Elden Quiz

Quiz available at : https://chunkmcbeefchest.com/other/Eldenringquiz.pdf

What you’re about to watch or listen to is a quiz done by Mr. Warmhands for

me about the video game,

Elden Ring, Elden Ring, part of the Dark Souls universe. It is known for its

esoteric storytelling.

I spent more than 130 hours in this game. There may be spoilers. I just want

to be aware of that.

But probably not because most of the time I don’t know anything. That’s

actually kind of the point

of the quiz. I spent a huge amount of time in this world, took in everything

and yet took in nothing.

The quiz is going to be made available at chunkmobvchest.com. If you’d like

to download it and

play it with your friends, we’re absolutely

welcome to. These enjoy the quiz .

So we are bidding everyone a welcome to Stamina Day. May 14th is of course

everyone knows Stamina

Day, where you dodge roll out of bed and enjoy the first eye frames of the

day and then go and

praise the sun. I have my estus flask full of isoom estus. What is the

liquid they put in it?

I don’t actually know. Mr. Warmhands is with me. Hello. Hello. Hello. Do you

know that estus is

your calories? I did not. Wow. She drink more. Yeah. I mean, you drink it

all the time. He

don’t gain any weight. It’s great. I’m always worried about running out

though. I don’t know if it’s.

it. I’m just gonna wait. To wait for the bonfire. We celebrate. On Stamina

Day, we celebrate all builds.

Be they decks or strength or magic. Not so much arcane. You must collect

your souls, your echoes,

your runes. They’re all the same thing but they’re all different. I

celebrate souls more than anything

else because I am orthodox. Mr. Warmhands, what what what what what den

omination are you? I am of

the blood echoes. Oh blood echoes. Yes. There’s also the room room

collectors but of course on Stamina

Day, all are welcome. We all celebrate the

same thing. It needs to challenge ourselves.

And my understanding is that you, brother Warmhands, have prepared a game

for me today.

Challenge me. Is it challenging? Oh yeah. Okay. Oh yeah. Get ready to resp

awn many times.

Fuck. Because okay, we can establish one thing beforehand. I’m not I’m dumb.

Well, I’m not dumb.

I think I think the way my brain stores information is different. Right?

Because like I remember,

so we’ve talked about many games and many many movies. I have I understand

everything but I also

understand nothing. Is that makes sense? You’re like a skim reader of life.

Oh maybe. Yeah.

But I do I do. I have noticed that I recontextualize everything so that I

can remember it.

So the classic being when you talked about

the lady in the library, the big tall lady.

Yeah, but let’s not bring that up yet. Oh, I was because this was a one of

Mr. Blumentkats.

We’re not going to get to it. Okay. We’re going to get to it. Before we

start, drag just dropped in.

Hello, drag. I don’t want to ignore you. But we’re going to play an Elden

Ring quiz game.

Feel free to drop your answers in. I bet drag. He’s like new game plus 75 or


Yeah. What denomination of the soul’s faith

is he? Yes. Are you orthodox dark souls?

Are you sort of one of the newer denominations? Are you bloodborne? I assume

you’re Elden Ring.

Because he seems to have played Elden Ring like a billion times.

He literally could walk me to things when I was playing and I got lost.

Yeah, I worship at the healing church. Oh,

the healing church is pretty good though.

I do love some. So because I started and it was the whole process for me

started with I played Dark Souls

two, one and three in that order because I got Dark Souls two super cheap

and I heard it was

essentially the worst one. So I played it first and if I figured if I liked

that, I would like the

other ones even more. And then I played Dark Souls one and then I played

Dark Souls three.

Oh, drag says he is Elden only. So he is a room collector.

Well, please, if you have time to hang out, please hang out and enjoy Mr. W

ormhands has made a quiz

and we’re going to quiz my knowledge of Elden Ring knowing that I at this

same time know everything.

and nothing. I’m very zen. Yeah. It’s very yin Yang of me to know everything

and nothing. So.

what format is the game? Is this multiple choice? There are five rounds.

And they are based on categories. It is not multiple choice. But there are

multiple answers that you

can give and you don’t have to give all of them. Oh, excellent. Oh, I might

actually have a chance then.

Yeah. So this is challenging but fair, much like the more life that we live.

And oh, I have just realized I do not have a method of keeping your score.

You can drop it into chat. I can drop it into chat. Well done. I do have a

method of keeping score.

Yeah. And then it’s public too. So everyone

can see how shit I am at everything.

Which is what we’re here for. Again, we’re celebrating the constant deaths

you have to experience

before you succeed. And that is how I live all life. That’s right. If only

you had that super power.

Yes, actually, that is the best one. Do

you know that in all the Soulsborne games,

your death is actually permanent? It’s like a alternate. Well, yeah, they

established that you live

in a multiverse. So when you die, that is the end of that story. And then

when you’re reborn,

you’re reborn in a whole new universe from the same point, which is why

everything is the same,

but slightly different. And then you can move on to succeed. So think about

every single death.

in a Soulsborne game is actually the end of that universe in a way. Because.

that universe does

not succeed. You don’t get to the final challenge. However many deaths I had

in Elden Ring,

the fate of those worlds is in jeopardy.

Yeah. Are you ready? I am full of estus.

Full of estus. Vigged up. I’ve buffed myself. All right. I’m ready. Then let

‘s begin with round one.

Oh, nice name. Row, what? Name already failed. I know. Okay. Before we start

, I think I know two names.

Wow. Well, we’re going to put two names. He’s not going to get you very far,

my friend.

Shit. All right. Let’s go. Let’s do it. Question number one. Name three. Sh


Shardbearers are those. Okay. Okay.

No, no, no, no, no. There’s, there’s, uh ,

dude in the castle. Dude in the castle. Dude in the castle. So there’s,

there’s, there’s, uh, I think

is God freed. Is he stand outside or he’s in the castle? No. Fuck. Uh, there

‘s the dude in the castle

has one. There’s the dude stands outside

the door of the castle. He’s a twat.

. He’s, he pulls, he

is a twat. He pulls his arm off and puts a dragon on and he was just

absolute disliked him a lot.

There’s Rani. Yes. Does she not have a shirt? That’s literally like the kids

of the Elden God.

All right. So you’ve given me two attempts so far and failed on both. Okay.

I’m going to tell you

there are seven. Sh, fuck. You haven’t named, you were close with one of

them. God, no, Rani. No. How

was Rani? No, how can I be close with one if I only named two? It’s God

something. God, Rick. Oh,

okay. We got one. Oh, that is actually better than I expected. I know, I

know a lot of the naming

conventions use G and M for, for George R. Okay. Um, God freed. God, Rick.

God, Rick also.

No, two names. That’s one. The chicken library. The chicken, the library.

Okay. She’s, she’s big magic

baby. Yeah. Okay. What’s a real name? I know, Clue. I, because I know what

you’re trying to say when

you said it earlier, but you’re not quite there. Not big magic baby. No, but

you still got five more.

There’s no way I don’t have five names from the game. No, no. Final answer.

Yeah. God, right. So God,

Rick, you get, you get one point out of three. Okay. One point out of three.

Your answers could have been.

I’m already in fractions. Renala, who is big magic baby? Big magic baby. Yes

. Renala, I knew that.

General Radan. Oh, he’s big man, small horse. Big man, small horse. Yes.

Okay. He’d have had

Reichard. Oh, I kind of know who he is. Yeah. Snakey, body, boy, shelter.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Snakeman. Yeah. More God. More God is a name I have heard many times. Is he

the, the castle?

He’s the dude who stands outside the castle, the first like big boss you

fight. Yeah. He’s called

Marget then. And he is not the Shard bearer. It’s more God who is in the

throne room of,

oh, it’s the same dude outside and inside. Yeah, but it’s, yeah. No, yeah.

Okay. Then you have

Malania. Or Malania, I know, but I keep calling her Melania for Trump’s wife

. Melania. Yeah.

Melania is right. I think Melania. Melania. Melania. Okay. Whatever. And

then you also have Mogue.

Ah, Mogue is the big, the big dude. Corns. Essentially the devil, yeah. Yeah

. The blood guy. Yeah. Okay. Okay.

So those are the seven you could have had. Okay. It’s three I wanted. Yes.

No, no chance.

All right. So question number two. Yes.

Is that round one? There’s still round one.

Fuck. Still round one. Name three areas.

Oh, Kaly. There are so many. There ‘s Kaly.

Kaly. Okay. Good. There’s a Lauren. The run. No, there’s the volcano castle.

It’s an area. No, I’m gonna take it. Oh, okay. The volcano manor is the,

okay. There we go. The volcano manor.

Is, is on the snowy giant area. So there’s a giant peak.

And snowy giant’s peak. It just sounds

weird. These extra snowy giant’s peak .

It is the giant plateau. It is, there is a plateau. There is a plateau. It’s

not giant.

There is, there is the capital city.

Okay. What’s its name? Capital city. No .

The capital, the, the capital, the, the, the capital. There’s the, okay. You

start out in the planes.

This is, oh gosh. Show you how my brain works. We start out in the planes

and we go to the area

off to the left is the, the, the swamp. And then there’s sort of that like

wet area with the

university. And then you go up to mountains at the top and you have like the

, the very nice,

when you get up that, that big elevator that I didn’t go up, I actually went

around behind.

That’s the plateau. Atlas plateau. Oh, we found three. I’m excellent. We got

three. I don’t even know

why I remember Atlas all of a sudden. It’s not like I ever used that name.

Well done. I’m pretty proud

of myself. So once I thought you might have remembered where like Limgrave,

which is the planes

that you were talking about. Then the swampy

castle areas, Learnia of the lakes. Okay.

Farum Azula. Oh, so Learnia is probably Laurent in my head for some reason.

Then the capital is Lindell. Lindell. Okay. Yeah. And then you’ve got like

the deep root depths.

Where’s kind of a popular area? Like, wow. Very low underground. Obviously.

Oh yeah, no, no, no. Okay,

I spent a lot of time there. The eternal city. The eternal city. It is. It

is that last forever.

Yes. Then there was Ansel River. I thought you might remember too. No. All

right. No, it’s just

the river. Well, but I’m impressed. Okay. Three. Well done. Oh, no, I’m

pretty happy about that.

All right. So last, last question in round

one. Okay. I’m ready. Name three NPCs.

Millicent. Millicent. Okay. Because she was the last one. I actually really

cared about trying to

finish her mission. A quest, yeah. There’s

the salesman, no face guy at the beginning.

I finished his questline too. He was just sales dude. Well, don’t drag, drag

through it.

Ronnie, she’s not an NPC though. She’s like a quest giver. She’s like big.

Maybe the way I think

about NPCs is different. There’s the Chiku eats eyes. There’s Millicent.

There’s the Chiku sits

around the wolf. There’s the daughter who dies. She wants you to go in and

say hello to the jelly

fish and shit. She turns into a jellyfish later. Her dad, there’s the guy

you meet. He’s a nobleman

and he kind of looks down on you because you’re tarnished and then you go to

his castle and his

castle is all like wrecked. Okay. I’m not getting any names here. No, no, no

, no, no, no. I’m working on

it because maybe one will come to me. This salesman. They’re the one that

drags mentioning at the

church and the one that you mentioned that you first meet. Then you do his

quest, not the same person.

No, they’re not. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s talking about one that begins

with K and you’re

talking about one that begins with a different letter. Not K. Yeah. I’m just

trying to get a list of

NPCs that I, oh, oh, there’s a wolf boy. He’s like big. He’s important. He’s

runny’s dude. She’s

like a piece of her soul is all in him or vice versa. He’s made for her. But

the truth is I was made

for her and he, he’s just second here in the way. Yeah. Yeah. Oh god damn.

He’s not Wolfenstein,

which is what I was going to do. When I played the game, it was like go find

Wolfenstein and I,

I had it locked in. You’ve got one so far. There are many. I’ve been like

eight down, but there’s so many.

Yeah, no, no, I bet I know them all. I just don’t know their names. There’s

big round dude. There’s

the big jarhead guy. Yeah. A patch is in there. Okay, I’ll take, because he

‘s in every game. So I can

always just say patches. Yeah. You’re on two. I got two and I got to get one

more. And I’m not

going to say runny because drag put it in the chat. But ranny is an NPC.

Absolutely. Yeah, she,

I, because I, I considered her more important than an NPC. Only because, oh,

and then there’s,

there’s fade in fade out chick who talks to you at the, at the fires. She

legit fades in and

fades out when you talk to her. Oh, can you don’t remember her name? She

tries to give you a car.

Yeah. Yeah. No, she does. She does give you a car. Yeah. And the cold sir,

sir, sir canter’s a lot.

Second is a lot. Yeah. I do know his name is Torrent. Is Torrent an NPC? No,

he’s, I wouldn’t count him

as an NPC. He’s got any with you the whole time. That’s not. No, Mildred. M

ildred. I feel, oh, I

didn’t write her down, but I feel like Mildred is an NPC. I just remember

that name, not who she is.

This is literally the opposite. I remember everyone else in not their name.

I remember this name,

but not who that is. No, I think she is the one who does your, no, no, maybe

not, no, I’m not

finding it. Elder Mildred. Well, if Ronnie’s

an NPC, then Chubby Sorcerer is also an NPC.

There is an invader who’s called Manita Mildred. No, okay. So that’s it.

Because I remember her,

I’ve been here. Because you have to fight her three times to get something.

I’m not counting her.

Okay, fair enough. Because MPCs, you generally kind of don’t fight, right?

Yeah, the shithead’s

Sorcerer who works for Ronnie. Oh, yeah. I’m just going through all the ones

I kind of dealt with.

There was the Sorcerer who, the lady who teaches you magic underground. Yeah

, she gets killed. There’s

a guy hunting her. Oh, there’s the Dung Eater. Oh, okay. That’s a name I can

‘t even think of a name

because he is just the Dung Eater. Less his name. Yeah, the Dung Eater. I

know. I know. But I couldn’t

have made up a better name because that was literally sort of my name and

convention. He actually

follows it. It’s not a name. It’s like a description of what he is. Yeah.

The guy I think you were talking

about at the beginning with the white mask. Yeah, he wears a mask and he’s

the first person you talk to

when you get in. His name’s Vare. Oh, yeah.

Then Wolf and Stein is Blife. Bl ife. Blife?

It’s Swells. It’s spelled B-L-I-D-D, but it’s pronounced Blife. Oh, okay.

Then… Never caught on to that. Smithing

Master Hug. I thought you’d remember him.

Smithing Master Hug is

pretty… I really liked him too. And then there’s also that big tall black

Smith who EG. Yeah, who also

works for… Yeah, it’s like a Japanese name. Yeah. I actually, I might have

remembered him if I

remembered. Okay. So these are the ones I thought you might remember. And

then the Ieating Lady was

Hayata. Hayata. Now that you’re saying the name, I’m like, yes, that’s

correct. Then there was the

deathbed maiden who’s called Fia. Yeah, and you hug her. Yeah, and there was

D. Who’s D? D

we had the Wiyadama with the body on it. Oh, with the head on it. Oh, yeah.

I never interacted with

him in any real way. Oh, and then standing across from him was the other

sorcerer dude who got

kicked out of school. No, that’s from a church. There’s a there’s a sorcerer

you can meet and he got

kicked out of the university and he couldn’t get back in because of the

shield. And then you can

let him back in. But I never met him again. Yeah, that’s not… He’s not in

the roundtable hole.

No, no, I’m confusing to people because there’s another sorcerer and then he

like starts wandering out

in the world. You can meet him a couple times, but he never… He’s called

…Ops. Yeah, he never did

anything significant that from in my playthrough. Well, if you’re in the

academy, you can find another

key into the academy. You can go back and give it to him. What to him? Yeah,

I gave it… I got the

I got the guy who was who was locked out. I got him back in. Yeah, and then

you find him dead inside

the academy layer. Oh, yeah. If you give him the key. Yeah, I’m kind of glad

. Oh, well, I never saw him

again. There was Roger, sorcerer, Roger. Yes. Yeah, there was Bok. Seems,

seems, seems to Bok.

I like him. Yeah. He’s the Harry Potter guy, the little like… The little

ratty. Yeah, yeah, I like

him actually quite a lot. And then there was floaty, it disappearedy lady.

Come on. Melina. Melina.

Then I think the names are too similar, maybe, is one of the issues. I think

you just skimmyed life.

I do my own my own short form of existence.

So round one total, you got seven,

about a nine, not bad. That’s a past,

though, yeah. I mean, we’re just going on…

This is whatever. Yeah. We’ll just say

how many points you get. It doesn’t …

Oh, I know. It’s a game. It’s fun. Yeah. All right. And this one, I had a

lot of fun making this one.

I had a lot of fun making this one. And I don’t know how you’re going to do.

I guarantee poorly.

Round two is enemy or metal band. I’m

ready. I’m so ready for this. So number one,

Miss Begotten or Pig Destroyer.


Am I supposed to say they’re both enemies

or ones in enemy and ones in metal ?

One is an enemy, one is a metal band. And you have to tell me the enemy.

Miss Begotten is a metal band. You are incorrect, my friend.

Fuck. Pig Destroyer is the enemy. It’s the metal band.

And Miss Begotten is… Okay. Okay.

Yeah. You’ve got those Leoni Miss Begotten who jumps around, gives you that

sword with the big swords, like the Game of Thrones reference sword.

Yep. Yep. Okay.

All right. Number two.

Ready. I am ready now. Okay. Black tongue or mad pumpkin head.

Mad pumpkin head is an enemy.

You got that one. Correct, my friend. I’ll put some dings in as well.

Yeah. It’s a celebration. Celebratory sounds or something or some dings.

All right. Number three. Oh, I did my ad. That’s fine.

Number three. Warhawk or hate beak.

That’s tough. Warhawk. Yeah. Or hate beak. Yes.

I think warhawk is an enemy. My friend, you are correct.

Yes. Okay.

I am not a parrot.

This is pretty good. I’m enjoying this. I’m having a good time.

I’m enjoying this. This is a… I’ll type this up afterwards and we can post

it on the Internet for people other

people to do. Okay. All right. Number four.

Vale of Maya or Miranda Sprout. Vale of Maya is an enemy.

My friend, you are incorrect.

It’s tough. Vale of Maya is a metal core band. Okay. Metal core.

As in… they’re all metal cores.

Okay. As in the center of them is Isian.

Yeah. Yeah. I sent you that dwarf metal.

I’d already heard it, but yeah. I loved it. Yeah. Okay. You can’t surprise

me with metal.

I didn’t think I could. I just enjoyed… I discovered it.

No, it’s fun. There’s a lot of subcategories

you might like. Pirate Metal’s good.

Anyway. Okay. A subject for another day. Yep.

All right. Next question.

Fanged Imp or Orange Goblin?

Fanged Imp is an enemy.

My friend. You are correct.

You’ve actually created tension with the My Friend because it sounds like I

got it right.

I’m not sure. Okay. Good.

All right. Last one in this round.

School of Graven Mages or Brand of Sacrifice.

Brand of Sacrifice is a metal band.

You are correct.

You did really well in that round.

I’m going on the things that I’ve never

heard before. It must be the metal band.

Okay. That’s why I try to choose obscure enemy names.

Yeah. Because I figured you definitely don’t know any enemy names.

No. No. No. The only one… Again, even the ones I remember, enemy wise, I

don’t know the names.

Like the Giants. I just… Guys who need pants. That is literally…

I figure the reason they’re so angry is because they have no pants on.

No pants. Well, they go giant spike through their chest too.

A lot of them do. The ones who are pulling those carts, they have

chance spikes through the chest. That’s awful.

No, it can’t be. It can’t be much fun.

All right. Well done. For Aztecs. I’m pleased.

You’re like in the higher. I thought you’d

be under 50% on everything but you’re over.

I thought I would be as well. Well done.

Yeah. I took in more…

As the Estus.

It’s the Estus.

Yes, yes.

All right. So round three is just a general knowledge round.

This isn’t going to be bad.

This will be the bad one.

Sort of about story beats and stuff like that.

And maybe some dialogue stuff.

Oh, dialogue will work out.

Yeah. All right. Well, let’s see. We’ve got four questions.


Question number one.

What are the two fingers to the greater will?

Oh, the two fingers… So, the two fingers

are in the round table in the back room.

And I didn’t engage with them very much. I went and chatted with them once.

They are… They’d like to tell the future.

And so they are part of the greater will. How about that?

But what are they to the greater will?

What are they?

A part doesn’t really answer anything.

They communicate to the physical world, which is not correct, because I just

made that up.

I will take that. They are messengers for the greater will.


Yeah, because I do see them as a bridge, but I couldn’t really…

Because they also kind of tell the future.

No, they just communicate with the great will, or pass along its messages.


And we can’t understand them.

So the finger reader crones sit there.

And they translate the messages.

Those ladies are creepy.

Yes, they are.

That’s actually one of the creepier questions.

The fingers are creepy.

The fingers didn’t bug me as much as the old ladies.

I was not prepared when I first walked in

there, and I was hearing about the fingers,

the two fingers. I was just expecting

like five people, and then two of them .

As I was like, “Oh, you know, or representative of the…”


And then I walked in and I was like, “This literally just two fingers.”.

I kept thinking the old lady was going to suck one of my fingers.

It’s like to communicate.

Yeah, because she was like, “Give me your hand. Let me do my job.”

And then she would like, “Look at it really close.”

I was like, “She’s going to like it. She’s going to like it.”

If I had been writing that game, I would have been like one,

like the one on a bridge in the wilderness that maybe you could miss.

She’ll like just go, “Kick, kick, kick.”.

He’ll look to the God.

Well, let’s be thankful you don’t work it from software.

Oh, I’m trying.

If they see this video, they’re going to be like,

“Well, that guy, we need that guy on board for a story 10-100%.”

All right, number two.


What does the Dungita want to do to you?

Defile you.

Defile specifically.

I can get this one.

Defile your forms.


So he has to kill you first and then defile you, which is weirdly worse.

Because you’re dead, you think you wouldn’t care because you’re dead.

But it’s like… He’s told me.

And oh… Yeah, he… If he just killed me and not mentioned the defilement,

I probably… Yeah.

Like it sucks that I’m dead, but… And knowing what he’s going to do it.

That was exactly what I wanted to defile you.

Oh, defile you.

I had a feeling you’d get that one.

Yeah, that’s the kind of thing that it’s so out of hand, I enjoy it.


Like just just just like… Or this is awful and does not make sense.

I love it.

All right, question number three.

“How are Radagon and Marika related?”

Radagon was a general.

What is another person’s name?



I’m trying to remember who that is.

I think she is the queen, the vessel of the greater will.

She is the stakes of Marika everywhere.

She’s the one on the… The Rudolph.

He was her general.

And during that war that we don’t experience, because it happened probably

like a millennia ago.

Because in all these stories, everything’s a millennia ago.

He Rose against her?

No, I got that all wrong.

I’m going to say it, but I think I’m 100% I’m pretty sure I’m wrong.

Because either they fought against…

They fought together against something or he turned on her.

Okay, but I just want to know how they’re related.

Oh, it’s… It’s… I didn’t think they were family.

I thought he was like a general in her army.


You know, it doesn’t have to be family.

Yeah, yeah.

He’s her general.


This would be my answer.

All right.

Well, I mean, you’re not wrong, but you’re also not right.


They are the same person.

They do that a lot in this game.

Yeah, Radigun and Marika are the same person.

Because why the hell not?

Well, because they do have the chick who eats eyes is the same body as the

girl who dies, isn’t it?

Yeah, I think she gets possessed by… I can’t remember.

I actually can’t remember that.

They don’t make it really, I don’t remember.

Because she’s the daughter and she dies

pretty quick and then the dad wants revenge.

They just use the same character model,

but implying that it’s a difference…

It’s someone else’s inside them.

Yeah, different souls taken over the body, which is interesting.

Because they don’t actually go into it.

Which I can’t quite enjoy it.

Radigun and Marika actually had children together.


Wait, wait.

So that’s weird.

The same person and then had kids.

I guess Loki, do you know the story of Loki’s birth to seven-legged horse?

And Fenrir, right?


Is it Sun?


No, it’s all very weird with gods.

I guess they just can do whatever, right?

Talking of gods, question number four.

Yes, please.

How many gods are mentioned or referenced in Elden Ring?

Well, I could answer it in the Christian way as in many are one.

Would you hear incorrect?

Like, incredibly incorrect.

There’s a lot though I think in Elden Ring.

Because there’s…

Because there’s like, “Ah, no, there’s no, I could say any number, it’s

going to be wrong.”

No, you couldn’t.

There is one number that’s right.

I’m going to say one.



Because there is the god and everything else is like an offshoot.

You got to get me god’s shit.

I know what you’re saying.


But I have no confidence in my answer though.

If you ask me to explain it, it would be very wrong.

Well, I mean, technically, there are 12.


Some of them are more obscure and you have to kind of really go through and

find the references.

But there are some big ones that I thought you’d think of.

The greater will.

The greater will I kind of have a vague sense of.

Then there’s the frenzied flame.

The frenzied flame, I do know.

See, to me, the frenzied flame was a church.

But I guess the church worships a god.

They worship a god, yeah.

Maybe that’s where my brain fell apart.

I bet everything you say, I’m like,

“Oh, that’s a church. That’s a religion .”.

The frenzied flame to me was a religion.

But anyways.

There was the moon.

The other moon, Ronnie’s deal.


The dark moon or whatever it is.

That’s one.

There’s the blood one, the blood mother, the moge worships.



There’s the Scarlet rot.

It’s a god as well.

Yeah, basically everything in.

Elden Ring is like a god.

Scarlet rot is pretty calm and yeah.

Okay, now I’m back on board now.

I would not have gotten the battle.

No, I would get 12.

And there was a few more things like theories that

Melana is the Glomide Queen who is also another.

personification of another god and out of god.

So there’s lots of out of gods all

vying for dominance in this world.

But the greater will is the one that has the the upper hand currently.


And then so my assistance to Ronnie.

was trying to get her in a position where

that her moon god could kind of be the deal.





And then you do the the the frenzy flame

ending and the flame cleanses the world.

Yeah, that’s the mother god ending.

I remember the NPC guy with the hat and he tells you about it.

Like he’s like just burned everything, dude.


I was like I enjoy your passion, but that’s not the path I’m on right now.

No, so there’s a lot of them and they are

all tied into different aspects of the game.

Like there was fear and another one, the death.

Death something.

Well, the yellow because actually a lot of it for me was colors

because there’s the yellow madness one.

And that’s the flame.

Yeah, you can shoot like the laser beams out of your eyes

which didn’t do as much as I wanted it to do.

And then there was yeah, like the the Scarlet rot is red.

Like there were a lot of it was just like to me

and my brain was just kind of color coded.

You’re right.

I think you’re right.


That was it was a good one.

All right, so not bad there.

Yeah, close.


All right, I’m pretty happy with that to be honest.

We’re on to a round that I made to give you points

because I wasn’t sure how you’re going to be doing.

We should do though.

Next time.

I make the quiz using my language and

can you figure out who I’m talking about?

Oh, that would be fun.

That’s just yeah.

Who is Big Magic Baby?

You’re like what?

And I would have to give you some hints but he’s Big Magic Baby.


But also knowing you, I could probably just go,

“Oh yeah, you might actually know, yeah.”

Who’s he hot for?

Oh, it’s if it’s the blue one he wants to have sex with.


All right, so this round four is just called bonus round

because it was supposed to be giving Peter lots of points

because I assumed he would have done terribly.

Well, again, I think it’s the everything and nothing at the same time.

All right, so yeah.

Question number one.

I’m going to, the thing is, this is to

give me points, I’m going to fuck it up.

Nah, I think really?


Okay, let’s find out.

Question number one, what is your mount called?


But I renamed him to Sir Cantor’s a lot.

That’s a good one.


What are the safe points known as in Elden Ring?


I didn’t know this.

Shit is not the right one.

No, I did not.

That’s the my game.

My game is going to be you have to go to a big pile of shit

and sit next to the shit and be like, “Oh, save the game.

Oh, ammonia.”


It’s no, it’s not remembrance.

I fucking know this.

I actually know this.

This is bugging me because I didn’t even like make up a name.

I actually just used the real name.

Fuck me.


I’ve now because you’ve asked the question, I can’t remember.

Because I’m going like bonfire, the lanterns.

I said it throughout.

I need to find a- Ah, fuck no.

It’s the little shard thing I can see it in my head.


So what are you doing, you passing?

I can’t.

I know it.

I know it.

God damn.



This is the give me around.

This is the give me around because I know it.

I know you know I don’t like all the other ones I’m willing to say,

like I don’t know or whatever.

When I say it, you’re literally going to like- I’m going to- I’m going to-

In the face.


Just shit myself with anger.

No, I don’t- It’s not going to come back.

It’s going to come back like after.

Oh, this is too funny.

Don’t tell me now.

Don’t- How about this?

Can we wait?

And then if it comes back, I’ll get it.

And if it- Okay.

I don’t get it.

It’s minus two points.

Well, I mean, I’m giving you a next- Okay.

You can answer it if you want later.

But I- Do I get my point back?

If you don’t tell me.

Okay, then- No.


Or I tell you.


Sites of grace.


And it’s- It’s the most common thing.

It’s the most common thing.

Oh, it’s got tears in my eyes.

Oh god, it’s so painful.


All right.

What is the main currency of Elden Ring?

Oh, I said it already.


I’ll say it again.

I’m not- No, no, because I had no-

It’s runes.

It’s- It was- Because that-

That was- It was-

I actually struggled to remember Blood Echoes.

I remember- I remember it- I remember it’s Souls.

And then I think for all my playthrough, Bloodborne,

I just said, “Oh, you know, the Souls.”

The Souls.

But it’s not.

It’s Blood Echoes.

And then it’s- And then it’s Runes.

Christaduva 4.

It’s still laughing about me.

Sites are great.

Christaduva 4.

What do characters refer to your character as?


But it’s- Yeah, you’re okay.

All right.

And last question in this bonus round.

Yeah, the bonus.

Give me a round.

Thank you.

What are the ghosts that can fight alongside you known as?



Oh, shit.

No, I don’t know.


Because, again, my- Oh, no, I just- I

never- Can’t you use them all the time?

I did, too.

But because I never use the name,

I only ever called them like, like, people you can call in.

We had to use an item to call them in.

Remember what the item was called?


I do know what you mean, though.



No, this sucks.

This sucks.

This is just like, sights are great.

So I’m gonna- I’m gonna be like, of course, I actually know it.

It’s just the vocabulary isn’t-

No, it’s gone.

No, it passed.


All right.

Spirit ashes.

Spirit ashes.

The dumb name.




No, no.

No, I’m not.

I’m not.

I’m just giving five out of five.

Fuck that shit.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

No, you can’t take it back.

No, yes, I can.

I’m the quiz master.

Yeah, I’m the- I am the quiz master.

You’re a funny boy.

I need to know things are hard for me to like, get into it.

All right.


Last round.

That’s what she said.


All right.

So this-

This is the last round.

Round five.

Round five.

Which is- Specific.

Oh, shit.


I give up.

Ha, ha, ha.


So there’s two parts to this.


You have the answer to the question.


And then a bonus point for an extra bit of information.


So there’s four questions and eight possible points.



We’ll get zero.

I’m going to do my best.

I’m going to-

I don’t think you will.

You’ve already kind of given me some of the, uh, the- The answer.

It’s interesting.

I’m enjoying that like, you can see

that I know stuff, but I don’t know stuff.

That’s the bar I knew was going to happen.

All right.

And you’ve 30 something hours in that game.


Couldn’t remember sites of grace.


Don’t stop me off again.

All right.

Question number one.


What type of animal is Star Scorch Radan riding on?

Oh, tiny horse.

Good job.



It’s- It’s a- No, no, no.

He actually uses his gravity magic so that he can stay on the horse.

That’s right.


That’s a- That’s a detail.

That’s not what I want.


The detail is what’s the horse’s name?

Oh, fuck off.

Sir Kenters a lot too.


Radan heard your name, a witch.


That’s a good one.

That’s a great name.

He does have a name because he cares about the horse.

That’s why he’s still there.

That’s right.

I’m going to go with Sir Mix a lot.


Because- Actually really close.

I know.

This is it.

I have the element in my brain, but I can’t remember.

No, I can’t remember.

No, the correct answer is Leonard.

Oh, exactly the same as Sir Mix a lot.

Yeah, yeah.

So uh, nice.

Leonard’s a good name for a horse.

It’s like Dave.

I know, right?

Yeah, it’s a good one.


Pull it, Leonard.

I probably that passed by really quick and I thought it was cool,

and then it never comes up again.

I’m not even sure it’s referenced in the game to be perfect.


Yeah, that’s- And then I probably never heard it.


Because I didn’t go lore hunting or anything.

I didn’t like watch any of those.

Vidi videos.

I think it’s on some piece of equipment

somewhere that it mentions his horse.

His name is Leonard, but it’s like a one reference.

A thing I had read is that his gravity magic is so strong

that that’s why he can ride tiny horse.

Yeah, he’s using his gravity magic to not crush the horse.

Because he loves him so much.

Yeah, that’s a lot of power.

I really like me riding Dave.


Yeah, right.

Sorry, drag on to you to give the question again.

What type of animal is Star Scotch Redam sitting on?

Nice and close, which was correct.

And then the detail, the bonus point was for what is the horse’s name?

The baby.

I don’t fucking know.

I did go with Sir Mixalot.

So yeah, I like how you both are in the same direction.

We both went with like rap oriented names.

Hit me. I’m ready.


Three more.

Because I was asking a question when I crashed, right?


So my energy is now back to where it was.

Let’s go.

Oh, okay.

Well, I got to keep it up.

You got to keep it up.

I was, yeah, I’m 50.

I got to keep it up.

All right, let’s do it.

I also say that at 50 when I’m trying to keep it up.

Let’s do it.

Frazing is going to be the rest of the quick.

Let’s do it.

It’s quick before it gets soft.

So where were you?

Question number two.

Yes, please.

What is Ranaala holding after you beat her?

So Ranaala is big magic baby.

Oh, she’s holding like a crystallist thing.

And that’s where you go to respect your character.

So it’s this like gold seed.

Crystalist egg baby thing.

A gold seed.

Yeah, is it final answer?

I’m going to go it’s a glowing golden.

I’m going to go with giant glowing golden seed.

Giant glowing golden seed.

The way you’ve reacted has made me think it’s probably wrong.

Yeah, you, my friend, are in fact wrong.

Yeah, I thought so.

It’s an Amber egg.

Ah, a seed is kind of egg.

Is it?

Yeah, it’s like a baby thing.

Is it?

It’s the source of like yeah, 100%.

Is it?

Oh, you mean golden, golden Amber.

Yeah, okay.

Yeah, eggs.

But no, you’re wrong.

That’s so.

All right, bonus, bonus point.

What is inside the Amber egg?

Well, Amber, you just said it.

Did I catch you in a little?

In a little, uh, were they terrible?

You bad, do they?

No, no, you didn’t.

What’s inside it?

I’m going to say a baby.

A baby.

Yeah, because it’s like, it’s like a death stranding where she’s just care.

It’s the, it’s the subgame.

Death stranding has come in to, to infect Elden Ring.

And then when Elden Ring, when you finish

the game, turns into death stranding.

I bet you didn’t know that.

Ah, connected universe is like dead in.

Wow, we blow my mind there.

Yeah, yeah.

That’s my answer though.

All right.

Yeah, zero out of two.

Well done.

No, inside of that Amber egg is her great ruin.

Oh, she’s the only shard bearer that you don’t get a, uh, a shard from.

Oh, yeah.

That’s pretty cool, actually.



Yeah, she keeps it.

And it’s like the ruin that allows rebirth,

which is why you can go respect with her.


Interesting, right?


Yeah, you were so wrong.

No, it was pretty wrong on that one.

Yeah, pretty wrong.

I knew the function of it.


I know what it does.

I just can’t explain how.

We’ll talk about that’s the Internet.

I know what it does.

I don’t know how it does it.

So the penultimate question.


What is the item Rani sends you to get for her?

Rani’s blue lady.

Yeah, I don’t know.

I know who Rani is.

Rani’s the only one I know her name dead said because I just, I was into her

the whole time.

She, so I’m remembering the end part where she’s like, you got to go at the

little doll,

but she actually wants you to get something before that.

I have no idea what it was.

It’s a ring to put on her finger.

That’s what she doesn’t say it.

That’s what she wants.

Because you said what she said.


She, she, she, she, she wants you to do that thing, but that’s not the thing

that she actually sends you to do.

When we’re dealing with it.

You have to, you have to read her mind.



That’s how you deal with women.

She’s a doll.

Get a little, get a little misogynistic in there.

Ah, she’s a doll.

She wants you to get some, some oil for her joints.

Oh, fuck.

I don’t remember.

I do remember it’s the first question.

I don’t remember the first question because

I had to work so hard for the second part.

Well, I mean, I think it is the later part where you actually get it.

She wanted you to get the fingers say a blade.

Oh, yeah, okay.

And I did do that.

Like I did, I completed her quest.

I remember you get the doll and you have to talk the doll like three times

before it speaks back to you, which I hate when they do that.

And then you got to kill Wolfenstein.

And then you, you, you like, she’s like, oh, everything’s cool.

Let’s get hitched.

All right.

Well, bonus, bonus.

Question bonus point in this one is where is the finger slayer blade?

Or where was it?

Where is it?

You got to kill someone.

It’s like, it’s like an invasion person, isn’t it?

No, I don’t remember.


Not where?

I’m going to go with the snowy plains.

No, it’s underground.

Knock Stella.

Oh, okay.

Oh, okay.

You got to kill, you got to kill Wolfenstein underground too.

Is that the same part?


No, okay.

No, totally lost to me, honest.


All right.

Well, this specific surround I was anticipating you doing terribly.


And it’s the bonus round here.

When we get another game, we play sort of in-depth together.

I will make the quiz using my language.

Yes, okay.

It’s going.

Who is Wolfenstein?

Last question.

Yes, I’m so ready.

You are you better be.

I have won a good answer.

I’m vibrating with energy.


What is the best stat to invest in?

And why is it bigger?

Ah, well, the best stat to invest in is a balance between all the stats so

you can do everything.

No, you complained about my build multiple times and it’s bigger because

that gives you

hit points so that you can take more damage.

But I think that’s the bitch way out.

You should.

You should.

I always, whatever.

You’re right, though.

It’s bigger and it’s because it builds up your HP pool.

Everyone says it’s bigger, which is why I didn’t want to do it.

I want to live my own life.

And which is what stamina day is all about?

You know your own life.

I want to say, Viga, see what we’re talking about.

Stamina is about endurance builds up stamina.


And then you can dodge roll more often, which is super sweet.

Super sweet.

Super sweet to dodge roll your way out of trouble.

Watch that give you one out of two.

One out of two.

Because you reluctantly agreed to it.

I know the answer that you want.

It’s just not the answer that I would give.


But Viga is easily one of the most important ones.

Like a half.

That was more of a troll question.

I was just trolling you.

Your final score.

So in round five, you scored a massive

two out of eight.

I mean,

effort is what matters.

Which means round one, you scored seven out of nine.

Oh, that was pretty solid.

Round two, round two, you scored four out of six.

Not bad?

Not bad at all.

Round two was enemy or metal band?

I enjoyed that one.

I was named.

Yeah, that was one too.

I enjoyed that.

Thank you.

Round three, general knowledge.

And you scored two out of four.

Ah, 50’s, 50%.

Round four was bonus round and you scored three out of five.

And round five was the specifics and you scored two out of eight.

So that leaves us with a total of, so out of 32, you scored 18.

So you got such less like 60%.

60% is actually pretty good for me, I think.

Yeah, that’s not bad.

I think that’s considering my expectation.

60% is not bad.

Now I really enjoyed that.

That was really good quiz.

You did a great job.

Thank you.

I enjoyed quizzing you.

May 14th.

May 14th next year.

Of course, previous to that, so we can release the actual episode.

We’ll try it.

We’ll see if we can find a game and do another quiz.

How do you celebrate a stamina day in your house, Alpia?

In my household, again, we all dodge roll out of bed and enjoy the first eye

frames of the day.

That to me is the most important part.

Then we all practice some healing spells.

because you want to heal all the injuries from the previous year.

Then we sort of have a dinner.

It’s like an estus.

Ignatsus, he will have to out on the train.

We have some estus.

We try to enjoy some blood echoes.

We try to have a little bit of like we take a rune in here and there.

We look at each other’s stats and try to appreciate what’s the same and what

‘s different.

So we get our stats out and we’ll take a look at them and expose who we are

inside so that we can all share with each other.

How do you celebrate a stamina day?

Oh, and then we praise the sun.

We praise the sun.


Well, in my household, we all rigorously skip cutscenes together.

Oh, yes.

I know your family is very much a cutscenes skipper.


Then we look for eyes on the inside and pray to the old gods.

Pray to the old gods, yeah.

Then we also turn on calling the Elden Beast of Bitch.

Come back here, you bastard.

He said, “Why are you all the way over there?

They didn’t give me my horse for this thing.

You can’t be that far away.”.