The Pornhub Year in Review

I mean, we’re talking about #statistics of naughty topics, so you should know what you are in for with this one.


Do you have a little more time?


Because this is something I don’t
know if it’s going to work, so I think it

would be good to do now if it doesn’t work.

We can just abandon it.


I have the porn hub here in review.


I throw that on the screen.

There you go.

The porn hub 2022 year review.

So this is all the information.

So we don’t really care.

Top searches is interesting.

Top searches in porn stars.

Traffic in time.

Popular categories.

Gay searches.

Men versus women.

Demographics, devices.

TV characters.

Video game searches.

Holiday is an events affecting traffic.

And top game searches.


So I kind of want to look at all these.

This actually could be huge or nothing.

That’s the problem.

But topping this year’s trends is reality
porn, which I found really interesting.

The reality category grew by 169%
— 169% — what does reality mean?

Well, so I think that means amateur —
no, because that would be virtual reality.


Well, it says the amateur category dropped.


So I theorized as much as amateur
models become full-time performers.

So that’s what you’re saying.

Amateurs are not amateurs anymore.

They’re full-time performers, which
means they’re not really amateur.

So people are looking
for visitors are still

seeking a real homemade
porn experience.

But with higher quality.

Well, no.

The higher quality ones seem fake.

So this is what people are looking for.

Homemade style.


So in fact, the searches for real
amateur homemade grew by 310% in the

United States and 179% worldwide.

So people are looking for less produced
stuff, which I found really interesting.

Real people.


Because western porn
stars don’t look real anymore.


They don’t.

They look like hyper real.



They look like cartoon characters.


So why do you think people
are looking for homemade?

This is what I was actually interested in.

Why do you think homemade is taken off?


You have to come up with a theory just now.


Because I think that people are
looking for something they’re not getting.



I mean, besides all
of this, I’ve just read

a lot about a lot of
countries birth rates

are down.


Like time at home during the pandemic
hasn’t like indeed people to each other.

It’s made people more like tense, I think.


I think that’s true.


Because a child abuse
and domestic abuse went up.

But I’m thinking, my thought was
though, if you’re in a, if you’re in a,

have an abusive person and they’re around
more, it’s going to get more abusive.

Like there’s no way that gets better.


But I was thinking that
people want, they want reality.

They don’t want to, they don’t
want like a fake experience anymore.

So the, the common
homemade search terms are

homemade swingers and
homemade threesome.

So I think that fits in
with what you’re saying.

They’re not getting threesomes
and swingers at home.


But they can see it.

But they also want it to be
not fake like three porn stars.

We’ve all been paid and they’re all like
make up on it’s little made of plastic now.


Women view reality porn 37% more than men.

So I found that interesting.

No, I don’t really.

You don’t find it interesting.

No, oh, sorry.

You said interesting, surprising.


Yeah, that’s okay.

Yeah, I don’t.

I heard surprising.

Even though I did hear you say interesting.

I mean, I guess I find
just all this interesting.


And homemade grew 33% among gay visitors.

Only four countries had reality is
their number one category, Ukraine,

Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Oh, wow.

Those are the last three though.

Those are pretty strict
countries on everything.

Morals, I guess would
be the most interesting.

Well, I said the Ukraine’s, I
said the, I left Ukraine out.

Ukraine’s more western to me.

Yeah, but Belarus is basically Russia.

Kazakhstan is kind of middle east.

They’re sort of stuck in the middle between
Russia and the middle eastern countries.

Kyrgyzstan, I actually don’t know
where that is if I’m being honest.

It’s around there.



No, I’m fair enough.

I liked this transgender
category grew by 75%.


I think the most popular
category worldwide.

It’s most of you in Brazil.


So I think the third most
popular in the United States.

And Italy.

See, porn tells the real
picture of what’s going on.

I made a joke with the end of the
Indian news, Japan the other day.

Because I know the number one and
number two searches are both Japan related.


But I was like, people are
honest with their porn searches.

I want to find the thing
they actually want to see.


So I might go out in public and lie
like, I hate transgender people, but

then I go home and
search for transgender porn,

which shows that deep down inside I
kind of want it to be a good thing and I

think to see.

Is that like what is it that
cognitive dissonance right

where it turns me on, but I
feel bad about it or something.

So then I have to go
out in public and hate it.


So ftm female to male searches
were eight times more popular.



And transgender threesome and transgender
surprise were among the topsours.

I love the idea of transgender surprise.

So the guy goes home with a really
hot girl and then there’s a… surprise!

So now they’re not just writing like Thai
lady boy, right in transgender surprise.

Men view transgender
video 22% more than women.


Like that isn’t surprising either.

Trans male transgender was a hundred
and fifty fifteen percent more than men.

Women watch that.

I’m not 100% sure what
trans male transgender means.

I think they just means trans male.


I guess I think they’re just
over complicating the search.

Yeah, that seems…

That would actually end up confusing me
as to what I was supposed to be looking at.


Like I went to a man and then
I transitioned back to a woman.


So I am a second generation
transgender woman.


That’s true.

Yeah, I mean I’m going to have to
believe you because I do not know.

No, I just… no, I
just don’t know.

No, I just don’t know.

25 to 34 are transgender videos are
up 34% more than other age groups.

Gen x, 35 to 44, 25%.

So basically the younger you get, the
more sort of open and honest they are

about transgender being
attractive, which is cool.

I found that ftm female to male searches
grew 202% among visitors at porn hub gay.

Non-binary gender x and androgeness.

Yeah, this is the thing.

I’m now so old a lot of this
stuff doesn’t mean anything to me.

I don’t know what gender x means.

I don’t know gender x either.

Never heard that one.

I understand gender androgeness.

I actually think that would be interesting.


Something that looks in
between a male and a female.

This to me is a korean pop stars.


Korean pop stars are very androgeness.

I’m often like male and female at
the same time, but still it’s kind of sexy


So three sims are really popular.



I found that interesting.

I think that… would
you do a three-sem?


I have not.

And I think I couldn’t successfully.

And I think that… I want
to focus on something.

I want to… my version of sex is
making the other person happy.


So I don’t think I could
make two people happy.

So I’d always feel like I’m ignoring
someone or as someone else is getting

more attention than the other person.

And I feel like it was unfair.

So I actually have like a
performance issue where I’m like…

I need to satisfy both people.

Can I do that?

Which I don’t think I can do.



I don’t… I don’t
think I could… yeah.

I don’t know.

I can’t view sex that casually.



I think again that’s a
different mentality though.

So the searches…
Oh yeah, go ahead.

No, yeah, you go.

I was just actually…

Well, you were talking, I was looking
ahead and I got to positioning and I

wanted to talk about it.

Well, so the ones…

We can skip a bunch because group
sex and gender reality, that’s fine.

Outdoors, I thought, was interesting.

People… because that’s
got to be like amateurs.

Well, I guess not necessarily.

But like people… just… outdoors is so
vague because I guess it’s just public sex.


But is it like, oh, we’re out in nature?

I want to know if it’s out in nature
or like we’re sneakily doing a blowjob

in a restaurant.

Oh, travel is in there.

So I guess it could just be
like, oh, we’re going to a place.

Yeah, because the third one is camping.

So camping is just… you’re not assuming
you’re not really going to get caught.


Positions though.

Sizzaring grew by 96%
worldwide and 151% in the US.

And then, positions like Amazon,
cc9 and calgary also increased.

But Amazon, I actually only really
found out what that was recently.

No, that’s what I wanted to talk about.

Amazon is… it’s such like
a submissive male position.


And actually, I can
understand why it kind of grew.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That was one of the few things
in sort of sex that just knew to me.


Because when I grew
up, that was not a thing.

And I don’t even experienced
it as a concept recently.

Because I only learned about it maybe
this year or last year, to be honest.

I’ve known about it for a couple of years,
but I’ve always found it fascinating.

Because it’s like…
To me, it’s like letting…

You found a woman who wants to
have sex and wants to like control it.


And it’s so the opposite of
most people’s experiences.

Which I think would be really
a big release for some men.

Yeah, like, oh my god.

She wants to take control.

She wants to lead this.

And so I can find that position.

I’m very curious about it.

And I don’t think I’ll ever have it.

Because I don’t think I could
ever convince my wife to do that.

It’s one of those things where…

I think part of the appeal from the
female version to the male is that the

male wants her so badly.

Whereas men don’t generally experience
that because the women take on a more

passive role.

And this is like, she wants me, which
is a very sort of rare feeling for men.


Like, she wants me so bad
she’s going to pale my ass.

But we get down to fendham down here.

Fendham grew 28% pegging though.


Was the top trend.

Cuckold grew by 18% and
bondage joins the top 20.

I think pegging in cuckold just became
such common words the last couple of

years as well.

Cuckold was used as
an insult for a long time.

At the last decade because they
were using it as like a liberal cuck.

I don’t really care about
group sex and stuff.

Oh, that’s just describing the each one.


Feet grew.

Among females though.

That’s the weird part for me.

Well, this is the details about feet.

So let’s look at that.

Searches for love her feet were trending
throughout the year making foot the

most popular fetish-related term in 2022.

If the category was viewed 38% more
over the previous year, which included a

hundred and forty-five percent increase
in popularity among women and ten

percent of romance.

So that’s huge for women.


So back last year it was
almost the same as that’s a mate.

So something has peaked
women’s interest in feet.

Oh, I know what it was.

Yeah, I don’t know.

Again, this is a huge culture thing.

I haven’t said where though this.

Yeah, so this is the culture thing.

This is one of the interesting things
was the top two searches in the world

were hentai and Japanese.


But in america, hentai was number
one, but Japanese was like number ten.

So there’s a whole bunch
of stuff that took the middle.

But america is the dominant porn hub user.

That’s actually going to be in here later.

Oh, here we are.

The most search terms of 2022.

This is universal.

So hentai Japanese.




Penet though.

Oh, specific.


But I feel it’s just like
searching for Japanese.

And then the next one’s Asian and
step mom and then it gets into sort of the

regular stuff.

Wow, Asian.


Just, I mean, I guess if america is
the heaviest user, maybe like white

dudes want an Asian.

They want hentai and they want Japanese.

Oh, yeah.

That’s just the top two.

Oh, yeah.

Well, penet is a Filipino.


Filipino, yeah.

I think it is.


So that’s very telling.

I found that really interesting.




I don’t care about the
most popular performance.

Close play.


There’s a lot of.

And then the amateur models, yinli
on like this is I actually found this

interesting because

I was like, these are no way
they’re amateurs, but I was like, I’d be

interested like how
they’re lives, but whatever.

The state of the union.

So I think this is just america, yes.

So lesbian become the favorite search term
in the United States replacing last year’s


So I would just look at the chart.

So it’s lesbian, hentai, ebony.

That’s in latina Asian.

This is all very, like these people know
what they’re looking for, like a flavor.


So quite, yeah, like just ebony
latina Asian all being grouped together.

It’s basically non white.

Non white.


Don’t want no carons in my porn.





















But this is the one, this is the one
actually thing Jade was interested in

is the searches
by state in america.


Let’s go.

So I am weak on my states.

Maybe Jade will help US out.

But we have up here.

That is Washington state in California.

I forget what this one is.


Washington state.



I would not want to watch that.

That is actually the
bid I found interesting.

California is just Asian.


I get it though.

Indiana in Wisconsin.


Texas is panties.

Texas is very uptight.


The bid I found interesting right
here is the most racist area of america.

Black, black, black.


Big ass.


I mean, this is all just we hate
something, but we really want to see it.

I don’t know this state here.


Is that like south Carolina that’s gilf?


Or it’s like my state’s not
great either, but holy shit.

I just know that this
area is generally racist.


It’s a whole black, black, black,
black, which I found awesome.

Anime right there in the middle,
hentai right there in the middle.


I like golf.


Wait, where’s Wisconsin and Indiana?

I don’t know.

I think it was about those.

So Wisconsin’s like
up north, right, isn’t it?

Maybe this big square one.

Big Booty.

See, this is the problem is I don’t know.


Which one choose a moment?

Yeah, no, but that must be
whatever it is where salt lake city is.



Utah’s in this area.

Wisconsin is above Illinois.


Okay, let’s know.

Let’s be clear.

You’ve just said something
is above something.

Is you talking to a Canadian and someone
from the UK who do not know the state?

So yeah, I have a vague.

Mormon is Utah.

Okay, so we I guessed right on Utah.


Thank you.

That’s so we Illinois is dirty talk.

Okay, cool.

Let me tell you.

Oh, it’s always good.

It’s baking.

Wisconsin is baking is awesome.

Oh, here we got our
furry up in here though.

Which I was surprised.

It’s the one that’s just sucking dick.

That is Michigan?


It’s south of this, Toronto.

Indiana is directly in east Illinois.

Okay, Michigan.

All right.

Yeah, sucking dick.

So they really want to see that.

It’s so weird.

Because I just assume that most
people using pornhub are men, right?


Like the ratio is going
to be the heavily male.

So that’ll be down in the in the thing.

We have I did like
Dominican is very specific.

Like that is a really specific search term.

That’s not even where I
would have expected it to be.

No, I assumed Dominican would be down.

Would be like Florida.

Yeah, where you could actually
maybe meet a Dominican person.

I guess this is sort of close to new York.

New York has a very
big Dominican population.

But down here in Alaska.

Is that like row with Rhode island?

Is that the state?

Rhode island is a state.

Is it?

I don’t know.

I’m trying to think the new england.

New england?

Is that it?


I can’t.

I think we should just give
up on the states to be honest.

Wait, is that Hawaii with amateur wife?

Amateur wife is white, but what is this?

Breast expansion.

I don’t even know what that is.

It’s Alaska.

So weird.

I don’t even– I honestly
don’t even know what that is.

Is it breasts that expand like balloons?

Is that like a balloon thing?

Or is it like, I don’t know what that is?

Wait, pmv is porn music video, right?

I’ll take your word for it, sure.

I mean, I’ve seen it, where
it’s just like so and so pmv.

And then it’s– well, thanks
for explaining that, Jade.

No, no, no.

It’s good.

Yeah, ok.


Yeah, they put clips of porn together.

And then we just play music over it.

That sounds quick.

I know.

I think it’s kind of like those videos that

have like the edging thing,
where they have like a beat that’s

going, and then they match.

And they’re like, ok, and then
it slows down and whatever.

I think it’s like that.

But it’s just like a more modern version,

where it’s just music
instead of like instruction.

This is also weird shower.


Because I know this is a desert area.

So they really–
they’re signs of Phoenix.

California, Arizona?

Arizona, sorry, yeah,
Phoenix is a city, right?

Phoenix is a city.


And then– and then this is another state

where they’re trying to
get rid of latino people.

And they want to
watch a lot of latino porn.

It’s just– it’s so funny
how ironic half of these are.

But yeah, gilf is quite funny.

Gilf is an area.


Yes, new Mexico, yeah.

New Mexico, ok.

Man, Jade, you came in at the right time.

Thank you.


Top 20 countries by
traffic, again, United States.

It’s not a big surprise.

United Kingdom, France,
Japan, though, being number four,

almost entirely illegal,
because it’s unsensored.

Oh, yeah.

Not supposed to watch it
in Japan, because it’s illegal.

Look at the difference.

Oh, I know.

Like, United States is more
than the next 10, 15 put together.

But that would also
have to do with population.

Because the population of Japan–
no, but the population of Japan.

Yeah, but the
population of the united

kingdom, France, Japan,
is equaling the states.

Like those three countries.

Yeah, Japan’s like 170 million.

The UK’s like 77 million.

France must be close to that.

America’s only like 300
and something million, right?

I don’t know.

I guess.

But that’s crazy.

That’s crazy to see if
there’s any surprises.

There’s no real surprises after that.

Yeah, no, they spent a lot of time on.

Poor no.



Egypt is interesting.

I think– it’s moved
up seven places.

Any Muslim country on
a pawn site is interesting.

But they’ve moved up seven places.

It’s increasing.

France went up a place.

Japan went down a place
because they’re so busy right now.

Mexico and the United States–
maybe Japan and the United States–

Japanese people were
getting something this year.

I don’t know.


Time spent per visit is interesting.

Nine minutes, 54 seconds.

So that actually gives you an idea.

Because when you do– oh, Japan–
Egypt and Japan are the longest.

They spend the most time.

Because they probably watch
the story bit at the beginning.

Or it takes them a while to
find something that they like.

Yeah, because it’s a busy, not per video.


That’s actually interesting.

Minus one second.

That’s so in detailed.

Yeah, I love to keep up with it.

So Jade says that and
smooth looking for a good video.

I agree with that.

Yeah, yeah.

10 minutes or so.

Well, it takes you 10 minutes
to find the video in the 12



Because you’re so ready for this.

It’s my experience.


It takes me nine minutes to find a video.

And 48 seconds to finish the video.

Jade says, it takes me longer
than that to find a good one.

That shows you have more discerning taste.

Because we’re at– yeah.

I just need something now.

I’m ready to go.

I would be interested in
the shortest time per visit.

They don’t have that time.

I don’t think so.

I don’t know.

Again, because they’re
focused on the most time.

Sweden went up 26
places from– wow.

Different people.

Different by eight.

Oh, this is good.

65, they’ve increased by 73 seconds.

It takes them that much longer.

18 to 24 went down by 58 seconds.

They’ve gotten more
efficient in their searches.

Well, they’re all searching
for transgender stuff.

Yeah, they all figured out what they want.


My age range has been– yep.

No, 14 seconds up.

Oh, we got 14 seconds, though.

That’s a weird amount
of time to go up by, right?

I think 14 seconds doesn’t mean anything.

But again, down to
america, I do like shortest.

That is actually what I was interested in.

No, I’m not saying anything.

I just earlier in the list, trans
was like the most growth– yeah.

Well, just one of the most
growth areas searches.

It was super interesting, that’s all.


Because yeah, gender.

So just for Jade, transgender
category grew by 75%

become the seventh most
popular category worldwide.

Number one, most viewed in Brazil.

That’s all– so we talked about
that for a bit before you got on.

And how transgender three-semin’s
surprise were top searches.

Yeah, super interesting.

Yeah, exactly.

That’s the kind of stuff
we were talking about.

All the people that like
outwardly say one thing.

And then it’s been the same
with politicians for years, right?

But they’re like, no,
they’re going to write.

And then they’re caught in a gay orgy.

In a bathroom, so I can sum do it on.

Ok, so I was interested
in the shortest times.

Ohio, they got the shit locked down.

Yeah, they know what they want.

They know what they want.

But that’s actually an
increase of 38 seconds.

So they’re the shortest, but they’ve
actually increased the amount of time.

So before, I guess, 2021,
they were just busting it out.

But I guess in these state times include
the average of men and women, right?

I would guess.

I would guess so, yeah.

Yeah, because I would feel like women
would be on the site longer than men.

Well, I like, yeah, just–
here’s the best part.

So gay is the most popular
date of visit for a night.


Yeah, because you got to
get one out before church.

You don’t want to go to
church with your bad thoughts.

You have to take care of that.

Friday has the lowest, because you’re
most likely to be out doing something.

The hours people prefer to watch porn.

10 P.M. to 1 A.M. I get that.

That’s when you’ve come home.

You’re getting ready for bed.

You got to take care of some business.

Tonight for me, it’s after the gym.

Oh, it’s because you’re adrenaline.

Yeah, you’re adrenaline.

You test those low-peak.

Oh, there you go.

Favorite times.

The lowest is 5 A.M. on a Tuesday.

That’s awesome.

And in Monday, 11 P.M., I get that.

You’ve had a tough weekend.

You just went back to work.

You’re like, got some tension.

You want to take care of.

Yeah, I totally understand that.

I don’t know anyone who would
be awake at 5 A.M. on a Tuesday

if they didn’t have to be.

But is this based on just their local time?

I would assume so.

Yeah, it could always have to be adjusted.

It couldn’t just be one like so.

Is it based on every
time zone put together?

It has to be.


And then this is worldwide.

Yeah, because 2 A.M.
is a good jerk off time apparently.

It’s up there.

That’s weird.

All right.

We’ve kind of actually hit this.

The other big gainers plus
5 for transgender plus 7

for outdoor plus 18 for babysitter 18 plus.

I’ll tell you what the
Internet says in that.

18 plus.

18 plus 21 for reality.

Well, hentai stayed the most
searched term worldwide.

That’s– I don’t know.

I just– the guy– he
didn’t make me do that.

–I’ve never watched any hentai porn.

So now I feel like I should watch
one just so I know what they’re doing.

I mean, I’ve seen it.

But like, did I feel anything?

No, not really.

I think I want to watch like, what is it?

Bible black is the most famous one.

I should watch one episode
of that and see if I get it.

Most viewed categories, lesbians.


Have any of your Japanese recently?


None of these–

like, there’s literally the only like
country that is on there as a search.

Pull a Japan.

Well, it’s like Japan now is
forever linked with pornography.


Watch something better.

I had made it to Bible black, please.

Well, if you have recommendations,
I’ll take recommendations.

Because like I just said,
I actually have no idea.

I did find this interesting.

Popular with women is a category.

So I as a man could go find a
video that’s popular with women.

I think that’s really interesting.


That’s a category popular with women.

Yeah, yeah.

That’s what I mean. 793 00:27:39,360 –>
00:-17:-2,-70 like all these other categories I kind of

could guess, like gang bang and 794 00:-17:-2,-70
–> 00:27:43,800 reality and even babysitter.

I’d be like no surprise.

Popular with women is a category.

I actually think that would be one
of the more interesting categories.

What just spit boy, you think it is? 799 00:27:52,640
–> 00:-16:-48,-70 I think because there’s a

couple companies that make porn that are geared 800
00:-16:-48,-70 –> 00:27:57,200 towards women and.

They tend to be like
more loving, more caring.

Well, there’s a lot more
like kissing and stuff.

Because when they actually
do this act, it’s just the same.

It’s like pounded away.

The only thing is pounding.

Like some of that stuff is like aggressive. 807
00:28:13,400 –> 00:-16:-27,-900 like it looks like

they’re trying to teach the vagina a lesson about 808
00:-16:-27,-900 –> 00:28:17,400 something like how.


Jade says it’s all
sorts of stuff in it now.

And that might be the thing.

Like it would just be
interesting to me to see.

Yeah, I’m fascinated
about what that would be.

Because yeah, like women, like
that’s like saying popular with men.

But I don’t know.

Like, you know, what
women is all individually?

What’s popular with men is
lesbian, ebony, Japanese, three.

That’s what’s popular with the evil.

The world’s most viewed
categories is the other one.

Yeah, so poppers are sex is like
kind of my image of what it would be.

Yeah, you’re right.

That’s a really good way to put it.

So Canada, lesbian, america, ebony.

I love that.

Because again, all we get is news about.

And then all kind of lesbian.

I’m fine with Canada loving lesbian.




Oh, just east Asia.

East Asia is just Japan.


Just want to say what we did.


The middle east is kind
of that’s India Pakistan.

The other kind of.

I love India.

It’s just searching for India.

They know what they like.

They want it to work.

That’s awesome though.

And then you got Russian and Russia.

Yeah, like that’s a big surprise to me.

I don’t know.

I feel like Russians are very patriotic.

Yeah, but it’s your porn service.

There’s nothing to do with patriots.

It’s not even then.

Even then.

Like my penis only stands up.

For a Russian, for a real Russian woman.

But bush come to me now.

It’ll be a… kylf.

About bush ahead like to fuck.

A rylf.

A bavook.

So I… in the Africa
searching for ebony.

Yeah, not love that.

I think that’s great.


What’s that called?

They’re trying to show US by colors.



Ainal is really popular in Europe.

Yeah, yeah.

It’s all up in here.

What’s that tree?

Anel and lesbian.




Like Israel.


Or… or… no turkeys
above that, I think.

Turkeys up there.

They have a… no
turkeys, ainal as well.

Oh, ainal, okay.

There’s a little blob
of red of milk in there.


Oh yeah, I don’t know.

It’s like Israel or something around there.

Oh, I think Israel’s higher.

Israel’s probably lazy.

I just found this block of
ainal was really interesting.


Oh, so… yeah, wow.

So what, there’s one block of red.

I said, I said, I said, because a little
ainal going on out there in the water.

This one block of milk in
Europe, which I find interesting.

Right there, I thought that was good.

I like the one little one, like by itself.


Just like… nope.

In the ass, please.

We like something different from you.


All right.

We’re going to get through… so,
category… I would like Spain is…

Spain is a lesbian, but Portugal is ainal.


Just this one we kind of went over.

Reality went up 169%.

That’s the most interesting.

Sizzling went up 164% baby sitter.

Oh, yeah.


This I liked, category is viewed
the longest, mature 18 minutes.

They’re really… tattu…
Tattu… I like a tattooed woman.

I find that really exciting.

Why did they go to turtle?

Was the… they’re
taking their time.

They’re rushing.


Strap on.

I do like… I do like the
shortest muscular men.

I would actually bet
that’s mostly gay dudes.

Just like I want to see a muscular
man gets me off right away.


I wonder if that means
because they talk faster.


Or… I actually think the whole view the
shortest would mean I know what I want.

Yeah, like I found it immediately.

Like I like redheads.

I see a redhead I’m done.

The virtual reality.

Yeah, maybe.

Is that… you watch
a virtual reality?

I’ve seen those videos
that this like split.

Like you have to put a headset on.

Okay. 950 00:32:28,880 –> 00:-12:-11,-870
like you know you can get like the cardboard

ones that you put on your phone 951
00:-12:-11,-870 –> 00:32:32,880 and stuff.

You put your phone in and
then it like splits the view.

Yeah, I think… you should have may…
You should have may do the same list.

You two should talk about it as well.

We could then combine
the two streams together.


Becoming you category on porn hub.

They never cross the streams.

Yeah, no, that’s what life is in as well.


Mail pov.


We’re getting down to the
most searched for gay terms.

Oh, we’ve got the porn hub gay.

So, hentai, twink, pinoy,
straight, black, anime.

None of these are really big surprises.

Oh, doctor.

Doctor, daddy.



Glory, hulk.


Top trending gay searches.

Big dick.

Not a big surprise.

A loud moaning though.

No, that was pretty good.

They want to hear it.

Straight guys, most viewed gay category.


That’s so rude.

That’s like a pigeon fruit.


Straight guys are black.

A black doesn’t surprise me.

The straight guys, I think, is funny.

And then all the other
ones are not really much.

Men’s favorite Japanese, ebony.

Women’s favorites, lesbian Japanese.

So the Japanese kind
of alternate there as well.

It’s interesting that
women’s favorite is lesbian.

But also that women
just like Japanese, what?

It’s Japanese porn, man.

Yeah, but what?

It’s just, Japan knows how to do it right.

That’s so weird to me.


So this is, I think, the one
we were most interested in.

Viewed more by women compared to men.

Scissoring being number one is interesting.



Trans-male transgender.

Doesn’t surprise me as
much as I thought it would.

Solo male.

They want to see women.

But a lot of this is the actually
want to see women getting

taken care of, but the
muscular men’s down in there.


But the solo male surprises me.

That’s when you actually would
really just want to see a dude.

He’s taken care of himself.

I get that.

The scissoring, I don’t.

Watching two women go out at I
thought would not be as exciting to women.

But I guess that might
be lesbian women maybe.


But pussy licking.

My understanding is that
scissoring wouldn’t do anything.

My lesbian friends have told
me that scissoring is not real.

I don’t know.

I have watched some videos and
it does look like they are rubbing.

I don’t think it’s as good, but
it’s just a way to like be intimate.


Another way in general.

We can actually look at it.


These are the most popular.

Devon trez.

I am not that name.

I’m sorry, that first name
is enough to do it for me.

This dude looks like a asshole.

Adam Russo looks like a dude.

Tyler wu.

Don’t take kolei’s pretty.

Pretty good looking.

Josh Moore looks nice.

Yeah, he does.

He’s a cute little smile.

Victor rom looks like
a fucking bomb villain.

He shit.

Sounds like one too.

Proportion of female visitors.

So female?

Oh, the Philippines is almost 50/50.

That’s cool.

Yeah, right.

We just dropped.

You know, it’s just massively.

The United Kingdom, 28% women,
72% men, Canada, 29% say so.

That’s all the same.

It put Japan being.

It was 30/50 around the same.


Age demographics.

Where are we?

I’m 45 to 54.

I’m purple.


I’m purple.

I am purple.

Oh, this is cool.

This is all for Jade.

This is the young people.

So 38% of the Philippines is 37% Egypt.

That’s neat.

Brazil, 41% young people.

What’s the highest proportion
of old people, I guess, is 15?

Yeah, down here, Belgium.

15 Belgium.

Belgium is pretty even.

It’s 14, 18, 21, 17, 14, 15.

It is pretty even.


It’s split across the board pretty nicely.

Same with Spain, 14, 15, 20, 24, 15, 12.

Spain and Belgium, man.

Everyone likes it.

Pretty equally.

Everyone wants something.

That is like liberal European attitude.


To watch more of my whole life, it’s fine.


Probably watch it with my kids.

Well, you and I are both gen x.

Apparently we like cream pies.

I do not.

I do not.



Okay, milk, not really.


So you’re not really.

You’re not fisting absolutely not.


Not of that.


You’re not maybe.



I never would have searched for that.

I would not have searched for any of these.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

I would have searched for it.

No, I mean, yeah.

Like, I got like a 43-inch.

I’m not going to watch him pull on that.

No, we’re good.

No, we’re good.

Most of the search characters,
Harley Quinn, totally understand.

Not really my thing, but I’m fine with it.

Star wars, 365 days.

What’s that?

I don’t know.

Black widow, wonder woman, Sonic.

I know people don’t.

Catwoman, avengers,
Princess… elastagirl.

These all make sense to me
though, basically, except for the…

Sonic, and I don’t know what 365 days is.

Sonic is weird.


Power rages.

I had a crush on trini, the yellow
power ranger, who turned out in…

When they switched to fighting,
it was a little Japanese man.

Most of the search for video
games, let’s see what we want.

Yeah, and this other look
from… I’m very curious.

I’m not a big surprise.


Not a big surprise.

It gets an impact.

Not a big surprise.

Not a surprise.

I’m actually like, have
I played resident evil?

I’ve played GTA v.

I’ve played sky room.

There’s some… college do we?

Well, some of those
operators are kind of hot, right?

Cuphead porn.

Yeah, cuphead, roadblocks, minecraft.


Minecraft, I don’t see the
porn being particularly good.

I guess this would be a kid
searching what they know first?

More than anything else?

I think what… 1246 00:40:40,880 –> 00:-4:00,-130
but you know, it takes all sorts of things to

think the world go around and 1247 00:-4:00,-130
–> 00:40:45,880 some people get off on like…


…squeed, inanimate
objects being sexualized.



Mortal kombat.

Mortal kombat, yeah.

Mortal kombat, yeah.

A lot of the girls are hot.

Oh, here’s specific characters.

Overwatch divorce.

It’s Batman.

Overwatch divorce.

Yeah, I bet.

Resident evil.

I’ve never searched
for it and I’ve seen it.


Because it’s just…
Yeah, we don’t make it.

Ah, dima trescu.


Mercy tracer.

I was all over.


Fortnight chun Lee.

No, it’s different franchise dipshits.

Ah, yeah, but some people’s first
exposures to chun Lee is from fortnight.

I like, I’ve seen people go, like
Wolverine, you know, from fortnight.


Oh my god.

I don’t really know a
lot of these characters.

Oh, final fantasy tifa.

I wonder if that got traction
before or after that Italy thing.

World cup match.

Ah, yeah, they… they… wow.

I bet they… oh, do you
want to do a buddy UK?

Ah, I don’t really.

Most of the terms for the UK?

Yeah, come on then.

Oh, I probably saw it.

Okay, number one is
milf, lesbian, hen, tie, three.

So… Indian
doesn’t surprise me.

No, the lot of Indian people in the UK.

And a lot of like white dudes.

There’s a joy again, j.O.I.

I don’t know what it is.

I’m gonna have to look it up
after when we’re not on stream.


Top point stars?

Mia Collin-French.

She’s retired.

She only did like three,
four movies or something.


That’s amazing she’s
still as popular as she is.

Trending searches,
837% up, trans, fox, girl.

300 season naked wrestling.

Ah, kind of like that.

Naked wrestling is pretty funny.

Naked wrestling.

Oh, Japan, actually one.



Oh, joy is an acronym
for jerk off instructions.


Oh, that’s… Jade
put that in the chat.

I just didn’t put it together.

It’s… oh, yeah.

She did.

I thought it was just like…
I thought it was a joke.

Because we were reading about porn.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I thought it was a joke.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Most search firms
were telling… oh, wait.

I just even got the
characters that… wow.

So in English people search
for Japanese in Japan.


So most search for terms in Japan.

Number one Japanese.

Number two uncensored.

All these people were making the law.

All these people were making the law.

Amateur masturbation, hen-time
married woman animation.


I think that’s going to change
that world eventually as well.

All right.

Like Japan’s going to like ease up on US.

This is one of those
things where they did it.

And they just like… we don’t
want to admit we made a mistake.


Top porn starts.

Eva elfie.

I don’t know what that is.

Oh, I know who she is.

She’s this little slip
of like a European girl.

Oh, I guess elfie kind
of makes that happen.


754% up.

Car sex.

You and me, cammy.


600 and cc 7% up.


The fuck?

Not even wife, face writing, and one piece.

I wonder if that’s the cartoon or
like a one piece bathing suit dress.


Because they use that term in Japanese.


I think he’s probably the anime.

Oh, okay.

I don’t want to look at
many other countries.



I think we’re done.

I think that’s enough.

I’ve talked about porn enough.

The level of detail they’ve gone
to in this is actually astounding.

I love it.

But it’s too much. 1378 00:44:31,880 –> 00:00:-10,-240
well, now they’re going just through country

by country, which if there was 1379 00:00:-10,-240
–> 00:44:34,880 a country you were interested in.

But we’re done.

Do you think they
actually have a statistician?

No, they must.

Because all the details, because
it’s a company driven by traffic.

So they want to know what’s trending.

They want to know who, what people like.

They want to know all that stuff.

They have someone’s job.

They just crunch all those numbers
so they can do this presentation in their

office and be like,

“well, we need to increase the
amount of transport on our website.”


Like that’s just…

Because the owners of pornhub are
like the owners of lots of porn companies

as well, right?

Yeah, they basically, I think almost
every major porn site now is just pornhub.

Yeah, just in a different skin.


And they own a lot of the companies
that produce the porn anyway.

Now it’s almost monopoly.

So that’s probably why amateurs
pull up popular because it’s different.

And fascinating.

That whole industry is fascinating to me.

But is a final thought?

Love yourself.

Yeah, like, I mean, and don’t be
afraid to talk about this shit, man.


That was really interesting.

This is the end of the year I love
the stats, but the pornhub stats are

always fascinating.

I like how ironic all the
American states are.

Yeah, I mean, america is so far
america is such a fascinating thing.

Oh, you know, it’s amazing
how the like, “I hate this.

I’m gonna go look at that at
home in about 20 minutes.”

Yeah, it’s half.


All right.

I think I’m gonna end the stream there.