this new idea, I’m working on this new idea, and they just go, that’s not going to work. It’s a bad idea. They don’t say it, they never say it that bluntly.🎙 00:02:37.15000:02:46.350
  • The one phrase I’ve heard more than once is, that’s been done before. So I said, oh, I’m writing a choose your own adventure. Oh, well, that’s been done before. Now let’s follow that nugget of logic to its end conclusion would be, well, you shouldn’t🎙 00:02:46.38800:03:08.668
  • write a choose your own adventure because a choose your own adventure has been done before. Well, mine’s actually unique in that it’s written for adults and it’s comedic. Well, that’s been done before too.🎙 00:03:08.66800:03:17.268
  • So then I can’t write. Choose your own adventure By extension, then I can’t write a book so I make podcasts will podcast have been done before they’re actually at this point saturated There are millions and millions of podcasts, so you shouldn’t be making podcasts because they’ve been done before I can’t make music🎙 00:03:17.26800:03:36.294
  • Music’s certainly been done before any genre of music unless I come up with my own completely original one Which I can’t do because music’s been done before I can’t create art art has been done before🎙 00:03:36.29400:03:47.494
  • Basically anything people do has kind of been done before all you can do is maybe take a new variation on it, your take, your unique point of view. My idea of making a choose your own adventure that was comedic for adults,🎙 00:03:47.49400:04:03.498
  • putting it in audio format, putting it online so that you could listen to it through your podcast thing or you could stream it through the websites or whatever. That seemed like a slightly unique take.🎙 00:04:03.49800:04:14.738
  • I went out on the internet and looked and I hadn’t found any other choose your own adventures presented in the same format. So that seemed like an original aspect to the thing I was doing. Even if I…🎙 00:04:14.73800:04:24.578
  • cared? Because the thing is, even if I didn’t do an original thing, even if that had been done before, it’s still worth doing. It’s worth doing stuff literally just for the creation of stuff’s sake. Because you’re doing it kind of for yourself first. If it gets popular🎙 00:04:25.03800:04:41.138
  • great, if it doesn’t, well, I had a good time making it. I actually had a really good time making it. I would talk about it with some friends. And that’s where I say like the risk is. But the problem you run into the next problem you run into is that humans are social🎙 00:04:41.13800:04:54.878
  • samples. I am. maybe less social than other people, but I am still a human being. I’m still, I still crave human interaction and social interaction. And I do want support from people around me. So that’s something hard to find.🎙 00:04:54.87800:05:09.808
  • So I’ve realized what I have to do is like, I’ll talk about something and if the person isn’t supportive, just stop talking about it. And you will start to find a very, very small group. So of all the people I know,🎙 00:05:09.80800:05:22.688
  • there’s about three or four people who are legitimately excited and supportive about what I was trying to do with the Choose Your Own Adventure. Worth all of this stuff. on that. Talking to those people built me up. I would get more excited about the thing🎙 00:05:22.68800:05:35.588
  • I was doing when they would say, oh, that’s a funny idea. That’s a neat idea. Or you should think about this. Here’s some other ideas. They never tried to tear it down or say, oh, you know, that’s been done before. It’s a derivative. It’s funny that the people who🎙 00:05:35.58800:05:48.628
  • are, you know, being negative about this stuff never use the big words. So find the people who are legitimately excited and only talk to them about it. So these other people who are trying to tear you down basically. Again, I don’t think it’s that like.🎙 00:05:48.62800:06:02.068
  • intentional, but that is what’s happening. They will see you talking to other people and they’re excluded. And those kinds of people, they want to be included more than anything else. I’ve actually something I’ve kind of realized. They will either do one of two things to try to get into🎙 00:06:02.12700:06:16.847
  • that conversation. They will either change their opinion and suddenly become more supportive so that they can share in the attention that’s going around, or they will get like more abrasive. They’ll🎙 00:06:16.84700:06:31.087
  • sort of take their stance a little stronger and try to actually start. to argue with you and stuff. That’s actually a benefit. If they try to be fake supportive, you can just like, I understand what’s going on here. I will accept it and then just move on.🎙 00:06:31.08700:06:43.382
  • But at least you’re not being, you know, destructive with your attitude. But when they when they sort of like start getting like harsher, because I have actually seen that happen as well, what you get to do is you have the opportunity, you can either step out and just stop talking about it,🎙 00:06:43.38200:06:57.702
  • which is usually what I do. I usually just stop talking. I find that’s just an easier path. Or point out that they’re not being supportive. which is very demotivating for you and you don’t want that in your life.🎙 00:06:57.70200:07:09.301
  • And then they have a problem because then they have to either admit that’s what they’re doing or they have to justify their position. Now of course they never want to admit what they’re doing so they have to start justifying🎙 00:07:09.30100:07:18.301
  • their position and the best my favorite one is when they say I’m just trying to be realistic because they’re never really trying to be realistic. Being realistic if it was to be definitive about it would be how do we solve the problems🎙 00:07:18.30100:07:33.301
  • you’re going to be facing going forward. So you’re trying to write a book. Have you organized your time and when you’re going to write, is it a schedule you can stick to? I was going to record mine. Do I have everything in place, sounds, background music, stuff like that, that I’m going to use in it?🎙 00:07:33.30100:07:50.680
  • I had already decided I was just going to use my singular voice because I knew my limitations and I knew about time and money that I did not have. So I’d already decided that. When you put it online, have you figured that out? Those are realistic things, problems that need…🎙 00:07:50.68000:08:05.680
  • to be solved before you proceed to that thing. Have you thought about everything? Are you going to buy the domain name? Where are you going to post it online? Who are you going to try to show it to? That would be someone being critical in a realistic way, trying🎙 00:08:05.90500:08:20.585
  • to help you solve the problems. That to me is realistic. It’s been done before. There’s nothing realistic about that. It’s actually because it’s unrealistic to expect me to come up with something that has never been seen in the history of mankind. That is unrealistic.🎙 00:08:20.58500:08:36.145
  • So… As a piece of feedback, it’s been done before, serves no purpose and has no benefit. So that’s how you can actually deal with those people. This actually got me to how I was dealing with other people.🎙 00:08:36.14500:08:52.337
  • Right now, the way I record this is I stream on Twitch. I record the podcast. I take the video and I put the video, I edit it, and then I put that on YouTube, and then I take the audio and I put that on the podcast.🎙 00:08:52.33700:09:04.337
  • Here’s actually where most people listen. And I ran across a… a new kind of vulture in the Twitch environment, which was very interesting. And it’s the person who comes to you, I mean, there’s the graphic people,🎙 00:09:04.33700:09:20.736
  • and they’re not so bad, because they usually like, I make graphics, do you want graphics for your channel? I just don’t answer them, or I say no very politely. And then they don’t tend to bother you very much,🎙 00:09:20.73600:09:30.576
  • because they’re just, they’re actually just graphic designers trying to get their art into the world. I’m not offended by that, but I don’t have any money to put into this. I’m not. giving you any money. There are other people though and they come and they this🎙 00:09:30.57600:09:43.503
  • is the vultures and they talk about I can help you grow your channel and so what happens is you get someone subscribed to your channel usually say thank you and then you get some DMs later and so I’ve actually saved some that I🎙 00:09:43.50300:09:58.823
  • can read to you because I have to actually go on my Twitch page so I can see my own shit in the background. Okay so I got two recently that I dealt with. The most recent one. is, hello, how are you doing today?🎙 00:09:58.82300:10:14.611
  • I’m applied good, I’m just working on my podcasts. Wow, that’s cool. How is streaming anyway? So what they’re trying to get you to do is admit that what you want is to become a famous streamer. You’re trying to build your audience,🎙 00:10:15.61100:10:28.851
  • or they want you to say like, oh, I found this very frustrating that my audience is so small and I’m not growing. I already know this because I’ve had this experience multiple times, so now I know how to say it.🎙 00:10:28.85100:10:40.051
  • I don’t really stream some, oh sorry. Let’s get it so it’s really clear my reply. I don’t really stream for any purpose. I just use it to capture video. So it’s fine Really cool. Are you affiliated? I?🎙 00:10:40.05100:10:53.397
  • Am affiliated but only because my friends watch regularly not because I’m popular so you can see I’m already putting like little Tinks in the argument that they’re trying to throw out there I’m already saying I’m not popular. I only stream to my friends. I’m not using this to get famous on Twitch🎙 00:10:54.05700:11:09.937
  • I’m only using it to capture video Then comes the question really? What is the aim for your channel? And then I reply, no aim. I use it as a platform to record video. Really? This person put in really all the time.🎙 00:11:09.93700:11:22.991
  • Because what they’re actually still waiting for is like, I want to be super famous, I’m desperate for fame. Do you know the benefit of being an affiliate and partner give you? Do you know the benefit being an affiliate and partner give to you?🎙 00:11:22.99100:11:34.991
  • Yes, I just don’t care. That’s not why I’m streaming. Okay. Well, I’m a channel broadcaster. I can help you promote your channel to get you real followers and live viewers. There’s a lot of spelling mistakes.🎙 00:11:34.99100:12:14.991
  • to worry about those. And then I reply, thanks, but Twitch isn’t my focus. And this is really, this is undermining everything they want because they’re trying to sell you a way to get famous on Twitch. And what I’m trying to say is I don’t want to be famous on Twitch, which🎙 00:11:49.21200:12:03.372
  • they can’t understand. They can’t understand that because as far as their experience is, everyone gets on Twitch to get super famous so that they can stream full time. I know I’m not going to be streaming full time. So that’s fine with me. So I said, thanks, but Twitch isn’t🎙 00:12:03.37200:12:20.492
  • my focus. They can’t let that go. Then what’s your focus? Why make podcasts? Yeah, I can also help you build and grow up a community. And that way you can have more of a fan base. So then, and this is it, they’re saying like, you want to make your, your podcast bigger🎙 00:12:20.49200:12:36.127
  • if you have more of a fan base here on Twitch, that will build up your podcast. So I shoot that one down. I already have a very solid fan base with my podcasts. Thank you for your offer. And they didn’t respond after that.🎙 00:12:36.12700:12:47.687
  • Which was, that was a very polite interaction. I wasn’t being rude, but I was just each step of the way. I was shutting them down because this happens regularly because that was when did that one start that was October. Oh, this is actually the one🎙 00:12:47.68700:13:02.258
  • Previous to that was sort of bugged me. So I did a little research on to it. This person subscribed After I’d finished streaming they go hey buddy Don’t call me buddy. That’s actually the first thing is do not call me buddy. I’m a video games fan🎙 00:13:03.07800:13:17.798
  • I love watching different games and I see your video in the way you play you play perfectly and it’s lit fire emoji I like the content. Keep the good work up bro. Thumbs up emoji That actually implies to me that they did not watch my channel because the way I talk the way I interact is not🎙 00:13:17.79800:13:36.287
  • Does not match the way they’re speaking to me the way If they’d watched my gameplay they would know that my gameplay at best is mediocre. I’m not a great Streamer player if you would come to watch me you would come for the commentary the jokes or something that I would🎙 00:13:36.58700:13:56.127
  • Or me talking with my friends. That’s why you would come to watch this Okay, so I reply. Thanks. I really appreciate that. I just hang out with my friends and mess about. So there you go. So I’ve already said like, I’m only on here to goof off.🎙 00:13:56.12700:14:10.356
  • I’m only on here to have a good time. Then he says, oh, can I ask you one question? Sure. How come your channel haven’t expanded to get more public visibility and engagement and you know streaming without engagement is really frustrating?🎙 00:14:10.35600:14:24.596
  • What could be the reason buddy fucking called me buddy again. I like at this point I actually dislike this. person because the way they’re speaking to me is actually inappropriate. They clearly haven’t realized like I’m fucking 50 years old.🎙 00:14:24.59600:14:34.110
  • Um, he’s already set up his argument. He’s saying streaming to know people is frustrating. Aren’t you frustrated? Now the thing is, again, I know what he’s doing. So my response is I don’t really promote.🎙 00:14:35.43000:14:48.950
  • That’s what not. So I big truck going by. That’s not why I’m streaming. I started because I wanted to record my podcasts. They have a large audience in podcast format. So you can see I’m already pre-empting his like, I can get you a big audience.🎙 00:14:49.35000:15:03.110
  • I’m like, dude. I already have a big audience. It’s just not here. This isn’t why I’m here. And then I put also I live in Japan. So I tend to stream when English speakers are asleep. Twitch is primarily a recording platform for me. I make some game videos as well.🎙 00:15:03.11000:15:17.224
  • I think most people come on here to get famous and make it their dream job. I just found it a convenient way to capture video. So I have preemptively shot down all the arguments he’s going to try to make. I got you man. Most people say most people you are saying they come🎙 00:15:17.22400:15:34.344
  • here to become famous at that. somewhere, a thousand miles start with this whole thing. Okay, let me read this really slowly. I got you, man. Must people you are saying they come here to become a famous that somewhere? 1000 of🎙 00:15:34.34400:15:48.642
  • miles start with a step. So maybe not a native English speaker or maybe just typing too fast. But what he’s I think he hasn’t read anything I wrote because I wrote too much. And I’m saying most other people come here to be famous. I did not come here🎙 00:15:48.64200:16:02.402
  • to be famous. And he’s like, yeah, but that becoming famous, I can help you get there. There’s something I would love to show you. And if you can try to get this done, it will really helps you a lot and your channel will be growing.🎙 00:16:02.40200:16:13.856
  • My friends and I just hang out and chat with people who drop in. It’s a way smaller group, but it’s also more fun. I got you, man. See, this is it. Like, he’s just ignoring everything I say. I’ve actually run into this. I actually had a thing with an investment company, which, if I can remember to say at the end, I’ll talk about that as well.🎙 00:16:14.85600:16:31.856
  • But it’s the same thing where you say stuff. They just blow past that altogether and don’t take it into account at all so they can just continue with. their sales pitch, which is exactly what this is.🎙 00:16:31.85600:16:44.697
  • I got you. Will you like to see what I’m talking about? It’s really effective and organic. As I said before, if you can get it done, it will help you a lot. So I’m like, I actually want to see what bullshit this guy’s up with.🎙 00:16:44.69700:16:57.257
  • So, sure, my plan works by expanding your channel to reach your targeted audience that are interested in the game you stream. First problem is I don’t stream one game. I’m very much a variety streamer.🎙 00:16:57.25700:17:07.377
  • I stream whatever I want to do in the moment. And again, I’m mostly not streaming games. I’m actually mostly streaming podcasts. This extra boost your channel engagement like this is all caps active followers serious live stream viewer long time subscribers and also your channel will gain viral exposure by distributing your content through placing of converting ads to grammar community. I think gamer blog posting constant channel checks and all this are manual and organic so🎙 00:17:07.37700:17:37.713
  • I’m not going to trust someone who barely makes sense in their sense and with their statements like so what he said so far doesn’t actually make any sense. Because all you said is like we’re going to take your stuff and spread it out and then you’ll get lots of🎙 00:17:37.71300:17:53.023
  • viewers and followers But there’s actually no Thing in there that’s in any way different from stuff. I wouldn’t have done myself And it’s a hundred percent real and legitimate and it’s working for my present clients. So I can tell you it’s a hundred percent guaranteed🎙 00:17:54.02300:18:08.263
  • Which is if someone says a hundred percent guaranteed to get famous on twitch or something. That’s bullshit So, okay, who are your present clients? So I wanted to see check your Instagram inbox Let me show you some proof.🎙 00:18:08.26300:18:20.619
  • So let me go over to my Instagram and get that chat up. So he’s actually sent me a series of screenshots. Now those screenshots, as far as I know, have been manipulated. I don’t know if they’re real, but he sent me the account🎙 00:18:20.61900:18:37.019
  • and the account started with 309 followers. This is when I started working with him and then he circles. It’s 506 followers. That’s probably like the next day. This is where we are. This is where we are at and we are still moving.🎙 00:18:37.01900:18:52.484
  • And then it’s like a little interaction. That sounds interesting, but first I need to set up the affiliate. I just hit it last night. Crazy amount of viewership and commentators boosted my channel and then there’s like the email🎙 00:18:54.76400:19:09.244
  • that you get when you become affiliate. Law, whenever I tell you something, just believe it. So now you see how mighty my service are and I’m not capping. Check your Twitch. Last video did has insane number of viewers.🎙 00:19:09.24400:19:22.204
  • I see it has almost 300 views. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. That’s crazy as hell not gonna lie. I never saw myself matter of fact. I was. growing this quick in a matter of hours. So this is supposed to be a real conversation🎙 00:19:22.20400:19:34.414
  • between him and one of his clients. And then he says, check the feedback of my servants service. What do you think about it? Hey, buddy, that’s like the next day. Cause I didn’t answer. I didn’t answer because I went to the account that he was supposedly representing. And I🎙 00:19:34.41400:19:48.694
  • looked at it. And the last video he had that person was more than six months ago with only three views. So they had either manipulated that conversation. which I doubt. I bet they actually did some fake thing to get fake viewers up over the course of🎙 00:19:48.69400:20:06.076
  • a day. That person got affiliate. I bet that was all real, but it wasn’t sustainable. And what I’m doing is very sustainable because all I’m doing is working on projects that I enjoy. If people come🎙 00:20:06.07600:20:16.316
  • in and they want to join in and they want to participate and they want to see the same kind of stuff, they’re welcome to my growth on everything has been very slow. My growth on the podcasts has been incredibly slow, but it has been consistent. And I’m never going to be huge. I’m never going🎙 00:20:16.31600:20:31.836
  • to make millions. off it and that’s fine because I’m not really doing it for that. I’m doing it because it’s fun to send these messages out and have people respond and talk to those people. But what I actually am hoping to do with this podcast today, if🎙 00:20:31.83600:20:45.220
  • you’re making podcasts or you’re making Twitch or your streaming, yeah, or if you’re streaming on Twitch or you’re making anything, you’re gonna run into people who are negative and then you’re gonna run into people who are gonna try🎙 00:20:45.22000:20:55.540
  • to manipulate you. This will at least give you hopefully the awareness that you know what you’re going into. If you start talking to someone and they get negative, You know what’s going on? They’re trying to tear you down because your🎙 00:20:55.54000:21:07.000
  • Productivity makes them feel like less than they should Fine, let them feel that way just walk away from it or call them out and see what they do You can play with people but you have to be in a very confident position to actually play with other people like that🎙 00:21:08.18000:21:20.300
  • If you’re gonna be on something like twitch and be streaming These vultures will come in and try to manipulate you What you can do is like follow my argument logic and start preemptively saying I do not want the service you’re selling and they’ll keep trying to sell it to you.